Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Accident 2

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One of the targets died, but the mission did not fail, which meant that killing was technically allowed.

Such an immoral mission.Han Xiao shook his head. He carried the dead body of the old man and put it into the cabinet.The longer it stays hidden the better it is.

He did not want to kill. The targets were all officials of a rather high rank, and killing them would cause a storm in Maple. Thus, there were no benefits, only risks.

One official had died, but it was an accident. They could not count him responsible.

Only one target was left, Dorasi Farami. He had the highest rank of all five targets. His manor was bigger, and the guarding power was stronger.

Han Xiao followed the same stepshe sneaked into the manor through the blind spot and hid in the shadows. None of the patrols could escape his sights.

He sneaked behind an agent and injected a syringe into his neck, then he dragged him further into the garden and changed into his clothes and face. He looked at his identification; the unlucky person this time was called Anguston.

Dorasi’s manor was rather huge. As Han Xiao was going to enter through the window from the back of the villa, the villa’s lights turned on. A command from a superior appeared from walkie talkie.

“All units assemble. Escort the target to the government building.”

All the secret service agents gathered. Now Han Xiao was stuck in a passive position. He replaced Anguston and had to continue playing the character if he did not want to get found out. Left with no choice, he followed the secret service team and assembled in front of the villa door.

The team leader knocked the door and yelled, “Mr. Dorasi, knocked out agents have been found in other officials’ mansions. The enemy infiltrated their homes. You’re not safe here. Please follow us to the government building and take refuge.”

Han Xiao realized it was about time for Maple to have reacted to the people that he knocked out in the previous mansions.

Too bad, just a while more I would’ve completed the last one.Han Xiao sighed. He had to change his plans because of the sudden change of situation. He hoped they would find out later about the old man who was shoved into the cabinet.

The glazed wooden door opened with a squeak. An old man with a straight back in formal wear walked out the door. The wrinkles on his face were like knife scars with vicissitudes and coldness, and his white hair was combed neatly.

Secret service agents surrounded Dorasi as they walked toward the car parked at the door. There were four cars. The one that Dorasi would be sitting in was in the middle, guarded by the three other cars in a triangle shape. Han Xiao sat in the car at the right rear.

As they departed, Han Xiao decided to stay put and observe since it was the best choice.

I could sneak out in the middle of the trip and complete the last mission on the way.

As he was thinking, a few fist-sized shadows flew toward the convoy. Han Xiao knew these were howitzers from one look.


The howitzers landed accurately on the chassis of the convoys and exploded. The power exceeded the usual standard, almost like a mini rocket launcher.

Sky-high flames lit up the night. The three guarding vehicles spun in midair and landed bottom up with flames.

“Someone attacked the convoy!” the driver of Dorasi’s car yelled as he hastily stepped on the throttle, wanting to escape with speed, but a few rounds of bullets shot out from the dark and busted the wheels.

The car swirled and stopped at the side of the road. Four disgraced secret service agents got out of the car hurriedly, but before they could even raise their guns, sniper bullets shot from a higher up position hit their chests without missing a shot. They immediately fell to the ground, critically injured.

“All the guards have been dealt with. Backup from Maple will take at least three minutes to arrive. We have more than enough time. Vernina, evacuate with the target,” Hannes said through the walkie talkie.

At the junction of street lamps and darkness, the outline of a woman became clearer. Vernina appeared, holding a grenade launcher. She had short, blonde hair. The wrinkles at the side of her eyes showed she was not very young, but her appearance still had the signs of her beauty when she was younger. Every move she made played the rhyme of a mature lady.

Dorasi walked out of the car. He remained calm and looked at the struggling guards on the floor. “Who are you people?”

Vernina slowly walked toward Dorasi while taking out her handgun and killing the guards on the way. She took out a sedative syringe from her tactical pouch on her waist and said, “Put the gun down, or there’ll be a hole in your heart.”

Dorasi’s expression changed. He looked down and saw a red dot on his chest where his heart was. He immediately loosened his grip on the handgun behind his back. Looking up, he could see a looming red dot from a sniper scope on a high rise building.

At a window in the building, Hannes was holding a sniper rifle, providing ranged back up and controlling the situation from above.

“Seems like I have no choice.” Dorasi raised his hands with a long face and walked toward Vernina.


Suddenly, an overturned burning car’s door flew off. A pair of hands grabbed the door frame and tore it with a piercing sound. Han Xiao walked out as he stretched his neck; his body was hurting all over from the crash.

Having been blown away by a howitzer out of nowhere, he was in a bad mood.

“There’s still an alive one?” Vernina turned around and fired at Han Xiao without changing her expression. Han Xiao reacted quickly. the Magnetically-Controlled Retractable Armor wrapped around his body as the howitzer hit him, and he was devoured by the flames.

Vernina thought that was more than enough to deal with the tiny fish that slipped through the net, but after the smoke disappeared, Han Xiao was still standing there, staring at her coldly. The expression in his eyes made her nervous.

In her career of battling through the ages, she had fought all kinds of strong enemies and developed a sharp intuition that could quickly identify the strength of the enemy. She could tell from just one look that these were the eyes of a predator!

Han Xiao had a horrible expression on his face when saw the information on the interface. The enemy was called Vernina. She was an astonishing LV 60 Cannon Master, which was the limit of version 1.0, someone who was at the top of the pyramid on Planet Aquamarine!

This was the second person after Bennett on Planet Aquamarine that was at the maximum level! But she didn’t have as many Molding Abilities as Bennett.

Vernina the name sounds familiar,Han Xiao thought.

For such a high-level person to attack an official of Maple, there was definitely some hidden agenda. Han Xiao was involved by accident, but he did not want to be meddlesome, so he admitted his unluckiness.

Just as Han Xiao turned around, wanting to leave the place with his Hover-boots, Vernina fired again.


A howitzer hit Han Xiao at the back of his head and exploded on the armor, pushing him forward.

Han Xiao stopped in place immediately.

The next monument, the armor wrapped around his entire body. Han Xiao turned around and dashed toward Vernina. He pulled out the retractable knife and dished out a quick stab!

The Electromagnetic Hover-boots were at full power, so the speed of his dash was like a bullet.

Vernina hastily held up her grenade launcher as a shield.


The dark black blade penetrated the grenade launcher. It cut the complicated mechanical structure inside and pierced into Vernina’s abdomen, causing blood to drip onto the ground.

Han Xiao’s hands let go of the blade, and he launched his fist toward Vernina’s temple. She hastily raised her arms to block. As the fist and her arm clashed, she felt an irresistible force of strength that hit her head across her bones. She then felt pain on her lower abdomen as Han Xiao kicked it.

“You forced me to do this!” Han Xiao gnashed his teeth.

I don’t want to bother with you, and now you’re taking it for granted!

After taking a few ruthless shots, he was furious!

Having been hit two times consecutively, Vernina was extremely shocked. She had thought that this agent was just a fish that slipped through the next, but it turned out to be an enormous shark!

She was a legend in the old era, and now she was suppressed by an enemy that she had never heard about

The opponent seemed to have the intention of escaping a few moments ago and looked like he did not want to be involved but was pissed off by her two shots. Vernina was filled with regret. A slip of the hand had resulted in a confrontation with such a strong enemy, but it was not her fault. The intelligence showed that the guards of Dorasi were all normal civilians, so she never could have guessed that one of them had been replaced with Han Xiao. She was truly unlucky.

He’s not Pugilist, and not an Esper either; he’s a Mechanic?Vernina was stunned, and she distanced herself hurriedly. Firearms were extremely powerful in her hands; even Mag from before would have to admit his defeat.

Han Xiao did not intend to engage in a shoot-out. He did not bring sniper for this mission, only two Berserk Eagles and some small machines. Thus, he chose close range combat by using Hover-boots to close their difference in swiftness and then suppress the opponent with his Strength. The Dexterity of Vernina was high, but Han Xiao had an advantage in Strength.

Also, flighting Vernina at a close range would make the sniper cautious and hesitant to shoot.

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