Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Aroshia

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You have triggered the mission [Visitor from Afar].

Mission Introduction: From your first look at her, these eyes were already printed on your heart and soul, mysterious like the fog. Like a dark well, a deep abyss, a voice appeared in your heartyou want to bring this woman away.

Mission Requirements: Save her from the slave market and stay by her side for 6 days.

Reward: 1,800,000 Experience, one unknown reward.


Is this mission introduction an introduction to a love gameHan Xiao was covered in goosebumps.

Just one look triggered the missionthis woman was certainly not ordinary. He had never seen this character in his previous life, so he had completely no impression of her. Maybe back then no player discovered her, so she was one of the hidden characters that had not been exposed.

"Whats special about her?" Han Xiao asked.

"The projector shows her body structure is not a normal universe race," Horlaide said. "She has the blood of some kind of an ancient creature in her body, and no match could be found. Its unknown what race hybrid is she. Through the energy detector examination, the energy reaction in her body far exceeds normal creatures, and it fluctuates. The lowest is at least at grade C Super level, and the highest even went beyond grade B"

"Why is such a strong Super controlled by you people?" Han Xiao was surprised. He pointed at the cuffs and self-destructive collar and said, "These things cant kill a grade B Super."

Horlaide rubbed on his ring and said with a smile, "Of course, we dont have the ability to control Supers above grade C, but she doesnt know how to use the energy in her body. She has no combat power; plus, it was her own choice to stay here."

Han Xiao was stunned in place.

"There are some problems with her memory, so she cant remember most of her experiences, only language, but her intelligence level is not like an infant. She has very high intelligence and can speak and communicate"

"So, she suffers from amnesia?

"Haha, its not that simple." Horlaide pointed at his head and said, "Normal people suffering from amnesia will be afraid and curiosity toward their identity and the environment theyre in, but her mind activity is very unique. She does not search for who she is, why is she here, or what is she going to do. She does not have that curiosity and impulse, and she does not panic at all from not having memories, like a person whos dreaming, half awake. Shes staying here peacefully, without any intention of searching for her memories. Her life form is very special, and it seems like she does not have instincts or desires. She needs neither to consume food nor excrete, such a unique being."

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled. The stranger this woman was, the bigger the secret it contained. Thus, he became quite curious. "Whats her name?"

"I named her Aroshia Cecolama Doranis" The name had a total of fifty-six words, and it took Horlaide quite some time to finish rattling it off. "I usually call her Aroshia."

Han Xiaos eyes twitched. [Whats the point of giving her such a long name? Do you have too much spare time?

The experience of this sudden mission was quite an amount, and there was also an unknown reward. The reward had a certain correlation with the mission difficulty, so Han Xiao decided to give it a try. Since he could not rob Horlaide, he would use money to purchase her. "How much is she?"

A standard businessman smile appeared on Horlaides face. "Not expensive at all, only 300,000 Enas."

"Farewell." Han Xiao turned on the spot and left with an expressionless face. [Are you learning from me! Why does a profiteer have to make life hard for another profiteer

Horlaide chased hastily and yelled, "We can negotiate if you feel its too expensive. How about 200,000? 100,000? No? 50,000? Okay, count it as Im making a loss, I will sell it to you at 10,000. Thats the lowest!"

Han Xiao was full of doubts. A discount of 97% off, why would there be such a thing? Something strange was going on. Thinking of the six days in the mission requirement, he was alarmed.

After some consideration, Han Xiao temporarily placed this mission aside and continued his testing. "Now thats a good price, but I still want to buy other rare slaves. Do you not have any other goods?"

Horlaide grinned and said, "Haha, youre quite lucky, theres going to be a new batch of rare goods coming in very soon. When they come, you can take a look again."

This badge of new goods should be the Silvers. Luckily, theyre not here yet. The ambush plan still has a chance.

"Thats great! I will come to look at the goods again and buy that Aroshia at the same time." Han Xiao purposed acted contented and expressed his sincerity in wanting to buy, but he did not pay the money no matter what. As he was getting ready to leave, Horlaide had no choice but to let his subordinate sent Han Xiao away.

Horlaide was the only one left in the underground prison cell corridor as he mumbled, "What will he pay then? He definitely doesnt want to buy Aroshia"

When he took over this slave market, Aroshia had already been locked here. The last owner had told him that there was no need for special treatment, just sell her normally. However, there was one customer who bought Aroshia, and a few days after, Aroshia appeared out of nowhere in the prison cell again, giving him quite a shock. The customer rushed back in rage, and only then did he know that Aroshia would suddenly disappear after being brought away, then return to the cell in an extremely strange way.

Horlaide asked the previous owner, then he came to know Aroshia had already existed not long after Floating Dragon Island was built. The owner back then reported the situation to the Superiors, and this message went to the ears of Floating Dragon Islands ruler. That beyond grade A boss came to take a look, and with his belief of if he didnt understand it, kill it, he wiped Aroshia out, turning her into ash.

Yet, a few days later, Aroshia appeared once again as if nothing had happened. The boss then came to kill her once again, and after repeating for more than thirty times, a conclusion was made. This was a Space Wonder, an unexplainable strange phenomenon.

Through observation, only one Aroshia would exist at one time. If she died, she would revive again after some time, but the memory of the time that she spent before she died would disappear, going back to her original state of amnesia. If she left this cell, she would also disappear from the other places. No matter what building was there, she would go back to where the cell was.

From the concluded pattern, whether she was dead or bought, Aroshia would not leave there for more than six days.

Floating Dragon Islands ruler was very carefree, so he let the slave market deal with a Space Wonder. The owner sold her as a slave, scamming the buyers money and making money with zero cost.

Horlaide shook his head. He subconsciously looked at Aroshias cell, and Aroshia, who had originally been sitting in the corner, was now standing in front of the window suddenly. He could only see a pair of deep and calm eyes through the window!

Horlaide was shocked. He took a while to calm down, and only after that did he leave.

In the cell, Aroshias eyes moved, following Horlaide.

However, this was a single-sided window; the outside could not be seen from inside the cell.

"Ive asked around, and the Silvers have yet to arrive." Upon returning to the team, Han Xiao shared the intel. The other three leaders felt energetic.

"Great, the rescue plan can be carried out!" Purple Golds leader, Cerleni, said. "Time is scarce, and we dont know when will the scavengers arrive. Since we dont know their identity, its best to split up and lay an ambush on every route toward the slave market. There is only one chance, and we cant miss out on any suspicious target. Its a must to save the Silver captives before they are sold to the market."

They decided their division of labor for the ambush. The ambush areas extended from the pier all the way into the slave market, and there had to be mercenaries in every street and every intersection.

By using the distance from the slave market as a measurement, the ambush could be divided into four layers. The first layer was the furthest away, near the pier; the fourth layer was the closest to the slave market, right beside the market.

The three leaders had considered that, unlike them, Black Star was not unafraid of criminals, so Han Xiao was in charge of the third layer. This location was a little safer than the pier full of criminals, and the last layer locked down by Goas team.

With some simple disguises, every team went to their position, set up the ambush, and waited.

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