Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 513

Chapter 513 The Truth Of The Mutation Disaster

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Bennetts eyes lit up, and he was overjoyed.

"However, I will take time, and I need to invite others over. We can only take things slowly," Han Xiao said. "I have investigated the truth of the virus and its theory.

"While you guys call it a virus, its official name is the Mutation Source. It is a special biological weapon and is extremely rare. The reason for it being on Planet Aquamarine is that someone intentionally placed the Mutation Source on the planet."

As these words were said, Bennett was startled.

The Mutation Disaster was actually created by men!

It was unbelievable!

Just what kind of an organization would want to do such a thing to Planet Aquamarine? With such strength, they must definitely be a powerful organization in the galaxy, and Planet Aquamarine was no more than a backward planet to them. Why must they place such a biological weapon on the planet?

"I know what all your doubts are, and the reason behind it is pretty complicated. Its impossible to explain the reason in a few sentences. You only need to know that Planet Aquamarine has become an innocent chess piece between the battle of two galactic organizations."

Han Xiao then paused for a while and allowed Bennett and the others present to absorb that information fully before continuing.

"I know that the appearance of the mutation virus has led all of you to believe that the mutation source works in the minds of the individuals. All of you are completely wrong. The Mutation Source isnt an ordinary virusit has a consciousness. It can even be considered a special life form that has only one ability: to influence microorganisms."

"Microorganisms?" Bennett was stunned for a moment. Han Xiaos explanation of the mutation virus was truly out of his expectations. All of the infected individuals showed a change in their personalities and actions, but it was actually unrelated to their minds

Han Xiao pondered for a moment before asking, "When you want to eat, are you the one who wants to eat, or is it your body that wants to eat?"

"It should be my body. Why would I eat if it isnt hungry?" Bennett then fell into a short daze and seemed to have understood something.

"This is the logic. Often, the source of your thoughts is actually the needs of your body, not what you want. It is the microorganisms in your body telling you what they want. The microorganisms in your body perform certain actions to send out hormones, and your brain receives the signal. This is where the desire to eat, breathe, and all other basic desires come from.

"You think that your thoughts are controlling your body but many times, it is the microorganisms in your body that is controlling your thoughts.

"Many physiology conflicts that happen in our body is due to the conflict between the needs of microorganisms and bacteria in our body. The health of ones body is also dependent on the reaction of the bacteria in our body. If they are alright, then our bodies will be alright. However, microorganisms do not have any consciousness. Our actions will also influence the microorganisms. We can choose to suppress the desires of our body and end up being unhealthy. While we seem to be an individual, we are actually a complete system.

"The Mutation Source controls the microorganisms in our body, thus controlling our basic desires. It secretes dozens of times the normal amount of enzymes to give our brain an intense stimulus. It is completely unrelated to our thoughts and isnt able to control our thoughts. However, it can influence us on a biological level by using the desire to destroy, sexual desire, hunger, grief, and many other emotions to direct our thoughts and cause a huge change in personality. You may even end up thinking that these thoughts belong to you as you are still your ordinary self during the outbreak of the virus.

"The reason that the virus cant be detected from the infected individual is because the virus doesnt exist! The so called virus is the microorganisms that are necessary for ones survival!"

Han Xiao understood the Mutation Source. After all, he had gone through this mission in his previous life and had a deep impression of the event. At his current level, his consciousness could already exist independently, but the organs that were used to control his consciousness would be affected. What if he wanted to be immune to the Mutation Source? Very simple. He just had to transfer his consciousness into a machine and give up his body and senses. With his consciousness being separated and living in the brain of a machine, it would be impossible for the machine to be affected by the Mutation Source.

Including Hila, those from Planet Aquamarine were shocked.

"So, this is theory behind the mutation virus," Emerald Grass muttered. "What are its exact parameters? For example, how is it spread? What is the strength of its control? Also, what is special about the Rhodes Fan Leaf? Why is it immune to the mutation virus?"

Han Xiao snapped his fingers and called the Volga brothers over. "Show a picture of that leaf to them."

Emerald Grass flashed a picture, and after taking a look at it, the eldest Volga brother replied with a calm tone, "Isnt this the Serene Grass? This is a raw material for Focus Medicine."

Emerald Grass was stunned. "What does he mean?"

"What he means is, this Rhodes Fan Leaf is an ingredient used by Mages. Only a Mage will be able to bring out the effects of this leaf. The effect of Focus Medicine is to let a Mage enter a special state of extreme calmness. All of their emotions will be suppressed, and the various parts of the brain relating to emotions will be temporarily cut off. This is the reason for its immunity. Regardless of how the mutation virus tries to send hormones, the brain will not feel any desire. That is the theory behind your suppressant."

Everyone immediately came to a realization. After a while, Aurora suddenly asked in a strange tone, "Is there really magic in this world"

Han Xiao had a face full of helplessness but did not want to roll his eyes. This was considered an extremely ordinary piece of information in the galaxy. The ability for a technological civilization to accept new things was truly weak. Their view of the world was far too narrow, and they really needed to broaden their horizons.

After pausing for a moment, Han Xiao continued his explanation.

"In truth, the Mutation Source will not be spread. It has a main body and could be hiding anywhere on the planet. With the main body as the core, its consciousness will be able to cover a large region. In this region, it is able to detect any life forms and control their microorganisms. It is just like a wide-range Esper ability. Apart from the living beings on land, even the living beings in the ocean will be controlled by it. Also, Supers are resistant to its control and wont be affected easily. However, its range and control strength will increase as the Mutation Source grows.

"The control region of the Mutation Source is actually a new living system. The entire control region is like a large body!

"It has only been a month or so since the first outbreak of the virus. The Mutation Source has only just entered its toddler stage from its infant stage. The messy violence in the entire world is only its subconscious action without any purpose or motive. When it matures, it will also become more intelligent, and its actions will gradually have a purpose. That will be the true calamity, and I will be helpless as well. Thus, time is tight."

Han Xiao did not say another word. Those words had already allowed everyone to understand the seriousness of the problem. Bennetts expression was solemn, and he said with a grave tone, "Then what should we no, what are you planning to do?"

He knew that he would not be able to solve the problem with his own organization, and the only choice would be to place his hopes in Black Phantom ah, he should be called Black Star now.

"I have my own plans, but before I set my plan into motion, there is something that I have to do first. I will first bring my subordinates to the place where the materials of the suppressant are grown. Let the Mages under me replace all of you in growing the materials. They will be able to increase the yield greatly." Han Xiao smiled. "We also have to deal with the refugees who were knocked unconscious. Furthermore, there may be more coming in the future. I understand you and know that it is impossible for you to ignore them."

"I knew that you would understand me. We are the same kind after all." Bennett smiled and felt a heavy rock being lifted from his heart. The familiar feeling of chemistry between the two had returned.

On the other side, as Han Xiao was explaining the Mutation Disaster to those in the Sanctuary, his return had been detected by the satellites of the Six Nations. All the images of his return were sent back without anything being missed out.

The upper echelons of the Six Nations were shaken!

They were thoroughly shocked!

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