Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Gathered Players

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These thirteen construction requirements were all basic tasks, including evicting the beasts, cleaning the ruins, and building the water and electricity network, residential areas, and walls. There were tens of requirements for [Sanctuary Three]these were only part of it.

Construction of the blueprint was originally a three-month plan. The target is to complete the basic layout within that time. It took Sanctuary One a month to complete around half of the basic layout. Using them as a reference, three months seems plenty.

Han Xiao suddenly remembered something and thought,No, Bennett has tens of thousands of workers over there; I have only one thousand for the first month. There will not be enough time if the missions are done the regular way.

Suddenly, the noisy sound of human voices came from the front. The convoy stopped hastilythousands of people had gathered at the entrance of the abandoned city.

“There’s a problem!”

The guards got out of the cars immediately and surrounded the team in the middle. The group of people had also noticed the convoy and started moving toward them.

The people of Dark Net immediately recognized their identity by their strange clothing.


Nervousness filled their hearts. Everyone felt a lack of confidence when they faced the mysterious Inhumans. Inhumans were much more dangerous than beasts because they could come back to life! Just by depending on the machinery that Black Phantom had built might not protect everyone.

Huang Yu was shocked.

“So many Inhumans Why are they gathered here? The organization sent people to the Graymetal Ruins to investigate the terrain not long ago, and there was no one here!”

In Han Xiao’s eyes, the concentrated and large number of IDs above these players’ heads made him dizzy. He then flipped the corner of the coat to the side and walked out of the car with a lot of style. He walked out of the crowd and stood at the front of the convoy with hands behind his back.

Standing in between the two parties, his standing posture was like a javelin that pointed straight at the sky. A gust of wind blew on his coat, and it waved in the air like a black flag. Just with this awesome and stylish appearance, all eyes were focused on him.

What happened next had the people of Dark Net stunned. The Inhumans stopped as soon as they saw Han Xiao.

“Black Phantom, we’re here to do missions,” said someone straight in front of him.

“Heard you are building a sanctuary. We are here to help,” said by someone who seemed to be role playing.

“I almost thought it was fake news after waiting for so long,” commented one relieved player.

With his hands behind his back, Han Xiao stayed in character and gave a faint nod. “I appreciate everyone’s help; it’s all to serve the people. Our convoy is going to enter the city. Please open a path. After we settle down, we will plan the construction targets of the city. There will be many job opportunities then.”

The players followed his order and opened a path in between.

The people of Dark Net opened their mouth very widely, their faces filled with surprise.

These Inhumans have come here just to help Black Phantom, since when did Black Phantom have so much influence among the Inhumans?

Huang Yu was stunned. Han Xiao had the confidence to complete the basic layout in a month because he could order the Inhumans?

To Planet Aquamarine, the appearance of the Inhumans was a very strange phenomenon. Everyone was wary about them, and those who came in contact with the Inhumans all did it with caution and a cold attitude. Therefore, Huang Yu could not believe what he had just seen.

How did Black Phantom do it? Why do the Inhumans respect him?

I have to report this to Mr. Bennett.

With the players joining in, the team multiplied in size, and they entered the Graymetal Ruins.

The convoy found a placed and stopped before Coney Fury asked hesitantly, “Your excellency, we need to first clean out a place for a temporary residence. It’s getting late, and it’s best to complete that before dawn. We don’t have much manpower, so we’ll have to start now.”

“You, ask for help from the Inhumans.”

“Me?” Coney Fury was a little scared.

“I’m here, what are you scared of?” Han Xiao patted his shoulder.

Coney Fury did not have anything else to say. Without a choice, he went out of the car, took out a horn, prepared what he wanted to say, and loudly declared, “I need some people to help me clear out a safe area nearby big enough for everyone to camp in temporarily. Since all of you are here to help, I would like to trouble you guys.”

These words triggered missions immediately; every player received it. They split out within seconds and started work right away.

The surroundings became a construction site in a flashthe cleaning of the area and eviction of beasts had started.

Coney Fury’s face was filled with surprise as he did not expect these Inhumans to give him so much face.

He turned around and looked at Han Xiao. He knew that it was not him whom the Inhumans gave face to but this mysterious boss of his.

With the help from the players, a safe area had been cleared out by evening. It was a stadium, naturally suited for camping, and the dangerous insects and beasts around had all been chased away by the players.

The people of Dark Net received permission from Han Xiao and placed the mini batteries around the stadium for guarding purposes, and it attracted many players’ curiosity.

The camps were protected by vehicles, which acted as barriers, and the players were resting in the remaining areas. The inside of the stadium was filled with people. Thousands of players conversed with each othermany of them knew each other, and some people even started a store. The despair in the air of this abandoned city had been taken over by liveliness.

A sound had appeared again in this ruins that has been silent for decades.


Hao Tian heard someone calling him when Bear Cub was walking him. He looked back, and Jade Green Sky and a few core members of the Sky Territory Guild were all behind him, looking at him with excitement.

Hao Tian nodded. He looked at them and said, “Thanks for your hard work.”

“It’s what we should do.” Jade Green Sky was filled with excitement. The Sky Territory Guild was under the Long Sky club, and Hao Tian was a pillar of Long Sky, so they were colleagues and knew each other.

Club Guilds had to provide help to the pro players because they were the face of the club. Hao Tian’s position was even higherhe was also an idol to their guild members.

A very important reason that Jade Green Sky had brought people to the sanctuary without hesitation was because he knew that Hao Tian was with Black Phantom, and he hurried over to provide him with help.

Among the players who came to the sanctuary, Sky Territory was the only large guildmost of the others were casual players. Bun-hit-dog was instantly recognized. As the most popular video host at the moment, he had many fans, and they were very ‘passionate’.

“Dog author, stop running!”

“Reach out your head, I will show you something special!”

“Taste the anger of Africans!”

“Still not an update I’m going to break your leg!”

A group of fans filled with hatred chased after Bun-hit-dog while yelling. The other players gave them a path and rubbernecked from the sides. There were even people who started selling snacks. There was a loud commotion, and phrases like “Kill him!” could be heard multiple times, together with laughter.

Bun-hit-dog did not forget to record even as he was running. He yelled at the camera lens, “This meeting has been going very well; the fans are very passionate.

“You know what they say, beating signifies closeness and scolding signifies love. I am indeed very pleased at heart.

“Come on, smile at the camera for your daddy.”

Bun-hit-dog turned the lenses to record the players who were chasing him, living up to the phrase ‘not knowing what death is’. This was a well-known culture among video hostshow else would they be able to capture moments that normal players would not be able to witness if they were afraid of trouble?

“Eat my axe!”


An axe flew past his head rubbing against his scalp.

Bun-hit-dog retracted his head in fear then escaped in a flash without turning back. The players chasing him all became short of breath.

“What the hell, how does he run so fast? My stamina is almost finished.”

“He followed Black Phantom after all. His level is higher than any of ours.”

“Ah, damn European!”

The players outside the camps were joyous, but Frenzied Sword was facing a very important and serious decision.

He had successfully advanced his class and was torn between the three pathsCannon Master, Mechanic, and Mechanical Pugilist.

The power of Mechanic that Han Xiao had displayed was scarily strong, but Frenzied Sword was more interested in Mechanical Pugilist personally. His intuition told him that the Mechanic path was not suitable for him.

Han Xiao had given him a suggestion before as well, saying that he had more potential in close ranged combat, which hinted that the Mechanical Pugilist path was more suitable for him.

This main account was the one that would join pro leagues, so if he made a wrong choice, the disadvantage would be way too vast when he created another account. Therefore, this decision was extremely important.

Frenzied Sword could not make a decision, so in the end, he decided to toss a coin

They say that the moment the coin is tossed, the answer will appear in one’s heart.

As the players were not allowed to enter the convoy’s camp, the players formed a fair near the camp and waited for Black Phantom to come out and give missions.

A petite and delicate female player walked in the fair carrying a backpack that was bigger than herself. She looked left and right in curiosity.

Crossing through the fair, Maple Moon stopped outside the camp. She took a deep breath and held tightly onto the phone in her hand.

“Level 20 finally.”

A hint of nervousness and anticipated appeared on her lively, adorable face.

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