Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 369

Chapter 369 Dropped Bead

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was a hail of bullets!

There were more than two hundred mercenaries, more than one hundred people at Peggys side, and hundreds of brutes joining in. As if that was not enough, there was a total of seven grade B Supers in the battle, so the dock was chaotic and filled with the sound of explosions. The target of the mercenaries was very clearget straight to the camp to rescue the prisoners. However, Blades and Purple Gold had been stopped by the brutes halfway. They had encountered two grade B pirates and were in an intense battle.

The two of them could not withdraw. Han Xiaos troops entered the battlefield from the weak side, quickly passed Blades and Purple Golds team, and closed in on Peggy. Seeing this, the two mercenary groups immediately changed their battle tactic from charging to protecting Han Xiaos team forward. Cerleni said loudly, "Black Star, we will take care of your surroundings!"

The battle had caused too huge a commotion, so the Dragon Guards might appear any time. The mercenaries most important mission was to rescue the captives and leave; it was a race against time.

The players showed their powers, tearing open a gap ahead like a sharp knife. Herlous swept with his Battleship Slicing Blade, and anyone below grade B was all thrown to the side. He was very fierce, and white flames shot out like he had an infinite amount of them.

Suddenly, a blazing Pugilist beam shot them from the side. Han Xiaos mind made a command, and the Hovering Shield Shuttle turned into a shield and protected him. He was blown back more than a dozen meters, hitting a few brutes on the way. Not far away, a grade B Pugilist pirate was attacking the Black Star Mercenary Group.

"Ill deal with him; you continue ahead." Herlous immediately turned and dashed toward this person. He reached out his hand and swept the Battleship Slicing Blade, sending out a brilliant flash of light. Then, he entered an intense fight with that pirate, energy flames surging.

All the strong enemies were stopped by his teammates, so Han Xiao could concentrate on the objective. Peggys people were retreating to the spaceship, and there were only a few dozen meters left. They could board in less than ten seconds, while there was still a wall made of brutes standing before Han Xiao.

"No time to delayIll have to use an explosive method." Han Xiaos eyes turned firm. Blinding electric current burst from inside the mechanical suit, covering his entire body with electric snakes. He had activated [SnakeDevil]. His attributes were doubled, and the enemies around him were blasted away.

Then, he activated the magnetic connection on Aggression Armor and Bat Wings Flying Device with nerves connection. These two pieces of equipment flew out from the equipment boxes hovering in midair, rapidly assembling onto his body. With two modes both equipped, his speed rose steeply. Like a shovel, his arms flipped the enemies in front of him away, and he quickly charged into Peggys team.


A loud bang, instantly flipping many people over!

Peggys subordinates fell like wheat. The bullets that they fired lit up countless fire sparks on Han Xiaos armor, but they were all deflected. They could not penetrate Han Xiaos defenses.

"You lot, dont fight, board the ship immediately!" Peggys body expanded, tearing his clothes apart, turning into a bright golden python more than a dozen meters long. His snake body tried to wrap around Han Xiao and stall Han Xiao all by himself. He just had to do it for a few seconds, and the dust would settle.

With the energy from the power burst, Han Xiao turned all the mobility modules to their maximum output. The ground cracked, and he shot up into the sky. Like a mirage, his mechanical palms grabbed Peggys snake head, slapping Peggy onto the ground.

At the same time, the power structure of the exoskeleton was boosted, and the gear turning speed soared. Amphipteres biological muscles suddenly expanded, and a huge force flew into his arms.


The snake head was crushed into the ground, and cracks spread out. The head was covered in exposed flesh and blood, and his body twitched rapidly!

He was just a grade C shapeshifterhe could only be crushed when facing Han Xiao, not even lasting one second.

Peggy was dizzy. Iron fists were seen in his snake eyes once again, and terror appeared in his eyes. His snake body disintegrated into tens of thousands of small snakes and spread out. This was a special way to use Peggys shapeshifting Esper power, and his last rope to hang on to save his life. He had escaped many deadly crises by relying on this ability.

Han Xiaos punch missed, and he saw the small snakes scattering in an instant, blending into the chaotic battlefield.

He shook his headhis goal was to rescue the prisoners, so there was no time to waste. He had to put away the thought of chasing. He turned around and defeated Peggys subordinates, snatching the metal boxes with the prisoners inside at a crucial moment.

Peggys scavengers lost their will to fight and scattered.

Seeing this, the mercenaries of Blades and Purple Gold was rejoicing. Cerleni said, "Send the people back to our spaceship immediately. Do not continue to fight. Withdraw from the battlefield quickly."

Snatching the Silvers meant that half of the mission was completed. They changed direction, aiming to return to the mercenary spaceships and leave Floating Dragon Island immediately. The mercenaries turned from offensive to defensive, protecting the boxes of prisoners through the chaotic battlefield.

At this time, five Dragon Guard flying devices appeared. Horlaide was in the leading flying device. When Peggy was attacked, Horlaide had immediately been informed. Knowing that the goods that he wanted had been cut off, Horlaide had become very anxious. He had immediately spent some money and invited a Dragon Guard team captain that he knew, who picked him up the flying device and quickly dashed toward the dock.

"Captain Theon, these mercenaries robbed the things I wanted. Dont let them escape." Horlaide looked down on the battlefield and immediately saw the conspicuous mercenaries. He was gnashing his teeth in anger. Beside him was the Dragon Guards small team captain Theon, wearing their uniform.

Theon gave a faint smile and said, "Dont worry, just brutes causing trouble. No one can fight us on Floating Dragon Island. All units, fire!"

The subordinates controlling the spaceship asked, "Captain, who are we attacking?"

"Everyone." Theon waved casually.

Five flying devices fired toward the ground. The density of the golden laser was like heavy rain, pouring down and killing brutes one after another. The brutes fighting immediately fledno one dared to fight back. Even grade B Supers could only escape.

The cannon fire followed like a shadow, chasing the mercenaries. Mercenaries were knocked down from time to time, and the Dragon Guards made a broadcast.

"Everyone, listen. Stop running immediately. Surrender without resisting or die!"

"Sh*t, the Dragon Guards is involved. Were being targeted!" Porter was furious. He could see the flying devices following right behind them, obviously targeting them.

The good situation had taken a sharp turn downward. With the Dragon Guards firepower, by the time they arrived at the spaceship, they would have suffered heavy casualties.

At this time, a laser hit near the Black Star Mercenary Group, causing an explosion, and a few players were blasted away, including Li Ge.

Li Ge was on the ground, his bum hurting. He was about to stand up when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a black bead on the floor.

When Peggy shapeshifted and tore his clothes apart, the black bead that he had taken from the Silver had also fallen out, rolling onto the battlefield.

"Whats this?" Li Ge picked up the black bead, and a notification popped up from the interface.


You have received an unknown item. Giving it to a special character will give you a very high reward, or you can take it to be identified.


Unknown item? Should be something good.He just did not know where it came from.

Li Ges eyes flashed. He hid the bead secretly without informing anyone and went back to the team with a plain expression.

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