Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Enemies Everywhere

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The interface shows that Hannes was LV 60, too. Han Xiao realized that things were more complicated than he had initially thought. Two people at the maximum level in version 1.0 appearing at the same time definitely meant something significantit might trigger a hidden storyline. Furthermore, these two people’s names sounded familiar, but Han Xiao could not remember at the time.

Han Xiao just wanted to focus on the mission from Bennett and make sure to complete it without any interference, but he was dragged into this matter, and being hit without fighting back was not his style.

Han Xiao dragged the battle to a close-range fight. Although Vernina was a Cannon Master, the level of her [Agent] sub class was very high, which meant she was not completely vulnerable in close combat. They exchanged blows again and again. Han Xiao was at an advantage because of his Strength. He would never hold back because of the opponent’s identity, gender, or age, so Vernina was at quite a disadvantage.

Both of their physical abilities exceeded normal people, a swing of their hands was more than enough to break apart bricks and penetrate through iron plates. The environment around them was destroyed, and the ground became full of pits. There was even an overturned car that Han Xiao had kicked away toward the treeit was a mess. Dorasi stood by the side, not daring to escape because of the sniper.

Dorasi felt stupid. He had no idea there was such a strong superhuman hiding in his guards. Was this a secret arrangement of the secret services? But such a strong person would have been more than enough to even protect the highest ranked officials. Since when had he been treated even better than them

For now, Dorasi could only hope that this strong hidden person would be able to defeat the attackers, so he was extremely nervous.

Han Xiao was like gangrene. Vernina could not distance herself away at all, and she became more anxious as time passed.

“This agent is way too strong. Their backup will arrive soon. I’m stalled, Hannes, quickly help me!”

“He is too close to you, and you’re moving at a very high speed. There’s a fifty percent chance I will hit you instead,” Hannes said.

Vernina felt troubled. It was originally an easy mission, but with Han Xiao appearing, all the plans were ruined. The intelligence clearly showed Dorasi’s guards to be normal people. Where did this guy jump out of?

Hannes quickly came to a decision. “Retreat!”

It was at this time that the police sirens sounded. Police vehicles and the special operations unit closed in at high speed, and the sound of rotors appeared in the skytwo helicopters were circling above. The place was surrounded from every direction, and they had locked onto the two people that were fighting each other.

The emergency backup team had arrived. It had only been three to four minutes since Dorasi was attacked; they surely lived up to their team name.

Vernina clenched her teeth and used her back to take two punches from Han Xiao, moved with the force from the punches, and dashed into the encirclement while enduring piercing pain in her organs. The people of Maple fired continuously.

She was very agile, so she avoided the attacks by repeatedly sidestepping and found a safe route within the concentrated barrage. Even when she was hit, it only caused her single digit damage. The damage from normal people using normal firearms posed next to no threat to her.

As Han Xiao saw Vernina was about to escape the encirclement, he snatched a heavy sniper from one of the special operation soldiers, activated [Flaming Will], and hit Vernina’s shoulder.

Blood splashed.

Her footsteps stumbled, then she sped up again and disappeared in the darkness, leaving blood stains on the ground.

The majority of the team chased in their vehicles.

Han Xiao threw the gun away, feeling much better. There was no benefit in chasing. Injuring the opponent was enough, and he could not kill her anyway.

I’m on their side in Maple’s people’s eyes for now, but if I escape now, they might chase me too.Han Xiao’s eyes twinkled. He decided to stay in place and find the opportunity to escape when the police officers were not paying attention.

More troops arrived, and they started cleaning up the place. Dorasi was surrounded and taken care of by a doctor.

From the conversation between the police, Han Xiao knew that both Vernina and Hannes had escaped, which was expected.

As he was leaning on a car, resting, a high-ranked officer walked in front of him and said in a low voice, “I’m Colonel Danny. You have done a good job, protecting Dorasi’s safety and not letting the kidnappers get their way.”

Han Xiao continued putting up a show. He acted calm and said, “It’s my job to do so.”

Danny looked at the street that was filled with pits, and slight shock appeared on his face. “Anguston, joined the army eleven years ago, trained as a special unit soldier for three years, took part in two military missions, kicked out of the special unit due to disciplinary issues, and joined the secret services to protect government officials. Your history is very commonnever showed the strength of a superhuman,” he said.

Han Xiao shrugged and said, “People are constantly changing.”

Colonel Danny frowned. This was a very serious issue. This Anguston had been hiding his real strength. His motive was very suspicious and had to be checked thoroughly, but right now was not a good time.

Then, Dorasi came forward. “Good job, you saved me. I will let your superiors know about this and reward you for it.”

Dorasi knew that he had to keep a humble attitude after seeing Han Xiao’s strength. Such a strong superhuman was not like any other normal soldier he could just command around.

Han Xiao secretly observed Dorasi, thinking,What secret does this old government official have that interest two people that are LV 60?

After Dorasi showed his appreciation, he looked at Colonel Danny with a straight face and said, “What was the identity of the attackers?”

“We are still checking Oh, they have found it.” Colonel Danny took the laptop from his assistant, but he was stunned with only one look.

“Vernina, former Raylen agent, currently decommissioned. She was once very active in the battlefields of the old era, was one of the shining legends of that era. She carried out more than one hundred highly dangerous missions, including assassinations, protection details, infiltrations, subverting governments, and so on. Today was her first appearance in decades, and her threat level is determined to be the highest.”

If it had something to do with legendary characters of the old era, then it would more or less have some connection to Bennett.

Oh, I remember now.Han Xiao had a flash of light in his mind. He now remembered where Vernina and Hannes had appeared.

It was in the middle of version 1.0 when players came into contact with these two names. They appeared in a form of something more like an easter egg.

In the biggest refugee camp created by Bennett in Han Xiao’s previous life, there was a small hill that had three graves on it. Two of them belonged to these two people. When players came into contact with them, they were already dead,

Bennett would sometimes stop in front of the three graves, and if someone were to ask him about it, he would sigh and say he had buried his friends and comradesall respectable people.

Players only knew these three people were old friends of Bennett from what he said and nothing else; some players had tried triggering a mission, but it did not result in anything. Apparently, it was just an easter egg.

But now, the two people in the grave were still alive. Han Xiao was certain there must be a hidden storyline.

Two of the strongest people at LV 60 from the same era of Bennett why were they against a Maple government official?

In the original storyline, how and what did they die for? Who killed them?

Colonel Danny looked up at Han Xiao with suspicion.

This person that he had never heard before had chased away a legend of an era. He was stronger than he had thought!

There was such a scary guy hidden in secret service, and the military had not noticed!

We’ll have to investigate thoroughly,Colonel Danny thought.

With such thoughts in his mind, Colonel Danny commanded the people to clean the battlefield, and within a short moment, Han Xiao disappeared from under his nose.

Han Xiao activated [Night Stalker]’s abilities as the attention of the people around him was diverted by cleaning up the battlefield. He walked to the corner and immediately changed his face and escaped. His level was much higher than everyone there, so as soon as he activated stealth mode, he was undetectable unless he lingered right in front of someone for a very long time.

As soon as Colonel Danny had realized this, he quickly asked the people around him, but nobody saw Anguston leaving. He stood still in shock. With just a slight dip in attention, the person had disappeared!

He commanded his people to search the nearby areas, which of course lead to no result.

Not long after Colonel Danny was confused, someone found the real Anguston lying in the garden of Dorasi’s mansion. He then realized that this ‘Anguston’ was a fake, and it was the same thing that the mystery person who infiltrated other mansions of the officials had done!

The attacker’s identity is confirmed, but who is the infiltrator?Colonel Danny thought with a heavy mind. The infiltrator was as strong as Vernina, so which organization did he belong to, and why did an ‘ace’ level power appear in the capital?

Dorasi was horrified and covered in cold sweat when he knew the truth.

After all, it turned out the person that was protecting him was also an enemy that had been stalking him all along.

Two enemies actually fought with each other. It was like he walked past the edges of hell and ended up unhurt!

“How am I alive?” Dorasi was still panicking.

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