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Chapter 332 Black Star: The Beginning 2

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The Colton Star Cluster had quite a few opportunities, and the Mercenary Alliance’s dataset was the easiest way to find the missions. Han Xiao picked some of the missions that he knew.

To be a free mercenary was a very good choice. One could earn a lot of money while networking with major organizations. It was a free path of promotion to the higher status.

But Han Xiao’s plan did not stop there. The next action was the most crucial.

Mercenaries identity interface had an option ‘Create a Mercenary Group’. Han Xiao clicked in without hesitation.

“Are you sure that you want to create a mercenary group?”

A mercenary group was a team made out of mercenaries that could accept people’s missions. A mercenary group also had rating system, and all their actions would be recorded in the system.

Even a member who finished a mission by themself would be recorded in the ratings of the mercenary group. At the same time, if a member left a bad record, it would also influence the rating of mercenary group. Han Xiao’s record for his mercenary missions was still blank, and the same went for this group.

Sky Ring Army was another large-scale mercenary group that took missions all over the place. They had a wide market with new members joining every day. Their reputation was well known.

If one did not have an extremely bad history, anyone could start a mercenary group. One person could only make one mercenary group. One could not create a new group unless the previous one was disbanded.

“Please enter the name of your mercenary group.”

After some thought, Han Xiao directly used his code name and called it ‘Black Star Mercenary Group’. He confirmed the name, and the interface suddenly changed from a personal one to a mercenary group interface.

The target members for this group were clearly the players as they were there to provide hard labor.Ah that’s not right, they’re warriors.

Life as a mercenary was extremely dangerous, but players could always revive, so there would not be any loss. This job perfectly suited the players’ natural advantage, and with the players, developing a new empire was twice as easy.

Let the players join my mercenary group, then we can start a new base.

Han Xiao’s eyes looked deep as he smirked.

Building a base was one core components of his plan. It could tie the players as a beneficiary on his tank, and the players would be more concentrated together while decreasing the chance of players leaving. This was the plan that Han Xiao had finally come up with after pulling his hair out.

At the same time, he could build a closer bond with the players, and their relationship could move from one purely out of benefits to comrades.

Think about it, building a mercenary group by himself with professional players as the initial players of the organization would create a lot of news in the world and attract even more players’ attention. He could then use rewards to lure in other skillful players and strengthen his mercenary group. They would think that it was the result of their hard work.

Emphasizing the players’ contributions could incentivize the growth of the faction, and players could find meaning in fighting for their own organization and view the faction’s achievement as their own. In the end, this sense of belonging and pride could create satisfaction and fulfillment in the players.

One could not underestimate the power of social belonging. This romanticism of social belonging could spread roots of feelings into players hearts, and the power of romanticism could nurture soldiers that would die for their country.

For majority of the players, games were just entertainment. The element of role playing and the option for players to choose a faction could further strength the vision and ideology of the faction. On top of that, this setting would attract even more players to join! Everyone’s heart would be filled with passion and loyalty. The emotion of sacrificing one’s life for an organization, which was unbelievable in the real world, could now be released in a video game without any repercussions. Han Xiao wanted to lure out this romanticism in players’ hearts for the sake of his faction.

Han Xiao just wanted to make his faction into the hope of the players, and he was the perfect leader to win the players’ heart. Along with the growth of his faction, Han Xiao could earn more benefits and obtain better items, all while rewarding the players’ contributions. The whole process would be a virtuous cycle, and through this, Han Xiao could aggregate the power of the players to assist him to his goals.

Building a mercenary group was the first stage of his plan, and through Bun-hit-dog’s show, he could keep refreshing his presence. Once the future version was updated, Han Xiao could simply wave his hand, and all the players would rush to him to join the faction.

Of course, it was just an outline of the plan. The actual execution was complicated, and it would take a lot of time and resources to reach the end stage. However, once the plan succeeded, it would be revolutionary for the players, just like the alliances and the Hordes in World of Warcraft.

This was the blueprint of Han Xiao’s new empire!

“You all have the requirement to register as a mercenary. Join my mercenary group, and I will take care of you all,” Han Xiao said in a seductive voice.

Frenzied Sword did not hesitate and was the first to register. He only had two rules. First, he could eat well if he followed Han Xiao. Second, Han Xiao was always right.

The other players slowly joined, and Han Xiao smiled as he watched the whole process, as if he was seeing all the seeds buried into the soil, waiting for them to grow.

The display quickly switched to a new interface.


Black Star Mercenary group

Credibility: 10

Scale: 47 members

Class C: 37 members

Missions Completed: 0

Active Region: None

Records: None

Creator: Black StarHan Xiao

Creation date: Galaxy Calendar 2 October 688

Summary: Trainee mercenary group, small scale, abilities are similar among the members, no obvious strength.


As the mercenary group had just started, they had no information. There were three criteria to rate a mercenary group: scale, strength, and credibility. The first two were requirements to determine which missions the organization could apply. For credibility, it was the ‘level’ of a mercenary group. The points for credibility could be gained after missions were completed. The credibility was the core representation of the reputation.

Many employers had standards for the credibility of the mercenaries. If the credibility score was too low, then the employer would reject the application of the mercenaries.

Credibility was also equivalent to popularity. Of course, in the formal document, it wouldn’t use such an informal word. But in the reputation system, it quantified the reputation system of the mercenary group, and only Han Xiao could see it.

Li Ge and Temple of God were not in the scene and ran around by themselves, so they were the only two groups that did not join the mercenary group. Han Xiao was irritated.

At this time, Han Xiao’s interface popped out a hint.


Faction formed: Black Star Mercenary Group

Faction Management Function activated.


The NPC model added a new option named [Faction Management], which was located to the side of [Dungeon Creation].

I knew it!Han Xiao was excited.

After he succeeded in dungeon creation, he had been wondering what other functions the NPC model had. He had expected a faction option to be one of the functions, but he had never activated it. He figured that, since he had belonged to the Dark Net, which Bennett was the boss of, the functions had never been needed before.

He had been pretty confident that only by creating a faction himself would the function be activated.

And he was right.

If the interface did not work, he probably would have given up, but now, with the management interface, it simplified the whole process.

Han Xiao quickly clicked into [Faction Management] and experimented with things, getting more excited as he looked on.

There was only one way describe this function.

You could do anything you want!

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