Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 528

Chapter 528 New Clue

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"Angora, a pureblood Godoran citizen. Once lived on the mother planet before shifting to Colony Planet Gautin. Single parent family with poor living conditions. Family members passed away. No spouse or relatives. Graduated from a public school. Did not have any full-time jobs, and we only have records of a few part-time jobs. Total working time is less than seven months. Locked up for a few days because of fighting, and the last record of his activity is more than ten years ago"

In the room, Hannes and Bennett were seated on the opposite as Han Xiao read this document out before passing it over for the two to read. This piece of information had been given to him by Nagakin. By performing a match with the portrait, Godoras AI was able to easily lock onto the target in the database.

In a galactic civilization, details of all the citizens were recorded, and they needed to use their individual ID for all daily activities. All of their activities would also then be fed back into the main database. The storage center of a high-grade civilization would not only be a single database. The database would only be the largest backup, and apart from that, when data was being transmitted to the main database, it would pass by a few relay nodes, and a backup would be made in those nodes. Thus, even if the main database went down, all of the information would not be lost and could easily be retrieved from the relay nodes.

Personal details of the citizens would naturally be confidential information, but with Nagakins status, it was an extremely easy matter to gain access to the database. According to the law, the personal information of citizens was not allowed to be shown to outsiders. However, rules were dead, whereas people were alive. Nagakin had always wanted to build a good relationship with Black Star, and if Black Star only wanted such a simple piece of information, the upper echelons would also turn a blind eye to the matter. After all, strength gave an individual special privileges.

Of course, Nagakin would also ask why Han Xiao was investigating this person, and Han Xiao did not hide anything from him. He said that a friend had met a foreign Godoran on Planet Aquamarine. As for Hannes guesses, which did not have any evidence to back it up, there naturally was no need to reveal it.

"Its him alright." After taking a close look at the portrait on the file, Hannes confirmed that this was the mysterious Godoran whom he had met on Planet Aquamarine. Noticing that the picture on the file looked much younger, Hannes could not help but ask, "How old is he?"

"According to his birth date, Angora is already more than ninety years old. The lifespan of a Godoran is roughly 1.5 times yours, but the universe would rarely calculate it as such. With a Life Sustaining Hibernation Chamber, it is possible to greatly slow down ones aging. On the file, it has been a few decades since the last recorded activity, which means that Angora did not use his own ID during this period of time. He was inside a Life Sustaining Hibernation Chamber when you met him, and he may have stayed in Planet Aquamarine for a very long time already," Han Xiao mused as he looked at the file in deep thought.

This file was pretty detailed, and it had records of all of Angoras activities from birth until he went missing. The most unexpected thing was the fact that this file was far too ordinary. Angora seemed like an ordinary galactic resident, and with Godoras productive capacity, the majority of its citizens did not need to work anymore. This was also the problem with the majority of the high-grade civilizations.

They would not starve to death if they did not work, but their lives would not be too good. It was probably because of this that Angora had left the mother planet. While the civilization was able to provide for the unemployed, the unemployed would only have their most basic level of needs fulfilled. If they wanted anything better, they would naturally have to go out and work for it. However, the prices and societal climates of the various planets would very naturally end up eliminating those who did not work.

Colony Planet Gautin was located at the periphery of Godoras territory and was a backward planet. If Godora separated its colonies into ranks, Gautin would definitely be at the lowest rank. It was pretty much the slums of the galaxy.

Bennett frowned and said, "Could the mess on Planet Aquamarine be related to him?"

While Bennett was not familiar with the matters of the galaxy, he still had a basic level of judgement. Not just Han Xiao, even he felt that this was the file of an ordinary individual without anything special.

"Its difficult to say. We cant tell which organization he belongs to." Han Xiao shook his head. "However, we have a new clue now. We can choose to either make a trip to Gautin or get the Six Nations to hand over the hibernation chamber that they obtained. As long as I can check the serial number of the chamber, I will be able to find the seller and continue the investigation."

"Alright, we shall be relying on you then." Hannes nodded.

"I shall go and talk to the Six Nations," Bennett said. With him conveying Han Xiaos intentions, the Six Nations definitely would not reject him. Bennett felt that this was all he could do.

Bennett was also a legendary character who had survived the era of the hundred nations and was extremely curious toward the reason for the situation on Planet Aquamarine developing to such a state.

Han Xiao nodded and took out his communicator. After searching through his contacts, he chose a mercenary who was part of the Sky Ring Army. This mercenary had once been a comrade in arms for one of his missions. Han Xiao requested the other party to help him and sent Angoras details over. The other party immediately agreed to help investigate the matter.

Because Gautin was pretty far away and Han Xiao had things to do on Planet Aquamarine, he did not intend to send out the mercenaries under his charge. Thus, he made use of the network that he had built up to hire another mercenary to investigate the matter on his behalf. Sky Ring had many different businesses, and their efficiency would be much higher.

Two days later, the Six Nations sent the hibernation chamber over. Han Xiao hacked into the system and easily obtained the serial number of the chamber. Not only that, he even found out that the hibernation chamber could access the net. With his current skills, Han Xiao was easily able to hack into the account that was logged into the chamber. However, there were only entertainment programs recorded in the account without anything valuable. Still, Han Xiao sent it over to Sky Ring as a new clue.

Following which, Han Xiao threw that matter to the back of his mind.

He had done what he needed to, and he just did not have many clues. He could only wait for Sky Ring to make some progress.

The situation on Planet Aquamarine was slowly stabilizing. Because Godora knew about the effect of the Mutation Source, they did not take too many detours like in Han Xiaos previous life. More and more refugees were saved, and the size of the Sanctuary expanded rapidly. The construction zone continuously expanded, and despite the new buildings being extremely simple looking, the Sanctuary gradually looked more and more like a city.

With his name being hung up on the Sanctuary, all the refugees who entered the Sanctuary would remember his name. While the mutation virus would act up again in the next phase, gathering all the refugees together would make it much easier for them to suppress the chaos. Even if they did not have sufficient suppressants, they could subdue the refugees with force. At the very least, the number of casualties and fatalities would be far less than in Han Xiaos previous life. It was just that there would be a much higher demand on manpower. Even though Bennett was aware of what might happen in the future, he was still insistent on saving people.

Nagakins rescue squad, the players, the Sanctuary, and the Six Nations. Everyone was extremely busy during this period, and there were even a few beast attacks.

Han Xiao continued to hire players, and some of the players who had earned Enas began purchasing items from the faction store. However, because the reward from the Godora missions were little, the players had only spent less than 10,000 Enas in his store, and it was far from being enough for him to pay off his debts.

However, Han Xiao was not the slightest bit anxious as this was only the beginning.

Han Xiao had always believed in collective wealth. Only when the players wallets were full would the buying power of the market increase. As for making the players wealthy, this was something that Han Xiao would not even think of any time soon. After all, it was not easy for the players to earn some money.

Planet Aquamarine was temporarily fine. Before DarkStar took action, Planet Aquamarine would not have any storms. Han Xiao was more concerned about the situation on the other calamity planets. The situation of the calamity was being reported all over the news channels of the Garton Star System, and the citizens of Godora were praying for the rescue squads.

However, a few different voices could also be heard.

"With so many planets falling into calamity at the same time and the symptoms of their illness being similar, this is too much of a coincidence. This matter definitely isnt so simple."

"I heard some rumors that Godora had weapon research facilities on these planets. Their experiments went wrong, which resulted in the weapons being spread out, thus causing the calamity."

"If they wanted to conduct experiments, why didnt they find a planet without any inhabitants? Why would they take the risk and test their weapons on the civilizations of their allies?"

"Indeed, this rumor is too stupid, and it definitely false."

"Not necessarily. If it is a biological weapon, then living beings are needed to conduct an experiment."

"Youre thinking too much. It is probably DarkStar behind this matter. They have the technology and enjoy attacking low-grade civilizations in the Garton Star System to create trouble for Godora."

"What if Godora is intentionally pushing this matter onto DarkStar. Such an enemy is a natural target board."

"Ah, how is that possible? You are just spouting nonsense. You will have to take responsibility for your words in the future."

On Godoras web, some of the citizens began guessing wildly. Compared to thinking about proper rescue missions, many of them preferred to come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories. They preferred the excitement brought about by these rumors. However, not too many people would believe such rumors.

At the same time, there were new rumors about the disaster relief operations.

"I have a friend who is part of the disaster relief squad"

"The I have a friend series has appeared."

"He said that the calamity is too strange, and the upper echelons are completely helpless toward it. They dont know how to solve the problem at its roots and may resort to shifting the entire civilization and receiving the refugees."

"Ah? That cant be right."

"With so many planets, there will be far too many refugees. Shifting so many people will be a huge project, and the upper echelons will probably let those refugees temporarily stay on our colony planets."

"How can that be? I dont want to live together with those backward individuals."

"Thats rightthey can go to other uninhabited planets. Why do they have to come to our territory and snatch our resources?"

"I can still accept the matter if they are only staying temporarily. I am only afraid that they wont be willing to move away."

"Just throw those refugees onto an uninhabited planet and let them die on their own. Just dont come to Godora."

"Thats right. Its enough for us to send out a disaster relief squad. We do not have to take responsibility for them at the end."

All of those opinions had only come out from their imaginations without any concrete evidence. However, it immediately drowned out all the well wishes and prayers for the calamity planets.

Through a small survey conducted, the support that the citizens had toward the disaster relief efforts had also dropped slightly.

All of those rumors appeared very naturally without any signs as though there was something brewing in the darkness.

In the Garton Star System was Colony Planet Gautin, a grayish planet that looked extremely colorless, floating in the darkness of space.

Looking down from outside the atmosphere, the city looked extremely orderly. While it was a lousier Colony Planet, the city would not be dirty or messy. It just was not as prosperous and flashy as the other Colony Planets. Gautin seemed to be dull and grayish without that many golden buildings; Godorans loved the color gold the most.

This situation was because Gautin had outsourced a portion of the citys design to a galactic construction company. As such, the place did not really have the special traits of a Godoran planet. The Godoran citizens who stayed there were naturally those who did not wish to work either.

The planet did not have much wind, and the clouds seemed to be frozen in midair. The moonlight of the artificial moon was not gentle, and the towering buildings were all coated with a layer of light silver paint. All the residential buildings were more than a hundred meters tall, and the windows were all lit up. There seemed to be the warmness of a thousand households being lit up, but those who understood the reason would know that it was because the Godorans who were not willing to work generally enjoyed being holed up at home.

As such, there were not many vehicles on the streets and almost no pedestrians making use of the public flying runes. Only the cleaning robots moved down the streets slowly. While the streets were clean, it was cold and silent.

In a small apartment near the periphery of the city, three Godorans were playing cards and chatting away. They were all pretty old with wrinkles all over their faces. Their figures were plump, and despite the fat on their bodies, it was obvious that they had been pretty fit when they were young.

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