Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 271

Chapter 271 New Mechanical Suitamphiptere

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The energy core was still the Bonfire Reaction Furnace, placed around five centimeters below the neck. His Machinery Affinity and machinery skill both improved after the class advancement, so he enhanced the Bonfire Reaction Furnace.

He made a few hidden recesses at the back of the mechanical suit that were connected to the energy core. Energy blocks could be embedded into these recesses. If the energy of the Bonfire Reaction Furnace was finished, these would be the backup energy source. There was also another functionextra power output. It could largely increase the performance of the mechanical suit, comparable to [Overload].

The energy blocks would of course be the [Low Class Energy Crystal] that he had extracted from the radiation crystals from the Shadow Stalker Viper nest. Emerald Grass was currently trying to domesticate the Shadow Stalker Vipers and make the crystals into a renewable resource. It had yet to succeed, but the hundreds of pounds of crystals Han Xiao had were enough.

The armor was made with the new alloy that he had fused from [Advanced Materials], Ellie Iron Alloy. It had a better defense than the Platinum Alloy. The control mode used the newly learned [Nerves Connection]. The helmet had a module that could read nerve signals. It was embedded on the inner side of the helmet like a metal plate, and the functions of the suit could be controlled with just a thought. The weapon modules were the ones that he spent the most effort and time on, all of which were largely enhanced.

The most important new module was a large mounted part that was almost six meters wide when extended fully!

This was a mounted mechanical wing that was embedded onto the back, shoulders, and arms. Its original model was the Sky Swallow Glider, and the surface of the wings was wide. It had a seventy-centimeter radius circular triple fold propeller on both sides and a pistonless rotary turbo engine that could turn 360 degrees!

The Electromagnetic Hover-boots to run-up, Mini Maneuvering Equipment to take off, the wings to glide, providing continuous mobility.

He gave the new combat suit the ability to fly!

Which man did not dream of soaring through the skies? Men’s romance is the stars and the seas!


You have successfully enhanced [Light Mechanical SuitViper], do you want to give it a new name?


With a flash of insight, a suitable name appeared in Han Xiao’s mind.


Named Successfully, you received customized blueprint [Light Mechanical SuitAmphiptere!]


I definitely have great naming skills.

Han Xiao was very satisfied. Amphiptere is a flying serpent, so it really conveyed a clear image.



Type: Light Single-Unit Mechanical Combat Suit

Grade: Dark Green

Basic Stats:

– Armor: 8950/8950

– Defense: 164

– Power: Level 818

– Energy: 4300(+800)/4300(+800)

Height: 1.87m

Weight: 176 lb

Control Method: Low-Class Smart Chip + Nerves Connection (Extra +10 DEX)

Power Source: Mini Bonfire Reaction Furnace (Enhanced) – Self Charge

Recovers Energy at 35/min

Energy Conversion Rate from User: 24 to 32

Energy Storage: Low Class Energy Block x 4 (Exchangeable anytime)

Energy Storage: 800

Stationary Mode Energy Usage: 22/min

Combat Mode Energy Usage: 40/min

Core Power Capacity: 787/850

[Bone Structure Module: PE-0 Nanotechnology Fiber]

– Biological Muscle Inner Bone

– Strengthens muscle when the user moves the body

– Hardens muscle under attack

– Increases Attributes: +38 STR, +25 DEX, +12 DEF

Power Output: 70

[Armor Plating Module: Ellie Iron Alloy Plate (Green)]

+2550 Armor

+48 DEF

Power Output: None

[Armor Plating Module: U9 Colloidal bulletproof Membrane (Green)]

+2400 Armor

+45 DEF

Power Output: None

[Exterior Module: Optical Camouflage]

– Reflects light to achieve invisibility to a certain extent

– Power Output: 20

[Exterior Module: SUI Anti-Radar Coating]

[Exterior Module: Electromagnetic Interference Coating]

[Reconnaissance Module: Vulture Tactical Scanner]

– Smart fire control

– Aim assist

– Includes Tactical Hologram Screen

– Power Output: 25

[Palm Module: Thermo-Electrical Incisor Gloves (Purple)]

– Produces a high amount of heat and deals continuous damage

– Energy Cost: 1.5/s

– Damage Level: 101

– Power Output: 60

[Backhand Module: Thermo-Electromagnetic Incisor Blade (Green)]

– Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades with thermal technology

– Energy Cost: 1/s

– Power Output: 80

[Wrist Module: Directional Field Repulsive Machine (Blue)]

– Releases repulsive energy in an arc of 150 and 20m.

– Cooldown: 30s

– Energy Cost: 15 per use

– Power Output: 70

[Arm Module: Sunworm Mini Flamethrower (Purple)]

– Energy Cost 1.5/s

– Damage Level: 104

– Power Output: 60

[Leg Module: Electrical Hover Boots (Purple)]

– Energy Cost: 6.2/min

– Power Output: 55

[Advancing Module: Mini Maneuvering Equipment] * 9

– Energy Cost per unit: 1.4/min

– Power Output per unit: 18

– Power Output: 162

[Survival Modules]

– Body Status Monitor

– Thermostat

– Gyroscopic Stabilizer

– Air Storage

– Filtration Device

– Total Power Output: 80

[Ejection Modules]

– Sonic Bomb * 24

– Mini Split Drill Bullet * 16

– Power Output: 60

[Chip Modules]

– Database Analysis

– Battle Trajectory Prediction

– Battle Assist

– Power Output: 30

[Chip Module: Nerves Signal Recognition]

– Power Output: 20

[Subsidiary Module: High-Speed Injection Needle]

– Equipped: Pain Killer, Stimulant, Healing Agent

– Power Output: 10

[Subsidiary Module: Mini Spider Detector] * 12

– Power Output: None

[Subsidiary Module: Electromagnetic Pulse Controller]

– Applies [Excitement]

– All Stats +5%

– Duration: 15 mins

– Energy Cost: 5 per use

– Power Output: 10

[Subsidiary Module: ‘Poison Ivy’ Body Part]

– Creates suction force, allowing the mechanical suit to hold onto objects

– Power Output: 20

[Subsidiary Module: Mini Detection Radar]

– Power Output: 30

[Mountable Module: ‘Ironfist’ Heavy Mechanical Arm (Purple)]

– Power Output: 91

[Mountable Module: “Bat Wings” Turbo Engine Flying Device]

– Power Output: 326

[Additional Ability: Strong Capability]

– During combat, distributes energy to Biological Muscle Inner Bone,

– Increases stats: +40 STR, +20 DEX

[Additional Ability: Snake Devil]

– The mechanical suit uses up all energy at once, entering a special status

– Duration: 27 mins

– Cooldown: 7 days


– Doubles additional attributes (+156 STR, +110 DEX)

– All modules can be used without any energy cost

[Additional Ability: Absorbent Armor]

– Made with Ellie Iron Alloy, this alloy can disperse applied forces

– Damage Reduction +22%

Remark: “Surprise! I can fly!”


With all the purple modules, Amphiptere’s attributes were at the standard of Version 2.0. Han Xiao stood with arms akimbo and appreciated his own product.

With the attributes of me and Amphiptere, no one on Planet Aquamarine poses a threat to me. This mechanical suit can be taken into the galaxy to useit’s some early preparation.

Han Xiao thought far ahead. In the eyes of the players, this was godly equipment in the early stage. Even pigs could fly by wearing this mechanical suitit was overkill for a novice planet.

Amphiptere was locked onto his nerve signals, so only he could control it.

The class advancement knowledge [Nerves Connection] was a foundation for controlling more complex machinery. The speed of thought was much quicker than the usual means of control, and if there was an injury involving a missing body part, [Nerves Connection] could be used on these biological body parts as well. Of course, Han Xiao hoped that day would never come.

Furthermore, [Nerves Connection] had another key use in his eyes. The players entered Galaxy with a VR-Capsule, and the core principle of the VR-Capsule was the transfer of the players’ mind.

Therefore, if the mind of a player was transferred into an NPC clone, what would happen?

Would the players be locked in ‘Galaxy’ just like him? Would they revive after they died? If they could revive, was the body the original player body or a new body? Or would something else happen?

From his perspective, he could feel that everything there was real, but he never stopped having doubts. He always paid attention to the forums, anxiously wanting to see if his account in his previous life would appear, and it did not.

How did this happen? Is it butterfly effect, the ‘me’ once changed account? That makes some sense. I did create my account casually back then or are there other possibilities?

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled. In all honesty, he kind of wanted to communicate face to face with ‘his old self’. It would definitely be a fresh experience.

To figure out the truth, I still have to start from the players. A mind transferring device like the VR-Capsule can’t be created with just [Nerves Connection]. More knowledge is needed.

Han Xiao kept the doubts in his heart.

What was most important at the moment was to make himself stronger. The stronger he was, the safer it was. He did not want to be killed by someone or some disaster before he figured out the truth, so every new version update would mean danger.

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