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Chapter 334 Black Star: The Beginning 4

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They all turned around, but they only saw Han Xiao alone in the room playing with the communicator. He quietly said, "You guys are finally back. You are the only ones left."

"What do you mean?" Li Ge asked.

"All the other players have already joined my Mercenary Group. How about you?"

Li Ge froze.

Does that mean that everyone else has already become mercenaries? Then what was the point of all our hard work

And whats a Mercenary Group?

A bad feeling slowly arose in their hearts.

"Weve already registered as mercenaries," Li Ge replied honestly.

Han Xiao raised his brows and announced a mission to join the Black Star Mercenary Group. Li Ge had nowhere else to go, so they quickly accepted the mission, went to the Mercenary Lobby, and joined the Mercenary Group.

Right after that, they activated the mission that other players had begun a while ago. Seeing the Faction Introduction and the mission requirement, Li Ge and others could not believe their eyes.

Li Ge was upset. This was supposed to be their treatment, but because they had moved on their own, they were behind in process compared to the other players. Just before they got back, they had been feeling pleased with themselves, but now, Li Ge only felt embarrassed. He had wasted so much time and energy wandering around, and he had not achieved anything other than lagging behind in progress.

After talking with the other players, Li Ge also found out that the other group of players had gotten a reward of 300 Contribution Points.

His mood was extremely poor. He regretted that he did not stay put and instead ran around like a monkey. Why did they think that they knew more about the universe than Han Xiao?

The other players soon heard about Li Ges anguish and laughed. At the same time, they had more faith in Han XiaoHan Xiao was the only beam of light that they should follow. If they followed Han Xiao, they could get the most benefits rather than trying their luck outside.

With the hard work of the players, the Mercenary Groups Credibility Rating increased little by little.

Han Xiao rented a machinery modification room and tried to make a new battle helmet using the new knowledge that he had gained and the resources that he had brought from Planet Aquamarine. He called it [SIN Type-A Carbon Life Form Radar (Helmet)]. It had multiple layers of detection and could detect living creatures within several kilometers. It also had a strong radar function and strong life support systems such as air filtration. Han Xiao made a dozen of them and prepared to sell them to the players. The helmet was essential equipment for missions in space.

After a few days, Bun-hit-dog finally released the first episode of his space adventure, and the forums seemed to only discuss the topic.

[Galaxy Exploration Diary: Black Star (1)]

The title of this episode indicated that it was the start of a new series. The editing of the opening of the show changed to the view of Short Horn Star, Juberly Hub, and an alien creature with a weird shape. A few minutes had passed, and viewers flooded the channel in an instant. Bun-hit-dogs Black Phantom show had built a solid, loyal fan base.

This trailer for the new series also garnered a lot of attention. It was the first show about space, and not only the players from Planet Aquamarine, even foreign players from other new planets were excited about the show. The view count rose exponentially, and within a few minutes, it almost broke the record for the highest view count in the past shows.

Bun-hit-dog was showered with attention, and his popularity was boosted once more; he was undoubtedly the top figure in the Galaxy film industry.

"What? Theres actually an update!"

"What the hell! There are three million and two hundred people watching right now! Am I seeing this correctly?"

"Im so excited!"

"Let me see what youve got, you foreign friend!"

Bun-hit-dogs large face then showed up on the screen. He used his disgusting voice and started the show. "Welcome to the Galaxy Exploration Diary. I am Bun-hit-dog. You might be wondering if something is missing. Thats right, since I havent had enough time, there wont be a poem to start off this episode."

Bullet comments instantly covered the screen.

"One can never be too careful."

"This host doesnt have any dignity."

"Screw your family."

For the first episode of the Black Star Series, Bun-hit-dog used a different editing method, which did not follow the previous format where he focused on informative content. He filmed the entire process of Han Xiao leading the players up to the Short Horn Star and then on to Juberly Hub, then he edited the video in the style of a movie. It gave up the informative tone that the previous show focused on. For this new show, there was barely any narration, and with some adjustment to the color of the scene, the audience had a new experience as if they were watching a TV series.

Because there was too much materials to use, Bun-hit-dog could not edit the size down. So, he directly changed the show to a video with a story, and the video was an hour long. After the success of his Black Phantom Series, Bun-hit-dog had become more motivated about trying new styles of film that had more artistic value, rather than limiting himself to informative content with a sarcastic tone. The change was evident, and he achieved great success.

As the video went on, the scene of space unfolded in front of audiences eyes. In the unfathomable depths of space with all sorts of spaceships zooming around, the show was like a black hole, sucking in all the attention in to this beautiful scene. When Han Xiao appeared on the screen, the bullet comments went on a rampage again.

"Han Xiao finally showed up!"

"Suck everything out of Black Phantom!"

"Hugging Black Phantom is just a 100-meter sprint!"

"Han Xiao is my husbando, dont you dare touch my love!"

"Oh my. Black Phantom is now up in the heavens. There are no more boxes for me to open. I still need to gamble! I need to prove my true lineage!"

"Bro, just go sleep. You can find anything in your dreams."

The text on the bullet comments flew by, and there were quiet some fan girls in there, but it was unclear how many old uncles were in there as well.

Bun-hit-dog also edited in some interactions of the professional players. Of course, he had gotten their approval to use the footage first. These players had gotten to know each other as the days passed, and their relationship had become closer and closer. Their interactions were funny and entertaining, which also attracted a lot of fans to watch the show. Quite a number of fans of the professional players also sent out bullet comments.

Suddenly, the scavengers showed up, and Han Xiao and the players protected the spaceship. The bullet comments flooded the screen again, and all sorts of messages were there.

"Holy cow. In this new simulation of space travel, you can also kill monsters and get experience."

"Black Phantom is still so strong. He still owned the aliens like it was nothing."

"Seeing that Han Xiao is still wrecking everyone, I can now drop my worries."

In the journey to the Juberly Hub, the large space station made the viewers jaws dropped. The video also came to an end there. In the last scene, Han Xiao led the players to the Mercenary Alliance, and everyone registered as a mercenary. As the camera zoomed in, it looked on the words Black Star Mercenary Group and froze the frame for three seconds! The audience also stared at those words.

Then the screen turned black with three wordsTo be continued.

Bun-hit-dog had decided to cut the video there because he saw that there would be great potential for the Faction. Other than the leader, all the other members were players. The journey of an NPC leading the players to the world of adventure would definitely lure the interest of the audience.

And he was right. When the video ended, the audience was greatly unsatisfied, wanting to see more of the show, feeling the emptiness of not being able to watch a new episode.

The last three seconds of the show created great interest and curiosity of the name Black Star in the hearts of the audience.

Of course, this episode hinted at the great potential storyline in the future.

"I cant wait for another episode!"

"I wont go anywhere until I see the next episode!"

"Ahhhh. I want to lock Bun-hit-dog in my basement as my slave to pump out more shows."

"Um I think he would like that."

"Hey, what are you thinking? Im ashamed of you dirty minded creatures."

The view count of this episode skyrocketed to an unprecedented level. The audience cheered, and the players who had not been chosen by Han Xiao were drowned in jealousy, hating themselves for not being able to last thirty seconds. The influence that this episode brought made the Galaxy Times add another section to their new show.

"A long time ago, we deduced that the storyline character had its own limit, where once they finished their storyline, they would turn into a nobody. However, this incident shows that we were completely wrong. [Black Phantom] Han Xiao Oh, I mean [Black Star] Han Xiao proved us wrong. His activity was not limited by the level of the civilization. He headed deep into space and became the first man from Planet Aquamarine to explore the universe. This is his new arc!

"We thought that Han Xiao was only a character on Planet Aquamarine. From what we have seen now, everyone guessed wrong. He did not have only one war storyline. He has another more advanced main storyline on space exploration. Compared to other beginner planets, Planet Aquamarines potential was limited, but after the rise of Han Xiao, he has opened a path to explore new territory and storylines.

"Black Star Han Xiao was not the main character of this planet!"

[Galaxy Times] was brave in recognizing its base mistake, and its honest attitude garnered a positive reaction from the viewers. The segment also boosted the popularity of Han Xiao and promoted his status to a level above the main character of a planet to something even higher. This raised another question from the players.

How far could he go?

Han Xiao also saw the show, and the effect achieved what he wanted. The players looked up to him even more, which meant that Han Xiao was accepted at a deeper level in their hearts.

Thousands of players discussed frantically on the forums, and the heat of the topic did not stop.

However, no one would think that Bun-hit-dogs episode was not only popular for a short period of time. The show stayed relevant for much longer than people had thought. In the future, countless people would go back to this episode, which became known as

The beginning of Black Star.

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