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Chapter 533 Not Angry Not Angry At All

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After a short, casual conversation, Han Xiao followed Nagakin into the Godoran camp and shook off the crowd of players. He did not wish for the players to hear his conversation with Nagakin.

While the players could move about in the Godoran camp, the core region of the camp was not open to them, so the Godoran troops stopped the players outside.

Walking into the room, both of them sat down.

"How is the disaster relief going?" Han Xiao asked with a smile.

"The situation is improving, and order is gradually being restored. Your information was a huge help. Not just on Planet Aquamarine, the disaster relief squads on the other calamity planets have acted according to your information, and the situation is stabilizing. As long as they can control the effect of the calamity, we only need to wait for the research department to develop an antidote."

Upon talking about serious matters, Nagakins face became stern.

Following which, both of them discussed the disaster relief operation on Planet Aquamarine. They discussed the problems that Nagakin was currently facing, their management problems, and so on. After a long conversation, Han Xiao suddenly said, "Right, I saw you recruiting people on my way over."

"Haha, thats right," Nagakin said in a straightforward manner and did not attempt to hide anything. "I never expected such a strange phenomenon to occur on Planet Aquamarine. After a period of observation, I noticed that they are all full of potential. No wonder you wanted to recruit them. I am also prepared to recruit some Inhumans."

Han Xiao stroked his chin and did not show any emotion. "Hmm, I have long known about the Inhumans. Your Observer didnt understand their situation, and upon seeing that they behaved like ordinary humans, he decided to ignore them entirely. Indeed, they are full of potential, and their numbers are not to be underestimated."

"Thats right, your prestige is extremely high among the Inhumans. Can you help me?" Nagakins eyes lit up, and he felt that he could seek Black Star for help.

He had seen that the Black Star Mercenary Group did not accept everyone who applied and was holding a selection instead. Thus, he thought that Black Star did not intend to dominate the entire market of Inhumans. As such, he felt that Black Star would not be angry, and upon seeing Han Xiaos calm reaction, Nagakin felt that his thoughts were confirmed. As such, he had approached Han Xiao for help.

Han Xiao immediately had a strange look on his face.Dont go too far, alright? Not only are you trying to poach the players, you still want me to teach you how to poach them well!

Han Xiao then nodded and said, "I can give you some advice, but I cant guarantee the effects of my advice. After all, the Inhumans arent my subordinates."

Nagakin thought for a moment before saying, "What method did you use to get so many Inhumans to be interested in your mercenary group?"

"Nothing much actually. I pretty much did the same thing as you. I introduced the background of my mercenary group, the situation of the galaxy, and some of the benefits they can get. The rest was up to the choice of the Inhumans. As long as you explain Godoras background, I believe that you will be able to attract some of them."

"I think so, too." Nagakin nodded. His method was not wrong. It was just that Black Star had the initiative.

Since he was going in the right direction, Nagakin did not intend to change his plan. Compared to joining a mercenary group, joining Godora should be a much better choice. It seemed like he only needed to give the Inhumans some time to understand Godora better.

After another few sentences, Han Xiao bade farewell and walked out of the Godoran camp with a chuckle.

Nagakins guess was right; he was not angry at all. He had known all along that Godora would be his competitor, and Nagakins actions were within his expectations. Originally, DarkStar would also have been another competitor, but because of the Germinal Organizations destruction, DarkStar would not appear for the time being. With him being tied onto the same boat as Godora, it was almost akin to DarkStar being eliminated from the picture, so he had one less competitor.

Han Xiao was extremely clear that there was nothing special about Nagakins recruitment process. It was just like what he was doing, introducing his own background to the players. It was just that, in his previous life, the players could only choose between righteous and evil. However, in this life, the players had a new camp to choose from, and thus, Godora was not able to monopolize the market.

After he built up a strong rapport with the players over time, it was a dream for Nagakin to shake his position in the players hearts so easily.

Even if Godora was able to give the players benefits, they still would not be able to compete with him. The many videos that Bun-Hit-Dog had posted had a huge effect on the players. The videos allowed the players to fully understand the Black Star Mercenary Group and also look forward to joining the mercenary group. The effect of the video series that Bun-Hit-Dog had produced allowed the players to form a sense of belonging to the mercenary group.

In terms of benefits, he had the advantage. In terms of feelings, he had the advantage. In terms of interest, he still had the advantage. He had the advantages in every area, and Nagakin still did not know why he had lost.

Because of sufficient preparations, Han Xiao did not even need to take action personally, and Godora would not be able to shake his position in the players hearts.

Furthermore, the players could indeed join two different factions. The way Han Xiao saw it, their true choice would be made when it was time to leave the planet. At that time, the players would have to choose who they wanted to follow. Thus, Han Xiao was not anxious yet.

When the players had to make a choice between the two, he would definitely have the advantage. Together with the effect of the crowd, more players would select him for sure, which was as good as moving the Players Main City!

At that time, the Godoran camp would definitely be cold and desolate.

However, Han Xiao would never fuss over having too many schemes. Even if his advantage was obvious, he would not ignore the situation and started to think about a plan to deal with Godora.

I am still in an alliance with Godora, so I cannot drop all pretenses. That would be far too irrational. While Godoras competitiveness still cannot be compared to mine, of the many different types of players, some will choose them for sure. However, this isnt too big a concern. It is enough for my recruitment to achieve the intended effect. Hmm, after this is over, I can set up a branch on Planet Aquamarine, and I will have a never ending supply of new blood in the future.

Han Xiao stroked his chin and thought of two different methods to deal with the situation.

First, I should increase my attractiveness to the players. The players already more or less understand the benefits that I can bring to them, but there is still room for improvement. If I want to get the players to follow the mercenary group into the galaxy, I must first make them reluctant to part with me. Heh, there is actually a very simple way.

Letting out a light chuckle, Han Xiao immediately formed a plan. Just like how the Sky Ring Army had different ranks, he could also create a ranking system in the Black Star Mercenary Group.

When the players contribution points reach a certain level, including the contribution points that they spent in the faction shop, they could reach a new rank. He would give those different ranks a different glorious title and record them in the players mercenary file.

Apart from giving the players a sense of achievement, there would be practical benefits that came along with the ranks. For example, they would be able to get different discount levels in the faction store at different ranks. As such, the players would not be willing to give up their previous accumulations, with the main reason being that they could not part with the money that they had spent earlier. This way, their sense of belonging to the faction would also be increased.

An achievement ranking is an important key to the success of a faction. Its akin to the ranking structure within the organization. I should get it settled soon so that it will be easy to manage the faction in the future. I still have to think of a cool name for the ranks.

Han Xiao clicked his tongue in a good mood. As for coming up with names, it was something that he was the best at.

Apart from increasing his own attractiveness, the other plan would naturally be to deal a blow to the opponent.

Since he could not drop all pretenses with Godora, he could only choose to stab them in the back. His choice of weapon? Public opinion.

Han Xiao immediately picked his target.

The player forum was the best platform to deal a blow to Godoras image. The forum was something that only the players could see, and even if he stabbed Godora in the back, they would not know what was going on.

Han Xiao then let out a cunning smile.It seems like I have to make use of Bun-Hit-Dog.

That night, at the core region of the Sanctuary, a group of players were currently rushing over to Han Xiaos living quarters. The ones who had received the notification were Frenzied Sword, Bun-Hit-Dog, Hao Tian, and Maple Moon. They were the four who had met Han Xiao the earliest.

"I wonder why Black Star has summoned us so suddenly."

Not too long ago, they had received a faction mission on their interface, instructing them to immediately meet Han Xiao. Since the reward of the mission was plentiful, the few of them had not delayed in the slightest and gone to find Han Xiao immediately.

When they reached the appointed location, a black dressed Han Xiao appeared in front of them and nodded emotionlessly. After greeting them, he took the four of them through a series of winding corridors, and they reached a secret interrogation room. At the same time, they were shocked to realize that Bennett was also present.

This main character figure was one that everyone on Planet Aquamarine recognized. For two important figures to appear at the same time, Frenzied Sword and the others immediately knew that this matter was not so simple.

"What do we need to do?" Maple Moon asked.

Han Xiao turned around and slowly said, "A few days ago, we caught someone, and the results of the interrogation were harrowing. Thus, we changed many different interrogators to confirm the intelligence. All of you are partners whom I trust, and I need all of you to help me interrogate him again."

As he said that, he issued a new mission called [Interrogation] to the four of them and set the reward as the daily limit that he could give out.

Upon hearing that, the four of them turned around to take a look at the one-way mirror and saw the target who they were supposed to interrogate.

He was a frantic looking Godoran who was looking around in fear.

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