Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Family

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About ten minutes later, Liu Cheng slowed down and fell to the ground. He had depleted his accumulated kinetic energy. He turned and realized that Han Xiao was following behind like a demon.

“Kill me.”

The burn on Liu Cheng’s face was a tragic sight as he gave a pained smile.

“I don’t need you to tell me that.” Han Xiao’s face was apathetic. He opened wide his palms and grabbed Liu Cheng’s head, his fingers penetrating his skull.

He only let out a turbid breath when Liu Cheng finally stopped breathing.

He was a formidable opponent, almost causing me to suffer a defeat.

He took one last look at Liu Cheng’s corpse and activated a high-explosive bullet to protect his body from scavengers. After which, he followed the sound of gunfire and returned to Green Valley Ville’s battlefield.

The battle was even more intense. Green Valley Ville’s gates had been blown up, the armed tanks were hurtling past the streets, and machine guns were exchanging fire. Green Valley Ville’s residents had secured their doors and windows, covered their ears, and were trembling in their houses. Lu Cheng’s troops were conscious of the ordinary residents and had avoided them.

Since Liu Cheng had dragged him into the battle, Han Xiao decided to get the battle over quickly. Han Xiao set off to find Green Valley Ville’s commander. He searched for the person giving commands, but he soon realized that no one was giving any commands.

There were vehicle trails on the ground on the far end of Green Valley Ville that hinted to the whereabouts of Balsas and Xiao Rui.

They’ve escaped?

The off-road vehicle travelled along in the gloomy forest, and the sound of gunfire in Green Valley Ville gradually became dimmer. Xiao Rui, who was in the back seat, could see the flames behind them peeking through the trees.

“Liu Cheng has died” Xiao Rui clenched his fists and pressed them on his knees. He could barely restrain his trembling.

Liu Cheng had served the family for ten over years. He was loyal and devoted. Furthermore, he was the best fighter among the family’s ranks. He had many stunning military accomplishments. Xiao Rui had always considered him a strong supporterto think that he would die at the hands of Black Phantom!

Xiao Rui originally thought that even if Liu Cheng were unable to stall Black Phantom, he would still be able to retreat. However, even though he did not manage to catch Liu Cheng’s last words in the earphones when Liu Cheng was escaping, he knew his supporter was dying!

Balsas and four other armed bodyguards were in the vehicle. Balsas was looking rather nervous.

“Black Phantom is a monster. I told you earlier not to provoke him! You just refused to listen!” Balsas was sweating profusely.

Xiao Rui’s complexion was ashen. “Don’t talk rubbish, at least we’ve escaped!”

“He won’t catch up with us, right?” Balsas repeatedly looked at the rear-view mirror, his heart pounding.

Xiao Rui gulped. “Lu Cheng is currently attacking Green Valley Ville, and the guards in the towns will help us stall the enemy; he won’t have time to chase and kill us.”

He had just finished speaking when a ghost-like figure appeared in the rear-view mirror, tailing the vehicle like a shadow. Everyone in the vehicle was so shocked that they screamed!

“He’s here!”

“Go faster!”

“Accelerate all the way, and don’t let up!”

Everyone in the vehicle was panicking; the off-road vehicle resembled a runaway stray dog, frantically speeding up. They managed to shake off Han Xiao for a moment, but this was not the time to feel relieved. The vehicle somewhat slowed down, and the black-colored ghost, which resembled a hostile force that was difficult to get rid of, appeared in the rear view mirror once again, just like a pressing King of Hell.

Everyone’s adrenaline soared, their hearts practically jumping out of their throats. They were so nervous to the point where their bodies went stiff all over. The horror movie-like atmosphere finally triggered the driver to make a mistake. In the state of panic, the vehicle rolled down the slope and fell to the bottom.

Xiao Rui’s head was spinning as he struggled to climb out of the window. Suddenly, a pair of boots that flickered with blue lights appeared in his vision. He looked up and saw Black Phantom towering over him, looking at him indifferently.

“Don’t, don’t kill me”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The gunshots sounded repeatedly. Xiao Rui was so frightened that he shut his eyes and discovered that there was no pain. He opened his eyes and realized that the four bodyguards had all been shot and killedonly Balsas and himself were left.

Xiao Rui shivered. He knew that he had to remain calm in this situation. However, his fear of death made it impossible for him to calm down. His frightened emotions were like tides, flooding his heart again and again, so much so that he did not dare look directly into Han Xiao’s eyes. “Black Black Phantom, spare my life. I can give you tremendous returns.”

Han Xiao’s eyebrow jumped. The reason he had kept Xiao Rui was because Xiao Rui was sandwiched between the bodyguards. Hence, he reckoned that he was an important character.

Balsas regretted having a conflict with Black Phantom but regretted listening to Xiao Rui’s opinion more so. He raised his head and looked straight in Han Xiao’s eyes. “You’re a liar, you had already united with Lu Cheng. You absolutely were not just passing by!”

Whatever Black Phantom had saidthat he was not interested in looking for troublewas all a lie!

Han Xiao stroked his gun and chuckled. “If I said this was a coincidence, would you believe it?”

“Landing in your hands, I already know I won’t be able to live. Kill me!” Balsas suddenly grew a backbone and shook off Xiao Rui’s hand, which was pulling at his shirt’s hem anxiously.

“I don’t know if you’re really asking for death or deliberately displaying your strong-will, but as you wish.”


The bullet penetrated Balsas’ temple. He fell, and the pool of blood gradually expanded.

Han Xiao’s eyebrow shot up. It looked like Balsas was not pretending; he really had given up all hope and wished for a quick death. For this type of warlord who operated outside the city, even if he was usually afraid of death, when he was truly confronted with it, he would accept it calmly.

There was someone, on the other hand, who was way weaker. Han Xiao looked over and Xiao Rui was so terrified that he did not dare breathe. His face was pale, and his back was drenched in cold sweat.

Han Xiao squatted and used the gun barrel to tap on Xiao Rui’s face. “You don’t wish to die?”

Xiao Rui frantically shook his head.

“Give me a reason.”

“I I can give you a lot of money. I can refer you to the Alumera family!”

“Do I look like someone who needs that?” Han Xiao pointed the muzzle at himself.

Xiao Rui swallowed his saliva in alarm as he racked his brains and pondered if there was anything that could move Han Xiao. Han Xiao’s eyes were sharp, and he suddenly caught a glimpse of Xiao Rui’s full and bulging pocket. He reached out and fished out a stack of bounty slip. It turned out to be a wanted poster for Zerohim.

Why is this Alumera man carrying with him my bounty slip?

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows, played with the paper in his hands, and stared at Xiao Rui silently. Xiao Rui finally saw something that aroused his interest. Xiao Rui immediately felt refreshed and hurriedly spilled everything he knew frankly.

“Han Xiao? Zero? Alumera family”

After hearing the information, Han Xiao stiffened.

He did not know that his original self came from the Alumera family!

“ You didn’t lie to me, right?”

Xiao Rui shook his head repeatedly. Black Phantom appeared to be interested in Zero; he did not care about the reason, all he knew was he now had a chance of survival. Hence, he did not dare conceal anything and struggled to take out a computer in the vehicle to pull up several photos.

The photo showed Han Xiao’s younger self before he was taken away by the Germinal Organization. There was concrete proof in all kinds of photos from the Alumera family. Han Xiao did not doubt his identity.

So, this means I have a step-father and a bunch of brothers and sisters?

Han Xiao’s feelings were complicated. He had always thought that he had not a worry or a concern in this world; he did not expect to have these connections.

Alumera was his family. Han Xiao took one look at Xiao Rui.This person is my family, too?

Alumera family, the North Continent’s biggest warlord. The second leader in command, Xiao Jin, was my original body’s biological father. Their family was considered powerful

Han Xiao pondered in silence.

Xiao Rui’s heart was nearly at his throat; he felt like he was a convict waiting for his sentence. This was the longest one minute of his life.

“You can leave,” Han Xiao faintly said.

Xiao Rui did not dare to believe it. He stood up, trembling, and ran two steps away in the opposite direction. He turned his head and saw an aloof Han Xiao. Only then was he ecstatic.

His life was saved!

He did not carry any thoughts of revenge. He did not want to have any further interactions with Black Phantom at all. He stretched his legs and ran for his life.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain at the back of his head!

Xiao Rui lost his control of his body. He fell with his face down, resembling a dog eating its poop. His pupils dilated, and his face looked bewildered.

What happened to me?

So cold

This was Xiao Rui’s last thought in this world.

There was a deep bullet hole in the back of Xiao Rui’s head, and blood was spilling out.

Han Xiao put the Berserk Eagle back in his holster, his face emotionless. After thinking for a bit, he had still decided to kill Xiao Rui.

Alumera was the connections that Han Xiao’s original self had, but that unfortunate man had already died. Han Xiao was Han Xiao, not another person. Even if the old Han Xiao had remaining blood relations, Han Xiao would not treat the Alumera family as his family. Anyway, the old Han Xiao had been killed by his big brother.

He would not inherit the relationships that the old Han Xiao had. To him, the Alumera family was a bunch of strangers, and it was none of his concern.

I’ll kill when there’s a need to!

Perhaps Han Xiao could get some support from the Alumera family by using his original identity, but with his current position, he did not need to yield and rely on this kind of power.

The most important point was that he did not wish to do it this way.

My family is not in this world.

He lit the corpse on fire, turned around, and left. The blazing flame pulled his silent shadow longer and longer.

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