Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 403

Chapter 403 Rocketing Renown Transferring To Godora.

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Cerleni was cursing like a machine gun. The words that he used were very descriptive and lively, including various positions. The nouns included Shivates ancestors, parents, wife, descendants, and so on. Han Xiao was enjoying listening to it on the sidehe felt a sense of familiarity.

Shivate was stunned by the curses. He could not even interject. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot, and his entire body was trembling furiously.

I am the high-level commander of Holy Stone Civilization. Other than my boss and my wife, who dares to shame me like this? I will endure it!

Seeing Han Xiao at the side, Shivate pressed his rage down.This time, we have the moral low ground, so I will give you face!

Porters face was filled with surprise. He had thought that he was rough enough, but he had never expected Cerleni, who was usually very sensible, to be grumpier than him.

After he vented out his anger, Cerleni took a break and asked, "Why did you set us up"

Shivate was expressionless. He explained with a very stiff tone, "You misunderstood. We did want to pick you up, but plans cant keep up with changes. DarkStar set up a blockade, and there was no chance to break through. Thats why the pickup team did not arrive at the indicated location on time. This was an accident."

"When we wanted to contact you after arriving at the location, but you did not reply at all. How are you going to explain that!"

"DarkStar forced our pickup team back. Seeing that the situation was not good, we did not fight them and retreated first. We initially wanted to contact you to change the pickup location, but DarkStar used the short-range communication signal disrupter on us and blocked the communication. It was to not let us inform you of the changes to the situation. Then, DarkStar used this message to capture you. Its not strange for you to misunderstand us."

Shivate described it without blinking, as if it had really happened, which showed how experienced he was. With his position, he did not have to explain so much to a group of mercenaries, but Black Star was an exceptionhis background was too strong. Shivate only explained because of Han Xiao. He faked his sincerity and said, "Our mistake has led to a bad result. I am very sorry about that. No matter what, I have explained the truth, and hope you can understand"

Cerleni was about to say something, but Han Xiao stepped forward and spoke first. He smiled and said, "So, thats what happened. We really misunderstood you. This is a misunderstanding caused by intel difference. Dont have to apologize, this was not your fault."

Shivates eyes sparkled, and he said with a very pleased tone, "Its really great that you can understand Since the misunderstanding has been resolved, I shall not stay any longer. Do whatever you want with these DarkStar people.

As Shivate finished his sentence, the Holy Stone fleet retreated, and Black Raven retreated from the other side as well. The fleets that covered the sky had left, and the exterior space of the planet became empty again.

"You didnt actually believe that, did you? That Shiva-something commander is looking for excuses," Cerleni said.

Han Xiao shrugged and said, "A lie that cant be proved, how can I believe it?"

Goa walked forward and sighed. "Dont hold a grudge for it. Even though we know its clearly an excuse, we cant do anything to him. Hes Holy Stones border commander after all."

Factions were different, and knifing each other back and forth was very normal.

However, mercenaries believed peace was required to make money. The opponent represented a large civilization that was very strong, and he had just been affected by a shady playit was not enough to make them enemies. At the same time, it was not worth doing. The higher ups of the various armies would definitely not agree on that, and they could not take revenge personally. Everyone knew what the truth was, but they still acted peaceful toward each other and acted as if it did not happen.

They were all quite upset, but they sighed and moved on.

Han Xiao smiled and did not say anything. On the surface, he took a step back, but he secretly wrote Holy Stone Civilizations name on his notebook. He was not going to just forget itviolence was not technical enough and not worth it.Since you did me dirty, it is only fair for me to do the same.

Hmm When Im free, I shall find an opportunity to kidnap their main character type of person. No one will know, and Ill get a new officer, two birds with one stone.

Han Xiao rubbed his chin, and an evil smirk appeared on his face.

Far away on Stream Light, Shivate suddenly felt a chill up his spine just as he was being proud of himself.

The cleaning for the battlefield was completed. The parts and broken pieces had been recycled by the mercenaries. Sarota and a few other DarkStar members were tied in one place, and a few deputy army commanders surrounded the captives and discussed quietly.

Han Xiao walked over and asked, "Are these all the captives?"

"Hmm, all the escaping spaceships were destroyed, so these are the only ones alive."

After taking a closer look, Han Xiao realized that Ember was not one of them.Looks like he exploded when in a spaceshiphe should be dead.

He felt that it was a pity. It was not easy to meet someone with legendary characteristics. Plus, that persons power was countered by him. If he could kill Ember with his own hands, he would most likely get a Molding Talent. Ember had died in someone elses hands, so Han Xiao did not receive any reward from it.

"What are you planning to do with them?"

"Its best to transfer the DarkStar people to Godora. We have contacted Godora, and they are very happy to take over the captives. They are even willing to pay a reward for it," Sky Rings Deputy Army Commander said.

It was actually more suitable to let Holy Stone or Black Raven take the captives, but neither of them wanted to be involved. Just now, Shivate acted as if letting them deal with the captives was an act of generosity, but he was actually just not wanting to take this hot potato.

Sarota heard this and started to struggle violently. He growled with rage and said, "Kill me!"

If the people of DarkStar ended up in the hands of Godora, there would only be one place for them to goto be imprisoned in Rainbow Prison for life.

Rainbow Prison only imprisoned captured DarkStar members. The inside of the prison was very mysterious. All the DarkStar members who were locked in there for some time would lose their faith for DarkStar, turning their loyalty to Godora. DarkStar thought that this prison was brainwashing its prisoners continuously, twisting their minds and turning them into betrayers, making them Godoras dogs and tools.

The organization was rather fearful of the Rainbow Prison. Rumor had it that the reason for Godora not executing DarkStars war prisoners was that they wanted to make DarkStars people fight and kill each other through brainwashing. It was an extremely vicious intent!

Sarota was not afraid of spending his life in prison, but he was afraid of having his mind twisted. If he had to betray his belief, he would rather die!

A mercenary kicked Sarota on the back of his head and knocked him out, silencing him.

"Im going to Godoras colony as well. Its along the way, so how about giving me a ride?" Han Xiao said.

"Haha, no problem."

The mercenaries tidied the place up for a few hours, recycled everything valuable, then the fleet took off. The alliance fleet left and headed toward the neighboring Garton Galaxy.

The incident had ended. Peace was restored on this planet. Only the devastated planet surface reminded people that a tragic battle had once happened there.

The things that had happened there were all detailed in Shattered Star Ring Express News. One day later, the other news stations used Shattered Star Ring Express News material and did another report. The impact of this event was gradually fermenting.

The most compelling part was, of course, the scene in which the Dragon Emperor showed her power. It was repeated many times on various channels. The one who received the second most attention was Han Xiao; he attracted more attention than the fact that DarkStar had suffered a huge loss in this incident.

Countless viewers came to know of the mercenary called Black Star. He was the only team under the Floating Dragon faction that was acting outside Floating Dragon Island, which meant that he was the executor of the Dragon Emperors thoughts, which had a much higher influence than himself. The name Black Star and his data was rapidly spread among various large organizations in Shattered Star Ring, becoming one of the targets that they paid attention to.

Everywhere around the Shattered Star Ring, regardless of race, as long as they watched the news, they all remembered Black Stars name. Naturally, all kinds of rumors spread out.

Someone passed out a new messagethe three large armies and their partners actively requested to form a partnership with Black Star. Black Star, who was previously unknown, was suddenly famous in the mercenary industry, and the number of connections and the size of the network that he had made a lot of mercenaries envious.

In a few days, Black Stars name became renowned!

In these few days, notifications of Renown increasing kept popping up on Han Xiaos interface. It increased across various areas, covering many Star Clusters in Shattered Star Ring. In terms of raw numbers, it grew by a total of thirty-seven points, and it was still growing.

He was a little surprised by this, till he saw the galactical news.

No wonder his Renown rocketed after that; it turned out that he was on television. This fame was a bonus benefit brought by Ames influence, and it at least saved him a lot of time that would have been spent grinding his Renown. This was very important for the growth of a factionbecause of this, his starting point was higher than others.

A few days later, in Garton Galaxy. The alliance fleet stopped at Godoras colony planet, Golden Palace.

Godoras structures had beautiful styles. They liked curves and arcscurved surfaces and fan shapes could be seen everywhere. The color theme was mostly gold and white, beautiful and pure. Godorans did not like the tight feeling of having too many tall buildings, nor did they like the seriousness of symmetry. The city was made up of short, curved, and more "ancient" buildings. The only tall buildings were the Mage Tower, the Tower of Gal, the government building, and the army stations.

There were no metal transport tools on the road. Instead, there were magic tunnels covered in streams of light. The people walking on it would have increased speed, not any slower than cars, and there would be no traffic jams or anything of the sort. Other than that, some people rode on weird looking mounts, which were more expensive and rarer. The flying carriers had something to do with magic as well. There was a facility called Flying Emblem Station, where one could spend some money and rent a magic item with several fixed flying magics. There were quite a number of people flying on the sky. With one flap from the translucent wings behind their backs, they would be able to fly a very far distance.

The people on the street wore many kinds of robes. Most of them were Godorans whose skin looked like they were covered in gold powder. A citys pace could be seen from how fast the people on the street were walking. Godorans walked slowly. Their life was relaxing and casual, adhering to the style of ancient Godora. Usually, magic civilizations would not develop as fast as technological civilizations, and that affected the pace of their lives, the shape of their society, their aesthetics, and their culture.

Han Xiao walked on the street alone. He had gone to Golden Palace to find that master of identification to open the Secret Message Bead. He wanted to see what was inside it that was so important to DarkStar.

The spaceship was still waiting at the dock. Han Xiao did not waste any time and headed directly toward the target.

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