Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 183

Chapter 183 Drugs

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“What is it?” Yang Dian tried to regain his focus and went up to the laptop screen. Then he, too, was stunned.

The files on the thumb drive were a part of the data that Han Xiao had gotten from hacking into the research institution. Every research project of the Death Virus was clearly written to be regarding enhancing physical abilities and biochemistry weapons. There was no mention of the cure Kate talked about.

It was also written that the exploration team that had gone into the Robert Forbidden Zone had been gathering materials for physical ability enhancements research.

“Th-this is real? Could he be lying?”

“He could have killed us easily. Why would he lie to us?”

Yang Dian and Ned slowly turned from consternation to rage.

It turned out that they were like two idiots from the start to the end, toyed with by the people of Louis Research Institution. They could not believe that they were so naive to have believed the one-sided words of these people; it made them feel like their persistence was nothing but a joke.

No wonder the mysterious warrior in the mechanical suit did not kill them; he probably felt that they were pathetic and pitiful, so he told them the truth.

Yang Dian was so ashamed and embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole in a ground and hide in it.

They kept calling themselves superhero, but they were saved by a stranger who they deemed wicked twice! If the mysterious man had not exposed the truth, they would still have been totally in the dark.

“Too bad we don’t know his name. If we did, l definitely would apologize to him in person.” Ned was upset.

Yang Dian nodded heavily. With raging anger burning inside, he called Kate. “You have been lying to us!”

Kate sounded stunned. “What did I lie about?”

“You have been using us. You made us risk our lives to do things for you. The exploration team, the cure to the virus, that was all fake!”

“What are you talking about? Why would I do that? You are overthinking this.” Kate’s made an unnatural pause.

“I have evidence. The research of the Death Virus has nothing to do with saving lives!” Yang Dian said.

“That’s fake. You guys must’ve heard rumors,” Kate replied

“Still lying to us” Yang Dian was angry, he then stated the project serial number.

The other side of the phone remained silent for a while, then Kate replied in a cold tonehe gave up pretending. “So what? What do you want to do, or rather, what can you do?”

“I” Yang Dian was furious, but he suddenly jammed.

“Humph, Superhero!” Kate’s tone was full of sarcasm as he hung up the call.

Yang Dian held the phone and froze in place. His aura was changing quickly.

Ned suddenly felt a chill. He quickly asked, “Are you alright?”

Yang Dian shook his head and put down the phone. “I’m alright, Why wouldn’t I be? Hehe.”

He laughed inexplicably.

The research institution was in a mess. The high ranked officials were sweating all over as they negotiated with the military.

Kate was annoyed. He did not expect things to have turned out this way when he lured the wolf into the room. No one had dared to mess with the research institution before. They had many financial organizations behind them, and anyone who stroked the tiger’s beard would face its wraththey would be chased down by organizations with no escape.

After contacting the financial organizations backing them, the organizations were all understandably furious. He called himself Germinal Organization’s executive officer Heisenberg, and he had a mechanical suit with extremely advanced technologyit was quite convincing. The Germinal Organization was like a mouse crossing the street. Everyone wanted to beat them. It would not matter how many enemies they made, and it was very possible that they were throwing the helve after the hatchet.

The financial organizations decided to not only let Western Continent’s Intelligence organizations look thoroughly for this person, but they were also going to give money to the Six Nation’s expedition through military donations.

The reason behind these financial organizations having such an exaggerated reaction was because there were drugs that the owners of these organizations urgently needed among the stolen stock. Therefore, they desperately needed it back even if it meant they had to spend more money!

Kate was already annoyed enough. He did not even want to bother about the questioning from the two superheroes, and he did not care at all about them finding out the truth.

Because superheroes would never take revenge for such small matter

Thus, Kate was calmed and had nothing to fear.

Han Xiao had taken off the mechanical suit, changed his face and mixed into the crowd.


[Trial of a Hero] completed!

+40 Yang Dian’s Impression of You, +40 Ned’s Impression of You.


Han Xiao waited for some time, but there were no new notifications.That’s it? What do I need the good impression from these two guys for?

He had never even heard of these two guys before, so they were probably not anyone important.

Han Xiao was speechless. It was a reasonable reward, but he would have even preferred experience points over this.

Never mind, it’s just a small mission. The biggest rewards are these drugs.

Han Xiao chuckled as he looked down at the bulging package in his hands.

When he stole that’s wrong, when he requisitioned the drugs, Han Xiao took everything in the exhibition room of Louis Research Institution, which was almost every type of drug.

He found a random small hotel and checked in. As usual, he first checked to see if there were surveillance cameras, then he opened his backpack and took out all the various drugs before arranging them in rows.

Let’s see if there’s any good stuff.Han Xiao rubbed his hands. He had heard that one would be lucky if one’s hands were heated.


Green Lizard Drug (Medium Concentration 23.3%): Made from the Green Lizard Genes. This is a lazy being. After you drink this, you will feel calm.


Han Xiao stunned for three seconds. Then he stood up in rage and threw it on the floor.

Green my ass, what’s the point of even inventing this kind of drug! I would’ve been luckier if I used myfeet1!

Looking at this pile of colorful drugs, Han Xiao felt as if a black cloud of bad luck was floating above his head.

Let’s hope the other drugs are better.

He continued searching. There was a total of 34 types of drugs, and luckily, there was not another one that was as useless as the Green Lizard drug.

Some of the useful drugs were pretty great.

There was a high concentration Death Virus Enhancement Drug, which had a much stronger effect than the one Kate gave. The permanent attribute boost was greater, and the chance to awaken the rare talent was at least three times higher.


Wild Rhinoceros Steroid: Taken from the heart of wild rhinoceros. Injection gives +5 STR, +5 END. Lasts five minutes. Second injection within 30 minutes will have no effect.


Thunder Claw Beast Extraction: Extracted from the bodily fluids of Thunder Claw Beasts. +12% melee attack for the next five attacks.


Stone Plaque Pathogen: Infects the user with Stone Plaque.


There were three types of drugstemporary enhancement drugs, disease spreading drugs, and the very rare permanent attribute boost drugs like the Death Virus Enhancement Drug.

Some of the permanent attribute boost drugs can only be used once, and some can be used multiple times. The Eagle Predator Drug is the former, and the Death Virus Drug is the latter.

That was why players were so passionate about going to the Forbidden Zone and killing the BOSS. Usually, it would be a competition between large guilds.


You used Eagle Predator Drug.

+3 DEX.


There were four bottles of the Death Virus Drug. He took a short break and finished all of them in one shot. His Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance all increased by four, and that bottle with high concentration made him awaken the rare talent.


[Extraordinary Physique]

+10% Health

+180% Recovery Rate

+8% Abnormalities Resistance

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