Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 36

Chapter 36 New Blueprints And New Terms

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Han Xiao had been living in a luxurious one man cell for the past three days. He didn’t seem the least bit worried about his situation; instead, he was more concerned with getting stronger.

He was currently consulting the interface. Having accumulated a total of 90,000 experience recently, he decided to level Basic Combat (Lv. 8) to Lv. 9 before redeeming the Skill Level-up Card.

A glowing bronze card appeared in Han Xiao’s hand. With a thought, it dissipated into countless light particles that entered his forehead.

Han Xiao shuddered as a surge of energy welled up from within. When it stabilized, Han Xiao could feel that he had become stronger.


[Basic Combat Lv. 10 (max)]: +10% damage (unarmed), +2 STR, +1 END

Many skills gave stat bonuses at certain levels.

The level cap is just the beginning, eh.

Although Han Xiao’s character level couldn’t be increased any further for now, there were other ways to become stronger.


[Basic Combat] has been raised to max level! You have gained 1 talent point!

Alright! I have 16 talent points now!

Han Xiao also used some experience to raise Basic Shooting to Lv. 8, leaving him with 20,000 experience that he intended to gamble on blueprints.

While blueprints could be sold to other players for money and experience back in the game, NPC trading was monopolized by unions and guilds due to quotas.

Of course, that was not a problem for Han Xiao now, since he literally had no competitors. He intended to develop a large clientele, starting with Division 13.


Proceed with talent fusion:

[Basic Weaponry + Basic Assembly]


(This combination will use 10,000 experience)



Congratulations! You have discovered [Foldable Machete]!

Proceed with talent fusion:

[Basic Weaponry + Basic Material Composition]


(This combination will use 10,000 experience)



Congratulations! You have discovered [High-Explosive Gunpowder]!

Han Xiao’s eyes lit up. [High-Explosive Gunpowder] was one of the better discoveries possible. Not only were its applications manifold, it was not hard to craft at all with the required knowledge. It had been one of the most traded goods back in the game.

The [Foldable Machete], on the other hand, was a disappointing discovery. As its name suggested, it was simply a machete with a foldable blade. It was clearly a weapon for beginners, and Han Xiao could have easily come up with something like this even without the blueprint!

If only I had discovered some long-range weapon instead of this… At least I got something decent.

Nevertheless, as it was something new to Aquamarine, it was not completely worthless. Just because all Mechanics learnt the same knowledge did not mean that they would create the same things. Before Han Xiao had transmigrated, tons of discoveries and inventions were still being made on a regular basis. Granted, not all of them were practical, but they at least gave rise to possibilities.

Han Xiao would have to make do and work with these two blueprints. During his time in the Germinal Organization, he had managed to accumulate 60,000 experience. He would definitely be able to earn much more here in Stardragon after joining Division 13.

Suddenly, the interface lit up.


Class-A Mission: [Fall of the Germinal]

Progress Rate: 1.6%

Looks like Division 13 has made their move!

Han Xiao was surprised by the number. Logically speakingwith how massive and powerful the Germinal Organization waseven destroying one of their bases shouldn’t have that much of an impact on them as a whole.

In the game, the war between the Germinal Organization and the Six Nations had mostly been a back and forth, with neither side being able to hold a clear advantage. There was, however, a point of time in which the Six Nations were able to corner the Germinal Organization, and victory seemed all but assured. Yet, they were unable to end the war as the Germinal Organization had a trump card up its sleeve: Protocol Doomsday.

Hence, completing the mission would be impossible… unless Han Xiao could somehow shut the protocol down.

The doomsday protocol was a last resort, and although it saved the organization from destruction, many Germinal members were disillusioned and swayed as a result. Most of the people who join the Germinal Organization are people who hold a grudge against the Six Nations, and believe in the promise of a new government. However, none of them would truly want to see the world burn. If I could expose the truth…

Han Xiao shook his head. It was way too early for him to be thinking of such things.

A few moments later, Feng Jun finally returned. He brought Han Xiao back to the interrogation room where the intelligence minister came to talk with him again.

“The locations of the bases have been confirmed. We believe in your sincerity now. The higher-ups have decided to make you a member of Division 13!”

I did it!Inwardly, Han Xiao sighed in relief.

Looks like getting on good terms with the tall oldie has paid off,he thought to himself. He knew that the tall old man definitely had a hand in this.

“…And the department has decided that you will join covert-ops. You will be assigned to a squad.”

WhatHan Xiao’s expression spoke of his grievances.

The dawn of the new era had seen the loss of countless lives, resulting in a lack of manpower and talent. While this resulted in the Six Nations having to loosen their recruitment criteria across the board, the covert-ops department could never be compromised!

This definitely has to be the tall old man’s doing!thought Han Xiao.Does he like me that much?

Of course, being able to join covert-ops was a good thing. Not only would Han Xiao be able to get to know stronger, more influential people, he would also be able to directly partake in key events that would occur in Stardragon!

The interface lit up.


You have unlocked reputation with a new faction!

Your reputation with Stardragon Strategic Defense Division has increased by 300!

Stardragon Strategic Defense Division (Division 13): Neutral (300/1000) – Level 1 Clearance

There were 8 levels of reputation: Hated, Hostile, Opposed, Unfriendly, Neutral, Friendly, Honored, and Revered.

300 Reputation was ‘Netural’. Most factions required a ‘Friendly’ reputation to access contribution benefits.

Feng Jun passed a black mobile phone to Han Xiao as he coughed, saying, “From today onwards, I will be your liaison. Never turn this off.”

“Oh, okay. It’s not actually important, right?” remarked Han Xiao aloofly.

“Why are you always so unpleasant to talk to”

It was a plain looking phone with a plain looking interface, and was only capable of making calls and sending messages. Han Xiao played with the phone in his hands as he asked, “It’s secure, right?”

“Rest assured. It’s encrypted.

“One more thing,” interjected the intelligence minister. “I hope that you can give us your machinery blueprints, including the ones for the Lightweight Mechanical Arm and that rover you used.”

Although giving them the blueprints would earn him contribution points, it would also result in him losing monopoly over them. Division 13 would definitely mass produce them.

Han Xiao shook his head in refusal, and the minister simply shrugged.

At the end of the day, what they truly valued was the intel that Han Xiao possessed. If he was unwilling to give them the blueprints, then so be it.

“Oh right. What if an agent makes a private order with me?” he asked.

“We have no rules against that,” answered the minister, to Han Xiao’s delight.

Feng Jun proceeded to pull a black bag over Han Xiao’s head once more.

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