Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 189

Chapter 189 Fearsome Assassination

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As the people of Maple were still investigating, Han Xiao had already returned to Dorasi’s mansion. He placed the last document in the study and left, swaggering.


[Deterrence and Threaten] is completed.

You have gained 120,000 experience.

+500 Relationship with Blood Pact Society

Current relationship: Respect (4450/6000)


There was an affiliation between organizations. The Blood Pact Society was a subordinate organization of Dark Net, so the relationship with it would also influence the relationship with the Dark Net, just like how his relationship with Division 13 also affected the attitude that Stardragon had toward him. In order to unlock relationship with the higher-tier organization, Dark Net, Han Xiao guessed he needed an opportunity, like a mission or something. As the relationship with the subordinate organization became higher, it would start to affect the relationship with the superior organization.

This was not a difficult mission. It probably also has some hidden benefits, like increasing my relationship points with Bennett.Han Xiao nodded, when he returned to the Southern Continent, he would become a partner of the refugee storyline. He was looking forward to it.

After being busy for more than half of the night, Dorasi finally returned home, exhausted and protected by new guards.

As he passed by the study, he realized that the desk lamp was on. He walked toward the study table and wanted to turn the lamp off, but then he saw a document on the table that he had never seen before.

Dorasi’s expression changed. He hesitated for a few seconds and started reading the document slowly.

Inside the document were pieces of evidence of his corrupt profits and his unpleasant history, and it was shockingly inscribed by Dark Net.

“Dark Net sends our warmest regards. We wish you a healthy body.”

Dorasi’s face turned green. He immediately understood why the Dark Net did thisit could only be regarding the appropriation of supplies. He did not expect the Dark Net to even find out that he was one of the people who opposed the appropriation.

He threw the documents on the floor angrily, gnashing his teeth, and said, “How arrogant. This is blackmailing, a bunch of robbers!”

They could sneak into his house and place something, which meant they could take away his life. The infiltrator belonged to the Dark Net! Everything tonight had been planned by the Dark Net!

But he did not dare plan revenge. If the document fell into the hands of his political opposition, his political life would be over; he would undoubtedly be abandoned by the people he depended on. Without protection from his political party, he would definitely be erased. As a government official, he was most clear with Maple’s ways of doing things.

Dorasi burned the document and lay down on the chair like he had lost his bones. He watched the document as it turned into ash in the fireplace, and he remained silent for quite some time.

I can’t let people know about this. I was not the only one that opposed the appropriation. The others wouldn’t be stupid enough to spread it.Dorasi’s eyes twinkled. If no one talked about it, no one would know, and it would remain a secret. As long as they agreed with the appropriation, Dark Net would not take further action.

However, things never turned out according to plan. One of the government officials whose house had been infiltrated was found dead, with his dead body hidden in the cabinet! This had immediately raised the importance level much higher. Secret service agents locked down the official’s mansion and investigated the entire house carefully. Han Xiao saw that the target died at the time. Therefore, he did plant the document. Of course, the intelligence team did not manage to find anything.

They did, however, have a rough guess. Five victims, but only one diedwhy were the other four unharmed? What was the motive of the infiltrator? The intelligence unit asked the rest of the four victims, including Dorasi, if there were any abnormalitiesall four of them denied it. However, the Intelligence team had found a link between the five parties, which was their opposition to providing aid for the Dark Net not long ago.

The Dark Net was the most suspicious!

The infiltrator had battled with the legend of the old era then disappeared into thin air. Maple Intelligence Institution immediately narrowed it down to the most suspicious person, Dark Net’s Black Phantom!

Which meant that the four officials were lying, but why did the dead government official get killed?

The doctor checked the cause of death. They did not find any injury outside or inside; the cause of death was a myocardial infarction and overflow of adrenaline. In short, he was scared to death!

What did he see before he died to scare him to death!

Did he see a ghost?

What did Black Phantom do?

The more they thought, the scarier it was for the intelligence agents of Maple.

“Such a fearsome way of assassination. Natural, no trace, godly disguise, unbelievable!”

The Intelligence agents recorded it hastily.

The toughness of Black Phantom was known by everyone in the underworldit was almost impossible to find him. The intelligence institution of Maple could only do all they could, and they were already expecting their efforts to go to waste.

Vernina sat bare top on the chair with her front facing the back of the chair. Her hands grabbed the chair back and placed her chin on the back of her hands. Hannes was behind her, dealing with the wounds on her shoulder. To the side were cotton balls drenched with blood.


Hannes finally took out the bullet that was stuck in the muscles and threw it into the metal plate.

The pain made Vernina frown a little. She sighed and said, “Such a shame. Can’t believe I failed such an easy mission.”

Hannes continued sewing the wounds without facing up and said, “Garian’s information had errorsit’s all his fault.”

Garian threw the laptop on the table as he heard what Hannes said. The screen showed the files on the secret service agents around Dorasi. “Bullshit, this is intelligence I got from the database of Maple through very difficult and tiresome hacking. That strong opponent is called Anguston. Look clearly at his history. He is a totally normal person. Who would have thought he was hiding so deeply?”

Vernina put on a white cardigan and tied her golden hair up. “With this failure, it won’t be so easy to kidnap the target next time. That Anguston is not easy to deal with.”

Garian looked at the laptop. He suddenly turned happy and said, “Wait, I have new information. The person we fought was a fake. He did not belong to Maple at all.”

“Who was it?” Hannes was surprised.

“Seems like it’s from the Dark Net,” Garian said as he typed on the keyboard and hacked for intelligence.

“Dark Net? Only Bennett and two other old guys are that strong, but it wasn’t them. There’s new blood in Dark Net? It has been quite some time since I paid attention to the data from the underground.” Vernina was slightly shocked. She touched her shoulder and said, “He also left a bullet hole in me. He is really not easily messed with.”

“We have no conflict of interest with him. We just met him unluckily,” Garian said. “And we met a strong one. Bennett has found a treasure.”

“The fastest way is to ask.” Hannes took out his phone, selecting Bennett’s number.

The call went through.

“Hannes? Didn’t expect you to call me. Didn’t you retire already?” Bennett’s voice appeared.

“Garian said that there was something important that he needed my help for, and I owed him a favor. Never mind that. I have something to ask you. Did you send someone to Maple?” Hannes then explained what had happened.

Bennett didn’t know to laugh or to cry. “Such a coincidence. I don’t know whether it’s him being lucky or you guys being unlucky.”

“Who is he?”

Bennett stopped talking for a second, then laughed and said, “Are you looking for trouble? I suggest you don’t mess with him. He might kill you.”

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