Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 596

Chapter 596 Stalling And Luring

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Surprised, Han Xiao sized up Malekith from head to toe.

"Youre here to poach?"

Han Xiao did not expect this at all. After all, he was an officer of Floating Dragonregular forces would not be so reckless. Now, a core officer of Bloodshed Land had come to invite him and offered him a very high position as one of the Vanguard Officials as soon as he joined.

The Bloodshed Land and Floating Dragon were on different levels. Floating Dragon had always been supported by Ames reputation alone. However, not only was Tyrant Heber Beyond Grade A, he was also the most senior among the four Beyond Grade A Supers in the Shattered Star Ring. The Pugilist class trained ones body and elevated ones life, so his life span was very long. Hence, the one thing that was Floating Dragons biggest strength, Bloodshed Land had it too.

Furthermore, Bloodshed Land was an important ally of a Star Cluster civilization. They had rich resources, wide connections, and very strong military power. They had created many divisions in various Star Systems in another Star Cluster. Just from its size alone, it was already a giant in the Shattered Star Ring. Plus, unlike Floating Dragon, which was uncompetitive, they were still actively expanding.

For example, in the previous set of Wayne Cards Shattered Star Ring card set, there were three cards under the Floating Dragon Island camp: Force Card [Floating Dragon Island], Individual Card [Dragon Emperor Ames], and Mercenary Card [Black Star Mercenary Group]. As for Bloodshed Land, there were fourteen cards under their camp!

Ive been attracting quite the attention lately and shown my abilitiesthats probably the reason Im being noticed by stronger people.

Although things like this were rare, it was not unprecedented. Once Renown and Legendary Points reached a certain level, there was a chance for similar events to occur. All kinds of people would approach when one was famous.

The fact that Bloodshed Land had come to scout him proved that his position had gradually increased.

"Im a little curious, arent you people afraid that this will anger Ames?" Han Xiao smirked.

Malekith gave a faint smile, showing his absolute confidence. "You think that his excellency Tyrant would be afraid of Ames? Plus, this isnt the first time."

Han Xiao immediately grew curious. "You people poached someone from Floating Dragon before? Is that person still alive?"

"Of course hes alive, and his position now is very high."

"Did Ames not act on it?"

"Hmm, you do know her very well. Indeed she did. Back then, she dragged Floating Dragon Island along and fought her way through to our headquarters. Then, His Excellency Tyrant struck."

"How did it end up?" Han Xiaos eyebrows raised.

Malekith smirked with great admiration and said, "The original Floating Dragon Island was double its size now."

Ames had the lower hand

This was a piece of secret information unknown to players in his previous life. It turned out that there was beef between Floating Dragon and Bloodshed Land. No wonder they had come to poach from Ames.

Wait a minute, if I reject the offer, will Bloodshed Land see me as an enemy?

Han Xiao became alert and asked in a serious tone, "Thank you for your invitation, but what if I refuse?"

Malekith wiped away his smile and stared at Han Xiao. His tone became assertive as he slowly said, "Reconsider it."

The hundreds of thousands of immortals under Black Star had attracted the attention of Bloodshed Land, but Heber rejected slowly convincing them one after another, so their leader Han Xiao had become the target.

Malekith did not want to return empty-handed with the mission given by the Tyrant personally.

Now, this is threatening

Han Xiao frowned and slowly measured the pros and cons.

If he turned to Bloodshed Land, he would face the fury of Floating Dragon. The connections that he had made because of Floating Dragon would all disappear, and the Black Star Army and Planet Aquamarine would all lose their privileges with Floating Dragon. To Ames, he was quite important. Once he betrayed her, she would be even more furious, and the consequences would be dire.

The pros seemed quite high too. The risk was accompanied by profit. Bloodshed Lands forces were much stronger than Floating Dragons. He could build even wider connections, and Bloodshed Land could provide even better support to Black Star Army with their resources, he would be able to regain all the losses he made. The only problem was, he might have to move to the Star Cluster that Bloodshed Land was in to expand and develop.

Since Heber dared invite me, if Ames revenge is successful, Heber will lose a lot of reputation. So, Heber will probably protect me at all costs

After some consideration, Han Xiao said, "Ive thought about it."

His brows loosened, and he smiled at Malekith.

"I decline."

Although he had analyzed the pros and cons out of habit, it was nothing more than a habit. Han Xiao had never planned to leave Floating Dragon from the beginning, and he was not someone so easily convinced.

Ames had provided him with so much help, all favors, and their relationship had been slowly but surely building. If it switched to Heber, he would have to build a relationship with his boss once again. Furthermore, the title Tyrant did not sound very friendly. Bloodshed Land had way more rules than Floating Dragon, so it was impossible for them to show tolerance as Ames did for him.

Most importantly Im the one and only leader of the Floating Dragon Field Team. Itd be crazy for me to go to your place and be your number nine!

Malekiths smile completely vanished, and he glared at Han Xiao directly with a cold expression.

Han Xiao did not retreat and stared back while secretly prepared for combat.

The atmosphere became stiff.

Just as Han Xiao thought they were going to have a battle, Malekith suddenly snorted heavily and walked away.

Han Xiao loosened up and exhaled through his mouth.

It seemed like there was not going to be a fight. Black Star Army was going through a very important phase of its development, so it was best not to be on bad terms with Bloodshed Land.

This time, a spaceship with the marking of Bloodshed Land flew there from the sky. This was Malekiths real ship, hidden on the other side of the planet.

Malekith walked up the stairs. Suddenly, he stopped the hatch that was about to close, looked at Han Xiao, and said with a deep voice, "Black Star, we will meet again very soon."

Then, without concern about Han Xiaos reaction, he let go of the hatch and let it close. Bloodshed Lands spaceship quickly rose up and disappeared.

Meet again very soon What does that mean? Theyre going to find a chance to deal with me? Or does it mean something else?

"Never mind, Bloodshed Lands territory isnt in Colton Star Cluster anyway, so its very unlikely for them to come here for me. Since Floating Dragon and Bloodshed Land are peacefully coexisting, they definitely will not make big moves because of me."

Han Xiao shook his head. After he thought it through, he was not worried about it anymore.

"Right, Im here to hand over the hostage." He suddenly remembered his original reason for being there.

After fighting with Malekith, he had almost forgotten the purpose of this trip.

Han Xiao went back to near the galactic pirate spaceship. Befuli was lying on the ground not moving, surrounded by a few lightly injured galactic pirates. They glanced at the BlackLight Stealth hovering above them. It looked like they were uncertain as to whether they should take Befuli away or not.

Upon hearing the footsteps, these galactic pirates turned around and saw Han Xiao walking toward them. They shivered as fear emerged in their eyes. Their bodies stiffened on the spot, and they did not dare move even an inch.

Initially, they did not have to meet, so their safety was ensured, but now that Han Xiao was right in front of them, they were afraid that would be the end of their lives. Furthermore, Befulis skeletal appearance horrified them. They did not know what torture Befuli had gone through for him to end up like that, but they were certain that they did not want to experience the same.

Han Xiao glanced at them and casually grabbed a galactic pirate. They walked up the pillaging ship. The galactic pirate pointed the way, shivering, and they soon arrived at the prison cell.

However, the cell was empty.

"Where are my people" demanded Han Xiao with a threatening tone as he pressed onto the galactic pirates scalp, tightening his fingers slowly.

"II dont know they disappeared one and a half days ago!"

Feeling like his head was going to explode, the galactic pirate quickly explained.

Disappeared?Han Xiao raised his eyebrows. Then it occurred to him.Damn it, these kids logged off! He let go of the galactic pirate.

They probably went to sleep.

"One and a half days ago, which means theyll be coming online pretty soon. I could wait for a while"

Han Xiao realized a problem, and he grabbed the galactic pirates head once again.

"The hostages are gone, but you still want to make the deal. Are you mocking me?"

The galactic pirate was on the verge of crying.

We were all controlled by that demon. How could we tell you?

This time, flashes of white light appeared in the cell. A few Guild of Gods players came online and saw Black Star immediatelythey were overjoyed.

"Quick, tell the leader. The Hidden Storyline is finally here!"

Less than twenty seconds later, more white light flashed. Jupiter and the others came online at the same time. They were all thrilled to see Han Xiao.

"What?" The galactic pirate rubbed his eyes to make sure that he was not hallucinating.

Han Xiao opened the cell and took the others out of the spaceship, throwing the galactic pirate in his hands onto the ground.

"Contact Sykes, our deal remains."

The shock on this galactic pirates face turned into surprise.

The hostages had been snatched away, and they were in Black Stars hands. There was nothing to threaten him. Yet, Black Star still wanted to let them go and give them Befuli?

"YoYou still want to carry out the deal?" A galactic pirate could not help but ask. It was hard to believe.

"What, do you not want to?" Han Xiao asked back.

"No no no, you misunderstood, lets go according to the deal." The galactic pirates hastily denied it. They were filled with the joy of escaping death.

A galactic pirate quickly contacted Sykes and explained the situation.

Sykes was stunned. He had never expected Bloodshed Lands people to interfere, which completely came out of nowhere.

However, even though the deal was affected, Black Star surprisingly did not change his mind

Were my threats effective?

Sykes could only think of this as the reason.

He suddenly felt much better about himself.Haha, I managed to threaten someone so renowned.

Without caring about the communication between the galactic pirates, Han Xiao took Jupiter and the others aside, had the BlackLight Stealth land, and opened the hatch.

"You guys go into the ship. Risda will take you to the nearest city planet."

Jupiters eyes gleamed and passionately said, "We want to help you to fight the enemies. Please let us assist you."

This was such a rare opportunity. He felt that he could definitely trigger the hidden mission.

Han Xiao saw right through Jupiters intentions. Speechless, he wrote a mission on the spot and gave it to these players.


You have triggered Hidden Mission [Retreat]

Mission Introduction: Youve been dragged into a storm, but you still cant interfere with your current strength. What you need to do now is retreat from here as soon as possible.

Mission Requirements: Leave in the BlackLight Stealth

Reward: 350,000 Experience, +200 Black Star Army Favorability


"Lets go!" Jupiter turned around and walked into BlackLight Stealth without hesitation.

The Guild of Gods players followed and all boarded.

Poseidon gave Jupiter a thumbs up. "If we boarded the ship without saying anything, we wouldnt have triggered this mission. Thank you, leader."

Jupiter smiled smugly and pointed at his temple. "This is experience. Learn from it."

Although this mission was quite different from what he had thought it would be, Jupiter felt that it was very likely a high level event after he read the mission introduction, but they did not meet the requirements to trigger it. Hence, it had become [Retreat]. Although it was quite a shame that was the case, they could only follow the mission. It was better than nothing, after all.

Han Xiao was still standing outside waiting for the galactic pirates reply.

After a while, a galactic pirate trotted over and cautiously said, "Your Excellency Black Star, if theres nothing else, we will be taking Befuli away."

"Go, dont mess with me again. I wont let you go next time." Han Xiao waved and boarded his spaceship.

Only then did the galactic pirate breathe a sigh of relief. He quickly went back and notified his friends. They started up the pillage ship, hovering above the surface.

Just as the pillage ship was about to speed up and take off, behind the BlackLight Stealth hatch, gray light appeared in Han Xiaos eyes. He activated his Racial Talent and turned into Chaos Body. His physical form was gone, and he turned into gray fog.

Advanced Void Travel!

Entering the Void Vision, time seemed to have stopped. Han Xiao controlled his Chaos Body and left the BlackLight Stealth. As the duration of [Advanced Void Travel] was longer, he had more than enough time to cross a large distance and go near the pillaging ship.

Void Travel allowed him to go through walls. His Chaos Body went directly through the pillaging ship hatch, then found a distant cabin to hide. He deactivated Void Travel, without triggering the alarm, without getting noticed by the galactic pirates.


The next moment, the pillaging ship quickly rose into the sky and flew away.

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