Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Speeding 2

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After playing with the armor for a while, only then did the players remember to compare the attributes between the Sunil Soldier Armor with the armor in the shops, and the result was that it was almost the same!

Same quality, a quarter of the pricethis was more than worth it!

The players were over the moon. The rest of the players did not observe anymore and paid willingly.

Fifty something people, more than 40,000 Enas, about the price of two knowledgesHan Xiao smiled. There was more!

Right after, he added a new option in the faction shop pageequipment enhancement!

Han Xiao had held back when he built the armor. Their attributes were just the Basic Version. This was to provide room for enhancement so that he could open another revenue stream!

Repairs and enhancements were long term incomes. Han Xiao had multiple machinery enhancement abilities, so he had what it took to enter the enhancement business. Naturally, Han Xiao was not going to miss this opportunity. Also, he was going to control the level of enhancement that he gave and would not do full enhancements the very first time, leaving room for improvement, hence attracting the players to keep spending.

The Great Mechanic Han was not greedyby dividing one thing and selling them separately, he could maximize his profits, and the players that did not know this were willing to pay for it. Han Xiao competed with other shops by using cheap, high-quality equipment, to first let the players buy the equipment, then introduce the enhancement option, turning a one-time sale into long term profit.

After all, he had occasionally played single player games in his previous life too, and he was inspired by the gaming companies turning one game into severalDLCs1.

Han Xiao felt nostalgic. Back when he was young, he had been an honest man, but his tiny and pure heart had become polluted by society. Turning bad was not one mans fault, it was the worlds fault.

For the following few days, Han Xiao built all the armor. Every player wore Enlistee Class armorit was like the mercenary group had its uniform. Although the players were all Supers, Enlistee Class armor still proved to be helpful.

As a firm supporter of the Great Mechanic Han, Frenzied Sword was the first one to buy the enhancement. The attributes of the armor increased by around ten percent after the enhancement. Multiple enhancements of the same equipment would have an increased cost. As for the Enlistee Class armor, the first enhancement only cost 60 Enas, the second cost 100, and the third 150. Every fourth enhancement in a row, the price would have a big leap from the previous one; the fourth enhancement cost 300.

The attributes increased by eight to twelve percent every enhancement. It was low-cost, high profit, and Frenzied Sword vouched for it. The others thought that it was a good deal and followed. After the Sunil mission, the players all had more than 10,000 Enas, and it was burning a hole in their pockets.

Han Xiao had left plenty of room for enhancements when he made the armorit had to be enhanced at least seven times to reach the limit of his ability. The enhancement business brought made him 23,000 Enas, which meant on average, the fifty plus players all enhanced their armor at least three times!

Han Xiao made 40,000 from selling the armor and 23,000 from enhancing them. Now with more than 67,000 Enas in his account, he more than enough to buy knowledges.

He was having a great time selling, while Herlous was speechless. He found Han Xiao and said with surprise, "How do you know our single unit armor technology?"

He had built Sunils armor, which would definitely make Herlous question him. Han Xiao laughed and said, "I derived the blueprint during battlefield repairs. Arent I very skilled?"

Herlous face twitched. Han Xiao had stolen Sunils technology, yet he had asked a Sunil to compliment his skill. Even his Battleship Slicing Blade could not cut through skin this thick!

Anyway, with Sunil at its current state, there was no point dwelling on this. Herlous still had to stay with Han Xiao, so he did not care about it. Furthermore, it was not any kind of rare technologymost civilizations had basic single unit armor, just with different styles.

In the Area Exchange Center of Juberly Hub, Han Xiao was looking to buy some knowledge.

Having finally made enough money, he was about the complete the class advancement that he had been stuck on for so long. It went without saying, he was quite excited.

The Colton Star Cluster area only had eight Mechanic class advancement knowledges, and Han Xiao glanced through and swiftly chose two.

[Heavy Machine Modification], selling at 25,000!

[Advanced Electromagnetism], selling at 37,000!


Learning Successfully learned! You have learned [Heavy Machine Modification]!

Learning Successfully learned! You have learned [Advanced Electromagnetism]!


Class Advancement Requirements: LV 80, 400 INT, learned 5 Mechanic Class Advancement Knowledges

Class Advancement Succeed!

LV 80 Class Advancement Mission completion detected!

Class Advancement Succeed! END Attribute Boost enhanced. 1 END = 40 Max Health = 50 Max Stamina!

You have received a new class, [Data Mechanic LV 1].

+100 Energy, +3 DEX, +2 END, +4 INT

You have received 5 Free Attribute Points.

You have received 1 Potential Point.

You have acquired skill [Blueprint Refinement]!

You have acquired skill [High Concentration Refining]!

You have acquired skill [Magnetic VisionData Flow]!

You have acquired talent [Machinery Analytical Comprehension]!


The energy in his body was cheering. His class advancement made Han Xiao feel like he had broken through some kind of shackle. His vision became black, and it felt like hours had passed. However, it was actually only half a second. His vision then recovered, but it was very different with beforehe could sense much tinier things.

Every time his strength increased, he felt like he had been reborn.

Data Mechanic was also called Experienced Mechanic. His understanding of machinery became even better. The Machinery Affinity at this period would make a huge leap, and among the four new abilities that he had just received, [Magnetic VisionData Flow] and [Machinery Analytical Comprehension] were both able to largely increase Machinery Affinity.

Machinery Affinity was a key attribute of the Mechanic, representing the speed, attributes, and power of building and using machinery. [Magnetic VisionData Flow] was an active skill, and after activating it, he would enter a special magnetic vision. His magnetic property energy would become his extended senses, revealing the details of the machinery with a magnetic field.

Han Xiao immediately leveled up this skill to Lv.10. Its effect was a twenty-five to fifty percent increase in Machinery Affinity with a twenty energy cost per minute. The percentage increase changed randomly every minute. As its cost was very low, this skill could be activated almost continuously. Unlike [Surging Mechanical Force], this skill could be used in the building process too.

[Machinery Analytical Comprehension] was a passive talent, increasing machinery affinity directly according to Intelligence. Its effect was very powerfulevery ten Intelligence increased machinery affinity by one percent. Han Xiao had more than four hundred Intelligence at this moment. This was a key ability for the current stage, increasing the benefit of the Intelligence attribute toward Mechanics. For the foreseeable future, this would be a core ability.

[High Concentration Refining] was the upgraded version of [Basic Refining]. It increased the strength of the raw materials, a very important effect. [Blueprint Refinement] was a passive skill, and it had a chance to be triggered during equipment building. That equipments blueprint level would temporarily increase by at most three levels, increasing the end products attributes. There was also a chance to crit during the building process, resulting in an equipment of a higher grade. The chance depended on the users Intelligence and Luck.

Han Xiao still had 2,500,000,000 experience, so he immediately leveled up all those skills and talents to the max level, using close to 50,000,000 at once. Then, Han Xiao also increased his main class to the max level, LV 15.

After LV 80, the experience to level up multiplied. One level required tens of millions of experience, so leveling up fifteen levels at once cost him 900,000,000 experience. Yet, he did not even blink.


[Data Mechanic] leveled up to LV 15 (max).

+240 Energy, +3 DEX, +2 END, +4 INT

You have received 5 Free Attribute Points.

You have received 1 Potential Point.


From LV 80 to LV 95 in a flash! It even exceeded the max player level allowed in Version 2.0!

Han Xiaos advantages of being ahead were even more enlarged.

Energy filled his body. If it had been a stream before, it was now a wide river!

Han Xiao took a deep breath and felt the strength of his body. Reveling in the raging energy within him, he opened the interface, spending all the Free Attribute points in Intelligence. Then, he observed his attributes go through astonishing changes.


Level: 95

Main Class: Mechanic

Attributes: 121 STR, 244 DEX, 214 END, 570 INT, 21 MYS, 14 CHA, 1 LUK

Free Attribute Points: 0

Potential Points: 82

Health: 13,057

Stamina: 15,420

Energy: 5,210 (LV 9)

Power Level: 5,377 Ona

Grade: B

[Youre a strong enough Super, a pillar level even in the galaxy. With this level of strength, youre superior to most beings.]


I became grade B!Han Xiao smiled.5,000 increase in just max health and a new attribute boost level when my energy reached 5,000. My attributes should be thirty to forty percent higher than before!

Finally, he was grade B. He could now protect himself to a certain level even in the galaxy, his combat power was far beyond grade C, and he had two new class advancement knowledges. His combat style could be improved once more!

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