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Chapter 465 Life Span Potion

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In the vast universe, new species were being born every second. Finding out about the valuable parts of all kinds of flora and fauna, extracting them, and making them into potions was a very complicated, profound subject. This was especially true in Galaxy, where there were countless species; it required a lot of patience and skill.

There were also many different methods of extraction and making potions, such as chemical extractions from the technological side and witchcraft decoctions from the magic side.

The Pharmacist Association was the authorized organization in the universe. Just like the Spacetime Research Council, this was a platform for the Pharmacists to communicate with each other. It was also the simplest way for the galactic residents to hire Pharmacists. All they had to do was log into the Pharmacist Association website, and there would be Pharmacist Apprentices online who would inquire about the customers needs. It felt like those online doctor inquiry websites in Han Xiaos previous life.

As the matters in the space station came to an end, Han Xiao immediately contacted the Pharmacist Association and found a dependable pharmaceutical organization that produced Interstellar Beast potions. This organization was located on a colonized planet of the Purple Crystal Civilization in the Colton Star Cluster.

Purple Crystal was one of the strongest civilizations in the Shattered Star Ring.

Godora was a Star System level civilization, and there were many Star System level civilizations in Colton Star ClusterGodora from the Gavin Star System, New Phylen from the Rain Star System, Black Raven and Holy Stone from the Fawn Star System, and many more. Purple Crystal Civilization, however, was a Star Cluster level civilization. Its colonized planets spread across the various Star Clusters and Star Systems of the Shattered Star Ring.

Juberly Hub had stable stargates connected to the various Star Systems in Colton. Those Star System Civilizations in Colton were the ones that co-funded and invited Purple Crystal Civilization to build the stargates.

The level of Purple Crystal was too high, so Han Xiao did not want to have a deep connection with them for the time being. The risk would only be higher than the benefits. His goal for this trip was only to make the potion.

There were no twist and turns throughout the process. Perhaps the Shattered Star Ring was rather dangerous, but few galactic pirates or scavengers dared to mess around near the stronghold of Star Cluster Civilizations. The security weapons of Star Cluster Civilizations had very long attack ranges. If they discovered there were criminals causing problems near their colonized planet, they would not even need to send out spaceships to chase them. They just had to fire the weapons from their planet, and those criminals would become fireworks.

The pharmaceutical company that Han Xiao had chosen had a very good name and was very high class. It was a technology side pharmaceutical organization. After paying a certain fee, he waited a few days and successfully got the potions made from the Interstellar Beasts materials without any issue.

In the machinery modification room of the spaceship, a portable freezer was placed on the table. Han Xiao opened its cover, and under the thick, cold fog were two rows and a total of eight tube potions. Six of them were light purple, and two were deep blue. The former was gene potions made by the important organs of Interstellar Beast, and the latter were special potions made by its member no, its life crystal.

Han Xiaos finger slid past the potions, and two translucent light blue information panels popped up around them. It was the item introduction.


[Interstellar Beast Potion (High Concentration 62%)]: A precious potion, made by extracting an Interstellar Beasts genes, that grants a permanent attribute increase after consuming.

Effective Usages: 0/3

Remark: Before drinking it, be warned that the genes of a Space Creature are not that easy to control. Of course, if being a distorted life form aligns with your aesthetic, please drink as much as you wish.

[Metabolism Adjusting Potion]: A rare potion, made from an Interstellar Beasts life core, that grants an extended life span after consuming with almost no side effects.

Remark: Life is never too long; no fortune or reputation even comes close to how important it is. Make a guess, how many would turn insane for this small potion?


The potion that could extend ones life span did not have a usage limit as it had no effect for the players. Han Xiao held the potion in his hands and contemplated.

Only eight potions were made from an entire Interstellar Beast. What a scary proportion. If I drink the life span potion, will the interface show that my life span is increased? The interface does not have this attribute after all.

Even as he was thinking, his movements did not slow down. He drank a tube of life span potion. It tasted spicy, entering his stomach like a burning blade stabbing down his throat. The pain only lasted for a few seconds before it turned into a gentle warmness that spread throughout his body.

Han Xiao was initially prepared to endure the pain, but to his surprise, it felt good. He closed his eyes in amusement. His mind sunk deep into his body, and his senses went beyond his five senses and felt the changes in his every cell.

Countless lives in the universe had a body, but very few could control it fully. The soul was the owner of the body but also like a slave that had to consume, sleep, excrete to ensure the body survives, unable to turn those functions off. Han Xiao, however, felt different. He felt as if he could control every single part of his body, not only the parts where there were nerves. He discovered that the cells were responding to his thoughts.

It felt like his body had turned into a complicated machine. Before, he could hardly control how this machine operated, but now, he could make the machine operate slower.

"Increase life span by controlling metabolism, just as the name suggests." Han Xiao looked at his hands. He could now control the metabolism speed of his body. He mumbled, "Not only can I now slow down my aging process, I can even speed it up, but speeding it up is irreversible. I wonder how much my life span has increased."

The life span of Supers far exceeded ordinary people. Since he had gotten the ability to control his metabolism, he did not know how long his life span was.

"It feels like I can live for a very long time."

He looked at the interface; there was a notification of him getting a new ability.


You have acquired ability [Self-Healing].

Self-Healing (No Level): When you are injured, you can spend energy to increase your health recovery speed. Maximum recovery speed 120/s.


The interface notification says its a self-heal ability, but the life span potion gave me much more than what the interface stated. Looks like life span is a hidden effect. Or maybe its because the interface only calculates the basic attributes.

The ability to self-heal was not bad; it gave him one more guarantee. However, he still had yet to use up Auroras Character Summon Card, so he probably would not be using this ability any time soon.

There was one more life span potion left, so Han Xiao saved it in case he might need it in the future. He took out the other type of gene potion and injected three of them directly. He was already very familiar with gene potions. After the pain, he looked at the information on his interface. They gave him a total attribute increase of two Intelligence points, six Endurance points, and three Charm points.

Its effect is not as strong as the Void Dragon Pith. After all, the Void Dragons are more than a thousand times stronger than Interstellar Beasts. One is a dragon, while the other is a mayfly.

Han Xiao looked at his [Intermediate Strengthened Life] talent. After using the Void Dragon Pith last time, this talent had leveled up. After consuming the gene potions of another rare creature, this talent should theoretically have been enhanced again.

Despite that, nothing popped up on the interface, so Han Xiao was sure that the talent did not level up.

Looks like one type of gene potion is not enough, or maybe the Interstellar Beasts species level is not up to standard. More gene potions are needed to level it up from intermediate to advanced, but I cant use too many potions.

He walked to the mirror. His looks did not change; the Interstellar Beast potion did not cause a gene mutation. Previously, after he used the Dragon Pith, he had felt that he became even more handsome.

He saved the rest of the potions as well and safely stowed the box away. Han Xiao sat before the table, took out a mission list, and started contemplating.

There are still tens of missions on the list, and these are just suitable missions after basic filtering. Im not short of Random Reward chances. The earlier I complete my Promotion, the sooner I can make preparations for the main storyline of Version 2.0

Han Xiao rubbed his chin. This reminded him of how he used to run around everywhere just to get what he wanted. It felt nostalgic.

He thought through the schedule of doing these again and made sure they were correct.

Hope that there is still enough time before the version update ends after I complete my Promotion.

The sound of Herlous and others yelling came from outside the door, and the faint sound of Feidin singing came from another room. He was learning Chen Xings techniques for training his Psychic power through singing. However, Feidin was not Chen Xing, so his high notes sounded like a pig about to be butchered.

Han Xiao shook his head and put in some earplugs. He pulled out a pile of sheets that he used to punish Sylvia with copying basic machinery theories and quickly started marking them.

Tsk, raising apprentices is just like farming crops; patience is very important.

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