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Chapter 463 Pet 2

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Lenny shrugged, and they went below the water, quickly picked up a large pile of Observer standard equipment, and put them on.

"Where are your other friends?" Han Xiao coughed drily.

"Many of them died. This monster robbed our equipment, so if we went too far from the hot spring, we would very likely freeze to death. Some people were dragged underwater by this monster for too long and drowned. Other than us, there is another group of people thats alive at the other end of the cave tunnel. Theres another hot spring there.

Han Xiao nodded. There was a fork when he came, and the other side led to the hot spring where the other Observers were. If they had gone to the other side first, they would have gotten intel about Interstellar Beast in advance, but he did not have to do that.

"Why did this Interstellar Beast capture you people?" Herlous asked curiously. "It seems like its deliberately trapping you here."

Anger appeared on Lennys face as she said, "This monster appeared after we crashed. It brought us here, let us move freely in the hot spring, and would sometimes drag us into the water and throw us around like it was playing. It kept us as pets!"

On a life form level perspective, the Space Creatures were superior life forms to humans. Making humans their pets was the same as humans taming beasts as pets. It was almost a law of nature.

However, when humans that were used to turning other species into pets became pets themselves, it felt like their superiority was being stepped on. These Godorans felt enraged and ashamed.

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows and did not comment. Whoever had power could do whatever they wanted with the weak. Outside the areas with civilizations, this law of the jungle was the only truth. He straightforwardly said, "Alright, youre already rescued. When the radiation storm in the sky is weaker, we will be able to leave. Old Herlous, go to the hot spring on the other side and bring the other Observers here."

Bringing those Observers back could drastically increase the mission rating. After making the arrangements, Han Xiao turned to look at Interstellar Beast that lay on the ground.

The only problem left was how to deal with this beast.

"This is the first Interstellar Beast discovered by Godora, so it will be very important research material. If you can bring it back to the space station, we will pay you a very high reward." Lenny was wearing her Observer combat suit and had tied up her hair; she looked neat and confident.

Han Xiao squinted and pondered.

Give it to Godora? No, that would not be worth it at all. Interstellar Beasts were extremely rare and filled with treasures. The important parts of Interstellar Beast could be made into Gene Potions that could increase ones attributes. There was even a chance of getting a talent from the potion. Plus, it would increase the choices during Race Evolution. Furthermore, killing it would trigger a Legendary Milestone.

Most importantly, the powder created by crushing an Interstellar Beasts crystal could be made into a special potion. It had no effect on the players but was extremely rare. It could even be used as a currency to purchase any resources from NPCs.

Such potions only had one effectto grant part of the Interstellar Beasts metabolism adjusting ability. Simply put, this thing could extend ones life span!

Han Xiao had worried about such an issue since the beginning. It would not be a problem in the earlier versions of Galaxy, but the time skips between versions would become longer and longer. Hundreds of years would pass between versions. The life span of Supers was many times that of ordinary people, but in the history of tens of thousands of years, it was still just a very small part.

There were few ways to increase ones life span. Installing mechanic prosthetics was one of them, but it had very visible side effects. On the other hand, the Interstellar Beast potion had close to no side effects.

This is very important, so it cannot be wasted.

Han Xiaos eyes became firm. He grabbed tightly onto the Interstellar Beasts crystal, and a wave of emotions were transmitted from the crystal to his mind.

It was begging.

The Interstellar Beast was begging him for mercy.

Han Xiao ignored it completely, and Void Jet Spray exploded in his palm.


The crystal, already covered in cracks, shattered into pieces and fell into Han Xiaos hands. The violet light under the Interstellar Beasts skin faded. Life escaped from this Space Creature.

This crystal was Interstellar Beasts life core, and it was also the most important material.


You have killed a Space Creature.

[Legendary Hunter] Milestone activated.

Current Progress: 1/5 (Kill 5 special creatures)


This was a Legendary Milestone. Upon completion, corresponding Legendary Points would be granted. The special creatures stated here were all sorts of rare and special creatures including Space Creatures that had Boss level attributes. Also, Bosses in dungeons were not counted.

Luckily, there were many monsters in Galaxy. Even by the latest version that Han Xiao had played in his previous life, despite the game being played by countless players for many years, there were still cases of players killing a special creature occasionally. After all, there would always be new creatures being born in the universe. Of course, the competition to kill them was very intense.

Some special Legendary Points could open a certain corresponding storyline. [Legendary Hunter] was one of themit was similar to a title.

Han Xiao stowed the crystal, pulled out his scythe, and sliced the Interstellar Beasts carcass. He quickly collected the important parts. An Interstellar Beasts carcass would not rot easily and could be kept for a very long time.

Very soon, this Interstellar Beast was only left with an incomplete carcass.

"Sigh" Lennys face was filled with regret, but she did not have a problem with it. This beast was Han Xiaos trophy to start with, so he was free to do whatever he wanted with it.

This time, Herlous finally brought the other Observers over.

The Godorans were all surprised. Moments ago, they had still been trapped in the hot spring and singing, but the next moment, they had suddenly been rescued by mercenaries. It felt like a dream.

Seeing the Interstellar Beasts carcass, the new group of Observers sized Han Xiao up with shock. They had suffered quite a lot from this monster, and they knew how strong the Interstellar Beast was.

"Everyones here, lets go," Han Xiao said.

Han Xiao tested the radiation strength with a device as they returned to the surface. After waiting a few days, the short window in the radiation storm finally arrived. They hastily boarded the aircraft and went straight up into the sky.

The aircraft had a capacity for about ten people, but there were more than ten Observers. It was crowded in the cabin.

They passed by the storm area successfully, and the spaceship went to pick them up.

All the Observers that escaped from death hugged each other passionately, overjoyed.

Han Xiao had his mind on the mission, so he did not waste any time. He set the return route and headed back immediately.

A few days later, the spaceship returned to the space station. This time, when they requested to enter, they conveyed the fact that they had rescued the lost Observers. Everyone in the space station was shocked.

The space station immediately opened up its port. Unlike the cold treatment last time, the attitude of the space stations people completely changed, and they welcomed them enthusiastically.

The spaceship docked at the port. As soon as the cabin opened, Han Xiao saw that almost everyone in the space station had gathered at the port. The station chief stood at the front. Surprise and contentment were on this serious army officers face.

Beside him, the deputy station chief was smiling as usual. However, for some reason, his smile was a little stiff, and there was a faint sense of irritation in his eyes.

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