Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 174

Chapter 174 Viper

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He looked at the other item.


Lv.30 Special Dungeon Crystal”Olayna” Infiltration Plan

Introduction: Olayna is a secret research lab of Ordina. A few years ago, Dion infiltrated this facility and stole their military secrets, this will be your test.

Dungeon Type: Backwards Time Travel Dungeon

Player Completion Count: 0

Shortest Completion Time: 00:00:00

Record Holders: None


The Dungeon Missions only appeared when inside the dungeon. Han Xiao guessed that it would require him to take on the identity of Dion and steal the secret documents just as Dion did.

Using Dungeon Crystal was risky for him, so he kept it unclaimed in the interface, considering selling it to players in the future.

Three days later, at the meetup location, two of Dion’s man were waiting in masks, carrying the items that Han Xiao had ordered. Han Xiao paid the money and got the things right at the spot; it went smoothly this time.

Going back to the cargo plane, Han Xiao opened the metal suitcase that he had received, which held the materials securely.

U9 Colloidal bulletproof Membrane, its functions had already been mentioned before.

‘Nerves’ Biological Transmission Cable increased energy efficiency, which led to a higher output. Using it in a mechanical suit would slightly increase its basic stats.

High-Speed Injection Module could be placed inside the mechanical suit to inject some potions, such as healing potion and steroids. He also bought some pain killer.

Han Xiao had studied enough blueprints, and now he had all the materials he needed, so he decided to self-create a mechanical suit.

To prevent distractions, he had the plane parked in a hidden place and stopped all other activists.

Five days later, with dark bags under his eyes, Han Xiao looked at the completed suit with a smile of relief.

It’s done.


The scan is successful. You have successfully created a new prototype blueprint!

Please name the blueprint


Han Xiao contemplated for a while. This light mechanical suit was a knockoff of the Python, but many parts and modules were different from the original, so it suited his needs. He had an idea for a suitable name.


Named Successfully, you received customized blueprint [Light Mechanical SuitViper]


This is a good name.Han Xiao was satisfied.

Viper was a completely black combat suit. There were platinum alloy plates on the outside of chest, belly, thighs, and back. A little below the back of the neck was where the Mini Bonfire Reaction Furnace was slotted into, emitting a faint red light. Spaces between the armor were filled with U9 Colloidal Bulletproof Membrane, which had very high defensive power.

On the inside of the combat suit was PE-0 fiber that was designed to look like muscle outlines, which increased the user’s powers.

The helmet was a one-piece mask made of high breathability materials, which had a filtration device at the mouth made of metal and a “B” shaped protective goggles at the eyes. From the user’s perspective, the goggles had technical functions that listed out data scanned and captured from the battlefield.

There were also many weapon modules in the suit.



Type: Single Unit Light Mechanical Combat Suit

Grade: White

Basic Stats:

– Armor 5600/5600

– Defense 137

– Power Level 578

– Energy 2600/2600

Height: 1.82m

Weight: 108 lb

Control Method: Body + Low-Class Smart Chip

Power Source: Mini Bonfire Reaction Furnace – Self Charge

Recovers Energy at 20/min

Energy conversion rate from user: 10:6

Stationary Mode Energy Usage: 12/min

Combat Mode Energy Usage: 28/min

Core Power Capacity: 421/600

[Bone Structure Module: PE0 Nanotechnology Fiber]

Biological Muscle Inner Bone

Strengthens muscle when the user moves the body

Hardens muscle under attack

Increases Attributes: STR +38, DEX +25, DEF +12

Power Output: 70

[Armor Plating Module: Platinum Alloy Plate]

Armor +1800

DEF +30

Power Output: None

[Armor Plating Module: U9 Colloidal bulletproof Membrane]

Armor +2400

DEF +45

Power Output: None

[Exterior Module: Optical Camouflage]

Reflects light to achieve invisibility to a certain extent

Power Output: 20

[Eye Module]

Combination of: Electrical Scanning, Thermal Vision, Night Vision

Display information in Technical Hologram Screen

Power Output: 25

[Right-Hand Module: Heating Hand Plate]

Produces a high amount of heat and deals continuous damage

Energy Cost: 1.2/s

Damage Level: 94

Power Output: 50

[Left-Hand Module: As above]

[Right-Wrist Module: Sunworm Mini Flamethrower]

Energy Cost 1/s

Damage Level: 98

Power Output: 50

[Left-Wrist Module: Field Repulsive Machine (Directional)]

Releases repulsive energy in an arc of 150 and 20m.

Cooldown: 30s

Energy Cost: 10 per use

Power Output: 60

[Leg Module: Electrical Hover Boots]

Energy Cost: 5/min

Power Output: 30

[System Module: Body Condition Check]

Power Output: 5

[System Module: Smart Fire Control System]

Aim Assist

Power Output: 5

[System Module: Target Analysis Database]

Power Output: 5

[Subsidiary Module: High-Speed Injection Needle]

Equipped: Pain Killer

Power Output: 10

[Subsidiary Module: Mini Spider Detector] * 8

Power Output: None

[Subsidiary Module: Electromagnetic Pulse Controller]

Applies [Excitement]

All Stats +5%

Duration: 15 mins

Energy Cost: 5 per use

Power Output: 10

[Subsidiary Module: SUI Anti-Radar Coating]

Power Output: None

[Subsidiary Module: Mini-Radar]

Power Output: 18

[Subsidiary Module: Air Filtration Device]

Includes Oxygen Storage Capability, can store up to 15 minutes worth of oxygen.

Power Output: 8

[Subsidiary Module: Thermostat]

Power Output: 10

[Additional Ability: Strong Capability]

During Combat, distributes energy to Biological Muscle Inner Bone,

Increases stats: STR +40, DEX +20

[Additional Ability: Toughness]

Using Platinum Alloy and U9 Colloidal Bulletproof Membrane, gains high resistance against corrosion, high temperature, and other abnormal states.

[Remark: A successful knockoff]


Finally, I have completed the mechanical suit.Han Xiao was excited. He had also received close to 20,000 experience from making it.

Viper was mainly used to increase the power of a single person and consisted of generally smaller modules. The power capacity was not full yet, so it could include more modules in the future if Han Xiao so desired.

Viper raised the combat power of Han Xiao to a whole new level, and it did not interfere with him using other guns, grenades, or weapons. This mechanical suit was a second combat tactic, which provided higher survival capabilities and increased all of his stats. If it was in combat mode, it would increase Han Xiao’s strength by more than two times.

Han Xiao now had a sniper at long range and mechanical suit at close combat. Furthermore, Viper was lightweight; it could be folded into a suitcase, and Han Xiao had his Magnetically-Controlled Retractable Armor for when he was not wearing the mechanical suit.

I will have to test out its actual combat capabilities.Han Xiao decided on the next destinationit was where the tragedy of La Potter took place.

What convenient timingkilling the beast BOSS over there was also part of his plan.

The tragedy of La Potter occurred in a forbidden zone that was filled with wild beasts. The beasts in the area were strengthened by a mutation virus called ‘Death Virus’.

A group of mutated rhinoceroses galloped across the maroon earth. They were enormous and muscular, their bones bulged from the body like an armor, and the cone-shaped horns on their heads were shining like metal.

Above, an anaconda with two pairs of bat wings dashed across the sky toward a corpse. Suddenly, a tiny blue flower beside the corpse turned into a gigantic mouth and swallowed the anaconda whole before turning back to its harmless disguise.

“All the beasts here are mutated.”

At the exteriors of the forbidden zone, with serious expressions on their faces, Yan Dian and Ned were analyzing the situation through their binoculars. They were lone superheroes that had taken on a contract to enter the zone and search for a group of civilian explorers. This civilian exploring group had entered the forbidden zone and put themselves in such a dangerous spot all to investigate the source of the virus, which was very noble in the eyes of Yan Dian and Ned. Therefore, they had accepted the contract without hesitation.

“There has always been radiation in La Potter, which is the cause of virus mutation,” Ned said.

“From the last location report of the exploration group sent before losing contact, they went missing in a valley that is quite some distance from us.”

“There’s a lot of unknown danger inside. We’ll have to be careful.”

In this area, any large transportation tool would become an obvious target both on land and in the sky. Therefore, they walked in on foot as it was the safer option.

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