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Chapter 217 Class Advancement Of The Players

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Many of the directors were not happy with the fact that Black Phantom was in charge of Sanctuary Three, but when they heard that Sanctuary Three was short of labor and that Han Xiao had actually received a very difficult task, they felt much better.

That should be the right way, letting the newcomer do the difficult jobs.

However, Bennett gathered the directors and announced an appointment.

“Black Phantom is my friend, and he doesn’t have much experience. Everyone here was involved in the construction of Sanctuary One, so I will appoint one director to be Black Phantom’s consultant and assistant.”

The directors panicked for a little. They exchanged looks discreetly, all hoping not to be appointed.

Going to Sanctuary Three was like being sent to the borders; there would not be any contribution within a month, and there was really not much benefit in being Black Phantom’s assistant. There also was not much credit to working under someone. All in all, it was a terrible job, and they would much prefer to stay and wait for other opportunities.

Although the motive behind Bennett’s Sanctuary Plan signified greatness and justice, the directors under him did not feel the same. All they saw in the shelter plan were the benefits that they could garner from it. In their eyes, this was a new round of power reshuffle, if they could be in charge of a shelter, the weight of their words would become much heavier in the future.

Bennett knew what these high ranked officials were thinking, but he did not give any explanation because the benefits could motivate the directors to work harder. Bennett did not expect everyone to be so noble; this was all part of his plan.

Not many people could catch Bennett’s eyes, but Han Xiao was one of them. This guy was really a great friend. All he wanted was to help, and even when he mentioned rewards, it was mostly in a joking mannerhe never insisted on it

Bennett was someone who took profits very lightly, and he noticed that Han Xiao had a similar quality, which was why he felt a sense of closeness toward Han Xiao.

He decided to appoint someone who was very capable to be Han Xiao’s assistant.

Bennett looked around and said, “Huang Yu, you’ll help Black Phantom.”

The face of the guy called Huang Yu immediately dropped. He answered unwillingly, and when he saw the gloating faces of the other directors, he became even more unhappy.

Among the directors of Dark Net, Huang Yu was someone with very high capabilities. He was often entrusted with important issues as he excelled in taking care of all types of cumbersome issues and had always arranged them very neatly. Yet, this time, he had been appointed by Bennett to be an assistant. He was not happy and was not willing to do it, which would, of course, lead to him not taking things seriously. He had already decided to face Black Phantom lackadaisically and pass the one month without being serious. He took it as giving himself a holiday.

The idea of shelters had appeared in the minds of others during the old era war as well. Back then, when the nations were busy with the war, many people had lost their homes and wandered the streets. Therefore, one private group started to build a shelter and helped war refugees at all costs. It succeeded initially and protected tens of thousands of people.

However, because of the shortage of resources, the food distributed to the refugees became limited, which sparked unhappiness among them.

Humans cannot be content, especially during times of war, and even a slight idea of malice will be expanded indefinitely.

Those refugees had forgotten the people who helped them in their time of need and fought back. In the end, they took over the shelter and killed its original owners.

In such a chaotic world, things like that happened very often. It was not the shelter that did not work, but the old era did not allow it. Coincidentally, the person who created the shelter during the old era was Bennett’s friend. Bennett had never given up on the idea, and he felt now was the right time.

Han Xiao was familiar with the storyline. He knew that Bennett’s Sanctuary Plan had succeeded, and it grew like a snowball. Even the people in the cities were willing to move to the shelters; it was so successful that it was almost on a trend to become a nation, which caused an alarm within the Six Nations. If it was not for [Mutation Disaster] during version 2.0, the Six Nations might even have become hostile toward the shelters.

The shelters only fully utilized themselves during version 2.0. By then, they were considered to have lived up to their name.

“I’m now in charge of Sanctuary Three. This time, it’s truly a large part of the main storyline. The manpower assigned to me is not enough, but I still have the players.”

Han Xiao had already thought of how to do the [Sanctuary] mission a long time ago.

A helicopter landed in Sanctuary One. Frenzied Sword and Bun-hit-dog walked out and looked around in curiosity. They trotted toward Han Xiao with smiles on their faces as soon as they say him.

Frenzied Sword had a lot of questions to ask, but it all stuck in his mind when he saw Hao Tian who stood on the side

“God God Player Hao Tian” he exclaimed in surprise.

Hao Tian gave him a faint look and did not say anythingtoo cool.

“Wow, legend!” Bun-hit-dog widened his eyes and asked, “Did you trigger the hidden storyline as well?”

Hao Tian turned his head and did not reply.

How cold of the legend. Bun-hit-dog was speechless, and Frenzied Sword was much better after all.

This time, Bear Cub made a sound.

Hao Tian immediately dashed forward and picked Bear Cub up. He took out tissues from his back with seriousness on his face.

The duo suddenly understood why Hao Tian did not want to speak. They discretely took a few steps backward; the smell was really bad.

Seeing Hao Tian’s serious expression and skilled actions, Frenzied Sword felt respect toward him.What a true legend, doesn’t even change his expression.

The first meeting between the players was very peaceful to Han Xiao.

He looked at Bun-hit-dog. This ‘reporter’ would be of use for what he was going to do next.

Three days later

“Congratulations to the player [White Mask] for completing the first class advancement!”

Every player received a notification from their interface. The first player to reach LV 21 in the level leaderboards, White Mask, was a foreign player. He shared the changes after his class advancement on the forums.

The players on Planet Aquamarine suddenly discovered that [Energy Training Technique] would automatically be awakened with the class advancement!

The people had doubts at the start, but as more and more players advanced in their class, it was proven that everyone would awaken this ability after their class advancement.

The players on Planet Aquamarine was stunned. The ability that they had spent experience to learn was actually an ability that would automatically be awakened after class advancement.

Was that bad?

Many players did not think so. To learn a high-level ability in advance did not seem like a bad thingit was a growth ability after all, and it had a very good effect. It could largely increase one’s strength during low levels, which was very useful for these players who were discovering new locations.

The people who really suffered were the players in the Northern Continent who only learned it at LV 18 or 19. They had wasted their money on an ability that they would very soon awaken upon class advancement. They were filled with grief.

The Southern Continent players, who had been depressed for a very long time, suddenly realized that they were not the unluckiest, and they suddenly felt much happier.

Although the truth of [Energy Training Technique] was revealed, many low-level players still felt that it was worth it to learn this ability in advance.

Therefore, many Andrea players were still waiting for Han Xiao’s arrival, but what they were faced with was only shock.

Black Phantom had returned to the Southern Continent!

He was not going to Andrea anymore!

When Han Xiao had been in the Western Continent and the Northern Continent, players in Andrea had anticipated that they were going be the last ones, but the truth was too cruelHan Xiao was not going there at all.

Their hope had resulted in disappointment; the players in Andrea were full of sorrow.

The Planet Aquamarine section on the forums was heatedeven foreign players from the other planets joined inyet players in Andrea had no position to say anything.

It had almost been two months since the official public launch. The average level of the earliest players was close to 20. With more and more new players joined the game, the number of players on Planet Aquamarine had reached hundreds of thousands, and it was still growing. The high-level players started to slowly interfere in the storyline of their planets, digging through the history, the environment, and joining the main storyline.

It was the same for Planet Aquamarine, more and more players were recruited by the Six Nations to be a special unit. The players had heard from the NPCs that the Six Nations’ expedition against the Germinal Organization would commence at any moment.

However, the interface had notified them that their level was not high enough to meet the prerequisites for the expedition mission, which meant that even if they followed the army to join the expedition, most of them would not receive any rewards.

Most importantly, with the current strength of the players, they would be easily slaughtered by the army.

This was the effect of Han Xiao bringing the main storyline forward; the players had lost the time that they should have had to become stronger and join the war immediately.

Also, the organizations of Planet Aquamarine had finally noticed that there was a limit to the number of times the players could revive, which made them more relieved. They felt that at least the Inhumans had flaws; they were not as nervous as before and started to take the Inhumans as a special kind of mercenaries.

At this time, a new issue of Bun-hit-dog’s ‘Galaxy Exploration Journal’ was released.

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