Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Teleportation Is A Double Edged Sword

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“Division 13’s trump card!” Ugar’s face was solemn, and he no longer cared about Han Xiao. He was locked onto the middle-aged man. Both were powerful martial artists, and as their eyes met, it was as though a bomb just exploded.

Both of them were fuming, and their fists collided like two streaks of transverse lightning striking the sky. The scene seemed to freeze while the sky roared. Ripples could be seen on the surface of the river.

“What a chill!”

Martial artists specialized on controlling their own spirit, and it specialized on training body energy.

Division 13 had played their trump card. Lin Yu had no choice but to send out Ugar, who was at the same rank, to fight back. Exasperated, he ordered, “Renette, go get rid of that Black Phantom.”

“Easy,” Renette uttered.

As an assassin with a teleportation ability, Renette believed he was the nemesis of all snipers, even if it was Black Phantom. With a snap of his fingers, the tired Black Phantom would be gone from this world.

Renette had always seen himself as an artist.

The next second, black mist flashed, and Renette was nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden, he appeared in the driver’s seat of the truck and was going to stab the sword through Han Xiao’s head.

“Teleportation?” Han Xiao was alert and immediately activated the full body electromagnetic armor.

However, the sword was unable to reach even his armor. Frenzied Sword had reacted quickly. He had rushed to block the sword for Han Xiao and died on the spot.

Both were taken aback. Eyes filled with bloodlust, Han Xiao reacted within seconds. He grabbed Renette by his hand using one arm while he activated the thermo-electrical incisor gloves on his other hand. Amid the buzzing of the electricity, he slapped the gloves onto Renette’s face, and immediately, a burning smell filled the air.


The shrill scream was ear-piercing!

Renette was in crazy pain, and he teleported straight back to the ship. As he tried to move his arm, he realized that Han Xiao was grabbing onto his arm. Han Xiao was also brought onto the barge.

Han Xiao moaned angrily and just would not let go of Renette’s face. With his five fingers penetrating Renette’s skull, the damage dealt was increasing at the speed of waterfall. The pain was so unbearable that Renette let out painful beastly cry, and his expression changed. Han Xiao abruptly raised his other hand and gave him a violent slap. The strength of that slap was over fifty points and instantaneously smashed Renette’s brain into a charred lump of meat.


You’ve killed Renette (LV 46).

You’ve gained 60,000 EXP.

Target was 6 levels higher than you. Energy expended: 82%

You’ve gain additional 49,200 EXP!


[Second Advancement]

Progress: 2/3


Han Xiao panted, trying to catch his breath.Teleportation is indeed powerful but can be weak too. He is suitable to be an assassin, but he thought my weakness was close range attacks.

Teleportation was not a bad ability. If the Superhuman was careful enough, they could be unbeatable. In fact, there were small differences in various teleportation abilities. For instance, when one teleported, could another be brought along as well? How big was the range? Was it within visible range, or was it anywhere one could think of? What kind of teleportation was this; was it imagination, or was it the recombination of matter? Was the energy consumption constant, or did it depend on the distance travelled? Was it purely just traveling from place to place, or could it be aggressive too?

It was all in the details. These were the death-causing reasons.

In the past, he had encountered other characters capable of teleportation, such as a guy with recombination of matter type of teleportation ability. Once he crashed into a battleship’s ionizing shield, he would instantly dissociate into powder. One with the imagination type of teleportation ability would teleport all over the galaxy and ended up overexerting his energy and become weak. Renette’s teleportation seemed to be a mix between imagination and recombination of matter. When he grabbed hold of another person’s body, the other party would also teleport together. This belonged to contact type of teleportation and could be dangerous once one was trapped in it.

His sniping seemed to be the reason that led to Renette’s death. This was also an idea that Han Xiao liked to mislead the others. When assassins thought that close-range attacks could kill him, it usually led to their own death. This disguise instantly tricked one teleporter. If it was a normal battle, Han Xiao knew that he would be helpless against Renette.

Han Xiao stood up and finally understood the situation he was in. First, he got brought onto the ship by Renette, and then Germinal troops were all around him, with their weapons all pointing at him and preventing his escape.

Completely surrounded!

Han Xiao’s eyes froze as he covered his chest with his hands.


Endless bullets drowned Han Xiao.

All of a sudden, with Han Xiao in the center, a strong invisible force was released. Enemies and vehicles within the range of twenty meters all flew out and fell into the river. This area became empty.

Han Xiao was the only person left behind. His chest was not covered by the electromagnetic armor, revealing a palm size big precise device tied to his chest. The device was creaking, and slowly, it became softer, eventually coming to a stop.


Field Repulsive Machine

Type: Extraordinary Machine

Quality: Green

Energy Capacity: 110/150 (requires charging)

Effective Range: 20m

Effect: Releases a strong repulsive field and pushes away and objects in the range

Cooldown Time: 6 minutes

Remarks: Get lost


After experimenting for two months, Han Xiao had obtained a variety of blue prints and had already started to suit himself up.

Han Xiao pulled out his two third-generation Berserk Eagles, activated his Electromagnetic Hover-boots, and jumped onto another ship.

Since I am here, I might as well kill some people!

With Renette’s blood on his body, Han Xiao started his killing on the barge.

The Berserk Eagles had bullets coming out of them non-stop, and because the recoil was too strong, he was unable to move his wrist. The bullets penetrated through every single Germinal soldier, either through their chest or head shot, leaving the floor full of corpses. It was just like a dark movie, whereby no one could stop him.

Soon enough, he arrived on the ship with Li Yalin.

Han Xiao’s willful actions soon caught the attention of everyone.

Lin Yu was furious. Renette, that idiot, did not just get himself killed but had even brought the monster onto the ship. Their ship was about to leave the estuary, and yet he still made such a mess!

“Quickly, get rid of that Black Phantom!” Lin Yu demanded. As their commander, he could not attack easily. If he did, there would be no one left to observe the battle.

Hila had long discovered Han Xiao, and she was already full of anger. She clapped her hands and created a mental shock to deter Li Yalin and the others. She took a deep breath and gathered all the power of the corpses, turned, and screamed at Han Xiao. She used all the gathered power on Han Xiao, and the air rippled like a sound wave.

This was like an exploding bomb in the brain!

A sudden pain hit Han Xiao. It felt as though someone was using a spoon to stir all around his brain. The sky in his sight seemed to be tilted as he lost control of his body and stumbled to one side. Feeling nauseous, the veins on Han Xiao’s temples seemed to jump vigorously as if they were going to explode.


You have suffered 211 mental damage!

You are in a dizzy state!


With my intelligence characteristic providing me with a mental defense, I still suffered 200+ damage! If I did not have [Low-Level Strengthened Life], I could have lost almost one fifth of my HP!

On a technologically-advanced new planet, Hila’s combat strength was scary!

Bearing the pin-pricking pain in his head, Han Xiao whipped out a gray grenade from his waist and threw it out. His accuracy was compromised, and the grenade landed ten meters away from Hila.

Hila thought that this was the side effect from him being dizzy and did not pay attention to it. She decided to return with a more impactful one, but out of the blue, the grenade detonated. There was no flame nor shrapnel, only an ear-piercing high-pitched sound that rushed directly into her eardrums.

Hila’s brain started hurting, and she felt the world was turning, too.

“You can make people dizzy, so can I!” Han Xiao gnashed his teeth.


Burst Grenade: Uses high frequency sound to disrupt the eardrum.

Range: 50m

Effects: causes one to feel dizzy

Magnitude of affects determined by Endurance.

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