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Chapter 230 Pharmacist Emerald Grass

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The helicopter carried the two toward Sanctuary Three.

During the journey, Emerald Grass was very quiet, like she had accepted her fate. The imprisonment on Bell of Death Island had made her familiar with the feeling of not having freedom; it was just going from one cell to another for her, and at least her treatment would be better here with this man called Black Phantom than when she was on Bell of Death Island.

Black Phantom, never heard of such person,Emerald Grass thought. She had been imprisoned for many years and had very limited knowledge of the changes happening in the world outside. She looked through the events that had happened in the recent years in her laptop and realized that the name Black Phantom had first appeared half a year ago.


In only half a year, this name had risen to fame like a shooting star. His strength was more terrifying than the highly dangerous serial criminals on Bell of Death Island, and those were all renowned serial criminals.

There was one piece of information that gave Emerald Grass a huge shock; the Germinal Organization that had been extremely strong before she was imprisoned had been forced onto the path of destruction!

And the reason for that was just an ordinary traitor!

When she saw this piece of intelligence, Emerald Grass could barely believe her own eyes, and she only digested this information after a very long silence.

Her emotions were mixed, and it all turned into a sigh in the end.

The world was changing constantly. After a few years of imprisonment, the outside world had become completely different.

Also, what the hell was this ‘Inhuman’ described in the intelligence?

Sanctuary Three was coming into sight, so Emerald Grass put down the laptop and looked out the window. Surprise flashed on her face. “So that construction area is the place we’re going to. Black Phantom Sanctuary Three What is a sanctuary?”

Han Xiao gave a faint smile and said, “You still have much more to catch up on.”

“I know.” Emerald Grass nodded. She flicked her messy hair and said softly, “It’s safe here, right?”

Han Xiao did not reply. He pointed at his eyes then at Sanctuary Three, implying that she should look for herself. Emerald Grass searched the keyword ‘sanctuary’ on the internet for intelligence, and after some time, she got a rough idea. “Turns out it’s the Dark Net’s plan. I didn’t expect this hidden huge organization to surface and even received funding from the Six Nations. The purpose is very pure, isn’t it? Indeed, there is no place safer.”

Looking down from the plane, the Graymetal Ruins had experienced a complete makeover. A new area was marked out from the ruins, players and engineering teams dashed across like ants, and various types of engineering machines made buzzing sounds. The abandoned buildings, bridges, roads, and such had all been demolished in order to construct new buildings. The atmosphere was completely fresh. A small half of the tall concrete wall had already been completed, and countless players climbed up and down for construction.

The helicopter lowered itself onto the parking spot.

Having received notice long ago, Huang Yu came up to Han Xiao, talking rapidly about the things that had happened when Han Xiao was not around. Most of it was cumbersome matters, but Huang Yu had taken care of all of them very neatly. He was indeed suitable as an assistant and secretary.

Emerald Grass looked left and right, then stopped at Han Xiao, and said with surprise, “Didn’t think you’re actually the leader of this sanctuary. No wonder you need me.”

Han Xiao did not agree or deny it; he gave Huang Yu a few words of encouragement and took Emerald Grass to the frozen warehouse.

After looking at a large amount of Shadow Stalker Viper materials, Han Xiao described the task then stared at Emerald Grass, waiting for her reply.

Emerald Grass pondered for two minutes before nodding.

“Shadow Stalker Vipers’ brains, kidneys, gall bladders, mitral valves, and tailbones are all drug materials suitable for creating steroids and hormone drugs. Their eggs have a substance that aids in bone growth and metabolism and can be extracted to create very effective healing potions.

“Since you have so many monster eggs, I can try to cultivate a Shadow Stalker Viper herd. You also mentioned that feeding them high energy waste can create radiation crystals. This is a renewable resource”

Emerald Grass turned very professional when she talked about what she was good at, and she talked with more confidence, almost in a despising tone since she was so confident in her knowledge and skills of her field.

“What and what?” Han Xiao did not hear clearly and was very confused.

Emerald Grass rolled her eyesher expression was like telling Han Xiao to leave these kinds of professional matters to the professionals, and Han Xiao should not interfere since he had no knowledge of the field.

Compared to the cold feeling that Emerald Grass gave off earlier, her expression was now livelier, like she had noticed that the situation she was in was not bad after all, which made her feel relieved and stop putting on a disguise that rejected everyone with her coldness.

“That substance you mentioned sounds very valuable. I’ll leave you to it.” Han Xiao nodded with his hands behind his back, looking like he totally knew what Emerald Grass was talking about. Emerald Grass laughed before hurriedly suppressing her laughter.

“Huang Yu, come!” Han Xiao yelled. Huang Yu, who was waiting to the side, ran over immediately. Han Xiao pointed at Emerald Grass and said, “This is a Pharmacist I’ve hired. Arrange a room for her.”

Huang Yu nodded. He brought Emerald Grass to an exquisite residence, then followed Han Xiao’s orders, and gave her some information about the sanctuary.

The room was new and rather large, or at least much larger than the cell she used to be in.

Emerald Grass lay on the bed and let out a moan of comfort.

After years of sleeping in that iron-framed bed, she finally could sleep on this soft mattressit was like sleeping on a pile of cotton, and her entire body was sinking.

Huang Yu stood at the door awkwardly. Emerald Grass totally ignored him while doing this, and he did not know whether he should stay or leave. He knocked the door frame and coughed. “Rest well. I shall leave now.”

Emerald Grass took out the documents and started browsing after Huang Yu left, her eyes twinkling.

“Tens of thousands of undead Inhumans are gathered in the sanctuary. I will not have to worry about the number of test subjects. There will be no infections, and there will not be another plague. How perfect. The sanctuary is also free and safe. Maybe staying here for a while won’t be so bad. After all, I need time to digest the changes in the outside world.”

Han Xiao leaned on the chair in the office and stared at the laptop on the table. It was the image of real-time surveillance of Emerald Grass’s room.

Emerald Grass had history and was not trustworthy, so Han Xiao had back up plans. He had placed a few hidden cameras in the walls of the room and monitored everything Emerald Grass did, including what Emerald Grass was doing then.

Han Xiao squinted and thought,Her actions were very different before. She was calm and cold when she boarded the plane, but she showed her side of being a woman just now. It might be to create an illusion of her feeling safe to clear my doubts.

He was doubtful for a reason. The Emerald Grass in his memories was a liberal who did not bow to any organization. She did things her own unique way and was unpredictable. Han Xiao was cautious because he knew how important Emerald Grass would be in version 2.0.

There were also other benefits to Emerald Grass joining in. The players could do missions for her in exchange for her guidance and advance their class into Pharmacist. With her joining in, it was another step forward for Han Xiao’s plan of making a ‘Players Main City’.

To create a main city for the players, NPCs with all kinds of functions were a necessity.

“Your Excellency, I have already arranged her”

At this time, Huang Yu walked in to report the situation. He took a few steps forward and saw the image on the laptop screen. He stopped the sentence, and the look in his eyes became weird.

Seems like I discovered something extraordinary!

Is is this what they call a peeper?

Could this be the boss’ unknown hobby?

Will I be killed

Huang Yu took a quick step backward and looked down at the floor, acting like he had not seen anything at all.

Han Xiao clearly knew that Huang Yu had misunderstood him; he shook his head but did not bother to explain.

Let it be a misunderstanding then, the Great Mechanic Han has never cared about what others think.

“Don’t tell anyone,” Han Xiao said.

Huang Yu thought that Han Xiao did not want anyone to know about his weird hobby, so he nodded rapidly.

Emerald Grass was always very efficient. She started work almost immediately.

The players did not know that he had a deal with Stardragon secretly, and the efficiency of the information flow between players and NPCs was very low. However, Han Xiao required Emerald Grass to wear a mask and hide her identity just in case. It was not the best time to show their identity, and Han Xiao wanted to be steady for as long as possible.

Due to the difference in information, the players were at a disadvantage when it came to their sensitivity toward pieces of intelligence. Without missions or a storyline introduction, they would have no idea what type of information the organizations needed, and they would also not know how the organizations operated. Most players were busy doing missions, making money, and getting equipment. Also, with their player mentality, they would not chat too much with the NPCs, which meant that there was an even smaller chance of their conversation mentioning other NPCs.

Since it was for safety reasons, Emerald Grass did not have any problems with it.

Emerald Grass created many kinds of drugs with a very high quantity. Han Xiao took the healing agents and steroids with the best quality and allowed Emerald Grass to sell the rest of the drugs with lower quality to the players, which showed the ‘multiple functionalities’ of the sanctuary to the players.

There was always a high demand for drugs on the market. They were usually expensive to limit the players from using drugs excessively to win battles.

Despite that, players still had a very high demand for these drugs. The appearance of Emerald Grass made a lot of players content.

The message spread very quicklyall the players knew that there was a new NPC in the sanctuary who sold drugs, so a lot of players came and bought from Emerald Grass.

Emerald Grass was very curious about the Inhumans. She realized that the players were the best test subjects, and they were all very easy to talk to. As long as she asked them for help, they would almost always agree. She also did not have to worry about the consequences of failurethey were indeed perfect test subjects. Emerald Grass was like a fish in water; she enjoyed staying there even more.

Sanctuary Three was a good place.

Han Xiao still had the drugs that he had robbed from Louis Research Institution, but he did not plan on selling them any time soon. They were all of extremely high quality, and they would have much better effects when the level of the players became higher. Then he could sell them for a good price.

Thinking about Louis Research Institution, Han Xiao realized a small problemthe institution should know that Black Phantom was the one that robbed them by now, but they had not done anything about it.

“Looks like they are afraid because of my name. They don’t dare take revenge, so they decided to hold their indignation in,” Han Xiao sneered.

Organizations that knew their place were the besta lot of small troubles would be avoided, and he did not have to destroy them.

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