Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Actual Combat With Mechanical Suit

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“The beasts started killing each other.”

Smiles appeared on their faces as they decided to wait and see.

The beasts fought for more than half an hour, leaving corpses everywhere. The white lion was the final winner. Blood from other beasts had added red to its snowy fur. It stood before the gap and growled at the rest of the beasts, indicating that they were his prey. The beasts backed off and left the prey for the king of the beasts.

The beast herd was gone, but the strongest one of them all, the white lion, was still waiting outside. As it clawed at the hole, the opening became larger, so it would not be long before Yang Dian and Ned had nowhere to hide.

Their hearts sank to the bottom.

Ned bit his lips and said, “Your wounds are too severe. You be the bait, and maybe I can live.”

Yang Dian looked at his heavily wounded body and said, “It’s true I won’t be able to escape. It’s better for one to die than both. If you can make it out alive, remember to take care of my family.”

“I will. I will raise your child and take care of your wife.”

They looked at each other and stayed silent for a moment. Then they both gave a bitter smile.

“Stop talking nonsense. If we’re going to die, we’ll die together.”

Yang Dian stood up in a struggle and said, “We’ll use everything we have left.”

Ned nodded. White light started lighting up on his hands as he got ready for combat.

Just as they were going to leave and use everything they had, a flash of blue light dashed across the night sky and hit the white lion’s left eye. Immediately, it burst into blood. Then they heard the sound of a gunshot.

The white lion roared in anger and sprinted toward the source of the gunshot.

Yang Dian and Ned were stunned, which then turned into excitement.

“Someone’s came to help!”

Five hundred meters away, Han Xiao lay prone on the floor with the Ghost sniper rifle, blue light glowing along the circuits on its body.

Through the sniper scope, he saw the white lion rushing toward him with a bloody left eye.

This shot was fired with Flaming Will, which this time it triggered a lucky 2.2 times damage, together with [Overload], vital point, and sneak attack critical damage. The damage was an astonishing 1,800! This was the highest damage Han Xiao had dealt with a single shit.

However, the white lion was still alive and well like it did not affect him. Han Xiao looked at the information on the interface, and as he expected, the white lion was indeed the beast king. Its real name was Mutant White Lion King, LV 56. It had a lot of beast specialty abilities. For instance, it’s health was a horrifying amount of more than 18,000, so the shot only too around 10% of its health, as well as a sight loss debuff.


Mutant White Lion King

Level: 56

Health: 15724/18700

Status: -50% Field of View, Moderate Bleeding State

Attributes: 135 STR, 126 DEX, 240 END, 30 INT, 22 MYS, 31 CHA, 24 LUK


Its attributes were very high, and it had many special abilities, which included one called [Crazed Rage] that largely enhances movement speed, attack speed, and damage as health decreased. An extremely dangerous ability.

This BOSS was supposed to be fought by a team, but Han Xiao was solo. However, with the new mechanical suit, the risk was much lower.

Han Xiao stood up and slid backward while firing with his sniper continuously. Despite wearing Viper, he would not opt for close-range combat. Mixing combat strategies was the right way to go. By using the sniper and mechanical suit at the same time, he could have an advantage in both close-up and ranged combat. The scanning module analyzed the nearby terrain and backed up automatically without Han Xiao having to look back, so he could fully focus on dealing damage.

After kiting for a while, when Han Xiao finished all the clips of Red Falcon and Berserk Eagle, Mutant White Lion King finally closed in to within a hundred meters.

Han Xiao stopped backing up and instead dashed forward to the beast king.

“Switch to Combat Mode!” Han Xiao yelled.

Electricity pumped through the cables. As bright red light shone from the Bonfire Reaction Furnace on his back, muscle fibers in the suit expanded and provided Han Xiao with even more power.

Clenching his fist, Han Xiao could clearly feel the amount of power in the mechanical suit just waiting to be let out; the additional attributes from the suit had more than doubled his STR and DEX.

Yang Dian and Ned saw from afar that Han Xiao was going to face the white lion king head-on.

“Don’t fight him at such a close range!” they shouted at Han Xiao in shock.

This mysterious person in the mechanical suit was there to save themhe was their hope. They could remember how easily Yang Dian had been defeated, and this guy might very well end up the same.

Such a small sized human, yet he still chose to face the enormous beast head-on! It was like throwing an egg at a stoneit would have no impact!

The man and the lion crashed against each other. The result was certain in the minds of Yang Dian and Ned. They almost wanted to close their eyes and not see how cruel the end would be for that mysterious man.

But they were wrong. The mysterious man not only did not suffer a tragic loss, but it was the white lion that was growling in pain. The white lion king was knocked back, and half of Han Xiao’s body was hammered into the ground. They were unbelievably on par!

Han Xiao had a lighter weight. He had to direct the strength into the ground to not be knocked up. With the leg muscles unleashing their energy, Han Xiao jumped out of the ground and swung his leg onto the white lion’s head like a whip. With a loud sound, a ripple appeared in the air.

The white lion’s skull changed shape from the power. Its whole body was sent rolling away and smashing onto the ground.

“Oh my god!”

Yang Dian and Ned were completed stunned by what they saw.

Their sizes were more than ten times apart, and that terrifying white lion had just lost to this mysterious person! In strength!

Yang Dian felt his throat going dry. What he had seen was too impactful. Just because he could not do it, did not mean others could not. He had fought with other Pugilists that were stronger than him, and none of them even came close to how strong the White Lion King was. Yet, this mysterious man was even stronger than that.

“What mechanical suit is that? I’ve never seen that before,” Yang Dian said.

Ned’s eyes continued staring straight ahead, not sparing Yang Dian a glance. “Could it be a secret research of some giant organization?”

During combat mode, Viper gave an attribute boost of 78 STR and 45 DEX, which made these two attributes of Han Xiao even higher than the White Lion King’s. What was even more horrifying was that his [Overload] could further improve the attributes from Viper!

Han Xiao had noticed Yang Dian and Ned much earlier, but since he did not know who they were, he did not bother much about it.

Han Xiao fought the Mutant White Lion King at a very close rage, each of his punches and kicks dealing a high amount of damage. Energy was flowing rapidly from the Mini Bonfire Reaction Furnace, and the high amount of armor protected him from White Lion King’s attacks.

Only using fists and legs was a total waste on all the functions the mechanical suit had. Han Xiao had turned on the Heating Gloves and Sun Worm and lit the White Lion King’s fur on fire, leaving burn marks around his body.

Their fight shook the ground like an earthquake. Even the duo watching from afar could feel it as they spectated the heated fight in awe. Although White Lion King’s attacks became strong and faster over time, Han Xiao still had the upper hand. He could avoid most attacks because of how agile he was, and even for those that he did not manage to avoid, they could not penetrate his suit.

The duo intended to help, but they realized that not only were they not able to, they might become a burden even if they tried to help. However, they were not the kind to leave their savior behind, so they stood aside watching helplessly.

Curiosity and amazement of Han Xiao’s mechanical suit filled their mindsthey had never seen or heard any country that was ever able to make such a strong single unit combat suit with so many functions before.

Planet Aquamarine’s progress in mechanical suit research has always lacked behind. Rumor had it that only the country of Theseus had exoskeleton mechanical suit prototypes, but they were heavy and bulky and could not improve the user’s physical abilities. However, this mechanical suit was far beyond their knowledge and understanding.

In galactic civilizations, single unit combat suit was standard equipment for soldiers, which reduced the gap between humans and Superhumans, and it was more than a bargain for players.

The Viper was a piece of equipment ahead of its timeit should never have even appeared in front of players in version 1.0. In fact, no mechanical suit was supposed to have been created in version 1.0 and definitely not owned by any player.

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