Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 312

Chapter 312 Inhuman And The Space Wonder

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"Theres nothing much to conclude. I only have some guesses from my observation," Kerlodd said. "When I received the mission, the government on this planet described the phenomenon from the point of view of undeveloped civilization. You call this occurrence Inhuman Phenomenon. They said that these Inhuman arent anything special, but more and more of them kept appearing. They could not tell where they came from, and they just integrated into this planets environment. Their behavior was weird, and they had a special connection with each other. Most importantly, they cannot die, and they learn and grow at a rapid rate"

What he babbled on about was the view of the Six Nations on the players, in addition to some of his own observations. Han Xiao was curious on how the advanced civilization understood this phenomenon.

"The most special characteristic is that they can revive after they die while keeping the same personality." Kerlodd finally showed his aura of an investigator. "There are a lot of reasons for the cause of this phenomenon, and the simplest explanation is that this is an evolution of an Esper power of a group of people, which is highly improbable but still possible.

"It could also be due to some complex causes such as the life projection technology, which may be an experiment of an advanced civilization, or it is possible that these people were created from a disruption between clashes of different planes. Another reason may be that the Inhumans are accidental projections from a civilization far away in a different space and time, and they are a new life form created by some unexplained rules in the universe. I know a dozen theories that can explain this phenomenon.

"Space Wonder is the hardest way to understand what is happening, and I personally think that it is the least possible hypothesis out of all theories.

"These Inhumans had another important characteristicthere was a sudden increase in the number of Inhumans. This means that this is not a natural phenomenon. But to be sure of this possibility, I need special tools to find out the cause to see if any civilizations are responsible for this. However, I need to ask management for approval to use a rare detection tool. If the civilization is too advanced, there wont be a way for us to find out. To be honest, I dont think that any civilization will find this planet useful to invest their life projection technology in.

"If we hypothesize that it is a natural phenomenon rather than human intervention, then it is possible that the planes crossed each other and that the planet was right on top of the crack that resulted from the clash of planes. But if there is a crack, why arent there any instances where people disappeared on the planet?"

Han Xiao froze, and he remembered that Hannes and the others disappeared into thin air. Was there actually a crack in plane?

No, the players definitely did not have any relationship with the crack, but there was a possibility that the planes had overlapped.

If the players world was a plane, and that plane crossed with that of the game, then it was not impossible.

"Whats the difference between different planes?" Han Xiao asked. "Does that mean it is another universe?"

Kerlodd laughed. "There are a lot of definitions for planes, but there are three basic categories. First is the Outer Plane, which is often seen in highly developed magic civilizations, where powerful wizards can summon creatures from another plane. They are usually formed from imagination and mental energy. The more realistic way to explain this is that wizards can use their imagination to create an actual tangible object. This is the evidence that the Outer Plane indeed exists, but the plane itself is not tangible. It seems rather contradictory, but theory for this phenomenon is that we are limited by our sense, so there are life forms and Super knowledge that we dont um, Im not a wizard, so I dont have an in-depth understanding.

"The second category is the material planes such as Dimensional Plane, Microscopic Plane, and other planes that exist in the real world. These are more commonly seen, and it is the most widely accepted scientific theory on planes.

"The last category believes that the theory of planes is just a misunderstanding because two planets, each on opposite sides of the universe, suddenly had some connection that led to a wormhole that connected the two worlds. Because they had never made contact before, they thought that the other was from a different plane. However, the universe you are talking about is from the theory where there are multiple universes, and it is believed that there is an uncountable number of universes. Seems like you are an advocate for this theory, but we do not have much research in Godora, so I also dont understand it well."

Han Xiao was enlightened by the perspective that the NPCs had when they saw new players coming in to this world.

Kerlodd then continued. "As for High dimension projection, it will touch on the theory of the space-time dimension. For example, as objects in the three-dimension world, we see that a two-dimensional space is just a plane like paper. This paper represents a complete environment. Imagine that if a two-dimensional man stood in front of a mountain, the world is still three dimensional, and the two-dimensional man will have to climb the mountain to get to the other side. But for a three-dimensional object, we can put our finger on the paper and move to any place on the plane and overcome the mountain that a two-dimensional man faces. As for a two-dimensional perspective to interpret three-dimensional world, the observed phenomenon would be the area that the finger and paper are in contact.

"The contact surface can be changed, so the projected impression will be unstable. The perception between a higher and lower dimension is different. For example, if we ignore the debate on whether time is an independent or dependent variable, and we assume that time is the fourth dimension that actually exists, then in the eyes of a life form in the higher dimension, we might be just creatures created by a combination of thousands of time points as if it was a worm. The Inhumans may be beings from the higher dimension that touched our dimension. For the knowledge of dimensions, you should ask a civilization with more expertise on this. Godora is pretty weak in this area of research."

Han Xiao pursed his lips. The world of the players did not have better technology compared to this world, so it probably not high dimension projection.

"Thats everything for theory on explaining the new creatures. The theory that I dont get is the Space Wonder that no civilization can understand."

"So, it is completely unknown?" Han Xiao was shocked. "Even the civilization on top of the universe also cant understand it?"

"Haha, there are still unexplored places in the universe, so of course, there are still things we dont understand. Um maybe those advanced civilizations are hiding their knowledge, but I will share my understanding."

Kerlodd showed his passion and excitement in his tone.

"I have some understanding of universe theoretical studies. There were millions of explanations for the workings of the universe, and because of the nature of curiosity in a intelligent beings, we all eventually ask questions like Who am I?, Where do I come from?, and Where am I going?. That is why people are enthusiastic about the origin of life, the truth of the world, and the meaning of existence. Civilizations use these curiosities as fuel to explore the origin, truth, form, process, and the end of the universe. Ultimately, different civilizations will have different interpretations.

"To understand the nature of the universe, exploration of the physical world is needed. Now we know that particles are the building blocks of the world, and there are also different theories on the formation of the particles. Different universe theories have different explanations for particles, such as its use and shape. If one zooms in on a particle, is it just a single point? Or will it be like the shape of a planet? Will there be different shapes for different particles? Or are the shapes just randomized? The most common view is that if we truly understand the characteristics of particles, then all the incorrect theories will be rejected, and only one correct theory will remain.

"If there are theories that can be proven with hard facts from experiments, not only should it work on one theory, but it can prove all the existing theories in the world! There will also be theories that contradict with each other! Isnt that amazing?

"So, civilizations understanding of this world is still shallow. There is still a towering wall between us and the truth. All theories are like holes in the wall, and we look through the wall to see the other side. We can only see small parts of the other side, and we cant get through the wall. Theories only allow us to view the world from a certain perspective, and different perspectives will lead to different results. All the results of the theories are just the tip of the iceberg.

"This is similar to the limitation of our perception that I mentioned before. The phenomenon that a life form observes all depends on the perception abilities. In the places that we cant see, touch, smell, taste, and hear hides a lot of unknown knowledge. Our sensory organs let us understand the world, but they also hinder us from truly knowing everything in the world.

"Do you still remember the Dimensional Projection? Maybe this universe is just a projection from a higher dimension.

"There even is a theory that believes that the world is just a simulation. All the natural laws are created by some physical engine, and we are the test subjects of some life form much bigger than us thats controlling us using some complex calculations."

Han Xiaos heart skipped a beat.

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