Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 447

Chapter 447 Even We Will Have The Day When We Are Seen As Aliens

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Iron Fire Castle, Arcane Institution, Crystal Mountain, Purple Sea Islands, Card Summit

Five teams from different organizations surrounded the airdrop cabin and confronted each other. The smugglers at the side saw this and immediately backed off into the forest, observing the situation in fear.

Every time space trash fell, it would become a treasure that the various organizations wanted to get their hands on no matter what. This one had landed near the City of Runes, so the teams present knew that time was scarce. They started fighting immediately without saying anything.

Tuk tuk tuk!

The Iron Fire Castle warriors started to fire first, and bullets rained down from their rifles onto the other teams. The dark forest was lit up by the gunshots.

Gunpowder and machinery were technologies unique to the Iron Fire Castle, so most people dodged and avoided the bullets.

That was, except for the Card Summit warriors.

These people were wearing a strange device on their arms that looked like bronze plate armor. Its shape was similar to a disk, and at the side of it were many card slots. This was the core technology of the Card Summit warriorsBattle Card Disk. These people took out a shining card from the middle of the disk and placed it into the card slot. Then, something happened.


A light, blue energy shield gathered before the disk, and bullets hit the shield and caused ripples. The shield stopped all the attacks.

Clearly, this was the product of another technology. The outer space object acquired by the Card Summit had the technology to store, transmit, and use energy through cards.

Boom boom boom!

At the same time, the warriors from the other organizations moved as well. It turned into a scrimmage of colorful energy and continuous growls.

Grenades blasted through arcane shields, sharp claws pierced metal muzzles, and sparks splashed all over the place.

Materialized spears from cards penetrated enhanced bodies, spilling boiling blood.

Radiation beams from crystals shattered Battle Card Disks, broken cards exploded into pieces, and the energy turned into an impact wave and splashed the black soil on the ground.

These were all elite warriors from their organizations. Different battle tactics clashed against each other.

No matter who got close to the ‘space trash’ in the middle, they would face attacks from everyone else immediately. They restrained each other, and the situation was in a stalemate.


Suddenly, the sound of a horn came from afar. Their faces changed.

“That’s the warrior horn of the City of Runes. Their search team is going to arrive soon.”

Iron Fire Castle’s sniper adjusted his scope and saw a huge group of creatures approaching rapidly.

“There’s not enough time. What we are not able to acquire can’t be acquired by the City of Runes. Ready the explosives and destroy it!” the Iron Fire Castle captain yelled. His subordinates took out all sorts of grenades and bombs and threw them toward the airdrop cabin.

The other organizations did the same and attacked the airdrop cabin, thinking the same thing.


The sound of an explosion trembled the night, and the firelight mixed with the black smoke covered the airdrop cabin up.


Space trash that could land on planets were usually very tough. Even so, they wanted to destroy it as much as they could so the enemy organizations would not be able to research it.


Just as these people were preparing for the second round of focus fire, a loud, clear sound of pressurized air expanding was heard. The hatch slowly slid open. They saw the outline of a person in the fog. Then, an unfamiliar voice appeared in their language.

“Are you guys done?”

Wafting away the fog, Han Xiao walked out in large steps. He landed with his body and did not activate the Void Dragon mechanical suit. This awful airdrop cabin had trembled so badly that it had given him a headache. Furthermore, the system had frozen after the clash, so he could not even open the hatch. It was a shame of the airdrop industry.

He had needed quite some time to restart the system, and he had heard all the clanking sound from the battle outside.

Although the various organizations in Planet Secret Blue had so-called ‘Supernatural’ weapons, their technology standard was very low in his eyes. It had very limited power, so even if he did not wear a mechanical suit, it would be very hard for them to break through his defenses.

Han Xiao did not care about the heated battle outside, but these people wanted to destroy the airdrop cabin, which was unacceptable. He had to pay compensation if rented properties were damaged!

The moment Han Xiao appeared, the whole scene froze.

It was deadly silent.

These warriors gazed at Han Xiao like they were frozen, and shocked expressions were fixed on their faces. Even the smugglers who watched from the side opened their mouth widely in disbelief.


Past space trash had all been dead objects.

This was the first alive creature!

An alien from the boundless universe!

Horror, shock, greed, and countless emotions flashed past these warriors’ face.

Everyone’s breath became heavier, and the same thought appeared in their minds.

“Have to get the alien! He’s too valuable!”

At this time, rapid footsteps appeared from the forest. A large group of City of Runes guards finally arrived at the scene. There were two hundred of them wearing their standard guard armor, one hundred melee guards and one hundred bow guards. The surface of their weapons and armor had engravings of runes that enhanced their attack, defense, and physical capabilities.

The warriors of Iron Fire Castle and other organizations’ face changed. “It’s the elite guerrilla group of City of Runes. We took too long!”

“Lay down your weapons!” the captain of the City of Runes team yelled loudly. He looked at the airdrop cabin, then looked at Han Xiao. With a little bit of thinking, he came to the same shocking conclusion as everyone else. He decisively ordered, “Surround them and evict the enemies. This is the territory of City of Runes; no one can snatch what is ours!”

The warriors of the other organizations quickly backed off with grave faces. There were too few of them.

According to tradition, they had to destroy whatever they could not obtain. However, an alien was too valuable, so many people could not make a decision. Should they really kill the alien? There were no prior examples to this. Maybe they should not do it

The Iron Fire Castle captain’s eyes were menacing, and murderous intent rose in his heart. He clenched his teeth and ordered, “Never mind all of that, our duty is to execute orders. Since we can’t get that alien, we can’t let the City of Runes get him. Fire!”

The sniper aimed his gun at Han Xiao’s forehead and quickly pulled the trigger.

“Sh*t!” The captain of the City of Runes guards’ face changed dramatically.


The sound of a gunshot echoed.

They hurriedly looked at the alien.

Han Xiao turned his head around. There was a white mark on his forehead still emitting a faint smoke, but the bullet had not even penetrated his skin.

On Planet Aquamarine, even Grade C Supers could face firearms with no problem, not to mention Grade B. Although he was a Mechanic, his health and resistance even exceeded Pugilists, so such low firearms had no chance of penetrating his defenses.

Shock and terror appeared on everyone else’s faces.

They only then realized that this person in front of them was not a dead object for them to grab if they wanted to but a mysterious guest from outer space.

His threat level was unknown!

“Zero damage.” Han Xiao touched his forehead and raised his eyebrows. He could not even be bothered to wear his mechanical suit. With a stream of Mechanical Force, dozens of Black Panther mechanical beasts appeared and pounced at the people.

Everyone was his attack target, whether they were the warriors from the various organizations or the City of Runes guards.

The situation completely changed in an instant.

The mechanical beasts culled the people fiercely. They tried to fight back in a panic, but their weapons only left sparks on the mechanical beasts’ armor. It was a completely one-sided battle; the mechanical beasts demolished everyone.


A few sharp blade tails pierced into the sniper’s chest, and blood gushed out from his mouth. Before he could scream, the mechanical beasts around him pulled their tail and tore him to pieces.

The pungent smell of blood spread in the air.

“These are all machines!” the Iron Fire Castle captain screamed in disbelief. The technology that the alien was using had the same root as their technology. The strength of the mechanical beasts astounded their soul.

The battle lasted less than ten minutes before everyone else fell onto the ground. The floor was covered in blood, and the forest was filled with screams of agony. Other than the Iron Fire Castle warriors, Han Xiao did not kill anyone else. After all, he needed someone to spread the word.

The smugglers in the forest dodged a bullet. They were horrified, and their legs were shivering; many of them could not even remain standing.

The alien defeated two to three hundred elite warriors in the blink of an eye, how terrifying!

The chaotic situation was suppressedthese local warriors were all defeated.

The mechanical beasts returned to Han Xiao, folded into compressed orbs, and rolled into Han Xiao’s pockets automatically. This incomprehensible scene shocked the people once again.

Han Xiao looked around and coldly said, “Let me introduce myself. I’m a mercenary from space, coming to your planet to look for a wooden statue. According to my senses, that statue is in that city not far away. If you’re willing to hand it over, I can give you some information about the universe in exchange. If you reject, I will take it myself. Time is limited, so I hope to hear your response before tomorrow morning.”

Through the translator, his words became Planet Secret Blue’s language. The people were shocked. Seeing that Han Xiao had no intention of slaughtering them, they had no choice but to suppress their confused thoughts, stand up carefully, and back off, stumbling with panic.

The warriors from different organizations left in their own groups and did not fight again. They were in a hurry to report the situation; that was the most important matter at the moment.

The smugglers also ran away, and Han Xiao did not bother with them.

The political structure of this planet is very underdeveloped. One technology creates a city, and a city is equal to a regime. My appearance to them is huge news. As they don’t have any contact with the galaxy, there is no systematic Super knowledge here, only the individual power systems or incompletely information. The individual strength level is very weak. The strongest is only Grade C, and there are not even as many of them as there are on Planet Aquamarine.

With his Grade B strength, it was more than enough to crush this entire planet. Although Grade B was rather common in the universe and not too difficult to kill, it was almost invincible on lower level planets. The only advantage that Planet Secret Blue had on him was numbers.

Han Xiao smiledMechanics were most unafraid of being outnumbered.

However, Han Xiao did not ignore the possibility of some organizations on Planet Secret Blue having some powerful weapons.

“After hearing about me, the best result will, of course, be the City of Runes giving up the statue. However, that’s unlikely.” Han Xiao shook his head. He knew what kind of attitude these people hadproud and arrogant. They would most likely not compromise.

After waiting for an entire day, he would most likely not face smiles the following morning but a siege from their army.

However, this was exactly Han Xiao’s plan. He planned to give one night to the City of Runes to gather an army so that he could destroy their confidence once and for all, saving a lot of time. Enemies being overconfident was his favorite thing to see.

Herlous and the others were still on the spaceship; him landing alone would make it easier to terrorize the enemies.

Although he had three statues and could locate the last statue, so sneaking in and stealing it seemed to be more convenient, Han Xiao did not want to go through so much trouble.

After all, he would still end up facing them alone.

Finally, this time, he did not have to use so much of his brain and could solve the problem with his fists.

If I remember correctly, winning against a siege of tens of thousands of people will trigger an achievement ability called [One Against the World],Han Xiao suddenly recalled.

He looked at the mess around him, walked up to the top of the airdrop cabin, closed his eyes, and started to wait.

That night, the intel of an alien landing quickly spread into the organizations of the alive warriors.

This was the first alien that had landed there!


The City of Runes was astonished!

The whole of Planet Secret Blue trembled!

This was definitely going to be a sleepless night.

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