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Chapter 568 Imminent Danger

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The Galaxy Times had released a new program for the week.

As usual, the players on the forums were bustling, eager to know about this weeks program.

The familiar faces of the two hosts once again appeared in front of the camera, saying the same familiar catchphrase opening sentences.

"Hello players, this is Galaxy Times, dedicated to sharing first-hand game information," the male host said. "Your gaming career is our top priority."

"Based on an anonymous response from our player friends, the station has decided to cancel the joke section. Were a serious news channel, and our principle has always been to deliver the most accurate and detailed news, not gain viewers through the usage of humor hehe." The female host solemnly read out from the script but started laughing halfway.

"Be serious." The male host was seated upright, his gaze not shifting, and his lips did not even open when he was speaking, as though the words came directly from his throat.

A number of the viewers cheered, and the entire screen blurred with all sorts ofchatter1.

"Hey hey, whats this about cancelling? This program was originally for lame jokes!"

"Hahaha, this is even funnier than their original lame jokes!"

The program continued as the female host regained her composure. "This weeks program was delayed for two days. This was because its content was originally about the Main Storyline for Version 2.0 on each planet. However, with the recent happenings on Planet Aquamarine, we had to change the content. Lets look at the content for this week"

This weeks Galaxy Times episode was about the Version 2.0 Main Storyline for each of the novice planets. At this point, the majority of novice planets were already somewhat aware of the storyline and were just about to enter the most exciting phase.

But the actions on Planet Aquamarine had resulted in the Galaxy Times changing their report. This was because they had managed to end the Mutation Disaster; thus, their prepared content had to be updated.

While the players on the other planets were still happily progressing along the plot, the players on Planet Aquamarine had already completed their task.

This caused the players from the other planets to feel envious and jealous.

The last feature of the program was about Planet Aquamarine.

"In Version 1.0, Planet Aquamarine was also the only planet that managed to have players enter the interstellar area. If we look across the board, each novice planet has a certain specialty, and the specialty of Planet Aquamarine is to allow their players to enter the interstellar stage earlier.

"This time, Planet Aquamarine ended the Main Storyline of Version 2.0 way ahead of schedule. This also means that the players will enter the interstellar maps earlier than the other novice planets. Based off the current circumstances on Planet Aquamarine, it seems like the NPC guide to the interstellar path is Black Phantom, now known as Black Star. This is a legendary figure, with many channels dedicating themselves to understanding his past deeds. I will not waste time introducing him here."

While the Main Storyline of the planet had ended early, the players had also gotten the opportunity to enter the interstellar region earlier. To all the players, this was many times better than the storyline in Version 2.0!

All the players on Planet Aquamarine were overjoyed, and the Chinese clubs were even happier. This meant that they had correctly chosen their starting planet to be Planet Aquamarine, as it allowed them to pull forward from all the other esports clubs all over the world.

"From Black Star, we found out that the other novice planets will all have a faction with a guide. We will now focus on the introduction of Black Star and his Mercenary Groups actions on Planet Aquamarine"

The two hosts recited their lines, analyzing the actions of Han Xiao in the Mutation Disaster from various angles. This was followed by analysis of the merits of joining the Black Star Mercenary Group, and they eventually gave a high evaluation.

Based on the knowledge given by the professional players under Black Star in Version 1.0, they knew that the privileges offered by the Black Star Mercenary Group were numerous. Furthermore, it was still a faction in its infancy. This meant that with the players fighting for the mercenary group, they could further increase its value, adding more benefits for themselves.

Thus, the Galaxy Times felt that the faction was something to be considered in the long term, and it was even possible for Black Star himself to be a hidden Main Storyline.

The players of Planet Aquamarine had long understood this from the start and thus did not show much response. Instead, it was the players all over the other novice planets that sighed in envy. Why did they not manage to get such a good NPC?

"They really did a great job inflating me."

Han Xiao was also viewing this program. The Galaxy Times contained a lot of complicated content, and it was unlike the video channels made by Bun-Hit-Dog that were only meant for viewership. The Galaxy Times had a colossal audience, and they mainly reported on events that had wide reaching impact. By talking about him, they had indirectly helped raise his reputation, attracting many potential players to this planet.

Turning off the forum, Han Xiao focused on the scene before his eyes. Right now, he was in the refugee area outside the Second Sanctuary. Bennetts Sanctuaries were no longer just shelters but rather urbanized cities. While the Mutation Disaster had just ended, a few of the stronger willed refugees had already begun to eke out a living once again and come out with their own little businesses and shops. They could not be termed refugees anymore but rather just residents.

Han Xiao sat outside a small street stall on the roadside. He had heard that the owner of this humble stall used to be a senior executive chef and had fled to seek refuge when the disaster struck. While he only used cheaper ingredients now, the taste was superb. The meat broth bubbled merrily on a stove, the rich fragrance wafting out, and the chef was even searing meat by the side using a metal pan. His wife was his kitchen aide and was stir-frying vegetables. The aroma of cooking food caused many passersby to glance back a second time.

There was a long queue in front of this booth, with people by the roadside wolfing down their food. There was a person who almost swallowed his fingers as well while eating. In the last few months, there was barely anyone who had eaten a proper meal. While the fare provided was simple, the combination of food with oil heightened their impression to that of a delicacy, allowing these people to soothe their strained heartstrings.

This street had originally been a dirty refugee camp, but now, it was so much cleaner. The atmosphere was no longer as depressed. A few of the refugees who had decided to stay had begun demolishing the tents and building simple houses, causing the streets to appear like a construction site and become a hubbub of noise and chatter.

"Sister, this is very nice!"

Seated opposite on the small table, Aurora cradled a bowl, making slurping noises as she ate. Her cheeks wobbled with every bite, causing her to resemble a tiny squirrel.

Hila only ate a few mouthfuls before she stopped. She stretched out a hand, tucking the stray strands of hair behind Auroras ear, softly patting her back at the same time to ensure she did not choke.

The Great Mechanic Han was not so solitary that he would go shopping alone. He had asked the two sisters along with him, to observe the situation around the Sanctuary, as well as to talk about any issues they would have with the Dragon Emperor.

Although the Mutation Disaster had ended and the problem of Planet Aquamarine was resolved along with the leaving of the Godoran spaceship, Nagakin had surprisingly stayed to be in charge of communications.

Han Xiao estimated that the players would have probably gotten used to the fact that the Main Storyline had ended, and thus decided to wrap things up and formally take the players away. In the meantime, Ames had instructed him to take the two sisters over to Floating Dragon. Having asked the two of them, he did not receive any objections.

As they ate, Han Xiao transmitted his thoughts over to Risda. Risda had been attempting to hack into DarkStar mothership for a few days but still had not managed to completely break into the database.

However, according to the update sent by Risda, the estimated time should be near. As long as the hack was successful, the locations of all the DarkStar motherships would be revealed, which would spell their death.

Recently, news has spread about the increase in development of the Mutation Source on the calamity planets. The Godoran rescue teams are getting frustrated. It seems as though the infiltration teams of DarkStar on each planet have found the Mutation Source and fed it enough energy to accelerate its development. They have not given up just yet.

Han Xiao sat there silently contemplating before shaking his head. Most likely, Godoras current attention was no longer on providing disaster relief. He had to wait for his own intelligence to completely destroy the tumor that was DarkStar.

Wiping his mouth, Han Xiao stood up and prepared to pay. Seeing this, the chef hurriedly wiped his hands, rejecting the payment.

"Your Honor, youre the savior of our planet; everyone here owes you their life. How could we accept your payment?"

The attitude of the stall owner was determined, and this attracted the chorus of the surrounding crowd.

Hearing this, Han Xiao did not insist, instead patting Hila on the head and saying, "Then you pay."

"Did I allow you to touch my head? Do you think Im Aurora"

Hila grumpily smacked off Han Xiaos hand, glaring at him, before talking out her purse.

Du! Du!

At this time, his communicator sounded. It was a message from Risda.

"Ive succeeded in hacking into their database and have located the coordinates of all the DarkStar motherships. Ive discovered that there is a mothership thats moving toward Planet Aquamarine. Its extremely close, and there are three Calamity Grade Supers within. You have to be careful."

The first half of the sentence left Han Xiao in joy, but the latter half caused his expression to sink.

A DarkStar mothership is approaching Planet Aquamarine

It went without saying, the three Calamity Grade Supers definitely did not come here for sightseeing!

"Could it be that DarkStar wishes to eradicate the calamity planet that has managed to resolve the mutation disaster"

Han Xiaos thoughts flashed, and he came up with a conjecture that was close to the mark.

However, their motive should also be to deal with him, or else they would not have brought out three Calamity Grades.

Could it be that DarkStar had discovered his involvement and schemes

Han Xiao groaned inwardly. Since the Godoran frigate was not present, he alone was unable to withstand the attacks from a mothership.

The circumstances were dire!

He immediately contacted Nagakin. The first issue now was to remain rational and seek for help.

"Ive discovered a DarkStar mothership in the vicinity of Planet Aquamarine. They most likely wish to eradicate this planet, and thus, danger is imminent. We have to request for assistance!"

"What Ill report it up now!" Nagakin exclaimed.

Since they were still within their honeymoon period of cooperating, Godora would definitely come to his aid.

Han Xiao did not stop to rest, immediately contacting Bennett and the Six Nations. He requested for them to arrange staff to guide the people in the cities to take shelter in the underground air defense facilities.

DarkStar would be launching a global strike, and without the frigate from Godora to protect the planet, the danger would be a hundred times higher. This would be akin to throwing a delicate pretty girl into a group of sex-starved men. They could only try to minimize the losses before the reinforcements came.

This was the greatest crisis that Planet Aquamarine had ever faced. DarkStar was an enemy that this planet could not afford to face. If they did not handle the situation properly, their civilization would end there and then!

Just like the Sunil civilization of the past.

"Whats wrong?" Hila caught Han Xiaos expression and furrowed her brows.

"Theres a fleet thats about to attack us. Dont tarry here any longer. Take your sister to the Sanctuary to hide. Ill activate the protective shield later," Han Xiao replied swiftly.

"Aurora will return. I can stay to protect you," Hila replied in a solemn tone.

"Help my *ss, this battlefield is way too early for you to be participating in!"

Han Xiao was not courteous at all. When faced with three Calamity Grades, even he would feel the pressure. If not for the fact that he had received the two Molding Abilities that made him into something of a power generator, he would not take the risk of facing the enemy at all. To think that Hila, who was far from having the qualifications to participate, wanted to join in!

Hilas face turned stiff as she angrily gritted her teeth. However, she knew that Han Xiao was not someone who would pretend to be strong. If he said that she was not suitable, then she was really ill-suited for it. She did not hesitate, hurriedly taking her sister to run toward the inner portions of the Sanctuary, her speed extremely quick.

Given Han Xiaos current status, he was fully capable of commanding the whole of Planet Aquamarine. Having received his news, the Six Nations and Bennett were alarmed and immediately mobilized people to help the civilians evacuate.

Alarms rang throughout the Sanctuary, and the city immediately turned chaotic. Groups of refugees were guided toward the air defense facilities.

The residents in the street also left, jostling with each other.


Just as Han Xiao was preparing to go up to the command center to coordinate the overall situation, a whistling sound came from the sky.

More than a dozen spaceships from DarkStar entered the atmosphere, heading toward the shelters. They swooped at high speed and, without warning, immediately began firing their laser cannons. Clusters of beams hit various locations in the Sanctuary, and dozens of areas immediately exploded.


Flames and smoke rose up into the sky. The next second, the peaceful Sanctuary turned into a visage of hell!

This did not stop at the Sanctuaries. At the same time, the Six Nations were also attacked by the DarkStar ships.

Planet Aquamarine had come under enemy attack once again!

"How did they arrive so quickly" Han Xiao had a grave expression. He had only received the news a few short minutes ago and only just begun to evacuate the civilians. How did the enemies appear so quickly?

A DarkStar spaceship shot over his head, bringing with it a screaming gust of wind. Han Xiao glanced up at it, and his eyes suddenly focused.

Thats right. The mothership should not have arrived yet. This group should be the vanguard!

We have to immediately bring these spaceships down!

Han Xiao contacted his mercenaries to deploy the protective shield at the base while starting up the ground-to-air Electromagnetic Rail Cannon. He also ordered the officers such as Herlous to utilize the assault ships seized the previous time to fight against the DarkStar vanguards.

With a protective shield above the Sanctuary, the situation was better there compared to the Six Nations. They were the ones that required more help at the moment.

As he was issuing his orders, Han Xiao suddenly sensed danger and immediately leaped to the side. A black arrow that was tens of meters long was deeply embedded where he had previously stood.


The street split apart from the impact!

The next second, the dark arrow collapsed and turned into countless particles, hovering around a figure in the sky.

Ember lowered his head to look at Han Xiao. His face was expressionless as he snapped his fingers.


His move is not targeted at meHan Xiaos heart tightened, and he quickly turned back to look. Behind him, the refugees that were running away from afar all turned into piles of ash in an instant. The stall owners family was one of the affected. Just a second ago, he had still been running away in large strides, and in the next second, he had turned into a pile of ash on the ground.

Those who were fortunately spared from the attack all collapsed to the ground, scared silly. A warmth could be felt around their crotches.

At this point, Ember looked down from high above, coldly speaking.

"Did you miss me, Black Star?"

Dammit, this guys ability to cause damage to civilians is too scary. I have to hold him down!

Han Xiao furrowed his brows before reining in his stare. He looked at Ember as he sarcastically replied, "Of course I did. You lost to me so many times previously. Do you wish to taste defeat once more?"

Hearing this, a hint of anger appeared on Embers face. However, he realized that his mission was to force Black Star to stay and battle him, and his anger was immediately replaced by a cold sneer.

"Haha, do you think I came to deal with you this time?"

Ember raised his head to look at his surroundings. The Sanctuary was set ablaze, with spaceships constantly bombarding the area. The streets had turned into debris, with waves of refugees constantly running around.

His gaze swept across the muddled crowds before locking onto the escaping figures of Hila and Aurora.

"Ive already checked you out thoroughly. Those two women are probably friends that you value highly. So, you can collect their corpses! If theres still anything to collect after this!"

Ember activated his ability, grasping outward with his fingers.

From afar, Hila and Auroras bodies began turning to ash!

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