Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Hidden Mission Choice.

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“This morning, the famous singer Chen Xing was attacked in the Colton Star Cluster, Rain Star System, New Phylen Number Eight Colonized Planet. His whereabouts are currently unknown. According to information from witnesses, the kidnapper is the Black Star Mercenary Group, a mercenary group with a good name in Colton Star Cluster and the field team of Floating Dragon Island. The details are still unknown. We are currently closely communicating with the local police department and Chen Xing’s assistant team”

The hole outside on the hotel wall was surrounded by hovering cars. Other than the police team that was sealing off the scene, there was also a huge group of reporters. Some were local New Phylen Alliance reporters, and some were galactic reporters. They quickly arrived at the scene after the incident happened like sharks chasing after the smell of blood, fighting to report first-hand news.

If it was just a normal kidnapping, those reporters would not be very interested. But this time was differentit was a famous person who got kidnapped, a celebrity singer. Furthermore, it happened in the middle of the city, and the kidnapper was a known mercenary group. These reporters were very sensitive to hot news material, and they immediately realized what was unusual about it. Other than reporting the incident, they also started creating rumors.

Assassination hire?

A crime of passion?

Property dispute?

Anyway, the titles were all created for the sake of attracting attention. Chen Xing had many fans in various places in Shattered Star Ring, and these fans were all shocked. The news spread like a hurricane.

The local police were extremely overwrought. A galactic celebrity being attacked in their territory was not a small thing. If they did not deal with it properly, the negative influence would be severe. Furthermore, Chen Xing was a guest performer for the Union Day Celebration. If something happened to him, the New Phylen Alliance would be the one losing face. The central police department had already focused their attention on this incident, which made the local sheriff tremendously pressured.

Just as the incident was unfolding, without anyone expecting it, Chen Xing returned himself, and together with him were the kidnappers, the Black Star Mercenary Group. This surprised both the police and the media.

As soon as Feidin returned, he was surrounded by countless people and reporters asking him questions. The police divided the crowd and protected him. On the other side, the hovering car of Han Xiao and the others were also surrounded by layers of police cars.

After convincing Feidin, Han Xiao had let the oldest Volga brother to cure the wounds on Feidin’s face with his water element spells, which turned out to be very effective. Although Feidin still looked quite exhausted, he returned to a handsome young man again. Unlike the feminine and alluring feeling that Chen Xing gave off, when Feidin controlled his body, he gave off a very gentle and tender vibe.

Feidin calmly dealt with the media with the script that he had already prepared. Back when he was trapped, he had been watching Chen Xing’s every move, so he had no problem with doing the same.

If it was five years ago, Feidin would not have known so many things. The memories and experiences that Chen Xing had gained when using his body were all things that Feidin had never gone throughthey all became his experiences.

The police and reporters had their doubts on the excuses Feidin had thought of, but since he had explained it himself, there was nothing more that they could do. The local sheriff filed a report and left, and the reporters also left with disappointment.

The manager of the hotel found Han Xiao and requested that he pay for the damages on the wall. It was a very reasonable request, so Han Xiao did not reject and paid for it. After the hotel people left, he woke up the driver of the hovering car and paid him 20 Enas to repair his car, which was more than enough.

After these things were dealt with, it was finally peaceful. Just as Han Xiao was about to walk to Feidin, Chen Xing’s manager stood in front of Feidin and yelled, “This place doesn’t welcome mercenaries. Please leave now!”

Chen Xing did not belong to any entertainment group; she had built a logistics team herself that was made up mostly of females. The manager was a purple-skinned young Dunan girl with rather large eyes. She had completely fallen for Chen Xing and worked for him willingly. She was staring at Han Xiao with rage in her eyes.

Feidin dry coughed and said, “I have something to announce. First, cancel all the following tours and clear out my schedule.”

“Ookay.” The manager could not bother about Han Xiao and quickly noted it down. When she turned around and saw Feidin was looking at her, she immediately blushed and almost panicked out of shyness. She quickly lowered her head and did not dare to look Feidin in the eye. She did not even know where to place her hands.

Seeing this, Han Xiao curled his lips and thought,He really is an attractiveness focused main character. With such a high Charm attribute, he probably has a default Seduction Spell

“Relax.” Feidin smiled gently like the spring wind. “Second, I’m going to stop my performing career temporarily and leave here with these mercenaries.”

“Okay what” The manager was about the agree subconsciously, but she suddenly realized what he had said, and her face changed dramatically. She was completely dumbfounded. She turned to look at Han Xiao with incomparable rage and hatred.

“Sorry, you guys might have to look for another job.” Feidin waved his hand and patted the manager’s head. The manager, who had been like a furious lion just a second ago, instantly quieted down and started crying.

On the side, his other female assistants all cried as well. They looked at Han Xiao with eyes filled with hostility like he was their romantic rival who had snatched their love away. But when they looked at Feidin, their expression became sorrowful again, and they ran toward Feidin for hugs. This scene looked like a group of people who had just lost their lover, yet none of them blamed their ‘ex-boyfriend’ and forgave him instead. It was very peaceful.

Han Xiao’s mouth twitched.

If handsome people could stand on a few boats at the same time, Feidin had the potential to stand on hundreds of boats at the same time.

Being extremely attractive really allows people to do anything they want.

I have nothing to say.

After Feidin disbanded the group and told everyone to pack up their things and leave, he ignored Chen Xing’s screams in his head, walked over to Han Xiao, and shrugged. “I’m free now, how do you plan to help me?”

Just as Han Xiao was about to speak, the interface notified him that he had received a new mission.


You have triggered the hidden mission [Choice].

Mission Introduction: You discovered that Chen Xing is actually a Mind Possession lifeform. You met with the original owner of the body, Feidin. He decided to completely deal with Chen Xing, who is in his mind, and your choice is extremely crucial.

Mission Completion Requirement I: Evict or kill Feidin’s consciousness and let Chen Xing control the body.

Mission Completion Requirement II: Evict or kill Chen Xing’s consciousness and let Feidin control the body.

Mission Completion Requirement III: Help Chen Xing and Feidin come to an agreement and have them take turns to control the body.

Mission Completion Requirement IV: Unknown.

Remarks: As long as one requirement is met, the mission can be considered as complete. Different results give different rewards.


“I can help Chen Xing?” Han Xiao was surprised. As he knew about Feidin’s future, he did not think about this possibility.

This meant that the fate of a main character, Feidin, was in his hands. If he helped Chen Xing, he would not have a future.


Han Xiao squinted and read through the mission requirements carefully again. The fourth requirement was unknown, and in his experience, this kind of hidden requirement usually gave the greatest reward. In that case, other than helping one party or helping them come to an agreement, what result could be better?

No player in his previous life had done this mission before, so Han Xiao could only judge from his experience of doing countless missions over the years. The first two choices were simple and straightforward; the third requirement, however, needed more time to have the two of them communicate with each other. All he could do at the moment was let Feidin continue control his body and create an environment for two of them to communicate peacefully. If Chen Xing regained control of Feidin’s body, she would definitely mess things up.

Furthermore, the mission could be completed based on his choice of when to complete itthis meant that the fourth requirement would need more time.

Although he had only just seen the mission, Han Xiao already knew what the keyword wastime! Time was the difficult part. The longer it took, the more chances Chen Xing would have to gain control of the body. This was an unstable factor.

Furthermore, the only reason that Feidin’s consciousness had lasted for so long was that Chen Xing had held backshe could have wiped Feidin’s consciousness out long ago. Maybe it was because Feidin had saved her before, so she felt guilty. However, if Chen Xing was really forced into a corner, she might kill Feidin when she recovered. Hence, the reward for the first requirement should be very small. No matter who controlled the body, the problem would be considered solved, so the mission would be completed.

After some pondering, Han Xiao said to Feidin, “If you don’t want to hurt Chen Xing, I will not use any destructive methods. I have a few ways to suppress Chen Xing. There is a Psychic in my team. Despite him not being very strong, not being too strong allows him to weaken Chen Xing consistently without hurting her too much, so she would not be able to recover. If you want to deal with the problem completely without hurting her, the only way is for you to come to an agreement with her. The most I can do is not let her control your body. However, this way, you won’t be able to leave us, or Chen Xing might take over again anytime.”

What Han Xiao said was for Chen Xing as well, to prevent her from doing anything extreme.

“ Alright, I will try.”

Feidin nodded and smiledhe was quite optimistic. “Letting me control the body is enough. I happened to learn the ways to train my Psychic powers from her memories. If my mind becomes strong enough, she won’t be able to do anything anymore.”

Han Xiao had a flash of insight after hearing what Feidin said.

He had a rough idea of what the fourth mission requirement was.

If that’s really the case, it indeed does require a lot of time

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