Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Alumera 1

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Including Hao Tian, Han Xiao had already come in contact with many pro players and given them the missions.

The way to complete the mission was through a communication device. He gave the pro players his number and email, and the mission would only be completed once they sent over the details so that he could complete his own mission. If there were any mission items that needed to be handed to Hannes, he would have to take the plane and retrieve it himself.

As compared to doing them himself, ordering highly skilled players to help him complete these missions would save him a lot of time, and he could just sit back and enjoy the profit.

Among the pro players that came to accept the missions, many had been very strong players in his previous life, and Han Tian was at the top of that list. Han Xiao was rather interested in Hao Tian, but since he had said that he would only be amazed when the mission was completed, he was patient.

Han Xiao spent most of his time on the road as he was rushing between the novice villages in the Northern Continent. During this time, he used the max level [Medium Enhancement] and upgraded his gear and improved their attributes. He also tried to build the three pieces of equipment that he had chosen, and he was rather satisfied with the results.

He was able to achieve blue quality on the first try, which meant there was a chance to reach purple quality after some practice and familiarization.

There were already players that had reached LV 19 on the level leaderboards. With Han Xiao’s pace right now, he would be able to finish all the novice villages in the Northern Continent before the first player reached LV 20.

As for Andrea, Han Xiao did not think that he would be able to make it, but he did not want to go to Andrea anyway as it was the headquarters of the Germinal Organization, which meant it was very dangerous for him. Also, the players had all been forced to leave the novice villages and were scattered around everywhere. All in all, the risk far outweighed the profit for Han Xiao.

In the Planet Aquamarine panel on the forum, players in the Northern Continent were the happiest. The second most excited were the players from Andreain their minds, after Black Phantom finished running through the novice villages in the Northern Continent, he would go to Andrea next.

Well, that is awkward.Han Xiao sighed.

The weather in the Northern Continent was cold. Its terrain mainly consisted of snowy fields and icebergs. Thin snow danced in the air, fog surrounded the mountain top, and a clear line separated the black green mountain body and the snow-covered white peak.

The third novice village was called Frost Pine Village. It was in an ice-sealed forest valley, where fierce beasts roamed.

The plane landed outside the forest, and Han Xiao crossed the forest with his Electromagnetic Hover-boots, following the radar. The beast roars from afar reminded Han Xiao that the Northern Continent was filled with beasts, and many of them were of a rather high level.

As I remembered, the Sharp Claw Ice Bears on one ice field are all high leveled, between LV 53 to 56, not including the elites or BOSS. I can meet the requirements to unlock [Lethal Shot] talent there,Han Xiao thought.

That ice field was quite far, so Han Xiao decided to head there after he finished with the novice village.

He noticed another thing as he looked at the mapthe Alumera family’s territory was not far from Frost Pine Village.

Not long after, Frost Pine Village appeared in his sights. He calmed his mind, slowed down, and walked over.

In the woods one hundred meters away from the Frost Pine Village, a dozen or so people who were all wearing combat suit, firearms, and daggers sat in a circle arranging their equipment.

They were a combat team from Alumera, following their order to capture some Inhumans in the Frost Pine Village and bring them back for research.

The captain, Keaton, was smoking a hand-rolled cigar with a vicious face. He pulled out a blaster and said, “Everyone knows the combat plan. Don’t mess up!”

“Relax, it’s just a bunch of Inhumans, piece of cake.”

“If they dare to resist” Keaton patted the grenade on his waist. “You don’t have to be stingy with these little toysblow them to smithereens.”

The team started laughing.

“Also, these Inhumans look the same as normal people from the outside, so don’t capture the wrong ones.” Keaton looked at his watch and commanded the rest to stand up. “Arrange your gear. We move on my signal.”

At this time, a human-shaped shadow passed the alley outside the woods. A member pointed over and said, “Captain, there’s a passer-by over there. Is it an Inhuman?”

“Probably, there are many beasts in this forestonly Inhumans would be alone.”

“Capture this one, and we will complete the mission.”

They were eager to do it.

However, they waited for a few seconds then realized that the captain was not giving any response. They looked back and were hit with a shock.

The lips of the usual fierce and vicious Keaton were trembling in fear. His face was pale, and even the cigar dropped onto the floor.

“What’s wrong?” A member was confused.

Keaton’s gulped before saying, “The plan is canceled, leave now!”

“Why?” The team was surprised.

“That’s not an Inhuman!” Keaton said in anger. “Hhe’s Black Phantom! He had a conflict with the family not long ago!”

Black Phantom!

Everyone in the team was stunned. They wanted to look over and confirm it but realized the figure was gone; the shadow had disappeared.”

However, they heard the voice of a stranger appear behind them.

“I heard you were calling me.”

Everyone was stunned. They turned around rigidly and saw a black shadow standing behind Keaton, looking at them curiously.

They felt a chill run down their spines.

Keaton was horrified. He did not notice Han Xiao move behind him. The voice from Han Xiao was almost like a clap of thunder that made his heart jump and sweat even in such cold weather.

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows. He had sensed them from afar. The reason that these armed men were this nervous in front of him was most likely that they knew his identity and had hostile motives.

“Are you going to tell me yourself, or do you want me to help you? You can try lying too.” Han Xiao bent his fingers. Seven blades flew out from the pockets on his waist and legs, floating in midair as they locked onto Keaton’s vital points.

Blue-quality Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades, their damage was based on the user’s energy usage, and they were able to form many weapon shapes while maintaining a very high attack speed. The equipment had an ability called [Revolving Slashes]. Once activated, all the blades would form a circulation like a clown throwing balls, inflicting multiple wounds at high speed. It was a great melee weapon before LV 60.

From the players’ perspective, this thing would be god tier equipment in the early stages. Han Xiao had spent more than a million experience points to be able to get this blueprint.

Keaton was terrified by the floating blades; he hurriedly listed the team’s identity and mission without leaving anything out.

When he heard that they belong to Alumera, Han Xiao’s eye twinkled. He easily understood why these people were afraid of him; he had helped Lu Cheng to attack Alumera’s territory back in the Green Valley Ville and stood against them, but when he saw the rumors on the Dark Net, Alumera only wanted to revenge Lu Cheng but did not mention him at all.

I should be their enemyare they scared of me?

Han Xiao was suddenly interested. He put back the Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades and said, “Go back and tell your leader that I will be visiting very soon.”

Keaton’s tight nerves loosened. He immediately ran away without daring to look back, and the rest of the team followed.

After running for a few hundred meters, out of breath, Keaton stopped and looked back. When he was sure Black Phantom had not followed them, he let out a sigh of relief. He was soaked in sweat like he had just gotten out of a pool, and his heart was beating extremely fast.

“Captain, what now?” Fear still lingered on everyone’s face.

Keaton swallowed his saliva and said, “We go and relay the message to the bosses.”

“Black Phantom is in the Northern Continent, and he wants to ‘visit’ us”

The eyes of Darryl, the leader of the Alumera family, opened wide and round like an angry bear. “We have yet to find him, and now he dares to find us first. He’s totally disrespecting us. I’m going to kill him!”

The third in command, Se Qi, was a Sharnuk. He was huge and had dark skin. “Don’t be so impulsive. He’s not to be messed with lightly. He definitely has some backing and no fear if he dares to find us alone.”

Darryl stared across. “Xiao Jin, what’s your suggestion?”

Xiao Jin pushed his monocle and said calmly, “He only said ‘visit’. If he wanted to attack us, he didn’t have to tell us. We should make contact with him and see what he wants. Maybe he’s not planning to engage combat.”

Darryl frowned and said, “I will see him myself and see how he’s going to explain killing our men!”

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