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Chapter 242 The Unmatched Assassin 1

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Boom boom boom!

The high caliber Berserk Eagles shot hot flames out of the muzzles. The cameras on the way were destroyed one after another. Han Xiao was rapidly counting and calculating. Thirty-eight seconds had passed after the alarm rang. They were moving very fast and had already deviated from their original path, so the enemies should appear soon.

The team composition now was two burdens and two who could fight; it would be too difficult to just rush out recklessly. Han Xiao would not have had a problem on his own, but it was a pain in the ass to protect someone. In his previous life, Han Xiao had never liked missions to protect people as there was not much room to play, and it would definitely fail if he was reckless.

Suddenly, Han Xiao’s eyes twinkled. He looked at Cyberlos hostility.

Now that Hila was here, was there any reason to keep this old man around? They were not going through the underground tunnel, so Cyberlos was of no use anymore.

Cyberlos shivered. “Dodon’t do this. You need my authorization”

“He’s exposed. His authority is frozen. There’s no point keeping him.” Hila had an indifferent look. Cyberlos was a superior that was in charge of the experiments on her younger sister, so her hatred for him was deep in her bones. She raised her arms and was going to kill Cyberlos.

At this time, a hand grabbed onto her arm. Han Xiao shook his head toward her.

“Don’t kill him. We might need him alive,” Han Xiao said. Then he slapped Cyberlos unconscious. Han Xiao had misled him in many ways, so he could make Cyberlos mislead the leader as well.

Hila swung Hila’s hand away and gave him a stare, but she did not insist on killing Cyberlos.

Han Xiao was not bothered by her attitude. “What’s your plan?”

Hila was not used to Zero being her teammate yet. She kept silent for a while then replied, “I know a hidden path that can help us escape the headquarters, but it is very far, four floors down. We’ll have to break past the interception if we want to go there.”

“Four floors down” Han Xiao had memorized the map. To go down four floors from here, it would take at least 5 minutes without any interruption, but the enemy would definitely not let them do that.

“Are you sure of this hidden path?”

“That was originally an abandoned hidden path. I discovered it by accident, so it is very discreet.”

Hila kept it short, but she did not say the exact location.

In fact, she hid the truth. This hidden path was a backup that she had secretly prepared. Although she was controlled by the Germinal Organization, she had never given up and hoped that one day she could save Aurora. However, she could not get Aurora out of that prison cell, so she did not take any action. She had never expected that the most difficult part would be completed by Han Xiao. Thus, the hidden path was could finally be of use.

These things happened out of nowhere; she truly did not expect someone to save her younger sister.

Hila looked at Han Xiao discreetly, wanting to say something, but in the end, she did not.

There was actually a safer way with more than eighty percent chance of bringing her younger sister away, but that would put Han Xiao in a very dangerous situation. She felt Han Xiao would most likely not agree, so she did not say it and only planned in her head.

At this time, footsteps appeared at the corner up aheada team of Germinal Organization had shown up to intercept them.

Just as Hila raised her hand and was going to attack, Han Xiao did it before her. The two guns fired rapidly. High caliber bullets exploded on these soldiers’ chests, and flesh and broken bones sprayed all over the place. One bullet from him was as strong as a grenade explosion for normal soldiers.

After killing a group of these soldiers, the Trial Points for the class advancement mission on the interface did not increaseonly enemies that were strong enough gave Trial Points. However, since the weak ones were already here, the stronger ones would not be far.

As expected, strong presences entered his detectable range one more one and approached very quickly.

“You don’t attack; protect your younger sister. I will deal with the enemies,” Han Xiao said.

Hila frowned and said worriedly, “Can you? Even I don’t have confidence in beating these Executive Officers”

“Shut up and watch. If you didn’t attack, I would’ve already escaped.” Han Xiao was not in the mood to explain to her at all.

Hila’s expression froze. She admitted to being at fault, so she kept her head down and led the way in front.

The leader was heading toward them. The cameras were destroyed, so the surveillance images became black one after another. He could only know the situation through the report from his headphones.

Executive Officers, super soldiers, and Inhuman teams are now heading that way to surround him, and there’s also Hila stalling Zero. There’s no chance for him to escape,the leader thought.

This time, a voice of an Executive Officer came out of the headphones, filled with murderous intent. “I have met the target, engaging!”

The leader was excited. He yelled, “No need to catch him alive, kill him right away!”

However, the next moment, high pitched noise exploded from the headphone that hurt the leader’s eardrums.

Screams came out of the headphones; it was from the Executive Officer that was just reporting the situation.

The leader was stunned.It’s been less than ten seconds. That Executive Officer was not weaker than Pan Kuang at all. What accident happened?

He felt an unpleasant intuition.

Eight seconds earlier

A large and muscular male executive officer ran out of the corner and charged toward Han Xiao with a ferocious expression. Loud thuds could be heard from the floor, and the combat suit was almost breaking from his muscles.

“Careful, he’s an executive officer. Strength enhancing superhuman ability, you” Hila warned hastily as a thick cloud gathered in her hand. As soon as Han Xiao was going to be defeated, she was going to back up immediately.

Han Xiao struck before Hila finished her sentence. With a swing of a hand, two Sonic Bombs flew out. The high-pitch noise gave the male executive officer a shock and slowed down his action for an instant. All Han Xiao needed was this instant. Activating both the Mini Maneuvering Equipment and the Electromagnetic Hover-boots, he approached the enemy like a ghost.

[Overload]! [Surging Mechanical Force]! [Lethal Critical Hits}!

All the damage enhancing active abilities were activated one after another. Although there was no [Flaming Will], the power was still horrifying.

With a spin of both his palms, a blue light shone from the Thermo-Electrical Incisor Gloves and pressed onto the male executive officer’s chest, and the Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades penetrated into his body behind his back like a blossoming lotus.

Combo, Flaming Lotus Slash!

This was the fighting style of Mechanical Pugilists, to combo different melee machinery into one’s own ability. Of course, the name had been decided casually, but it did indeed feel different once it had a name.

Stunning damage numbers appeared. The male executive officer screamed in agony and fought back with all he had. He landed a few punches on Han Xiao’s Magnetically-Controlled Retractable Armor.

Han Xiao’s palms burnt right through the enemy’s chest as the Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades sliced his throat continuously. The health bar of this large and muscular executive officer was thus emptied.

LV 44, 120 Strength not bad. Sadly, the health bar is just ordinary.

Han Xiao looked at his interface. He could kill enemies at this level this quickly even without Viper.

Although he was a Mechanic, which was not strong in the early stages, he had many abilities, his level was high, his equipment was good, and his skills were at max level. The strength of someone varied even with the same level, like normal monsters and elite monsters. Han Xiao was at BOSS level among LV 60s, so there was an even greater difference between him and people with a lower level.


You received 1 Trial Point.

[The Ultimate Trial]: Progress 1/2000


Only one point for someone at level 40 somethingHan Xiao was speechless. He did not even know if there were two hundred executive officers at this level in the Germinal Organization. It would be awkward if there were not enough to kill

On the other side, Hila was lowering her stiffed hand. This executive officer had been killed instantly before she had even finished her sentencethere was completely no need for her help.

Hila was completely stunned. Even she did not have the confidence to do it so fast.

How is Zero this strong? Is this a fake

At the same time, the leader was stunned by this problem, too. He realized he had misinterpreted Han Xiao’s strength.

One mistake could affect the entire plan. Luckily, the leader knew that Zero could not be judged with common sense after many failures, so he had overestimated Zero’s ability as much as he could, and many people were waiting in ambush. However, seeing what was happening now, not only was it not a waste, but there might not even be enough!

Since his subordinates could not win, he would kill Zero himself.

“Stop him, wait for me!” the leader said coldly.

In less than a year, there was no way Zero’s strength could have reached his level.

He was someone who stood at the top of Planet Aquamarine!

If Han Xiao knew what the leader was thinking of, he definitely would have laughed.

What a coincidence, I am, too.

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