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Chapter 380 Released

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The brutes had snatched the slaves, so they no longer belonged to Horlaide. Then, the slaves had been rescued by Floating Dragon. Han Xiao had unlocked all of the slaves shackles, so no one could prove that they had once been slaves, and no one could object if he said that they were free people.

Horlaide could not defend himself. When slaves were lost, they could only be caught back, but he did not have the authority. The only way was to bribe and request the guards to do it. However, Guard Captain Wilsander was standing right by the side at this time, with no intention of intervention, clearly in favor of Han Xiao position. With approval from the Guard Captain, who would dare act?

Horlaide saw Theon among the guards. Theon trembled and hurriedly retreated to the back of the crowd. Seeing this, Horlaide knew that he could not rely on Theonthis guy was completely fearful of Black Stars people.

Looking at Han Xiaos calm expression, Horlaide was furious, but for the slaves, he could only endure that anger. No longer proud, he came to Han Xiao. With a voice that only two of them could hear, he said angrily, "Alright, you win. You only need the Silvers, right? Theyre yours. The other slaves have nothing to do with you. I can buy them back, give me a price."

Han Xiao had the upper hand, and Horlaide could only endure the pain and give up the Silvers. He was ready to make a huge sacrifice and exchange for other slaves, otherwise his business would be done for.

"I just said, there are only free men here." Han Xiao shrugged.

Horlaide got the wrong idea. His expression turned livid, and he said, "Dont go too far! You want all the slaves, but the Head Butler wont let you get away with it!"

"Take it all? Hehehe, dont you understand? They are not slaves anymore," Han Xiao said coldly.

"Are-are you insane" Horlaide said in a shocking tone. He had thought Han Xiao wanted more money, but now he understood. Han Xiao was planning to let all the slaves go, really giving them freedom. It was too wasteful. He found it difficult to understand. What did Han Xiao want to get out of saving those unrelated slaves for free

At this time, an aircraft landed. Head Butler Jenny and her people rushed to the scene. Horlaides eyes lit up, as if he had found someone to rely on. He gave Han Xiao a stare and hastily ran up to Jenny.

"Head Butler, II hope to have my slaves back" Horlaide explained what was going on and complained, "That newly joined Black Star wants to release my slaves, how can he do that? Hes disrespecting you."

"I know." Jenny nodded lightly and walked toward Han Xiao.

Horlaide immediately felt confident, he followed behind and kept sneering at Han Xiao.

Jenny came to the front of Han Xiao and said, "Black Star, you did a good job. If you had not disrupted the enemies actions, they might have succeeded. It would have been a heavy blow for the Dragon Guards prestige, and it is just when the Dragon Emperor is not at home. You did well. I will add this contribution to your file, increasing your trust authority. People who make contributions will receive physical reward. You can ask for monetary reward or something else"

She paused and added, "Although its a little late Welcome to Floating Dragon."


+300 Floating Dragon Reputation.

Current relationship: Neutral (700/1000)


Han Xiao nodded, not surprised by Jennys attitude at all. When he was chatting with Wilsander earlier, Jenny had joined the communication channel as well. He had contacted Jenny privately long ago and achieved a consensus. Only Horlaide had been in the dark, still thinking that he had found a life-saving straw.

The more Horlaide listened, the more he felt something was wrong. Why did Jenny not sound like she was helping him but was praising Han Xiao? He suddenly could not sit still any longer. So, he carefully cut in and said, "Head Butler, about the slaves"

Jenny glanced at him and said, " We only buy and sell slaves; we never catch them ourselves. Since they are free, let them go."

As always, Jenny handled official things the official way. Floating Dragon was a neutral organization, and they would at most partake in the slave trade as an intermediary business. They would not catch slaves themselves.

Since Han Xiao was the hero of this case, she would take care of this, giving him a suitable amount of privileges, agreeing to Han Xiaos actions. Moreover, the profit of the slave business was basic, and every year, Horlaide also corrupted part of the sales numbers. She had always known but just did not bother, so that day, she had no reason to speak up for Horlaide. ( Boxno vel. co m )

Horlaide was stunned. A sense of indignation echoed in his chest, almost exploding it. Looking at Han Xiaos mocking expression, he said uncontrollably, "I suspect that the attack was led by Black Star in the first place in order to save the Silvers. Yes, it must be so. The brutes were all his hired helpers, and by the way, he also let go of a group of them. That group was certainly his people!"

The more Horlaide spoke, the more agitated he became. Although it was a flash of insight, he felt that it was a very logical guess.

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows and said casually, "We are colleagues, how can you frame me?"

Although Horlaide dumped the pot to him, which was a very malicious act, this guess did not make sense at all because they had an alibi, and it came from Jenny.

Jenny had been unsettled by this new guy, so she had arranged people to monitor them secretly, and this time, that became the most powerful piece of evidence! Therefore, Jenny was completely unaffected. She frowned and said, "Thats it, Horlaide. Youre attempting to frame your colleague for nothing. Youre temporarily suspended, and when youve calmed down, Ill give you a new job."

Horlaides heart turned cold. Knowing that the situation had not been fixed, he gnashed his teeth in hatred. Suddenly, he remembered that he had dealt with Han Xiao earlier with this method too, and Han Xiao took revenge with the same method. This time, he became the helpless party. A sense of weakness flooded his body. His eyes rolled, and he fell straight down, passing out once again.

Anyway, nothing could be changed, so he might as well sleep for a while longer. That way, he would not die from the anger from being laughed at by those around him.

Not caring about Horlaide, Han Xiao coughed and said, "Jenny, I"

"You should call me Head Forget it, call me by my name then." A strange look flashed by Jennys face. Usually, only boss Ames, Wilsander, and Haier called her by her name because her style made her subordinates fear her. This was the first time that she had heard a subordinate call her by her name, so she felt a little strange.

"I know the identity of the people who fled. They are not ordinary brutes" Han Xiao kept his voice low and said, "They come from DarkStar."

Jennys eyes focused, and she said with a low voice, "When youre done with the things here, immediately find me to do a detailed report."

Then, Jennie hurriedly left with her people, leaving only the logistics group there to clean the ruins.

Han Xiao and others came to the side. All rescued slaves were staring at him with different looks on their faces. They finally had their freedom, and they did not want to lose it again. They were not sure how they were going to be arranged next.

Han Xiao stepped out of the crowd, looked around, and said, "My name is Black Star, leader of Black Star Mercenary Group. Remember my name. I gave you freedom, so you owe me. Maybe, if one day we meet again, I might need your help. Now, go."

All the slaves froze. One asked while trembling, "We Can we really leave?"

Han Xiao waved his hand and signaled that they could go at any time.

A man carefully walked away, looking back every few steps. Eventually, after a few dozen meters, he found that no one had stopped him. He was overjoyed.

"Were really free!" The crowd could not believe that freedom had come so easily.

The slave that walked out first did not run away immediately. Instead, he turned around with a face of gratitude and gave Han Xiao a native sign of appreciation. He shouted, "Black Star, I will remember this name."

One by one, the slaves left with gratitude, showing Han Xiao a variety of etiquettes. Han Xiao did not feel much, but the players behind him felt a sense of accomplishment and comfort. They held their heads high and felt that they had done a good thing.

Herlous was the most empathetic. He patted Han Xiao on the shoulder and praised, "Beautifully done."

All members looked at the figure of Han Xiao with eyes full of goodwill, and at this moment, their approval of Han Xiao increased. To have the players love a character, in addition to strength, there was another condition, charm, and approval. Han Xiao had been creating a very positive image in the eyes of the players, and the act of releasing the slaves made his image increase once again.

Bun-Hit-Dog recorded this scene faithfully.

Han Xiao turned around. Surprisingly, there were several slaves of the same race who remained in place and did not leave.

"Why dont you go?"

These few people obviously knew each other. They looked somewhat similar to one another, They exchanged looks, and one of them said, "Us brothers were once mercenaries, but when we followed a small mercenary group and carried out a mission, we were met with danger. Most of the members died, and only the few of us here were fortunate enough to escape. However, we were then caught by the slaver and imprisoned for more than a year. Our team has long been destroyed, and we have no place to go. We hope that you can take us, give us a job. You are our savior, so we are more than willing to work for you."

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