Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 382

Chapter 382 One Step Ahead 2

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"You made a contribution. What reward do you want?" Jenny asked.

"I want to gain access to the Void Dragon bones," Han Xiao said.

Jenny nodded. "Haier is in charge of the warehouse. Ill let him know to give you a limited amount of Void Dragon material."

Haier managed logistics, so the movement of all rare materials required his approval. Han Xiaos request was very normal, and Haier naturally would not refuse.

Han Xiao was content. Void Dragon materials had a price but no supplyit could be regarded as a type of faction specialty. Whether he was going to sell the materials or keep them to build machinery, Void Dragon materials were of great use.

After Han Xiao left, Jenny leaned back in the chair, and her eyes behind the lenses were flashing. "Black Star Han Xiao Not the kind to succumb and tremble under Ames, has many secrets, claims to be a foreseer, and all of his subordinates are immortal. With such power, if their number was higher Alas, although such a person of great assistance, I dont know if its a good thing."

After a pause, Jenny stopped frowning. "Never mind, it doesnt matter who he is, as long as Ames is still here, its enough to suppress all accidental factors."

Walking out of the building, Han Xiao was content. He had reaped quite a good harvest this time. He intended to take a good bath, go to the warehouse to collect the materials, and then count his profits.

But all of a sudden, he had a flash of insight, and a possibility surfaced in his mind.

( Boxno vel. co m ) "DarkStars goal is the two dead Silvers. If I was them, with the remaining Silvers being a dead end, the next step would be to find other stakeholders. So, theres a great chance DarkStar will find the slaver that escorted the Silvers."

Han Xiao realized this with a shock, and his footsteps paused. He immediately changed direction and rushed to the dock, quickly disguising himself on the way. He took off the recognizable mechanical suit and weapon, and he put on the simulation mask.

He was secretly glad that he had become aware of this in a timely manner. Little more than an hour had passed after the attack, so there was a good chance that Ember and the others would hide for a period of time to avoid the limelight. It was the best time for him to seize the opportunity and understand DarkStars motive.

Let me see what the DarkStar really wants.Han Xiao grinned, revealing a malicious smile.

At the same time, on some street of the exterior of Floating Dragon Island, Ember was hiding in the shadow between the houses with the others. An aircraft passed by from above and did not see them.

Ember and the rest had escaped from the reconnaissance range, so they were basically safe.

This operation ended up with no result, so no one looked happy. Ember suppressed his annoyance and ordered in a low voice, "Its not good to delay. We need to find that slaver to complete the mission as soon as possible. We cant stay long on Floating Dragon Island."

A Mechanic who was good with electronic equipment said, "Found the information. The slave trader is called Peggy, still in Floating Dragon Island dock."

"Good, he has not left Floating Dragon yet. This is very advantageous for us." Embers morale increased as he took the others and rushed to the pier.

He had a hunch that Peggy definitely knew the whereabouts of the Secret Message Bead.

The dock had far fewer spaceships than usual. There were two reasons for thisthe first was that there had been too much unrest in recent days. During the last scrimmage in the pier, Ames had struck and shocked many brutes. They had hurried away and did not dare to stay, afraid of getting into trouble.

The second was that the route of the Floating Dragon Island was about to pass by the borders of two civilizations in Gelock Star Cluster, which was a sensitive area that often had friction. Energy detection buoys and patrol fleets were everywhere, and the degree of alert was very high. If they left Floating Dragon Island in this area, the risk would largely increase. The patrol fleet would not save their cannons on a group of wanted criminals, so many people chose to leave before this.

Peggy had such thoughts as well, so he was preparing to leave Floating Dragon Island.

Although Horlaide had made him lose a large chunk of income, there were still other slaves on board his spaceship. He sold them to other individual customers, making up for the cost of the trip. However, he still did not make a profit, so his unhappiness was not hard to imagine.

Therefore, an hour ago, when Peggy had heard that Horlaides slave market had been blown up, he had laughed like a 200-pound fat man, making no attempt to hide his glee.

"That profiteer deserved to go down the drain." Peggy was in a very good mood. His legs were on the control panel in the captains room, and he murmured, "The Silvers have been rescued again unfortunate. If I can rob them"

Then he shook his head. The possibility existed only in his imaginationhe fully understood that the Silvers were now a hot potato. In addition to the mercenaries, other unknown forces coveted them. The water was very deep, and his group of slavers had no ability to intervene anymore. He had no desire to die yet. Han Xiao, who he had encountered, had almost beaten him into snake soup. In retrospect, the fear of that mechanical suit warrior still lingered in Peggys heart.

"Start the engine, lets go."

( Boxno vel. co m ) Numerous drivers controlled the spaceship manually. The bottom of the spaceship spewed plumes, and just as it was the fixed rail of the dock, an announcement came to the spaceships system.

"All captains, please note that we will encounter large meteoroids ahead. Three minutes till contact. By then the shield will be fully activated. No spaceships will be allowed to enter or leave."

The observed image from the radar appeared on the screen. A large, dense patch of white blocks were approaching at high speed, all meteoroids. This situation had made it too dangerous for an aircraft to move alone. Peggy hastily told the people to extinguish the engine and stayed, relying on the protection ability of the Floating Dragon Island and make plans after this wave of meteoroids


The people in Floating Dragon Island could originally see the universe through the artificial atmosphere, but once the shield was activated, the sky seemed to be concealed by a golden curtain. The whole of Floating Dragon Island turned into a golden American football. The plasma energy core operated at its highest power output, and the golden shield surface shot out high-energy light arcs from time to time.

Not long after, the overwhelming group of meteoroids arrived. Their size varied, and the largest was equivalent to one-third of the floating island. Yet, Floating Dragon Island simply rushed in head-on. Numerous meteoroids hit its golden shield, bursting circles of golden ripples. The collision energy waves spread far in the universe, leaving traces behind.

On Floating Dragon Island, the ground was obviously vibrating. Han Xiao had just arrived at the pier at that time. He had changed his clothes, taken off the mechanical suit, and put on black hooded robe bought from a shop on the street, making him look very mysterious. His face had changed because of the simulation mask, so no one could recognize him.

Coming to the dock of Peggys spaceship, Han Xiao turned on the communicator and searched for nearby channels. He found Peggys and sent a communication request.

Not long after, the communication was accepted. Peggys face appeared on the screen, and he said, "What do you want?"

"I have something to ask you about the Silvers."

Peggys heart tightened. He had already decided not to intervene in the event of the Silvers, so he did not expect that he would still be implicated. He calmed down and asked, "Who are you?"

"DarkStar." Han Xiao kept his voice low and used the name of DarkStar.

Peggys expression suddenly became strange. His first reaction was to not believe him; this sudden stranger was not a hybrid Godoran, and he felt just like the Silver thrown out of the spaceship, just using DarkStar as an excuse. After all, DarkStar was very famous in the Shattered Star Ringmany people liked to use it to intimidate others.

"Do you have proof?" Peggy doubted.

Han Xiao acted tough and said coldly, "Im the one asking now. The two Silvers that you threw out of the spaceship had something that we want. As for my identity, I do not need to prove to you. As long as you try to refuse me, you will know that the person who killed you is from DarkStar Of course, if you cooperate, I can pay some money for this information."

Because the intel was limited, there were only the four points that he had speculated earlier, which was why Han Xiao said this. Fortunately, it had hit the right spot. The carrier had exposed the fact that he was a DarkStars carrier to stay alive, and only a few people knew this, including Peggy.

Peggy did not believe it initially, but when he heard Han Xiaos words, he immediately thought of the bead. Most of it made sense, and he was suddenly stunned!

Sh*t, was that Silver really a DarkStar Emissary! Did they really come to find him

Most of his doubts were gone. Now, Peggy was apprehensive and excited.

In his mind, DarkStar was the great pioneer of saving Godora. This time, he had hit the jackpot! However, he killed DarkStars emissary, so would there be a problem?

He suppressed his excitement and hesitated, still uncertain of the authenticity of Han Xiao identity. Although he mostly believed, there was still a trace of uncertainty.

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