Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Main City Action Plan

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The pro league consisted of many competition modes. The arena would of course be most suitable for Challenges, which was a contest where the winner remained on stage and the loser left, and Singles, one-on-one battles. According to Han Xiao’s experience, with an already built arena, there was quite a high chance that the pro league would be hosted there. After all, the arenas for the planet divisions of the first pro league in his previous life had been built last minute by the players themselves. Although it sounded very pathetic, the players had enjoyed the DIY process.

If the pro league were to be hosted in his territory, the position of ‘Main City’ would become firmer. It would also bring in a large number of people, and these were all potential customers in Han Xiao’s eyes. He was aiming to make a huge fortune during the pro league, and the temporary enhancement drugs that he had would definitely sell very well in such situations.

However, there was a small problemthe pro league would only be hosted around the time when the first batch of players reached LV60. He had to stay on Planet Aquamarine for quite some time if he wanted to wait for the pro league to start.

I shall consider it as preparation for heading into the galaxy. Plus, I have to wait for opportunities as well.

It was not easy to leave the planet. None of the novice planets in Version 1.0 had an official route into the galaxy. He could think of many simple ways to leave one of those novice planets that had more contact with Galactic Civilizations, such as Planet Winterfrostthe Space Devil Species had galactic battleships, and Han Xiao was confident that he would have been able to wrangle one of these.

On Planet Aquamarine, on the other hand, the nations could not even build a spaceship, so his chances were extremely low.

However, it was not completely hopeless. When he decided to leave Planet Aquamarine in Version 1.0, he had started searching for clues in his memory, and after thinking for very long, he did discover a few extreme cases that might give him a chance. However, he had to wait for these events to occur naturallyonly then would he have a chance.

Therefore, he did indeed have time to wait for the pro league to start.

By then, the highest-level players will mostly have reached LV 60. I should still be LV 70 if I can’t find any suitable subclasses.

Han Xiao was not worried at all. His strength had exceeded the version, and he had the BOSS model. If the players had any malicious intent, he could easily defeat a forty-man team.

The other organizations would be stunned once the players became stronger. They would see ‘Inhumans’ as very dangerous, and the situation of Planet Aquamarine would change again.

Only he would remain steady.

Aurora hid behind Hila timidly. It was the first time that she had seen so many people at once. She was shocked and could not get used to it.

“This is your territory?” Hila raised her eyebrows. She was a little surprised. She had not expected there to be so many Inhumans there, and it seemed like Han Xiao was very influential to the Inhumans, but she could not understand why.

The players crowded around because Han Xiao had attracted way too much attention recently. The Planet Aquamarine panel in the forums was very popular, and the players in the sanctuary all wanted to look at him closely.

There were players all along the path looking at him from all directions with passion and thirst in their eyes. He almost felt like he was being paraded. He felt that these players might all have pounced at him at once if not for the guards opening a path.

It was finally quiet when they returned to the areas for high-ranked officials of the sanctuary.

Han Xiao settled Hila and Aurora down and said, “Huang Yu, arrange two rooms for them. They will be staying here from now on”

He then rethought it and said, “Never mind, one room is enough.”

“Please follow me.” Huang Yu brought them away.

After they left, he was the only one in the room. Han Xiao lay in bed and rested for a while. He then closed the door and windows, locked himself in the study, took out a pen, and wrote the focus of the upcoming plans.

Since he was preparing to leave the planet, he had to list down all sorts of opportunities on Planet Aquamarine. He even wrote down the details of the opportunities for him to leave the planet. He edited and added details again and again to prevent missing any details.

“ therefore, I need to get more EXP from the players in Planet Aquamarine as, for a short period after leaving the planet, there won’t be any chances to meet players. Also, for me to maintain my influence, I have to improve the Players’ Main City as much as I can, filling in more functions, improving transportation, so that the players in the main city will be reminded of me every once in a while. I might as well build a statue to remind them”

He then burnt the paper to ashes, not leaving any clues behind. It was already late night, but Han Xiao headed toward another building. This was the special residence that he had given to Frenzied Sword and the other three players. No other players received such treatment.

Frenzied Sword was the only one in the room. He has been waiting for Han Xiao, and when he saw Han Xiao, he bounded up to him immediately with joy.

“Only you?” Han Xiao looked around, then casually created a simple mission with rich rewards and gave it to Frenzied Sword.


Frenzied Sword was overjoyed.

It was better to follow Black Phantom after all. The mission requirement was so fun. He just had to sing and dance to get EXP. The other missions were so much more boring in comparison.

The pro league was going to happen, and Han Xiao planned to raise these players that he was closer to so that they would perform better in the league.

Han Xiao was very generous to them since they helped him as well. At the same time, if they had more stable achievements, the other players would have a stronger belief that following him was beneficial.

His mission reward quota increased too, so it could satisfy the needs of more players.


Single Mission EXP Reward Quota: 115,160


The daily quota was seven times of the single mission quotawhich came from the basic multiplier of five and two from his Legendary Pointsabout 800,000 EXP. It was very high, and even Han Xiao himself was tempted. It would be great if he could give the EXP quota to himself. In that case, he would not have to worry about EXP at all. Sadly, it did not work that way.

Sigh, still have to get EXP from the players.

After spending a day settling several cumbersome issues, the resources from Dion arrived. Han Xiao locked himself in the workshop right after to go on a building streak and arrange what he had earned.

The Mechanic class advancement knowledge from the Germinal Organization is [Nerves Connection]. This is knowledge that is very important to the Mechanic class; it revolutionized the control mode of machinery. By inputting programs into the chip, orders can be made by reading the signal from the brain. The process of thinking is much faster than talking or hand signs.

By spending eight Potential Points, he maxed out [Nerves Connection] to Lv.5. Basic knowledge required one Potential Point to level up, advanced knowledge required two, and it increased as the knowledge became more advanced, requiring more and more potential points. Therefore, Han Xiao had been keeping his Potential Points and only spending them to level up important knowledge.

The first task was to build a new mechanical suit. Han Xiao did not plan to duplicate according to the [Viper] blueprint. He wanted to innovate freely from that basis and create an enhanced combat suit. He already had some ideas.

A large number of parts and resources were placed near the workstation. Han Xiao counted them, rubbed his hands, and showed a confident smile.

Let’s begin.

On the seventh day


With the sound of leaked cold air, the metal cooling box opened. Inside was a strong transparent cylinder box filled with a light-blue liquid. Han Xiao got rid of the liquid used to cool down the temperature and sped up the fusion process. A brand new combat suit could be seen, still giving out cold steam.

It’s finally complete. That was tiring.

Han Xiao was excited. He rubbed his cheeks strongly to ease the slight exhaustion from not sleeping during the previous nights.

The new combat suit used the same inner core concept as Viper, with PE-0 Nanotechnology Fiber and muscle in between, still providing enhanced Strength and Dexterity, and he did not miss out on any of the original weapon modules.

The outlook had the same style as Viperdark black with flashes of blue light from the energy pipes, a complicated, precise streamlined shapewith some changes. Its size was bigger, and it had more obvious edges, like protruding scales, giving off an entirely different feeling.

If Viper felt like a hunting small venomous snake, the new combat suit felt like a black mamba stalking its prey in the dark, waiting to unleash a lethal strike.



Han Xiao would only have needed three days to duplicate Viper, but he spent seven days this time.

The remaining four days were all spent on enhancing. The performance, armor, energy source, and modules were all improved!

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