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Chapter 268 Will You Love Me If I Am The Title..

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The intelligence included the location of all the nuclear warheads that the Germinal Organization possessed. The Hand of Death system would be of no use once these nuclear warheads were broken down; the Germinal Organization would not even be able to make the Six Nations die with them.

His goal had been to give this intelligence to the Six Nations when he stole it from the Germinal Organization Headquarters. The earlier the Germinal Organization was destroyed, the sooner he could complete his A-grade main storyline mission, [Fall of the Germinal]. The progress at the moment was at 36.2%. His impact in the war to destroy the Germinal Organization would further grow after he provided this intelligence, and the progress would likely increase once again.

The only intelligence he kept to himself was the class advancement knowledge. Han Xiao planned to sell that to the players and make a large of profit. He was familiar with monopolizing.

The representatives of the Six Nations stood up in excitement.

“This os all classified information!”

“With this intelligence, the war can be ended early!”

“Amazing job!”

This intelligence brought unimaginable convenience to the Six Nations; it was like knowing all of the enemy’s card when playing poker. The entire war was going to change with this intelligence.

The source of all this was Han Xiao, who sat at the end of the meeting table, picking his ears.

The representatives exchanged looks, and the atmosphere became quiet.

Han Xiao was very understanding. “Alright, I have already provided the intelligence. What you do with it is up to you. I shall leave you guys to it.”

He stood up and left. After pushing the door open, he suddenly stopped, turned his head around, and saw that the expressions of the people present were unchanged. Disappointed, he said, “There really isn’t an ambush”

The representatives’ mouth twitched.

Ambush? Do you not have any damn idea how strong you are?

We still want to live, damn it!

Gu Hui wiped his cold sweat. “The intelligence you provided is very importantit has helped us a lot. We need to have an emergency meeting so you should leave quickly.”

The situation of the expedition war changed drastically within a few days. The troops of the Six Nations marched forward and defeated the enemy easily like they were on steroids. The Germinal Organization was at a disadvantage on every battlefield. Then it snowballed, and they started showing signs of collapsing, their territory becoming ever smaller.

The entire planet was paying attention to the war and got shocked by the sudden change. After some research, they came to know that Han Xiao had given the intelligence that he stole to the Six Nations.

When Han Xiao’s real identity was exposed some time ago, he had been surrounded, so it had become the focus of the battle between the Germinal Organization and the Six Nations. Being in the center, it was like Han Xiao was in the eye of the storm, surrounded by stronger winds. At that time, the head-on battles all over Andrea had all reached a climax. The large number of troops of the Germinal Organization had been stalled by the Six Nations with all their might, so they did not have enough troops, and their ranged missiles were all blocked by the Six Nations.

The organizations could already tell at that time that, if Han Xiao could escape, the entire situation would be changed.

As expected, he became the turning point of the entire war.

The person who triggered the war secretly was him, and the person who was going to end the war was also him. The organizations were all astonished.

His legendary status is indeed well deserved!

Having the upper hand in the war, the Six Nations started to report the situation of the war within the nations, spreading the word that the war was going to end and comforting the civilians. The civilians of the nations were relieved, and the nations felt the pressure on them lessen.

Of course, the media undoubtedly exaggerated the negative things that the Germinal Organization had done. Although the name of the Germinal Organization was already bad enough, they still made it worse out of habit, emphasizing that the expedition was an act of justice, and it was to protect the homes and the nations.

The players in Planet Aquamarine felt the change of the war themselves. The most obvious and direct impact was that the missions became fewer.

With Han Xiao’s influence, the conflict between the Six Nations and the Germinal Organization had broken out ahead of schedule, so the impact of the players on the storyline was minimized. What they could do was negligible, but at least they had things to do. However, as the war became more one-sided, they did not even have the chance to do anything at all anymore; the players could now only watch as things happen.

The players belonging to the Germinal Organization were the exception. They had more missions and they failed them more often.

Even with the increased number of missions, they still seemed to be at a loss considering how often they failed.

The players of both sides fought many times. The players of the Six Nations were gloating, and the players of the Germinal Organization were crying.

Why! Why does Black Phantom keep hurting us?

You are full of love toward the other players, but we have no benefit at all!

Why were we born in the Germinal Organization!

The piece of sh*t Germinal Organization, give me back my youth!

Han Xiao’s activities in the war were all exposed, a passionate player edited these videos into a short film and shared it on the forums. It received very positive feedback.

However, the last battle was not in the short film. No players had been present during the leader’s ambush battle, so there were not any recordings. The players could not help but feel that there was something missing.

Therefore, Bun-hit-dog, who was the source of ‘first hand Black Phantom information’ was affected as well. His personal page was raided by the players.

“What happened to first-hand information? Shame!”

“Lousy host, subscribed!”

As words spread all over the outside world, Han Xiao had already boarded the return plane and left Andrea, returning to the Southern Continent together with Hila, Andrea, Bennett, and the others.

Stepping out of the cabin, the warm air of the Southern Continent blew against his face, brushing away the feeling of war in his chest. Han Xiao squinted with comfort and took a deep breath. The exhaustion in his mind was eased.

He had spent the most time in the Southern Continent, so it had a sense of familiarity like he was returning to his home. He felt very relaxed.

Hila held hands with Aurora and walked off the plane. Aurora was full of excitement and kept looking around. Everything in the outside world was fresh to her, and she could not get enough of it.

“I shall go back to Sanctuary One first. There are some matters that need to be taken care of,” Bennett said and left with his people.

Hannes and Vernina nodded at Han Xiao and left together as well. Only Han Xiao, Hila, and Aurora were left.

Coming to the Southern Continent, Hila suddenly remembered, when the Germinal Organization retreated from the Southern Continent, she had fought with Han Xiao before and was hurt. She had even decided to get revenge.

She had never thought that things would turn out to be how they were now.

“Where’s your territory?” Hila asked.

His territory was none other than the sanctuary. Han Xiao remembered that the early stage construction had been completed when he left, so he wondered how things were progressing since he had been away for so long.

At night, Sanctuary Three was still bright as day.

A group of tough looking man dressed like refugees crossed the alleys in the residential area. They seemed to be up to no good.

These people were robbers and entered Sanctuary Three disguised as refugees.

As Sanctuary Three became larger, its name spread further, so some robbers had malicious ideas. After they knew that the Sanctuary Three had a large amount of resources, some people got greedy and decided to take the risk.

As they passed by an intersection, they heard people having a conversation. These people hastily hid in the alley, waited for the group of players to pass by, and then started to move again.

“There are too many Inhumans here. It’s better to be more careful,” one of them said.

The leader of the robbers was a rough man with a crooked mouth. He spat thick phlegm onto the floor as he heard what the other man said. “Inhumans are all disgusting monsters.”

A part of the locals of the Planet Aquamarine spurned the Inhumans and looked at them as a different species, but of course, their deepest emotion was that they envied the fact that Inhumans were undying.

“We just need to rob a few resources from the warehouse, and we will be rich.”

A few tens of meters behind these robbers, Frenzied Sword, Hao Tian, Maple Moon, and Bun-hit-dog were following them discreetly. They had discovered these suspicious ‘refugees’ by chance, triggered an urgent mission that required them to track these people, and followed secretly.

“They have thirty-four people, average LV 10, only one small BOSS, and the rest are minions,” Bun-hit-dog said quietly.

“They all have yellow names. Not sure if they are enemies,” Maple Moon said.

If they killed residents of the sanctuary by mistake, their relationship with the sanctuary would drop. They followed behind patiently and came to near the warehouse.

The warehouse was heavily guarded, and armed men of Dark Net patrolled the place. These robbers hid in the dark. The man with a crooked mouth looked at his watch rapidly and said quietly, “When the guy that bombs the power plant succeeds, all the electricity in this area will be cut off. We will grab the resources in the chaos then.”

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