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Chapter 604 Bad Feelings Most Likely Will Turn True

Chapter 604: Bad Feelings Most Likely Will Turn True
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This impact railgun was called Eye of God, a satellite weapon that could move on its own after being detached from the spaceship. It could be plotted at the edge of the atmosphere to orbit around the planet.

Unlike the DarkStar main cannon, the Eye of God was not a particle beam weapon; it used physical ammo. Its shells were exceptionally large and could be used with many different types of ammunition, providing more tactical options. Attacking the surface from outer space, its attacks would gain more kinetic energy from the initial thrust and gravity. With Han Xiaos calculations, its accuracy was very precise.

The cost of this impact railgun was remarkably high, only next to the Berserk Ape mechanical suit, not including the cost of every shot it took.

With so much money spent, the returns were certainly great. The damage of Eye of God was outstanding. It was like a gigantic turret placed in outer space. There were only two restrictions. One was that its attack speed was very slowthe shell had to fly for some time. Another was that it could not be used in spaceit could only be used to attack the surface from above. It was rather suitable for missions that involved airdropping down to the ground to deal with issues.

This was now the most destructive weapon that Han Xiao possessed, but there was only one. The Tactical Support Style only had a brief outline. However, Han Xiao had a lot of money, so he could build more if he had the time.

When the Tactical Support Style was complete, tens and hundreds of impact railguns firing together would be able to annihilate an entire planet in a short time, fully proving the fact that money meant strength for the Mechanic class.

Bigger was greater, more was better. When other Supers hit a barrier and were unable to move forward, only the Mechanic class could steadily increase their strength by spending money.

"Only with this equipment have I reached the level of strength I should have." Han Xiao nodded in his head.

The total cost was close to a million Enas. After updating all his combat machines, his destructive ability had really reached the Calamity level. He could summon nuclear bombs onto planets and destroy the ecology of the surface in a short period.

Watcher Instrument, Mechanical Exterior Prosthetic, Short-Range Hyperdrive Engine, Mechanical Armies 004 and 005, Strong Electromagnetic Swamp, Eye of God Han Xiao checked all the machines. He then arranged the compressed orbs and wore them. As for the large weapons like the Mechanical Armies and Eye of God, they were placed in the spaceship warehouse.

Other than machines for combat, Han Xiao had also fused an interesting blueprint used for battles between spaceships, which he had built during the time.

The Barbarian Charge Cabin, a landing battle device.

This was a suspended cabin, attached to a spaceship and equipped with shock absorption devices. When the enemys shield was destroyed, this charge cabin could be launched to bite onto the enemy spaceship. With its heat slicing equipment, it would then melt the enemys armor and send the people inside it into the hostile spaceship. Of course, if things did not go well, the charge cabin could self-destruct.

During galactic wars, charge cabins were regularly used. The people inside had no means of retreatingthey were all basically in a do-or-die situation.

Han Xiao felt this was perfectly suitable for the players.

Han Xiao was still studying the Violent Falcon spaceship, but he was short of a part of the knowledge, so his progress reverse engineering it was stuck. In his previous life, high-level Mechanic class players could build spaceships, but it was mostly done by a team. Everyone had different knowledge of the spaceship and assembled different parts.

Han Xiao did not want to divide the labor; he wanted to learn the entire process of building spaceships.

Building a spaceship alone was one of the Special Legendary Point milestones, just like the [Legendary Hunter] milestone that he had yet to complete.

However, he was still short in a part of its knowledge, and he happened to be lacking Potential Points. He was in quite a pinch.

After entering the galaxy, Han Xiao had not harvested as much experience, mainly just money.

He needed time to update his equipment after leveling up, and he had spent quite a lot of experience leveling up and fusing blueprints.

Therefore, his experience was almost dry.

I should find the time to get some experience

His equipment was all updated, and other than getting more Potential Points, he also needed to continue increasing his strength.

Im now level 142. Although I just entered Grade A, I can match up to higher level people with my equipment. Plus, my talents mean I can take a beating, so my advantage is huge. If the enemys ability is common, the chances of me winning will increase significantly

Han Xiao estimated his combat capability. Usually, most people in Galaxy entered Grade A between level 150 to 160; it all depended on talents, abilities, and attributes. He, however, entered Grade A at level 142. This was not common even among these powerful protagonist-type characters.

At Grade A, each Promotion at every twenty levels or each Class Advancement for the main class could be considered a separation line. Han Xiao was now at the level 140 to 160 grade, so the amount of experience needed to level up was enormousbillions and billions.

In his previous life, when the version that allowed players to level up to this level was released, the missions had all given at least tens of millions of experience. Despite that, the players had still had to spend a tremendous amount of time to level up just once.

Even though he could shear the players, it was still extremely difficult to obtain the amount of experience needed to level up to 160 straight away. Promotion was too far away at the moment, but there was another way to increase his strengthmain class Class Advancement.

Han Xiaos [Virtual Mechanic] was now Lv.17. He was three levels away from his Class Advancement, which would need about three billion experience.

This time, Han Xiao did not plan to sell knowledge. Selling knowledge was a one-time sale, so he could only do it so many times. Plus, it was not suitable for him to give everything to the players at once.

He decided to sell blueprints, which was the larger profit chain.

Although the target market for blueprints was limited to Mechanic class players and the profits were not as high as with Promotion Knowledges, the upside of this was that there were way too many blueprints that could be fused, almost infinite. During Version 1.0, Han Xiao had acted as the Mechanic class mentor and made more players become Mechanics. The reason that he had done that was to expand the market for blueprints.

Furthermore, he did not just have to sell the players low level blueprints; he could even sell very high-level blueprints.

The players did not have the required knowledge, so even if they bought the high-level blueprints, they would not be able to use them until much later. Nonetheless, people would still buy them. It was better to have a high-level blueprint that they could not use than not having one at all. Just looking at it would make them look forward to the day they could use it.

He never underestimated the Chinese players desire to stock up.

Thinking of the players Han Xiao opened the forums. As usual, it was boisterous.

The players used the tactical equipment that he had sold last time in their new hire missions, and many people sent screenshots to share. Among them, the Worker Bee Armor received the most positive comments; it made many players find a new way to make moneymining! It was much more peaceful and steadier than fighting and killing.

The second most popular one was surprisingly the Nuclear Flying Backpack. The focus of the comments was not even flying but all about how good it felt to self-destruct

This made Han Xiao even more confident about the Barbarian Charge Cabin.

He knew itself-destruction and the players were a perfect match!

Han Xiao browsed through the posts. Other than sharing posts, chatting posts, and other random posts, there were also highly skilled players who posted guides which explained strategies among other things. Suddenly, Han Xiao realized a post was going up the popularity list very quickly.

Wayne Cards Newbie GuideIssue 3

He clicked in, then realized that the player who had written the post was charmed by Wayne Card and used all the money that he earned to buy Wayne Cards, not equipment


Playing meaningless games every day and not doing missions properly

In the end, these players have still been contaminated by Wayne Cards

Han Xiaos mouth twitched. Could Wayne Cards actually be his biggest competitor?

He briefly scanned through and realized that the Shattered Star Ring card set had been updated, which was the focus of this post. It was being madly discussed by the players. In the updated cards, there was the Black Star Army.


Shattered Star Ring Card Set adjustments:

Mercenary Card [Black Star Mercenary Group] changed to Mercenary Card/Force Card [Black Star Army]. Increased card attributes, added special effects.
Civilization Card [Godora] attributes increased.
Force Card [Floating Dragon Island] attributes increased.
Added Strong Card [Black Star Han Xiao]
Added History Card [End of DarkStar]
Force Card [DarkStar] moved to Disposed Card Set.

Han Xiao suddenly understood why this post was so popular.

Currently, in the eyes of the players, the Black Star Army represented their faction. Seeing that their faction had appeared in the card set, the players were more than just excited. The comments were exploding. In their eyes, the updated Wayne Cards showed the result of their hard work for the growth of their faction.

Wayne Cards update represented the changes of all areas in Galaxy to a certain extent. They had added an exclusive Strong Card for Han Xiao, and it had some decent attributes

This meant that his actions had spread far, and he was someone very well known.

Han Xiao suddenly realized that Wayne Cards seemed to be a subtle leaderboard or list, showcasing the fame and position of people in the universe.

After looking through the forums for a while longer and extracting some potions from Sykes and the rest, Han Xiao closed the door and left the machinery modification room.

While spending close to two months building machines, Han Xiao did not forget his mission to escort Hila and Aurora to Floating Dragon Island.

Since the Black Star Army had grown in size, the players and the regular mercenaries took care of a lot of missions. Currently, there did not seem to be any high difficulty mission that he needed to complete himself. Hence, Han Xiao decided to first fulfill Ames request.

Hila was usually in the Combat Training Room along with Aurora.

On the way there, Han Xiao met Sylvia, who seemed to be avoiding something nervously. She hastily greeted him and quickly escaped. Han Xiao did not pay any attention to it. He then walked further ahead and noticed Reynold looking around at the intersection, so he went up to him and gave him a few words of encouragement. Seeing that Reynold was about to take out his notebook, Han Xiao quickly shut his mouth and walked away with wide strides.

Upon arriving at the Combat Training Room, Hila was expectedly undergoing combat training, and Aurora had been dragged into it.

Due to past experiences, Hila had a very strong desire for power. After entering the galaxy and seeing so many people that were so strong, she felt an even stronger sense of danger. She would not have slept at all just to train if she could; she put all her time into training.

Of course, the results were visible. The Training Room could simulate real combat and force out the combat potential of Supers. Hilas talent had always been rather good. Combined with hard work, her strength grew quite quickly recently. A few days ago, Han Xiao had sparred with Hila and realized that she was many levels higher than before.

Han Xiao opened the door, and the simulated battle environment disappeared.

Hila stopped. She wiped away the sweat on her forehead, frowned, and said, "What are you doing here? You want to spar?"

She was wearing an extremely tight, black battle suit that looked like a layer of black skin, highlighting her alluring body shape, curvy and thin everywhere it should be.

Han Xiao looked at her and could not help but shake his head. "Cant you change into a more useful battle suit. Do I not have enough armor for you to choose from?"

Hila gave Han Xiao a look of disgust. "Too bulky."

"Bulky? Its called safe. Dont you just not like them because they dont look pretty? What do you know about aesthetics?" Han Xiao rolled his eyes. Tsk, women.

While those two argued, Aurora leaned on her knees and gasped for air, unable to even speak.

She had been forced to join the special training. Unable to keep up with Hilas training intensity, her body was almost collapsing due to exhaustion.

However, Aurora was not completely unwilling. She had experienced times of hardship and knew how important strength was, so she did not slack in her training at all. After all, the simulated battled would not deal any real damage, so if she was just slacking, she would not be so tired.

Han Xiao took out a concentrated nutrition bar and threw it to Aurora. "Thats enough. Stop training and pack up. Im taking you guys to Floating Dragon Island."

Aurora heard that and quickly stopped biting open the packaging of the nutrition bar, surprised. "Are we finally going to meet big sister Ames"

Hilas eyes became slightly brighter, and her lips curved up a little. After entering the galaxy, only then did she understand how powerful Ames was in the universe. She had been looking forward to training with her.

Di di di

Han Xiao was just about to say a few words when the communicator suddenly rang. He took it out, and it was surprisingly Ames communication request.

Speak of the devil.


"Hmm, Black Star, when are you bringing my students over?" Ames projection appeared, and a long pair of white, python-like legs entered Han Xiaos sight.

"I was settling some stuff earlier, so it was delayed. I will bring them to Floating Dragon in a few days." Han Xiao nodded.

"Okay." Ames paused and suddenly said, "Best come quicker. When youre here, I want you to go somewhere with me."


"Bloodshed Land," Ames said calmly without any noticeable emotion.

Han Xiaos eyebrows shot up. He had a bad feeling like his casual and relaxing time was about to end. "Can I not go?"

"Humph, no." Ames ended the communication.

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