Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 511

Chapter 511 Acting Cool

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From Planet Golden Gate to Planet Aquamarine, the entire journey had taken Han Xiao two days. Even when he passed by Juberly Hub, Han Xiao did not personally fetch Frenzied Sword and the others. Instead, he had sent a spaceship under his charge to pick them up so that he could save as much time as possible and quickly return to Planet Aquamarine.

The forums that he had missed were opened once again, and he was extremely clear about the players actions. When the spaceship reached Planet Aquamarine, the scene of the large virus breakout happening in Sanctuary Three had been posted onto the forums. For the players to face a sudden crisis, this was a piece of good news for the Great Mechanic Han, and he realized that this was an opportunity. After leaving Planet Aquamarine for so many years, it was best for him to appear in an unforgettable manner. As such, he had resolutely dropped down from the sky with all of his mercenaries. This was the most classic way for mercenaries to land.

During Version 1.0, he had left behind the majestic name of Black Phantom on Planet Aquamarine. At that time, his name had resounded throughout the entire planet, and he naturally could not come back silently. This was not because Han Xiao wanted to act in a high-profile manner but because this was beneficial to him for his next plan.

A stunning return would fulfil the promise that he made when he left the planet and also reveal how he was closely related to Version 2.0s storyline. This was a way to build up his own image and attract the players to join his faction. Apart from his own strength being powerful enough to provide them with benefits, his image was also extremely important. It was just like a luxury product. After the accumulation from Version 1.0, Han Xiao was extremely clear that he had the advantage of being familiar to the players.

Most importantly

Acting cool did not need any money!

Upon seeing the crazed looks of joy on Bennett and the surrounding players faces, it was obvious that his plan was a complete success. Han Xiao was extremely satisfied.

"You" Bennett opened his mouth but did not know what to say.

"Well talk later. Lets first take care of things here."

"Alright." Bennett could only bear with his stomach full of doubts. He was extremely curious about Han Xiaos encounters in the galaxy. After all, he could not watch Bun-Hit-Dogs videos.

"Dont worry, I have handled situations like this plenty of times before. Just hand it over to me." Han Xiao patted Bennett on the shoulders and said with a smile, "I am a professional now."

This was not the first time that Han Xiao had dealt with a beast tide, with the beast tide on Sunil being the most memorable.

Han Xiao was extremely clear about the situation before him. As long as he could get rid of the beasts, they would have more than enough time to knock those refugees out. The problem was that the players were not able to stop the beast tide. However, to his mercenaries, stopping the beast tide was a piece of cake.

One time, he had not been powerful enough and had felt that the wilderness of Planet Aquamarine was extremely dangerous. But after spending a long time in the galaxy, his sights had been set higher, and those beasts on Planet Aquamarine were nothing to him. His strength was sufficient to roam unhindered on the planet.

The Black Star Mercenary Group unleashed their full strength, and a few hundred light cannons swept through the beast tide. Large fireballs exploded all around like missiles being dropped from an airstrike. With every wave of their weapons, the beasts would be cleaved in two and fall under their blades. The commotion of the battle had even covered the miserable groans of the beasts.


Herlous waved his ten-meter-long Battleship Slicing Blade and spun it around like a cyclone. Any beast that came near him would immediately be cleaved into two, and he was like a meat grinder.


Sehrindes speed gave him more than ten after-images, and both his daggers were covered in darkness. Sehrinde was like a flying snake as he weaved through the beast tide, leaving behind a small wound on the surface of the beasts hides. However, his weapon had already penetrated the beasts hearts, and while it was only a small wound, the single stab that he made had already caused severe internal bleeding within the beasts.

Every beast that was stabbed by him would collapse to the ground the very next moment. His attacks did not have the slightest trace of killing intent but were extremely violent.

Bang bang bang!

The sound of cannon fire rang out from Ginette, who was like a fortress that had unleashed all of its firepower. All the firearms on her body were extended out, and a full twenty to thirty barrels could be seen. A barrage of cannon fire shot down like rain and destroyed everything in front of her. Her face was already flushed red from the excitement.

To her, the joy from opening fire was one that did not lose to sex.


On the other side, Harmon let out a roar, and his entire body swelled up. His muscles enlarged like a sponge being injected with blood, and his originally dense hair was split up by his muscles. Arteries could be seen protruding out from all over his body, and he looked like a mini giant wearing a beast fur battle robe. His body was even slightly larger than those beasts. In front of him, the elephant-sized beasts suddenly seemed like slightly larger dogs.

He held onto a black axe that was the size of a door. He launched violent attacks one after another and fought just like a warrior. Very soon, his entire body was covered in blood.

Boom boom boom!

Beast after beast was sent flying by him before crashing onto the ground heavily.

Harmons battle technique was extremely mature. His actions were violent but also had a strange sense of beauty. It was the perfect combination between strength and beauty. A body strengthening Esper ability and subclasses belonging to warriors. It could be said that he was another kind of Pugilist that was even more violent and brutal.

Many of the players did not have the ability to interfere with the fight and hurriedly began recording the battle instead. They watched to the point that their blood boiled with their excitement being raised to the peak. The strength of those Grade B officers far exceeded the standard of Planet Aquamarine, and it was just like watching a film. Black Stars sudden arrival was too big a surprise, and his method of appearing with drop pods was far too cool! He had literally descended from the sky like the bearer of justice!

Han Xiao observed the situation for a moment before deciding that he did not need to take action. With his current strength, he would be able to give the players an even greater mental shock. However, after some consideration, he decided to give up on that idea. It was better for him to give the players some room for imagination and maintain a mysterious front. Only then would his coolness factor break out of the atmosphere.

A sudden crisis that was extremely difficult to deal with had easily been taken care of by the Black Star Mercenary Group. The beasts had all been killed, and their meat could be dried up to solve the current food crisis. Without the crazy beast tide, the players could easily subdue the refugees who had broken out in illness. After some calculations, less than 100,000 people had died, which was far better than the worst-case scenario. At least, if they were only considering the numbers

Looking at the small mountain of corpses before him, Bennett could not feel the slightest bit of joy.

The outside of the Sanctuary was in ruins, and Bennett temporarily ignored Han Xiao to command the guards to clean up the battlefield. His personality of dealing with the important matters first was something that Han Xiao admired.

The urgent mission was finally over, and the reward was over 100,000 progress points. All the progress that had previously been lost was recovered. Millions of players surrounded Han Xiao and the others excitedly. Ever since Han Xiao left the planet, only the professional players could enjoy interacting with him, and they had truly been too envious of that. Now that Black Star had finally returned, all the players were even tempted to go forward and touch him.

The players were not foreign toward the Black Star Mercenary Group. After all, Bun-Hit-Dogs videos had plenty of viewers. However, the current mercenary group was obviously different from the last video before the update. Who knew what had happened during the update period? The Black Star Mercenary Group clearly had a few new officers. The players only recognized a few of them such as Herlous and Aroshia. They could not help but study the other mercenaries curiously.

"Their armor is so suave."

"So many Sunils! Are they all working for Black Star now?"

Some players immediately noticed Sylvia. "Woah, that girl is so young and pretty. I give her a 9.5."

"There are so many hairy creatures" Some of the players felt like puking the moment they saw the Luhan Beastmen, who were much taller than the others. However, Harmon looked over at them with a strange look in his eyes filled with desire and excitement. These players immediately felt their butts tighten and their scalps turning numb as they hid in the crowd.

In truth, whenever Harmon saw someone, the first thought that came to his mind was to pull the other party into his War League. Thus, he would be filled with desire whenever he saw someone. He did not have any strange fetishes.

Many of the mercenaries were pretty repulsive, and in comparison, the presence of attractive men and women was magnified. For example, Feidin immediately attracted the gazes of over half the female players.

"That man is so handsome"

Feidin noticed the gazes of the female players and looked back at them with a warm, sunny smile. In the eyes of those female players, the world suddenly seemed brighter, and their hearts melted.

"Oh my goodness, he is inhumanly handsome!"

"I I think Im in love."

"This old mans maiden heart is about to explode!"

Han Xiao turned around to take a look and felt as though bubbles could be seen above the female players heads as they overflowed with love. He had never imagined that Feidin would have such a use.

The majority of the female players were more emotional, and their views were different from those of the male players. Between practicality and beauty, they preferred the latter. Thus, the gorgeous Feidin was the Achilles heel of all the female players.

Letting Feidin attract the female players will make my faction more attractive. Bringing him was right indeed.Han Xiao nodded and suddenly felt as though he was like a pimp with Feidin being the most popular courtesan under him.

He usually would not think so much, but after seeing the players, Han Xiao was overjoyed. They were walking wallets after all!

While all the female players were looking at Feidin, Han Xiao did not mind in the slightest. As long as it was beneficial to his plan, Han Xiao would not let his confidence in his own charisma get shaken.

Because Bun-Hit-Dogs Black Star series was done like a television drama, the players of Planet Aquamarine were extremely concerned about the development of the Black Star Mercenary Group. They were excited to find out the stories of these new officers, and their hearts were itching with curiosity.

At the same time, the mercenaries were also observing the players.

"Why are the people in my teachers hometown looking at us with such strange gazes?" Sylvias whispered softly. "Do any of you have such a feeling?"

"No, isnt it very normal?" Feidin said.

The players who surrounded Han Xiao opened up a path, and they entered the Sanctuary.

After entering the Sanctuary, Han Xiao observed his surroundings and lamented, "Everything is the same as before I left. I truly miss this place Wait a second, why is there such an ugly statue here? Who is this statue? Why is it placed in my Sanctuary Huang Yu, Huang Yu! Come out and give me an explanation!"

Not too far from the main gate of the Sanctuary was a tall statue of a human figure. Everyone who walked into the Sanctuary would be able to see it. Han Xiao noticed it the moment he walked in and immediately felt disgusted. This was his Sanctuary, how could there be a statue of someone else in this place? Furthermore, the statue was so ugly.

Huang Yu walked forward with sweat all over his face. While he was the current Supervisor of the Sanctuary, in front of Han Xiao, he subconsciously reverted to his assistant attitude and said carefully, "Your Excellency Black Phantom that is your statue. Its been too long since you left, so I got people to build it in remembrance."

"It is actually pretty nice." Han Xiaos tone changed drastically in an instant.

The mercenaries looked at the statue before looking at Han Xiao while shaking their heads.What is this? It doesnt look like Black Star at all. This is obviously a statue of an ordinary human. We dont even know what species our captain is.

"Teacher, are you very famous in your hometown?" Sylvia asked curiously.

At this moment, Bennett finally had some time. Hearing that question, he could not help but shake his head. "Black Phantom isnt just famous. He is a legend on this planet."

The mercenaries looked at each other. Legend? They were a little curious about the past of their captain.

"Black Phantom?" Sylvias eyes widened, and she turned around to look at Han Xiao. "It turns out that your nickname has always been so horrible. I thought that it was an exception."

"Do you think that I have been too lenient with you recently? If you want to copy theory books, you can let me know directly. I can ensure that your next year will be extremely fulfilling."

Han Xiao rolled his eyes and pinched Sylvias cheeks, causing her to cry out in pain.

After the casual chat, Han Xiao would not forget about the important matters. He then turned around and asked Bennett, "Whats the situation now?"

"The calamity that you predicted has happened indeed. Jeez, lets continue this in the conference room." Bennett then looked at Han Xiao and asked, "Right, how did you return?"

Han Xiao then seemed to have remembered something. "You reminded me of something. Wait a moment."

He then took out his communicator and pressed a few buttons.


Wind pressure suddenly descended, and a large dust and sand cloud was kicked up.

Shadows began appearing on the ground, which expanded rapidly, covering over half the Sanctuary.

Ten or so spaceships hovered over the Sanctuary and covered half the sun. It was truly a majestic sight.

This was the fleet that Han Xiao had brought with him. He did not want to park them outside the atmosphere and thus summoned and parked them above the Sanctuary!

This commotion was a hundred to a thousand times greater than the drop pods!

The players on the ground looked up with their jaws dropped in shock!

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