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Chapter 482 Trap

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After helping Ames catch Aesop and completing the mission, Han Xiao had been in a good mood. However, when Han Xiao saw a bunch of Godora warriors rushing over, his mood plummeted.

He recognized the Godorans battlesuits, and these warriors were not low-grade Observers. Instead, they were special forces that specialized in battle, and their leader was a Super who had been extremely famous in his previous life. In Version 2.0, this person had been the key figure in dealing with the mutation disaster on Planet Aquamarine. The majority of the battle quests that the players accepted from the Godoran camp had also been issued by him. He was like a commander level character and an important NPC to the players. Thus, Han Xiao was extremely familiar with him.

Nagakin, an officer of the War Bureau, Grade A Pugilist. He would only take action during important missions, and for him to appear on Noriosse, it meant that something important was about to unfold on Noriosse. A thought suddenly popped into his head, and Han Xiao immediately thought about the mixed blood Godoran that he had met a few days ago, Alvin.

The two should probably be relatedHan Xiao thought to himself.

There was another strange sight that puzzled him. The Nagakin in front of him was majestic and full of valor. His strides were wide, and every step of his was taken with stability. In Han Xiaos memories, when the players of Planet Aquamarine first met Nagakin, he had been half crippled. Half of his face had been reduced to a skeleton, and not only was he disfigured, his left arm and both legs had turned into prosthetics. He had also needed numerous life support systems to be injected into his body in order for him to be alive.

It was less than a year away from Version 2.0.

As such, Nagakin must have been crippled during this period, but the exact time was not certain.

Han Xiaos eyes flashed, and he immediately sprang into action. He broke away from the upper echelons of Noriosse and stood in front of Nagakin.

"Who are you? Dont block the way." The Godoran warriors stopped, and Nagakin looked at Han Xiao with a frown.

Han Xiao introduced himself simply.

"Black Star? Oh, Ive heard your name. You and some other mercenaries successfully destroyed a DarkStar mothership. Good job."

Nagakin nodded and did not take it to heart. A figure of his caliber would only be concerned about more important matters. He only knew about Han Xiaos name because his subordinate had mentioned it in passing. At that very moment, he was pushed for time, so he asked impatiently, "Why are you stopping us?"

"I only wanted to say hi. At the same time, I wanted to ask if you guys needed help." This was a common phrase that players used to start a conversation with NPCs. Han Xiao was also trying to see if he was able to receive a mission and understand the Godorans reason for appearing there. He was lacking intel and did not know that DarkStar and Godora were having a confrontation on Noriosse. He only felt that something was strange.

Those warriors were the reinforcements sent by Godora, and their mission was to rescue Alvin. Over the past few days, two of Alvins doppelgangers had been captured, and the situation did not allow a single seconds delay. From Alvins doppelganger, they had found out that the strongest individual in the squad chasing after Alvin was a grade B Super called Forsyth. As such, Godora had sent out Nagakin, who was the nearest to the location, and felt that it was sufficient to take care of the enemy.

Nagakin felt that he did not need any help and that he was sufficient to take care of the enemy. As such, he casually replied, "We do not need your help. Im pushed for time and will take my leave now."

After finishing his sentence, Nagakin moved past Han Xiao and led his men away.

Studying the backs of those Godorans, Han Xiao stroked his chin and muttered to himself, "Tsk, I wasnt able to activate a mission. For a Calamity Grade Super to take action personally, its probably a risky mission."

Since Nagakin did not welcome outsiders, Han Xiao would forget about the matter. He would not lower himself and continue sticking to them uninvited.

He then opened the interface. After obtaining the Ames Character Summon Card, he had not checked its effects yet.


[Character Summon CardAmes]

Force FieldGaze of the Dragon: Compress the medium within a certain area (effective for all states of matter) and target a single character. The targeted character will fall into a [Trapped] status. For every 100 points of STR the target has, 1s of control time will be reduced.

Basic control time: 18s

Usages: 0/1


Han Xiao felt that the strong control effect was still acceptable. Ames had many different skills, and at her level, almost seventy percent of her skills were useful. While he did not obtain an attack skill, a control skill was more flexible and had its own advantages.

He then left the port and returned to land. After renting a temporary stronghold, he was prepared to spend rest a few days there. At the same time, he would purchase some resources. Noriosse was home to many shops, and he intended to strengthen his war machinery. Two High-End Knowledges and his many Advanced Knowledges gave him the option to obtain better blueprints, and it was sufficient for him to have an all-round upgrade. He still had more than twenty million experience points, and as long as he spent it sparingly, it would be sufficient for him to obtain enough blueprints.

Just when everyone was resting, a storm exploded.

Nagakin took dozens of Godoran warriors in aircrafts and arrived at a skyscraper at the periphery of Noriosses City 4. Tall buildings filled the district, and the magnetic floating bus station that connected the cities was not too far away.

According to Alvins reports, the temporary base of DarkStars forces was on the eightieth story of the skyscraper, and it was located right at the center of the building.

Alvins main body had always been in contact with the reinforcements from Godora, and he used his doppelganger to observe the members of DarkStar to provide Nagakin with information. His request was for Nagakin to get rid of all the DarkStar forces chasing him before his main body would appear. He was extremely cautious.

"The enemys forces are inside. We will first destroy their base before dealing with those DarkStar members operating on the outside to prevent us from alerting the enemy. Currently, the enemys base is unaware of our arrival, and we have an advantage in terms of intel. Attack with me!"

The aircrafts ascended slowly and approached their target building. Nagakins gaze was solemn as he clenched his fists. A golden flame began to flow down his arm as though it was liquid.

His fist smashed onto the outer wall of the building.


The next instant, a white shockwave was sent out in all directions!

All the glass in this building was shattered!

The might of his fist shot through the entire eightieth floor, and a large hole could be seen on both sides of the building. The entire building began to let out unsteady creaks, and the middle of the building bent slightly like a wooden pole that was almost smashed in half!

Not to mention a building, it was a piece of cake for a Calamity Grade Pugilist to destroy even a battleship. As long as he had enough time, he could even turn into an excavator and change the landscape of the entire planet.

After destroying the building with a single punch, Nagakin charged in with his subordinates and attacked the enemy base. Upon entry, he immediately spotted Forsyth and the others, who were in a daze.

Nagakin made a few hand signals and the Godoran warriors surrounded Forsyths troops. He then said in a deep voice, "I am Nagakin from Godoras War Bureau. All of you are surrounded. Drop you weapons and surrender now. I will send all of you to Rainbow Prison."

The building was shaking unsteadily, and Forsyth finally managed to steady himself. Revealing a malevolent smile, he chuckled as though his prey had fallen into his trap. "It seems like weve caught a big fish. Nagakin, look around you. Who do you think is surrounded?"

Two powerful auras exploded and trapped Nagakins troops in the middle.

Nagakin hurriedly turned around only to see Anur and Ember glaring at him.

The intense killing intent seemed to have frozen the space around him.

"Why are there two Calamity Grade Supers There is an error in our intelligence!" Nagakins face changed drastically.

Alvins intel had stated that the strongest person pursuing him was a Grade B Super. For Godora to send out a Grade A Super, it could be considered a foolproof plan. With Nagakin taking action, even if a Grade A Super was hiding amid the enemys ranks, he would still be able to fight the other party equally. However, Godora could never have expected that DarkStar would actually send out two Calamity Grade Supers to kill a single traitor. This was akin to killing a chicken with an oxs blade. This was the trap that DarkStar had set.

Anur and Ember did not appear in front of Alvins doppelganger, and Forsyth had acted as the leader. As such, Alvin had believed that there were no Calamity Grade Supers in the team. DarkStar had already predicted that Godora would send reinforcements and intentionally tricked Alvin into thinking that there were no Grade A Supers. They had predicted that there would be a single Grade A Super in the reinforcements at most, and this Grade A Super would become Anur and Embers prey!

DarkStar did not only want to chase their traitor down. They had even laid a trap to make Godora lose one of their top fighters!

This was the reason for Anur and Ember to take action together. Godora had fallen for DarkStars trap.

The Godoran warriors present felt a chill run down their spines, and their backs were drenched with cold sweat. The immense pressure from facing two powerful enemies had almost caused their hearts to stop beating. They were extremely anxious and did not even know which side they should focus on defending.

Nagakins face was solemn, and he knew that it would be difficult for him to escape alive. Taking in a deep breath

"We will die today"


The Pugilists flames covered his entire body, and the aura exploding out of his body matched Anur and Embers auras. He then got into his fighting stance, and a resolute gaze could be seen in his eyes. Gritting his teeth, he let out a deep roar.

"Before we die, lets fight!"

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