Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 126

Chapter 126 What A Scam

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“What shall we do now?” Poseidon asked.

“Let’s go ask around.”

Jupiter and his group returned to Dark Crow Forest Town, and upon hearing from the villagers that Dark Crow Valley Base had been destroyed by Stardragon, they were shocked. After getting a rough idea of what had happened, they thought to themselves,How is it possible that the base could have disappeared just like that?

Wow! Who knew this game would be so intense?

Last week’s efforts had all been wasted, and their advantages from the beta-testing were almost all lost.

Now that Dark Crow Valley Base, the organization that had been issuing quests, was gone, even if they completed the quest, they had no idea who to get their rewards from.

Everyone looked at each other and cried in dismay.

How could this actually happen

Jupiter felt terrible, but he was reluctant to give up on this Grade A quest. “The Germinal Organization definitely won’t just stop here. Let’s go look for other bases. There should be a way for us to return to Germinal Camp.”

In the Western Capital

In a blur of vision, Frenzied Sword realized that he had spawned in an alley that was not too far from the site where the beta-testing had gone offline.

Public testing has begun!

Frenzied Sword was so excited. Finally, he no longer had to worry about the time limitation and could wholeheartedly follow Han Xiao.

My dear Xiao, I’m coming!

Based on his memories, he found his way to Old Man Lu’s repair shop.

“Han Xiao? That kid left long ago without even a goodbye. Who knows where he went?” Old Man Lu gulped down a can of beer, and his tone was a little depressed. He secretly doubted if his granddaughter’s charm had truly lost its effects.

Upon hearing the news, Frenzied Sword’s was struck dumb. He bore a sluggish face and stood rooted to the ground.

How could his master run away

What am I to do now

The forum’s popularity continued to climb, gamers from different planets shared their own rumors. There were some gamers who were purely focused on trying and reviewing new elements of the game, and all seemed to praise it highly, even calling it a new era of gaming with true to life experiences.

It was merely a display background that was recently set, yet people were already fantasizing about it. It was a virtual game that was like no other; from the start to the end, there was only one world, so gamers all united in one place. There were different planets, which were equivalent to the different servers. Gamers very much looked forward to meeting fellow gamers from other planets.

This was not just the case in China; esports teams from other countries also flocked to Galaxy. Even though they did not communicate prior to this, among the esports powerhousesAmerica, Korea, France, England, and so onall chose to develop themselves in their own planets.

Planet Aquamarine was one of the base camps that gamers from China chose.

However, this did not mean that all the gamers on Planet Aquamarine were from China. People from other countries could also choose to join Planet Aquamarine. There were leisure gamers, and there were also the European spies who came just to create trouble.

Electrolux, a retired professional gamer of America’s Key Club who did not achieve anything much in his career, joined the club’s studio after retiring. He joined Planet Aquamarine with such an ulterior motive.

Han Xiao was the only one who could recognize Electrolux. This scorpion was to become the first to rise up to the top sixteen in the First Professional League in the future, and in Planet Aquamarine’s selection trial, the strongest sixteen that were selected to represent Aquamarine were usually all Chinese. This was going to be the Chinese professional gamers’ base. Among the sea of Chinese one could easily spot the one American, Electrolux, who started the uproar with a swear word on the forum. The evil Chinese gamers all over the planet were out to kill him but all ended up dead under Electrolux’s knife.

Although Electrolux had the American arrogance, his strength and vast resources gave him the courage to start in a random planet. His luck was good as well.

In one of the Germinal Organization’s laboratories

Electrolux opened his eyes wide and found himself soaking in a light blue solution. He was in a vat of nutrition fluid and was surprised that he did not need to breathe. He looked through the glass and saw a scientist holding a tablet, recording scribbles on the outside.

Realizing that he could not control his character for the time being, Electrolux waited patiently; according to his experience, this should be an intermission animation. After roughly a minute, a drainage hole appeared at the bottom of the nutrition tube, and the light blue solution disappeared. Electrolux could now move, and he saw a notification on the interface.


You have been injected with DNA Improvement Solution. Your total attributes have increased by 3. You have acquired the skill [DNA Regulation].

[DNA Regulation]: You have a much higher chance of awakening Esper abilities, and the power will be increased by 10%.


My God!Electrolux was overjoyed.Random openings are so awesome!

The nutrition cabinet opened, and the scientists came crowding. Electrolux did not resist, allowing the scientist to pull him over to the Golden Platform to do various instrument tests.

At this moment, Electrolux received another prompt.


The DNA Improvement Program is a biological research program that helps to cultivate superpowers. The success rate is extremely low. And you, being one of the few successful tests, will be valued much by the Germinal Organization. You can choose to stay or leave.


Previously Electrolux had chosen to stay, and afterward, he had become Germinal Organization’s strongest player. He made a similar decision, for with such an amazing start, only a fool would leave!

This skill is specially tailored for me.Electrolux had originally planned to become an Esper, and without saying another word, he entered a shop in the interface. Using the funds given by the club, he bought an [Ultra-Perfect-Deluxe Gene Awakening Elixir]. He immediately chose the Awakening option, and after a long and nervous wait, the interface prompted that he had successfully acquired the Awakening Ability!

How smooth.Electrolux had a look of joy on his face. He felt like Lady Luck was shining upon him. He raised his palm, and his palm amassed a white whirlwind.

The scientists rejoiced.


“He’s awakened!”

Electrolux knew that since he wanted to stay, it was best to show his potential. The scientists’ reactions made him very satisfied. But the next moment he saw a scientist calling for the guards, leaving him puzzled. Why did he have to call the guards at such a nice moment?

Germinal Guards sped to the site, and without much effort, they handcuffed him. He was dumbfounded. Did they not say that they valued him? Why were they treating him like a prisoner?

When he entered another laboratory, Electrolux was locked down onto the brainwashing device. It was only then that he realized something was wrong. “What are you doing to me?”

The guard spoke in a chilled manner. “We have orders from above that every successful test subject must be brainwashed five times over and then observed for another month before they can move freely!”

Electrolux was stunned.What logic is that? The reaction is simply too radical!

He really was clueless. The original DNA Improvement Program did not need brainwashing. His random start was started by a European, and it was all benefits and no harm.

However, after their experience with Han Xiao, the Germinal Organization had implemented an extremely strict policy. They would rather kill than release, and no matter the research plan, the test subject was to be brainwashed and put under close observation for a month.

Little did Electrolux know that this was all because of Han Xiao. It was too late to regret, for he was soon to be brainwashed.


You are not exempt from the brainwashing. You have joined the Germinal Organization under a special condition.

As you have been brainwashed, you are unable to rebel against the Germinal Organization.


Electrolux panicked.

Being unable to rebel meant that he was unable to escape the one month of imprisonment, which meant a month of being locked up, not to mention levelling up. This would mean he would be much behind other gamers!

Which part of ‘being valued’ is this! What a lie!

He had clearly attained the ultimate awakening skill, yet he was stuck in this rot hole and had to suffer a month of being locked down and gaining no experience!

It was a perfect start, but now he was to fall behind all the other gamers!

Electrolux exploded internally.

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