Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 562

Chapter 562 Destruction

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The DarkStar team stationed on Planet Aquamarine had originally thought that it would be completely pointless for the forces on Planet Aquamarine to search for the Mutation Source. However, they had managed to find the Mutation Source in a single day. This truth dumbfounded those in the team.

The new research equipment had only been put into use for a few days, and DarkStar had been kept in the dark. They did not know that Godora had developed a device to locate the Mutation Source but assumed that it was because of luck.

"Black Star is fighting the Mutation Source in the Western Continent," a member of the team reported. "From the images shown, the Mutation Source does not have the ability to fight back. Black Stars strength is far superior to that of those on the planet, and it will be impossible for the Mutation Source to win against Black Star."

"I know," the captain said in a deep voice. "The detection equipment must have detected the Mutation Sources radiation reaction. The Mutation Source isnt mature yet, and it is currently weak. Even if it has obtained a body, it may not be a match for Black Star.

"However, it is extremely difficult to kill the Mutation Source. Most attacks are useless against it and will allow it to accumulate energy instead. While Black Star is powerful, he wont be able to kill the Mutation Source."

While they were surprised at the fact that the Mutation Source was found, the DarkStar team was not anxious. The Mutation Source had a stubborn life force, and it would not be easily destroyed. However, it was best that they report this matter to their higher ups.

Just when the captain was about to contact his superiors, one of his team members gasped. "Wait, what did Black Star do The Mutation Source seems to be injured!"

"What" The captain immediately looked at the screen, only to see Han Xiao injecting the Mutation Source with a needle before seeing the state of the Mutation Source taking a turn for the worse. That attack of his had caused true damage!

The face of the captain turned dark and immediately understood what was going on. No wonder Planet Aquamarine had suddenly started searching for the Mutation Source! It turned out that Black Star had found a way to deal with the Mutation Source!

He immediately realized how serious the situation was.

"Send an emergency report to the headquarters!"

A gigantic DarkStar fleet was currently moving in space and nearing Planet Golden Gate.

It was only two days until their assault on Planet Golden Gate, and their forces were now rushing toward Planet Golden Gate. Degulish had placed all of his attention on this matter and handed all other affairs over to the intelligence department to handle. However, right at that moment, the intelligence department rushed into the room with an emergency report. The Head of Intelligences tone was filled with anxiety, and Degulishs puzzled eyes gradually turned into shock.

"Impossible!" Degulish stood up abruptly with a face of disbelief.

Black Star was currently fighting the Mutation Source and Planet Aquamarine seemed to have the ability to solve the Mutation Disaster at its roots!

The organization that had sold DarkStar the Mutation Source had shown the upper echelons of DarkStar a set of complicated data and ensured that it would take at least a year before the Mutation Source would be dealt with. However, only a few months had passed! How could Godora come up with a solution so quickly

The Head of Intelligence had an ugly expression. "Godora kept the matter a complete secret, and my intelligence network wasnt aware of their research details."


The alloy table was smashed into pieces; Degulish was furious.

He had never expected that the first thing to go wrong with this plan would be the foundation of his entire plan! It was akin to his backyard being on fire!

If Black Star or Godora truly had the means to deal with the Mutation Disaster at its roots, all of DarkStars plans would be affected! Without Godoras forces being tied down in the calamity planets and the many political restraints that Godora faced internally, the latter part of their plans could not be carried out. This plan that they had spent many years preparing for would have to come to an end.

To think that things would go wrong at this crucial moment!

If it was truly the worst-case scenario, their attack on Planet Golden Gate would be forced to stop, and they would have to alter their plans.

"Just what is" Degulish grit his teeth and suppressed his rage. "Tell the team on Planet Aquamarine that I want them to give me a live report of the battlefield!"

Outside the door, Ember passed by coincidentally. Glancing at Degulish, his eyes narrowed for a moment, and a queer look could be seen in his gaze.

Bang bang bang!

The Mutation Source did not have the strength to fight back before Han Xiao and was beaten black and blue. The Mutation Source was sent flying all around and was like a human-sized sandbag. Not only was it very durable, it felt extremely good as well. Han Xiao could not even bear to use any long-ranged weapons, and the Mutation Source was truly a premium product in the world of sandbags.

How wonderful it would be if he could give the Mutation Source a few punches when he was bored.

It was a pity that the Mutation Source would definitely have to be killed. Not to mention Godoras firm stance, the Mutation Source was a biological weapon that could control other living beings, and it was a huge threat to many species in the galaxy. The lawful civilization would not allow such a weapon to be in the hands of an outsider.

The scene of Han Xiao beating up the Mutation Source was broadcast to all the players on Planet Aquamarine. All the players had a queer feeling in their hearts. The Main Storyline Boss was currently being furiously beaten up by a familiar NPC. Why did it seem as though Black Star was more like the Boss?

Seeing the Mutation Source being beaten up so badly, some of the players could not help but pity it. Voices of encouragement could be seen on the forums with many joking about it.

"Give it your all! Dont give up!"

"Run! You wont be able to win against the great demon Black Star!"


Han Xiao chopped down on the Mutation Sources head, but there was no feeling of striking a target. Han Xiaos hand cleaved through the Mutation Source and split it in two. More accurately speaking, the Mutation Source had chosen to split its body in two to avoid Han Xiaos chop.

Following which, the two halves began spitting out a black, gluey substance like a fountain, and that black stuff began swimming away in the muddy water like snakes.

While the Mutation Sources thoughts were still immature, fear was a natural instinct. In its short confrontation with Han Xiao, it had always been on the losing end. Han Xiaos strength made it feel completely helpless, and the Mutation Source did not wish to continue this battle. As such, it split up its body to confuse its opponent, allowing its main body to escape.

The rain provided the Mutation Source with an avenue of escape. With the beasts fighting the mechanical army, the entire battlefield was a complete mess, and it was beneficial to the Mutation Sources escape. Amid the copious black sticky substance, only one part of it was the main body.

"Want to escape? Do you think thats possible?"

Upon saying that, Han Xiao suddenly felt as though he was the antagonist.

The thrusters on his back and feet were activated, and Han Xiao shot toward a black sticky gel that was currently escaping. When they were battling, Phillip had recorded the data of the Mutation Source, and the radar clearly displayed the position of the main body.

The Mutation Source was currently in the shape of a snake and upon sensing that Han Xiao had locked onto it, its body transformed into a water like state, seeping into the soil.


Han Xiao waved his arm, and two gigantic mechanical arms scooped up the soil, catching the Mutation Source together with it.

The Mutation Source then shot itself toward an eagle and dug into its body.

The eagle shot toward the sky and flew away.

Tuk tuk tuk!

The next moment, more than ten cannon towers in the surroundings turned around and locked onto the eagle. In an instant, the eagle was reduced to a lump of burnt meat.

With a loud thud, the Mutation Source fell back onto the ground. It still wanted to escape, but a large mechanical hand suddenly appeared and grabbed it tightly.

"You wont be able to escape from both the skies and ground. Stop struggling and take your injection." Han Xiao clenched his fists, and a needle could be seen on his finger. The second needle was injected into the Mutation Source.


An explosion similar to the first time could be heard, and the interface displayed a notice of the Mutation Source being weakened again. This time, the Mutation Source took a longer time to regain its human form.

The beasts in the surroundings regained their clarity again, and they managed to maintain their clarity for a longer period of time before falling under the control of the Mutation Source once more. At the same time, the beasts were obviously less crazy, and some of them even showed signs of retreat.

The Mechanic Army was like a meat grinder, and the thousands of beasts were ground into meat paste by these metal beasts. The dark, muddy waters were dyed completely red. In the face of the frightening enemies that did not seem to know fatigue, the beasts under the control of the Mutation Source could not suppress their fear.

Right at that moment, a commotion erupted.

Han Xiao turned around and saw hundreds of players charging into the battlefield.

Without even thinking, Han Xiao knew that those players were attracted by the Boss and wanted to snatch the last hit from him.

The intention of the players was far too obvious. They wanted to make use of the gap that had been created by the Mechanic Army and beasts to charge to the boss. In other words, they treated his Mechanic Army as a form of cover.

"How crafty."

Han Xiaos mouth cramped up a bit, and he instructed Phillip to pull back the Mechanic Army as long as the players moved forward. The effects of his actions were extremely obvious, and the plan of the players was foiled. Without the cover of the Mechanic Army, they were quickly overwhelmed by the herd of beasts, and their deaths were truly a wonder to behold.

Want to snatch the last hit? You must be dreaming.

Shaking his head, Han Xiao charged toward the Mutation Source and injected the last needle into the Mutation Source.

With the three injections done, the Mutation Source was on the verge of collapse and showed signs of melting. However, his guess was not wrong, and the Mutation Source did not get destroyed.

Godora were truly pig like teammates!

Thankfully, the Mutation Source has less than half of its strength, and its extremely easy to kill.

The Mutation Source was currently at its weakest, and Han Xiao did not wish to allow anyone to snatch the last hit. He waved his arm and let out the Halo Array. A golden shield was immediately formed around him and the Mutation Source. With the strength of the players and beasts, it would be impossible for them to break this light shield.

The Mutation Sources body began to change shape, and it could only maintain the shape of the upper torso. Part of its main body began to disintegrate and disappear, which meant that the Mutation Source was on the verge of destruction. It became extremely difficult for the Mutation Source to even maintain its human form, and it was already on the verge of death.

The Mutation Source suddenly opened its mouth. "I dont wish to die"

While its tone was monotonous, Han Xiao could hear the pleading in it.

Pausing for a moment, Han Xiao opened the helmet of his mechanical suit and sighed. "I am here to kill you. It is useless for you to say this to me."

"I dont understand I only wish to survive like all of you"

Han Xiao shook his head and replied, "You have already brought a huge calamity to this planet, and while this may not have been your original intention, your very existence is in conflict with too many species. Your survival would mean the death of others. Even without me, there are others who would kill you."

The Mutation Source treated other living beings as its sensory organs and aimed to assimilate other living beings. In its world, controlling its sensory organs was its innate ability, and there was nothing wrong with it.

Looking from another perspective, it could be said that the Mutation Source was a type of special life form that could control different sensory organs to become part of its body. Its innate ability was to expand its own body, and it would naturally stand on the opposite side of many living beings.

When the Mutation Source was sufficiently strong, it would be able to control all living beings on a planet, and the living beings on the planet would become its body. This meant that the entire planet would become its consciousness.

If an outsider stepped onto the planets and entered its range, they would also become part of the Mutation Sources body.

At this level, the Mutation Source was no longer a type of virus or weapon. Instead, it was like a divine being that could grasp all consciousness!

Thus, the existence of the Mutation Source was too much of a threat.

"Why? Why am I the only one who cant be alive?" the Mutation Source muttered to itself.


Right at that moment, Nagakins spaceship arrived and was rapidly reaching the battlefield. They arrived at the very end and came with the majesty of the cops.

"Its time for you to be on your way." Han Xiaos mechanical arm transformed into a large cannon and aimed at the Mutation Source.

The Mutation Source looked at Han Xiao and said, "Is it really impossible for you to let me go?"

Han Xiao shook his head, and his cannon accumulated strength.

"Am I going to die? Just what is death like?"

The Mutation Source knew that its life was about to come to an end and could not help but think about the time when it was just born. It did not have any sensory organs and could not observe the outside world. The entire world was in a state of darkness, and it was like primal chaos. Would death be just like when it was born?

For some reason, the Mutation Source suddenly thought about the time when it first awakened its ability to control sensory organs. At that time, it had only been able to share the view of infected individuals. It could remember the many smiling faces all around, but those smiling faces seemed to have decreased over time.

At the very end of its life, its fear disappeared completely, and the Mutation Source transformed its face into the smiling face in its memory. "Thank you for telling me all that Thank you for accompanying me in a conversation"

The Mutation Source was actually extremely pure and was like a blank sheet of paper. Han Xiao also knew this.


His cannon was shot, and the Mutation Source was reduced to dust.

Retracting his cannon, Han Xiao let out a sigh, and his mechanical suit transformed back into a compressed orb.

"Im sorry. I understand you, but Im your enemy."

Keeping his protective shield, Han Xiao looked around him.

The beasts had all regained their clarity, and fear could be seen in their eyes. The herd of beasts immediately scattered in all directions and only left behind a ground littered with corpses.

The rain was still pouring, and it got heavier and heavier.

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