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Chapter 163 Exchange

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Sunworm’s nozzle, duct, and fuel tank were integrated as one. It looked like a heat insulating metal tube, about an arm’s width. It could be tied to the arm or calf. It looked a little like a beetle, and its ‘pincers’ were used to stabilize the leather metal pins.

He tied the Sunworm onto the inner side of his left arm, and it seemed bloated. However, such a load could be ignored for a person with 69 Strength.

Sunworm is most suited to be used as mecha module, and it can be integrated into my self-created lightweight mecha.Han Xiao could not stop thinking of new ideas for his lightweight mecha. Since he already had ideas, as well as Fabian’s transport aircraft on lease, he started fixing his mecha before travelling to the novice village.

At that time, an Asian man whose head was full of white hair walked toward him. He stared at Han Xiao’s High Ghost sniper rifle and curiously muttered, “That’s right. It is an electromagnetic weapon!”

He then turned and asked Han Xiao, “Can you sell this to me? I’m willing to pay 500,0 no, 1,000,000!”

Han Xiao observed him for a second and already had some gut feels. Yet, he pretended to be confused and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am Lei Zhen Yu. Lu Cheng invited me over as his Machinery Engineering consultant. You look like a Mechanic too. You should have heard of my name.”

Han Xiao remained silent.

“Don’t tell me you have not heard of my name. Or are you a self-taught mechanic? So unusual.” Lei Zhen was surprised. He shook his head and said, “I want this electromagnetic sniper; how about you quote a price?”

“Do I look like I’m in need of cash?” Han Xiao pointed at that priceless components that were lying on the truck’s seat.

Lei Zhen Yu then understood. “You are a self-taught mechanic. I can teach you some skills in exchange for this sniper of yours. You definitely need a master like me to guide you. Only through listening to the wise words of your seniors can you succeed. I can tell that deep down inside, you have always wanted to have a master to learn from. Here, the doors are opened for you. This is your chance. If you miss it, you will regret for life.”

He did not know that this electromagnetic sniper rifle was made by Han Xiao. From what he knew, self-taught mechanics were often weak. Hence, he wanted to nab that sniper by teaching Han Xiao some new skills. As a mechanic master, he did not usually go around teaching other people. By giving Han Xiao the chance, he thought that it was worth it to exchange it for the electromagnetic sniper rifle, as long as the other party was humble enough.

Han Xiao’s eyes twitched. It was the first time he had ever met someone who was so shameless and full of himself. With just a bit more, both of their skills would have been on par.

Actually, Han Xiao knew of Lei Zhen Yu’s background. He was a well-known and skillful master mechanic in Aquamarine. So, he was not wrong about saying that he was a master. He belonged to the same era as Old Man Lu and had already retired decades ago. Both he and Old Man Lu did not have the master demeanor and looked disappointing to most.

Han Xiao knew why Lei Zhen Yu appeared at Black Pine. It was related to Old Man Lu’s four blueprints mission, and coincidentally, Lei Zhen Yu happened to be part of this secret mission.

In the past, Lu Cheng abandoned his daughter, who was only a few years old, and left her in the care of Old Man Lu. He ventured into the wild and became a warlord. Because of this incident, he had a fight with Old Man Lu, who was unable to understand his choices at that time. The relationship between the father and son was so tensed that it was as though they were strangers.

Lu Cheng slowly climbed up and became the strongest warlord on the Southern Continent. He was always facing various dangers.

On the surface, Old Man Lu seemed as though he did not want any affiliation with his son. However, he was secretly following Lu Cheng closely and even requested that his old friend, Lei Zhen Yu, move to Black Pine to help and protect Lu Cheng. Lu Cheng knew nothing about the pact. He was shocked as he thought that he had managed to invite a great master all by himself.

This might be the moment for the four blueprints. Lei Zhen Yu had to leave Black Pine due to some other matters. Old Man Lu used another method to help Lu Cheng as he did not wish to meet his son in an awkward situation. He left the blueprints behind and left for the Western Capital, and his current whereabouts were still not known.

Maybe that’s what they call a father.Han Xiao sighed. Why was Zhu Zi Qing’s ‘The View of my Father’s Back’ such a classic? Maybe because people with more experiences would be able to resonate with that story. Even Old Man Lu, a foul old stick, had his own worries.

Han Xiao calmed himself and said, “I can exchange with you. I want advanced knowledge.

Based on past memories, Lei Zhen Yu knew some advance knowledge. Yet, players were unable to acquire the knowledge from him. Even so, Han Xiao decided he want to give it a try.

Lei Zhen Yu earnestly said, “Kid, don’t be too ambitious. You are a self-taught mechanic. Your standard is not enough for you to be able to understand advance knowledge. How about I teach you something else instead?”

“No, I only want advance knowledges.”

“But you won’t understand.”

“That’s even better; you don’t have to worry that I will learn it. I’ll just look at it for an hour. Take it as I am just being curious, okay?”

Lei Zhen Yu was speechless. Advance knowledge was very precious, and it could be considered a secret wild card. It was crucial that the knowledge was highly conserved. Even though he was really curious about the structure of the electromagnetic sniper, it was definitely not worth exchanging it with the priceless knowledge. Even though Han Xiao said he might not understand, he did not want to take the risk at all.

Lei Zhen Yu contemplated for a while and insisted, “I can’t teach you the advance knowledge, but I can use the knowledges to create a weapon in exchange for yours.”

Sure enough, it was not easy to get his hands on the advance knowledge. Han Xiao was already prepared for this outcome and was not depressed about it. Instead, he considered Lei Zhen Yu’s offer. If he could create an item to exchange for another item of the same level, there was nothing to lose.

However, this Ghost sniper had only reached this level through several upgrades. Han Xiao still wanted to use it, so he decided to create a new one to exchange with Lei Zhen Yu.

Han Xiao nodded in agreement and said, “I’ll create a new one for you.”

“You made this sniper” Lei Zhen Yu shouted in disbelief. He thought Han Xiao looked like a newbie, and given that he was a self-taught mechanic, he expected the gun to be made by someone else. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the opposite.

All the six nations were secretly trying to invent an electromagnetic weapon, and none had even reached the experimental stage. If it was just creating a stable electromagnetic weapon, Han Xiao and Lei Zhen Yu were of the same standard. Lei Zhen Yu then remembered that he had portrayed himself as a ‘great master’ just now. Even with his old face, he felt ashamed and awkward.

How shameful to flaunt his skills in front of another mechanic of the same level.

Luckily, Lei Zhen Yu had thick skin. He corrected his attitude and treated Han Xiao as an equal.

At that time, the guards rushed over and whispered to Lei Zhen Yu that Han Xiao was also a legendary assassin.

Lei Zhen Yu was dumbfounded. He then observed Han Xiao for a while. Many mechanics were capable of experimenting. However, it was rare to find one who was also capable of fighting. His admiration for Han Xiao rose to an even higher level.

With good skills, one would be valued everywhere one went.

“Please come with me, I will show you my storeroom.” Lei Zhen Yu coughed as he tried to change the conversation topic to avoid awkwardness. The way he spoke to Han Xiao was suddenly more respectful.

Both arrived at the restricted area inside of the arsenal area. This was where the high-ranking researchers lived. Lei Zhen Yu’s home was a spacious suite with all sorts of daily necessities. There were even wine cabinets and bookshelves that were made of high-quality woodall of which was not cheap. By the corner of the room, there was a small, simple bed. He seemed to be leading a great life.

Lei Zhen Yu drew the wine cabinet open and activated the secret door button. The wine cabinet slide to a side and revealed a secret storeroom. He then called Han Xiao over. Inside, there was a row of glass showcase shelves that stood by the wall and contained various weapons. Lei Zhen Yu headed straight for the innermost showcase shelf.

“I have four items that were created using the advance knowledges. Let me introduce them to you.” Lei Zhen Yu pointed to the glass showcase shelf and started blabbering.

Lei Zhen Yu’s advanced knowledges was geared toward miniature modifications. These four advanced weapons were all related to nano mechanisms.

‘Type I Nurse’ Bio-granule. It looked like a thick black substance, but in actual fact, it was able to divide into special nano-granules. They could then be inserted into one’s body. When injured, poisoned, or bleeding, they would help one recover from the situation either by clearing the poison or speeding up blood clotting. It was a type consumable medical treatment.

U9 Colloidal Bulletproof Membrane. It looked just like ordinary glass on the surface. However, upon receiving any shock, it would briefly become non-solid to counteract kinetic energy and then solidify to trap any object. For instance, when a bullet is shot toward it, the bullet would be trapped, as though it was originally growing from within. Though it looked just like transparent glass, it was highly defensive and not easily damaged. It was most suitable for making bulletproof vests.

Fermi Condensate. It was a weapon that resembled the appearance of shaving foam and could be injected into a weapon to cool it down internally. It would reduce the cooldown time and then quickly degrade so as to prevent jamming up the weapon system. Sunworm’s cooldown time, for example, was twenty seconds. With the use of Fermi Condensate, the cooldown time could be reduced significantly to three to five seconds. The effect was remarkable. It could also be consumed.

PE-0 Nano-synthetic Fiber. Similar to the biological tendons of a living organism, it was a black, shiny, tough nanomaterial. Twisting or stretching it would result in an unbelievable elasticity.

Han Xiao could only exchange the sniper for one of those items.

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