Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 361

Chapter 361 Spar

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While Herlous was having a good time slashing left and right, the enemies suddenly disappeared, and Han Xiao opened the door and walked in. Herlous asked, "Why are you here?"

Han Xiao laughed and said, "Its boring to train alone. Come, lets spar."

After reaching grade B, he had yet to get into combat, and he was itching for a go. He was a noble man and would not bully the players for nothing; plus, Herlous happened to be a senior grade B. It would only be meaningful to spar with a comparable opponent, and it was suitable for him to better understand what his actual strength was.

He could only find troublecough, take action confidentially if he had a clear idea.

"Spar?" Herlous only had one thought in his mind.With you?

The grade of Supers was different from cup sizes. The difference between C and B was extremely vastthey were on a completely different level. The fight would be one-sided, and it could only be called a spar if the parties had comparable strength.

Herlous was not really willing; he was so strong that he might hurt Han Xiao easily if they fought.

However, he felt that this act of Han Xiaos was like the other members of the mercenary groupit should be called asking for advice. Herlous suddenly understood. So, thats what he means the captain wants some pointers.

"No problem, do you want to make any preparations?" Herlous kindly accepted it. He was happy to tutor his comrades. Plus, Han Xiaos safety was very important to himmaking Han Xiao stronger would mean he could worry lesser.

Han Xiao was not shy at all. He told Herlous to wait for a while, then moved boxes of machines in. He wanted to test all the weapons as a form of respect for an opponent so willing to help.

Originally, Herlous was very calm, but as he saw more and more boxes entering the room, his face started to twitch. When Han Xiao carried a colossal Electromagnetic Rail Cannon prototype in, he uncontrollably took in a breath of cold air and yelled, "Oi! Thats enough!"

With Herlous objection, Han Xiao had to give up testing the damage resistance limit of a grade B Pugilist. He put on his Amphiptere mechanical suit and warmed up his body.

Melee combat was a Pugilists specialty, and since the space in the simulation room was limited, it was disadvantageous for Han Xiao. Hence, he stood a certain distance away before starting the fight. "Are you ready?"

"Come." Herlous was very calm; fighting an opponent one grade lower needed no preparation.

Right as Herlous finished his sentence, Han Xiao flipped his hands. Two Electromagnetic Handguns slipped out from his leg armor, and he fired rapidly with Moving Snipe. The muzzle was flashing with blue electric light, and the sound was different from gunpowder weaponsit was a high-frequency buzz with the sound of electric flow. Needle bullets bolted toward Herlous, dragging a faint blue light behind.

His Battleship Slicing Blade rose up in time, blocking in front of Herlous like a shield, making clanks from the collisions. Following which, Herlous expression changed a little. "Electromagnetic firearms"

The Mechanics core ability was to build machinery for combat, and being able to build electromagnetic weapons meant that the attack power was on a new level. Electromagnetic guns had a high fire rate, so he almost could not react to it. Herlous has to take it seriouslyalthough he had energy protection, his body was not some easily replaceable equipment, so he was totally not interested in getting focus fired.

Herlous did not know much about Mechanics, but he knew that only higher-grade mechanics could build weapons with higher technology. Naturally, he was a little confusedcould grade C mechanics build stable electromagnetic firearms?

Herlous closed in with his blade in his hand, rushing faster than a sports car. Closing the distance, Han Xiaos feet slid as he moved back, maintaining the distance. There were many firearms hidden under his armora handgun, assault rifle, and sniperthat had all been changed into electromagnetic versions with higher damage.

Herlous was a well-deserved grade B. His reaction speed was extremely fast, and the wide Battleship Slicing Blade was suitable for blocking. Han Xiao fired hundreds of times, but less than five percent hit. Furthermore, the damage of those hits was largely reduced by the Pugilists energy coating and strong physic, only dealing skin damage.

Having dealt some damage, Han Xiao saw Herlous data panel.

"LV 98, grade B Pugilist, high in both strength and endurance, semi tank, quite a lot of talents, almost as many as me, and all with very strong effects Damn, this guy has Basic Luck Glow, too."

Han Xiao was so jealous. According to Herlous self-description, he had been very lazy since he was younghe had extraordinary talent but never trained hard. Then, he abandoned combat for more than ten years, yet he still reached grade B. Maybe this was what a genius was like

Han Xiao could not help but think,If Herlous did not die like in the original storyline, he might have achieved grade A in the end.

This is one hell of a recruit.

As he became stronger, Han Xiaos mind became faster; even thinking of something else during combat would not distract him.

At this time, Herlous suddenly stopped chasing. His silver flames expanded, then contracted, condensed between his palms, and became a blinding silver-white light.


Veins appeared on Herlous face, looking very exhausted. Then, with a growl, he pushed his palms forward. The light shot out as energy flew out from his palms continuously. A blinding silver white beam shot out like a furious growling dragon, the light filling Han Xiaos vision.

Han Xiao placed his arms in front of him, and the next moment, the beam collided with his arms, sending him flying and bashing onto the wall. The beam devoured the outline of his body.

As long as Pugilists learned [Shockwave Blast], they would be able to shoot beamsthis was one of the abilities in a Pugilists ability Technique Tree, just like the Mechanics Knowledge Tree. Compressing energy into a sphere, its power depended on the energy level, the flaw was that it required a lot of energy to use.

Beams had different varieties, and compared to grade C, the beam of grade B was clearly thicker and longer lasting. Even though Herlous reduced the energy output because he was worried about shooting through the wall of the simulation room, the increased damage in the entire places clearly displayed the power of this hit.

"That should be enough wait, why did I use this?"

Herlous was shocked. His original intention was to tutor, but because he felt a bit threatened during the battle, he subconsciously took Han Xiao as a strong enemy and used a strong attack. He suddenly deeply regretted using such a movesuch an energy beam could even hurt grade C Pugilists, not to mention Mechanics.

He was about to stop the energy output, but at that moment, a flash of arc-shaped lightning expanded from within the beam and slashed it open!

Han Xiao jumped high up into the air, with a ferocious black scythe in his hand, and descended from the sky, slashing down!

Herlous immediately raised his blade to block. The scythe crashed down on the Battleship Slicing Blade and caused sparks like a thunderstorm. The friction between metal mixed with the sound of electric currents. He stepped back and dodged, then he saw Han Xiao, who was on the ground. Many parts of his mechanical suit had become red hot, and his whole body was covered in white steam from the high temperature. The energy reaction level was shocking.

Han Xiao twisted his neck and said jokingly, "That was close, almost couldnt take it."

Although that was what he said, his tone was casual and calm, filled with confidence, totally not sounding like he was hurt at all.

Herlous eyes widened. Someone who could tank a beam undamaged and give out this feeling was absolutely not just grade C.

"Youre a grade B Super" Herlous was stunned.You were not this strong back in Sunil!

Han Xiao shrugged. "Ive improved."

How many days had passed? And youve already advanced a grade! Are you more genius than meHerlous was shocked. He had always known that he was very talented. Although he was not proud of it, when he saw a Super that was even more genius than him, he did not feel very good and had very mixed feelings.

"Dont stop, were not done fighting." Han Xiao reached out his arm and grabbed the air toward the location of an equipment box on the other side. The mechanical suit arm and the box had a magnetic connection, so the summoned item flew over.

In midair, the box opened automatically, and the exoskeleton armor bounced out, hovered over quickly according to the position of the magnetic connection, then covered Amphiptere, turning into the [Siege Mode] like a small giant in the blink of an eye.

There was another benefit to Advanced Electromagnetismit could make equipment combine automatically through adjusting the magnetism of different parts, increasing the speed of equipping different armor.

Feeling the energy reaction that made his heart retract, Herlous became focused. He adjusted his attitude, and the thought of tutoring was forgotten. "Youre right. Our battle deserves to be called a spar!"

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