Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 265

Chapter 265 The Next Class Change Requirement

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You have obtained [Repel Thorns]!

You have obtained [Steel Body]!


A paralyzing feeling passed through Han Xiao’s body, and it made him much more focused. When he stretched out his arms, he found out that his body had become much tougher. His chest even gave off satisfying echoes when he gave it some test smacks.

Looks like I’m progressing well on the road to become a true meat shield.Han Xiao was in a good mood as he was very glad about the mission reward this time around.

He had obtained his second Molding Ability. True damage was damage that directly reduced one’s health regardless of other defensive stats. For example, when a normal attack with a hundred attack power landed on someone, it would be reduced by a certain amount depending on the armor that the assailant wore. On the other hand, true damage would be able to do a hundred flat damage without reductions.

With this ability, he was much harder to kill and was starting to look more and more like a BOSS character.

After maxing out his [Magnetic Ring Mechanic] class in the interface, Han Xiao still had 125,000,000 experience points left, which he used to directly max out [Machinery – Last Stance] and [Repel – Thorns]. After spending another 13,000,000 exp, he gained two additional Potential Points.

Both of these abilities were very useful. [Machinery – Last Stance] was self-explanatoryit was basically like combat Viagra for Mechanics. [Repel Thorns] was a very powerful defensive skill as it could directly mitigate a portion of all incoming damage.

Maxing out [Magnetic Ring Mechanic] also unlocked the new class change requirements.


Class Change Requirement: Reach LV 80, obtain 400 Intelligence Points, learn five advanced mechanic knowledges.


Well that’s surprising.Han Xiao’s eyes flashed.

Several of the class change requirements for main classes were the same for everyone. Han Xiao had class-changed four times and had [Mechanic Novice], [Novice Technician], [Mechanic Trainee], and [Magnetic Ring Mechanic]. All Mechanic players who went with the Magnetic Ring class change tree would have to complete the same requirements.

Only when they had learned enough advanced knowledge and leveled up intelligence enough would they be able to move onto the next level.

My intelligence stat has already reached 321 points. With 40 free points, I now only need 39 stat points to meet this requirement. So, the important thing now is to look for a sub-class to max to obtain LV 80 overall.

Even someone like Han Xiao who basically only assigned points into intelligence did not have enough to do the class change. It was even worse for the Mechanic players who did not know any better and put points randomly into different areas. These players would have no other choice but to arduously look for more subclasses to gain stat points from.

The cap on Version 2.0 was LV 90. The higher the overall level, the higher the required experience to level up one’s sub-classes. This was why the later one fulfilled one’s class change requirements, the higher the cost would be.

Eventually, when a player’s sub-classes’ levels made up most of their overall level, their actual strength would then be laughable.

In the past, some Galaxy players had only been able to meet their class change requirements once they got to LV 80. Before they could level up their main class after the class change, they soon ran into the Version’s level cap. Unsurprisingly, these players were the weakest when it came to PVP.

Han Xiao threw in all forty of the unassigned points into intelligence and muttered, “I also need to find a subclass. My strength has already far surpassed the Version cap, so I don’t need to focus on leveling up anymore for now. Hmm I should try to look for one of the rarer sub-classes. Those tend to give more free skill points per level, so I will be able to class change without leveling up too much.

He was not worried about obtaining advanced mechanical knowledge. It seemed hard because the rate of his growth had already surpassed the norm in the current Version. Advanced knowledge was something that would come by sooner or later.

“Hey, Black Phantom. Can I have my weapon back?”

Someone called Han Xiao from behind him. Havalen had walked over as he asked Han Xiao.

He was the mechanical pugilist who owned the rocket-boosted hammer. The hammer was still with Han Xiao at the moment.

Han Xiao turned and replied, “Oh this! I gave it a small check before, and it seemed like your weapon wasn’t functioning properly. Let me help you repair it first.”

Or in Han Xiao’s mindYou can have it back after I’ve figured out the blueprint for this thing.

Havalen had a face full of suspicion. “There’s a malfunction? But it worked fine when I was using it.”

“Oh, you know, damaging weapons is often unavoidable during intense battles.”

“Uh, this weapon was developed by Theseus’s military factory, and I was ordered not to let anything about the technology leak out” Havalen was troubled. He knew that Han Xiao was a Mechanic, so he was naturally concerned.

“That’s not right,” Han Xiao replied in a righteous voice. “Do I look like that kind of person? We’re teammates right now, you and I!”

Han Xiao was not feeling guilty about this at all. Teammates were supposed to be used, or what difference would they have from fish in the market?

Havalen hesitated for a few seconds before finally relenting, and he returned to where was previously.

He did not believe a word Han Xiao said, but the thing was, this dude was much stronger than every other person present.

What could he do?

The Six Nations’ agents were busy reporting the current situation to their higher ups. All the nations had their full attention on this issue. Han Xiao did not really mind. He might as well let the Six Nations people know how strong he was so as to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Han Xiao saw that Bennett was huddled up and talking with a small circle of people, so he walked over. He noticed that they were clamoring over a wheel that had fallen off and asked, “What’s this about?”

“I’m not sure if you have noticed, but we’re trying to fix this wheel,” Bennett said in a salty voice.

Han Xiao looked at him weirdly. “I have eyes. Are you taking the piss with me?”

The two stared at each other before Hannes could not stand it anymore and butted in to explain, “This wheel had been shot. There are some tools in the trunk. Do you think you could help us fix it? You’re a Mechanic, right?”

“You should’ve said that earlier.” Han Xiao pulled up his sleeves, took out his tools, and started fixing the wheel while making a bunch of clanking noises. The group of people just stood around him and gawked like a bunch of fools.

After Han Xiao was done, Hannes reattached the wheel onto the car. Bennett then finally looked at Han Xiao and signaled before he walked off to the side. Han Xiao shook his head a few times before he followed behind helplessly.

The debt collector was finally here.

Once they were a distance away from the campsite, Bennett stopped, and so did Han Xiao.

“Humph!” Bennett turned before staring at Han Xiao and said, “Explain yourself.”

Obviously, he was talking about Han Xiao’s double identity. Bennett still could not get over it.

Han Xiao was delighted upon hearing this. Bennett sounded just like a pouting daughter-in-law

“So, you don’t want to talk about it? Do you see yourself right now? Oh you think you’re so tough?” Thinking back to what had happened over the past few days pissed Bennett off. “Why not tell us that you’re an alien as well?”

Han Xiao was speechless.

You might’ve guessed right

However, Han Xiao was extremely thick-skinned, and no matter how much Bennett whined and complained, Han Xiao only gave off an occasional “huh” to let the other person know that he was still listening. When he saw how Han Xiao was not willing to speak at all, Bennett also felt helpless about it and sighed before saying, “Whatever, it’s all in the past anyway.”

Han Xiao was a friend and someone who had made great contributions to the Dark Net. He had also devoted himself to the Shelter plan, and Bennett trusted him completely. He would not fuss too much over something like this. Moreover, Bennett secretly respected Han Xiao for his accomplishments.

Bennett coughed a few times before saying in a muffled voice, “You how did you break past the limit?”

As a superhuman, he also wanted to become stronger. Bennett wanted to ask about Han Xiao’s experience in hopes of gaining some enlightenment for himself. He actually did not care about being surpassed by Han Xiao or any of that. Bennett had never been one to not care about these small things, and he had always lived life by trusting his friends. Han Xiao was one such friend. Although this youngling would irk him from time to time, he was still a likeable helper.

Han Xiao thought for a bit before replying with a straight face, “Like the old teachings First, take in a deep breath but wait. You also need to start circulating energy around your nether region. You know where I’m talking about, right? So basically, your bladder. You will then start to feel like energy is slowly leaking out of you, but don’t worry, this is common for all beginners. Once you can control this feeling and hold the energy from leaking on will, you will be able to break through your limit. It’s as easy as that.”

“ You’re bullsh*tting me again, right?” Bennett was shocked. He had a mouthful of inelegant terms stuck in his mouth, waiting to be spit out.

Why do you never change! Do I look that gullible to you

At that moment, the two suddenly quieted down as they noticed that someone was approachingit was Hannes.

Hannes swept his eyes across the two and said in a grave voice, “I have something to tell you guys. I might’ve found the Germinal leader’s origins.”

The duo was shocked, and their expressions drastically changed.

“He is as powerful as me,” Bennett said. “This kind of character definitely can’t just be some random hooligan, but I have no impression of him at all. It’s very odd.”

“So where is he from?” Han Xiao asked curiously.

“Black Phantom Oh, I will just call you Han Xiao. Do you still remember the mission we left for you?”

Han Xiao nodded. The hidden A-rank main storyline mission [New Ear Origin]’s objective was to dig up the buried past of Planet Aquamarine. He had broken down the mission into different portions and assigned pro Galaxy players to deal with the mission. The first part of the mission had already been completed, but Han Xiao just had not turned it in.

He never would have thought that the leader had something to do with the hidden main storyline, and this instantly piqued his interest.

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