Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 576

Chapter 576 Always Causing Sensational News

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Godoras actions had always been observed by the media. Especially after the battle of Planet Golden Gate, the majority of the news reports had praised Godora for their victory. As such, many galactic residents were looking forward to the next piece of news regarding Godora.

However, most of them never would have expected that the next news of victory would come so quickly.

The battleground this time was a backward planet called Planet Aquamarine!

Many people could not help feeling bewildered. If was perfectly reasonable for Godora to push DarkStar back, but how was a backward planet able to fight DarkStar off?

No one knew exactly what had happened and only knew rough details of the incident.

To the majority of the galaxy, Planet Aquamarine was no more than a low-grade planet. If not for it being one of the calamity planets, many of them would not even have known that such a planet existed.

As for Black Stars reputation, the majority of the galactic citizens were not familiar with him. While Han Xiao was an individual to be taken seriously in the eyes of the various large organizations, who were able to guess that this incident was probably related to Black Star, Han Xiao was no more than a mercenary to the commoners. A mercenary was not a superstar, and they would not commit the name of a mercenary to memory. Han Xiao was only famous among the upper echelons.

On the galactic web, many people were extremely interested in the details of the entire incident. There were not many witnesses, and this was a juicy piece of news that all the galactic news agencies wanted to get their hands on.

After just a short few days, galactic news agencies from all over the Star System sent their spaceships over to conduct interviews and dig out the truth. Just how did Planet Aquamarine fight DarkStar off?

The backward planet of Planet Aquamarine, which was usually ignored by the entire galaxy, became the center of attention of the galactic residents for once. This was the first time that they had welcomed visitors from the galaxy who were also commoners.

Planet Aquamarine had also become bustling with activity.

With Godoras aid, the Sanctuary and Six Nations had cleaned up the mess from the battle, and there were plenty of things waiting for them to do. All the spaceships from the various news agencies were blocked outside the atmosphere by the Godoran fleet.

Godora was not planning to allow those reporters to enter Planet Aquamarine. While there were safety considerations, there was also a deeper meaning behind their decision.

The regime of the Six Nations was completely clueless about the visitors from the galaxy. After all, they did not have the means to contact the galaxy.

Since the reporters were not able to contact the regime of Planet Aquamarine, they quickly remembered that the Black Star Mercenary Group had been mentioned in the previous reports as well. As such, they decided to contact the Black Star Mercenary Group instead.

"Theyre finally here."

Phillip passed the message on to Han Xiao. Those reporters were a key part of his plan, so he contacted Nagakin to order the fleet to give way.

The fleet commander received the order from Nagakin. Despite him not wanting to let the reporters in, he had received orders from the higher ups to follow Nagakins orders when they were on Planet Aquamarine. Furthermore, after thinking carefully, he realized that he would not want to provoke Black Star either, especially after seeing Black Stars display of strength. As such, he could only unwillingly move his fleet out of the way.

All the reporters rushed into Planet Aquamarine excitedly. Many of the reporters were old and experienced in this field and immediately knew that something was wrong. They wanted to meet the Black Star Mercenary Group, and the Godoran fleet had to give way obediently. There were many hints behind this simple action.

Godora had to give face to the Black Star Mercenary Group!

Many of the reporters instinctively realized that while Black Star was no more than an ordinary mercenary in the eyes of the Godorans, it was extremely likely that Black Star had played a key role in fighting off DarkStar.

This group of reporters showed their respect to the regime of Planet Aquamarine and all landed in the Six Nations. Only then did the Six Nations find out about the visitors from the galaxy. The Six Nations were filled with both excitement and nervousness as they welcomed their guests.

This was the first time that the Six Nations and inhabitants of Planet Aquamarine had seen so many aliens of different races. When the reporters stated their reason for their visit, the upper echelons of the Six Nations swiftly realized that this was an extremely good opportunity!

This was a good opportunity for them to build ties with the galaxy!

All this while, the Six Nations could only unilaterally contact Godora and knew very little about the galaxy. This situation had only improved slightly after Black Stars return.

DarkStars assault on Planet Aquamarine had drawn the attention of the galaxy to the planet. To a backward planet like Planet Aquamarine, this was a significant event. The upper echelons of the Six Nations welcomed the reporters with the best hospitality they could provide, and they all felt that it was a blessing in disguise.

While the Six Nations were not familiar with the customs of the galaxy, they were extremely humble in the hospitality. At the same time, they showered the reporters with an endless stream of questions, and the reporters answered whatever they could without any arrogance. They would not look down on Planet Aquamarine. After all, this planet had just fought off DarkStar, and there was a need to show the most basic respect.

Very quickly, the upper echelons of the Six Nations found out that the reporters had initially been blocked outside the atmosphere and only managed to gain entry after Han Xiaos intervention. They were immediately filled with immense gratitude toward Han Xiao. Because of Black Star, this planet had not been destroyed, and now, Black Star had given them the opportunity to contact the galaxy.

It was indeed right to hug Han Xiaos thigh. The other party had already begun to fulfil his end of the promise to help them develop.

On the other side, the reporters also found out that the Black Star Mercenary Group was the main reason for the planet fighting off DarkStar, and their guesses were confirmed.

No wonder Godora had to give Black Star some face.

However, the Six Nations did not understand the details of the entire event. They could barely take care of themselves and had only found out after the entire incident.

The reporters then took pictures of the destroyed cities. It was all precious news footage. Following which, the reporters could not stop themselves rushing to the Sanctuary to interview Han Xiao.

Before the spaceships even arrived at the Sanctuary, they could see two gigantic circular mountains, which were obviously the outcome of the battle.

They had indeed come to the right place! The reporters became energized, and they took out their cameras to capture the footage of the battle.

The spaceships landed one after another, and the reporters walked out. Herlous was already waiting for them and calmly said, "Follow me to the conference room. Black Star will accept your interview."

The reporters all nodded and quickly followed behind him. Their attitude was completely different compared to when they were meeting with the Six Nations.

While these reporters were not arrogant and treated the Six Nations as their equals, the inhabitants of those from a backward planet were different, and there were no common topics between them.

However, before the Black Star Mercenary Group, these reporters humbled themselves even further. The Black Star Mercenary Group was an existence of a higher level, and this respect came from their hearts.

When they arrived at the conference room, Han Xiao had not arrived, and the reporters could only wait. However, they did not waste any time and began interviewing Herlous.

Herlous had already received Han Xiaos orders, and he purposely stayed behind so that the reporters could interview him. He then began to illustrate the entire event honestly.

"DarkStar sent out a large number of spaceships to assault the Six Nations and us. Our captain was DarkStars target, and the enemy sent out a total of three Calamity Grade Supers to surround him!"

Black Star faced three Calamity Grade Supers single handedly? Since he was still alive, the outcome of the battle had spoken for itself!

All the reporters were dumbfounded and began scribbling down their notes.

"DarkStar sent out three Calamity Grade Supers to surround Black Star!"

Herlous then continued. "Our captain single-handedly tied down the three most terrifying enemies and bore the weight of the greatest danger. The three Calamity Grade Supers werent able to break our captains defense, and DarkStar was forced to use their motherships main cannon to attack our captain"

The reporters gasped in shock and continued scribbling.

"Three Calamity Grade Supers were beaten up and forced to use their spaceships main cannon!"

"The two circular mountains on the outside are the result of the main cannon. Our captain used his own body to tank the cannon and emerged unscathed. Following which, DarkStar fired another shot, but they fell for our captains trap and almost caused the death of their own Calamity Grade comrade. As such, they didnt dare fire another shot"

This was truly some juicy news!

The reporters were all dumbfounded and hurriedly wrote.

"Tanking the main cannon with his body, Black Star arrogantly taunts for another shot!"

"Finally, the Godoran reinforcements arrived, and DarkStar wasnt willing to fight Godora again. As such, they were forced to retreat. Thats what happened." Herlous then shut his mouth.

The reporters gave a warm round of applause and wrote frantically.

"Black Stars divine might, DarkStars pitiful escape!"

After estimating that Herlous interview should be over, Han Xiao entered the conference room.

All the reporters immediately jumped up with faces full of respect and cried out, "Sir Black Star!"

Han Xiao immediately felt as though he was the discipline teacher making his rounds in a school.

Han Xiao sat down, and the reporters began their interview. They first confirmed that what Herlous had described was the truth before showering Han Xiao with many other questions.

"Did you feel any pressure from facing three Calamity Grade Supers?"

"How did it feel to tank the main cannon?"

"What do you feel about the actions of DarkStar?"

The endless stream of questions made Han Xiao feel as though he was holding a press conference.

Han Xiao answered all the reporters questions patiently as he needed to rely on them to spread his name. This was an additional Renown reward. After all, an event that could give him Legendary Points would definitely have many hidden rewards.

As the interview came to an end, one of the reporters asked a final question.

"Sir Black Star, for you to stay behind on Planet Aquamarine and aid the planet in fighting the calamity and fending off the enemies, is it because this is your home planet?"

Hearing that, Han Xiaos eyes glowed, and an idea popped up in his mind. "That is only one of the reasons"

"Can you tell us the other reasons?" the reporter asked.

Han Xiao chuckled and said, "Of course. Planet Aquamarine isnt only my home planet. The Black Star Mercenary Group also plans to expand to Planet Aquamarine and set up a branch division on the planet. This will also be one of the bases of the Floating Dragon armed division. A while back, the Dragon Emperor came to Planet Aquamarine to assess the location, and my job is to fight off all incoming enemies."

The eyes of all the reporters lit up, and they were overjoyed! This was another juicy piece of news!

It turned out that Planet Aquamarine was a planet under the protection of Black Star and Floating Dragon!

From that day onward, Planet Aquamarine would no longer be a low-grade planet without anything special. The brand of Floating Dragon would be marked on it, and this brand would be a protective talisman for the planet. At the very least, ninety percent of those with ill intentions would be deterred.

After all, he would not remain on Planet Aquamarine forever, and this was beneficial to both Planet Aquamarine and his own base.

Apart from raising the level of security, the fame of Floating Dragon would attract merchants and investments to the planet. Some financial groups would invest in the planet, and this would speed up the process of Planet Aquamarine becoming connected to galaxy.

Since Planet Aquamarine was the territory of Floating Dragon, even if it was a backward planet for the time being, the financial groups would still be willing to carry out some investments and transfer some technological knowledge over to aid the Six Nations in their development. This way, he would be able to fulfil his promise to the Six Nations.

At the same time, stamping Planet Aquamarine with the brand of Floating Dragon was a precautionary measure. Even if the Six Nations developed in the future and became independent, they would not dare go against their contract with him. They would be extremely clear about the outcome of losing the brand of Floating Dragon.

As such, even though the regime controlling Planet Aquamarine was the Six Nations on the surface, the true ruler of the planet was actually


It naturally was not him.

However, with Ames lazy nature, he would have an extremely large say.

Of course, Ames would not reject. As for the Head Butler Jenny, who was in charge of operations

Ha! Loving colleagues like them should clean up after each other!

This trip of theirs was filled with rewards, and they all returned with satisfaction.

The next day, the various news agencies of the Garton Star System released detailed coverage of the true story of the battle on Planet Aquamarine. It was coupled with photos of the circular shaped mountains being the main headline.

After taking a glance at the article, Han Xiao almost puked blood as he strangled Herlous and roared with anger, "Didnt we agree to tell the truth Just what did you tell the reporters Did I ask you to brag? Did I"

Herlous was filled with grievances. "I really did tell the truth. Who knew that reporters would be so good at fluffing things up?"

This incident was spread far and wide in the galaxy. Not just the Garton Star System, even the other Star Systems of the Shattered Star Ring who were paying attention to the chaos created by DarkStar knew about a character called Black Star who fought three Calamity Grade Supers alone and tanked the main cannon of a DarkStar mothership.

Even a Star Cluster level civilization remembered Black Stars name.

The entire Shattered Star Ring was shaken!

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