Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Ridiculous Truth 2

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Kedan squirmed around uncomfortably before saying, "I mentioned this matter to him, and he found it very interesting. Thus, I brought him along with me"

Han Xiao felt that the matter becoming more dubious by the second. "What do you mean? Didnt Godora instruct you to do so?"

Kedan paused for a moment and realized that they had misunderstood something. After hesitating for a moment, he thought about the other partys terrifying devices and softly said, "No, this has nothing to do with Godorait was my personal plan."

Both Hannes and Bennett were completely stunned.

"With such authority in my hands, my day to day life was far too boring. As I was observing the situation of Planet Aquamarine, a flash of inspiration suddenly struck me, and I wanted to treat Planet Aquamarine like a sandbox for me to play around with. After all, it was extremely easy for me to play around with a backward civilization, and there werent any risks involved. Because the upper echelons werent bothered by the civil war of a low-grade civilization, I wanted to create a war and see all of you fight because of me. I felt that it was extremely interesting. After thinking about it, I immediately carried out my plan.

"Angora worked together with me for this, and he chose to stay on Planet Aquamarine in the end. He felt that there wasnt any meaning to return to Godora and chose to stay on the backward planet to personally witness the outcome of his actions. He felt that this was an extremely interesting matter as well."

After Kedan finished his words, the entire place fell silent. The lie detector machine did not give out an alarm, which meant that everything Kedan said was true.

Hannes and Bennett were thoroughly dumbfounded.

Wasnt this a plan of the Godoran Civilization?

Was it really only because someone felt bored?

"Impossible!" Hannes lost control. "You are only an ordinary individual. If Godora wasnt involved, how could two ordinary individuals accomplish such a matter"

Kedan shrunk back and said meekly, "It is extremely simple actually. No one suspected that the emissary was a fake because we are truly Godorans."

Hannes was completely stunned. He had thought that it was impossible for two ordinary individuals to cause the entire planet to devolve into war, but he was speechless at this moment.

Thats right, they are Godorans.

That is enough

Because Godora was a high-grade civilization, Godorans were also high grade. Who would suspect them?

Bennetts face turned cold, and he grabbed Kedans collar. Countless families had been ruined in the war, and it was all because two people had found it amusing. Looking at Kedans eyes, which were filled with anxiety and fear but not a single trace of guilt, the words that were about to come out from Bennetts mouth were swallowed back.

At that time, Planet Aquamarine was probably like an ants nest in the eyes of the Godorans. How was playing around with ants a crime?

Han Xiao had a strange look on his face, and he found the truth to be extremely ridiculous.

He had thought that there was a mysterious organization stirring up chaos from the dark, but the truth was completely out of his expectations. There was not a single organization that would even think of scheming against a weak civilization like Planet Aquamarine. The only reason was because an audacious fool had sadistic tendencies. There was no scheming or conspiracies. It was just that simple a reason.

A small figure in Godora had felt bored and incited a war for his own amusement. After the show ended, he had acted as though nothing had happened. In the end, because of the authority that he had in his job and Godoras indifference toward Planet Aquamarine, he had managed to hide this matter for a few decades.

Someone like Angora who was a failure in his own society had chosen to bully the weak and display his superiority in a backward planet as enjoyment.

The only thing that those two individuals had relied on was their gold-colored skin.

The truth was so simple and ridiculous and yet so desolate.

Because they were weak, they were reduced to playthings.

This made Han Xiao feel as though Planet Aquamarine was like a virtuous young lady being raped by a little brat of a wealthy family, unable to even have the thought of resisting.

To Planet Aquamarine, this was a calamity that they did not deserve.

While Han Xiao did not have any attachment to Planet Aquamarine and was not someone who would be affected emotionally, he was truly a little frustrated. However, his frustration was directed toward Godora. After all, the crime of the Godoran civilization in this matter was probably that they were too powerful. Perhaps it was their strength that gave them a sense of superiority.

"How ridiculous." Han Xiao let out a long breath filled with complicated emotions.

Despite a notification popping up on his interface that he had completed the hidden ranked A mission, he didnt have the mood to check it immediately.

The mercenaries from Sky Ring left without Kedan. He was knocked unconscious and locked up in a cage. Han Xiao then allowed Bennett to deal with Kedan as he wished.

Both Bennett and Hannes felt that it was extremely difficult for them to accept this truth. The decades of change on Planet Aquamarine had all been because of this ridiculous reason. All of the suffering that they had gone through suddenly seemed so meaningless. An entire civilization had been toyed with by two aliens.

Their planet could have been much better.

"Dont think too much. If this is the truth, we have no choice but to accept it." Han Xiao shook his head.

Bennett lowered his head and did not know what to say. He then stood up abruptly and looked at Han Xiao with seriousness.

"While I didnt interrupt you when you were negotiating with the Six Nations, I felt uncomfortable in my heart. However, I was wrong." Bennett clenched his fists tightly. "I finally understand your efforts. It is a crime to be weak! You didnt go into the universe just for the solution to the calamity. You also went into the universe for the future of Planet Aquamarine! You are far nobler than me!"

Han Xiaos mouth began to cramp up. Since when did he have such thoughts?

Could it be that the higher the Favorability, the more vivid ones imagination would be

"If not for you, this planet would still be in the dark. I thank you on behalf of Planet Aquamarine." Bennett gave a bow. As Hannes heard those words, he also stood up and bowed toward Han Xiao.

"Dont be like this You guys are making me feel as though I am good guy," Han Xiao said with a helpless tone. His actions were out of his own interests but had an unexpectedly good outcome.

He had never felt that he was a good person. Just like now, he was already thinking of how to make full use of Kedan.

At the same time in Black Phantom Sanctuary, the players were excitedly carrying out the disaster relief missions, and a new round of the Black Star Mercenary Group selection was underway. The sound of fighting and cheering could be heard from afar. Many of the refugees who had been injected with the suppressant finally had hope toward life again, and despite the planet being overwhelmed with calamity, the entire Sanctuary was filled with energy.

In the sky, a couple of Godora spaceships were hovering, and Nagakin looked down at the plaza in deep thought.

His assistant by the side asked, "Your Excellency Nagakin, what do you think of these Inhumans?"

"Full of potential." Nagakin nodded. After a few days of observation, he had already noticed the players potential. From the slight importance that he had attached to them at the beginning, he paid close attention to them now.

With the unexpected surprise of the Inhumans, Nagakin felt that the objective of his mission should not be disaster relief.

While Godora had sent troops over to aid Planet Aquamarine, this did not mean that they would be overly invested in a low-grade civilization like Planet Aquamarine. The way Nagakin saw it, those Inhumans would be able to bring him much greater benefits.

"There are plenty of Inhumans, and there are more than a million on the entire planet. There are so many Super, and all of them have the potential to grow. This is a force that shouldnt be underestimated," the assistant said.

"Thats right. We should begin engaging the Inhumans There is value in roping them in."

"What do you want to do?"

"Issue a recruitment notice, just like Black Star. Godora should be far more attractive than a single Mercenary Group."

Nagakin made his decision. While he respected Black Stars strength, with such a large group of Supers before his eyes, he could not ignore their presence and wanted a slice of the cake.

Even if the Inhumans were from Black Stars hometown, Nagakin would not allow Black Star to swallow the entire cake alone.

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