Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 304

Chapter 304 The Visitor From Above

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In the night sky, far away from Planet Aquamarine, a few wormholes were opening and closing while leaking rays of rainbow and lighting up the dark universe into a colorful playground. These lights focused together and scattered away, as if it was a thin layer of silk drifting through space and mesmerized anyone who saw the view.

Around the center of the shattered wormhole was a large space station floating in space, and the shape was like three buildings stacked on each other horizontally. On the side and on the top of the space stations were different towers, some of which were the signal tower, some were space stabilizer, and others were weaponry and garages for convoys.

The bottom of the space station was a large metallic sphere, and a dark blue light surrounded the circle as if it was the path of orbit. This was the space station’s reactor, engine, and gravitation stabilizer.

The space station had a very complex and detailed structure, and it advanced and futuristic. The ‘windows’ of the buildings were space decks for spacecrafts to dock. One would have no perception of the space station without looking at the map. Each one of the decks could accommodate a spaceship that was a few hundred meters long. The space station had tens of thousands of decks, and it looked at an artificial mountain range.

It was Zuric Hub, the transit station of the Garton Galaxy.

The wormholes floating around the station were the different pathways to different civilizations in the Kerbal Stellar. Using an immense amount of resources in exchange for help from the advanced civilization, a stable stellar gate had been built, which allowed people to travel across different areas and solar systems in the Kerbal Stellar quickly and efficiently.

The space station took in thousands of spaceships every second, as if it was a beehive. A small spaceship covered in yellow and white flew into a space deck. The spaceship shook as it entered to gravitational area, and it headed into the garage after a few minutes.

The garage was filled with blue and white. The original materials for the garage were a combination of special metallic bonds and macromolecule materials. After a few seconds, the garage sounded with a women’s digital voice.

“Identity authorized. Permit granted to dock. Welcome, Captain Kerlodd, space investigator 741 of Godora.


The door to the aircraft opened, and a man walked down as a platform extended onto the ground.

He was a male Godoran with light-golden skin. His hair was white and had seven braids on the back of his head. There were bolden spheres that were tied on the end of the braids. He had similar facial features to a human, but there was more space between the parts of the face. The body structure was also identical to that of humanone brain, two hands, two lands, and a schlong. There was nothing extra such as a tail or an additional limb. He was two meters tall, which was the average height of Godoran.

Kerlodd, who worked for the Godoran Space Investigation Department, was the captain of an investigation team. Even though his title was captain, he did not have any men under his command. He only had a Godora standardized suitcase, equipment, and the Observer, which was a small sized spaceship. The spaceship was thirty meters long, and it could only hold one passenger.

Kerlodd was the one who had been sent to investigated the ‘Inhumans’ on Planet Aquamarine.

“Oh wow, a pure-blood Godoran. It’s rare to see such an elite species.”

As the gate of the garage opened, a man wearing the work suit for the space station laughed. He had the same appearance as Kerlodd, but he was much shorter, and his skin was not as gold. This was half-breed Godoran, where one of his parents was another species.

“Huh, an inferior breed.” Kerlodd glanced at the worker and looked down at him. Godorans had extreme pride in remaining pure-blooded and denounces mixed breeds. It was part of their culture that they should discriminate against those who are not pure-blooded Godorans. That was why he called the worker ‘inferior breed’.

The man did not bother and said, “Just register. How long will you park here, and where will you be heading to?”

“Stopping for two days to refuel, then will head to Star Zone 9 to investigate a unusual phenomenon in a undeveloped civilization,” Kerlodd replied.

“Star Zone 9? Isn’t that a very dangerous place? Seems that you got the difficult work from your boss.”

“But since it was an uncivilized place, the reason that they thought that it was an unexplained phenomenon was because of their lack of technology. I can just take a look and come back in no time.” Kerlodd raised his chin, walked out of the garage, and headed to the resting station in the middle of the space station.

After the two left, the gate of garage closed.

After some time, a black gluey object crawled out from the platform of the space dock. It looked like it was a life form, and this unknown object was only a meter squared large.

The gluey liquid slowly crawled up to the ‘Observer’ and disappeared into the cracks of the spaceship.

In the icy mountain range of Planet Aquamarine’s Northern Continent, a black helicopter with the Dark Net logo rested on one of the mountains.

Han Xiao crossed his arms in front of him and viewed the clouds drifting in the mountain range. The cold air kept on slipping into his sleeves, but Han Xiao did not feel slightly cold.

On the other hand, the pilot who wore three layers of clothes was freezing to death. He asked with shaky voice, “Cough Your Excellency, what are we doing here?”

Han Xiao looked at him with surprise. “Are you new? Did you not learn the principle to never ask questions?”

“Of of course I did” the pilot said with teeth chattering from cold. “But we have already waited for four days. Rather than not asking, I need to make sure if I need to prepare myself to die from hypothermia.”

Han Xiao laughed. “What’s your name?”

“Huang Jian, just finish pilot training last month.”

Han Xiao was surprised. “Huang Jian, both of the characters sound like he’s a creep. He must have a bright future ahead of him!”

With the boss joking around, what could Huang Jian do? He could only act like he did not hear it and ask, “Your Excellency, how long do we have to wait?”

“One day at minimum, but it might take up to half a month.”

Huang Jian’s face froze. The difference was too much!

After some thought, Huang Jian raised his courage and asked another question that violated the principle. “What are you waiting for?”

Han Xiao looked at him and replied, “You’ll know once it arrives.”

There were only two people in the chopper. They chattered to alleviate the boredom. However, most of the time, Han Xiao was watching the matches on the forum. The international all stars had started. All the top teams from each region competed fiercely, and the players brought endless entertainment onto the stage. Han Xiao used this to pass the time while waiting in the chopper.

All stars had players from other regions, and all of them were strong teams from their respective countries, such as Magic Field from the United States, Rose Knights from the United Kingdom, Kimchi from Korea, and Tulip from France. All of them were in the same position in their countries as Temple of God in China.

Seeing the familiar teams from the previous world, Han Xiao finally remembered that the champion of the first international competition was Tulip from France.

All Stars was the very first international competition, and all the players from different regions would pay close attention this event. The popularity was at least ten times greater than the competitions in local regions. All the winners from different countries would show their power and strength. Press conferences before and after the competitions were also filled with complements and enthusiasm. This event was a chance for the top teams to advertise themselves, and it was also to promote the upcoming international stage.

Temple of God from Planet Aquamarine also grabbed some fans from other countries as they performed well in the matches. Li Ge was happy with the result.

Three days after the end of the All Stars, every region started their quarter finals. The competition format was a best of five team battle. Long Sky was lucky that they met a weaker team from foreign country, so the powerhouses did not meet.

As for the individual bracket, Hao Tian was not so lucky. In the first round, he had to fight Li Ge.

Before the match, Li Ge was out of character as he issued an aggressive statement.

“The first opponent I will face is Hao Tian, and I think that it is good news. I can’t say that I will beat him for sure. If I’m being humble, I think my chances of beating him are around ninety percent.”

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