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Chapter 359 Im A Professional At Planting Flags

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The crowd exchanged looks with surprise on their faces.

Gashley shook his head. Black Star had used polite words, and he was not angry at being rejected, just felt that it was a missed opportunity.

Although Sky Ring was a large organization, most of the members were not arrogant and did not feel superior. Sky Ring was an official and lawful mercenary group, so they would not make enemies in the same industry easily.

Gashley felt it was a shame. At this time, Han Xiao suddenly changed the topic and asked, "Its only been a month since Black Star Mercenary Group was created, yet Sky Rings contacted usis it because we have the reviving ability?"

Being an honest man, Gashley nodded and said, "Yes, it is."

"Although Im not willing to join other mercenary groups, I feel we can be in a partnership. Sky Ring definitely takes on many dangerous missionsmy group can accept tasks from Sky Ring and take on these dangerous missions with high risks of death."

Gashley thought that having a partnership was not a bad idea even though he could not recruit Black Star.

Sky Ring also had similar partnership relationships with other mercenary groups. There was a long list of records of these partners, who were like backups. In times of danger, Sky Ring could ask for help from these reliable partners any time.

The two discussed for a bit and agreed on their intentions on the partnership, which Gashley reported to the organization.

Many mercenary groups wanted to get in touch with such a large organization like Sky Ring, and people applied for partnerships very often, so the people of Sky Ring were very used to it. Most of the applications did not meet the requirements, but because of the special characteristic of being able to revive, Black Stars application was approved immediately. When its name was added to the partnership list, Han Xiao signed the partnership agreement.

What the agreement roughly meant was that all members of Sky Ring could contact Black Star for support privately at any time, and they had to pay a reward individually. The two parties of the agreement were in a partnership, and any form of combat between the parties was prohibited. If Sky Ring was hired by a certain party, Black Star could not accept hiring from its hostile party, and vice versa. If that happened, the agreement would have been breached, the first party to breach it would have to pay a fine, and the agreement would be voided. Other than that, the other terms were very free and easy. It was regulated by the Mercenary Alliance, compulsory to comply.

Han Xiao was rather satisfied with the result. It was like gaining a new customer and expanding his business by borrowing Sky Rings name. Sky Ring definitely did not lack combat opportunities, which meant his mercenary group would not lack job opportunities as well. Anyway, the mercenary group had just been created, so it did not matter who their missions came from.

Although they could not enjoy Sky Rings privileges through the partnership, at least they had some backingit was beneficial for the mercenary groups development.

After signing the agreement, Han Xiao suddenly thought of something and said, "If I guessed correctly, you guys should have accepted the Silvers request, right?"

Gashley nodded and said, "No large mercenary groups are going to give up this opportunity. My team has been summoned by the cadres, so we will be leaving and heading toward Fawn Galaxy later on."

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled and asked, "Can my group follow? If you guys get the mission, our help might be needed. Im happy to accept a hiring from Sky Ring."

Gashley was stunned for a second. After some consideration, he realized that it did not seem like there was any downside to bringing a group of undying mercenaries. "Okay, bring your team to the pier later. We will take our spaceship together. However, be mentally prepared. If the mission is very easy, Sky Ring will not need help, so you will have wasted your time."

Han Xiao waved, signifying that it was not a problem.

He felt that this was a pleasant surprise. He could skip the Credibility Rating requirement using the relationship with Sky Ring. Although his mercenary group was still very weak and there was not much chance of gaining the Silvers favor, they could expect good things from Sky Rings hire.

The three knowledges of the compression technology were his target. There were plenty of strong people in Sky Ring, and class advancement knowledge should not be in shortage. If they were fortunate enough to be hired, he felt that he could try to make requests.

After deciding the time and pier number, Han Xiao went back to the stronghold and gathered all members.

"We have a new job, so get ready. We will be leaving in a while," Han Xiao said.

The peoples face turned brightthey were thrilled. Knowing that the mercenary group had growth potential, they had been looking forward to the next adventure, and it finally came after doing very little for so long.

Maple Moon raised her hand and asked, "What are we doing this time? Why did the mercenary group information not show a new hiring mission?"

"The thing about the Silvers drew quite a lot of attention, so were following the people of Sky Ring to Fawn Galaxy. I have brokered a partnership relationship with them, so we might have a chance to be hired." Han Xiao thought and added, "Also, you dont have to raise your hand if you have a question."

No wonder no mission had been triggered in their interfaces. They followed Han Xiaos lead and had no problem with the arrangement.

Herlous was quite surprised. He knew how huge the Sky Ring was, yet in only a few hours, how did Han Xiao suddenly become Sky Rings partner? There was completely no sign of it beforehand.

Herlous pulled Han Xiao aside privately and expressed his doubts. Han Xiao, of course, did not have anything to hide. He told him about what had happened.

"I see." Herlous understood, admiring Han Xiao discreetly. If he was the one to make contact, he probably would not have thought about suggesting a partnership. Then, they would have lost this opportunity. Although Han Xiao was not strong enough in his eyes, his ability to catch opportunities astounded hima person like this was more suitable as the captain.

"So, did you foresee anything?" Herlous asked softly.

Han Xiao shook his head. There really was nothing at all.

The Silvers storyline was not a storyline that he was familiar with. He did not have any memory of it, so it was probably no big deal

The Sky Ring Army was very large. Gashleys teams spaceship was a dozen-meter-long civilian spaceship. Its front was narrow, and its back was wide, streamlined like a water droplet but with clear edges. The exterior armor was covered with dark-gold metal plates, and the two sides of the tail had crossbars diagonally connecting into the spaceship body. At the ends of these crossbars were spiral shaped propellers, four in total, able to change angles agilely. This was a spaceship from some civilization in the Gelock Star Cluster. It was equipped with a light jump engine, suitable for galactic traveling, but weak in combat power.

This kind of small spaceship looked much cooler than the large and swollen spaceship of Galactic Travelling Agencies. The players kept sizing it up with glowing eyes.

Han Xiao touched his chin. He also wanted to buy a mercenary group private spaceship, but sadly, it was too expensive. Even the humblest one-man galactic spaceship cost more than 10,000 Enas. He could only build it himself if he wanted to save on that money, but building a galactic spaceship had too many difficultiesengine, energy source, armor adaptability, structure strength, detector, and many more, which required a large number of knowledges. He was way too far from being able to do that.

The gathering time came, and the Sky Ring mercenaries appeared. They walked up to the spaceship. Gashley set the auto route in the control panel, and the ship left the pier. After some trembling, it entered the exterior vacuum space.

The tail propeller emitted a golden glow, and it gradually entered the jumping state. The colorful galaxy outside the window rapidly became blurry, then into stretched lines, like it was infinitely long. It had entered a teleportation star gate near Juberly Hub.

"We will very soon arrive in the Fawn Galaxy through the star gate." Gashley turned to the people and said, "The Silvers spaceship is parked at number 12 planet of Star Zone 4, and the travel time is about twelve days."

There were eighty or so people in the spaceship, but there was still plenty of space. After the players were given their rooms, they took the initiative and went to chat with the Sky Ring mercenaries.

Han Xiao found Gashley. They had only met each other that day, so it was mainly to talk about the mission. However, Gashley did not know the details either. He only knew that he was one of the teams summoned, and the representative of Sky Ring this time was a Three-Ring Level cadre, code named [Ice Sorcerer].

Three-Ring Level cadres were the backbone of the organization, mostly grade B Supers. This Ice Sorcerer was the leader of this mission, and that person would be the one that had the power to decide if Han Xiao was hired. Their codename suggested that it should be a mage.

Han Xiao had yet to come into contact with the Mage class. The Mage class was similar to the Mechanic class in the sense of their high difficulty, and its enchanting ability could enhance mechanical equipment too. Unfortunately, there were only Pugilists, Espers, and Mechanics on Planet Aquamarine.

After chatting for a while, Gashley went back to his room to rest. Han Xiao explored the spaceship himself. He came to the living area of the spaceship and realized that this spaceship had a Battle Simulation Room. Using virtual technology to simulate various enemies and environments, one could experience the effect of battle training. It was marked as Occupied.

Han Xiao controlled the monitor, and the image from inside showed up, Herlous swung the Battleship Slicing Blade and was fighting nonstop against weird beasts. Silver flames splashed everywhere like waves.

Han Xiao watched for a while, licked his lips, pressed the pause button, opened the simulation room door, and walked in.

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