Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 621

Chapter 621 The Race With The Highest Potential

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A few days later, the interstellar construction team finally arrived on Planet Sunil, and the temporary camp of the players completed its gorgeous transformation into a construction site. The structure of the buildings in Base No. 3 was created based on Base No. 1. In order to demonstrate their capabilities, the engineering team used their advanced equipment to quickly lay the foundations, allowing houses to be built.

The players also came in handy, being highly enthusiastic about their work. They were able to endure hardship for the sake of success, working hard to contribute to the expansion of the Black Star Army. Coupled with the efficient engineering team, the construction efficiency of Base No. 3 was surprisingly high.

More members of the Black Star Army responded to the call, gathering on Planet Sunil. All the officers such as Aroshia, Reynold, Sylvia, Harmon, and Ginette brought thousands of mercenaries with them. As for the other mercenaries, they arrived in streams one after another. So far, the number of players on Planet Sunil had increased to 280,000.

The Sunils shared a Grade A Ranked mission, generating a high degree of enthusiasm from the players. So far, all Grade A missions that players had seen were main storyline missions, and the upcoming war between the Sunils and the Subterranean Mutants was also seen as a new main storyline by the players.

Ever since the players entered the interstellar region, they had not experienced an incident that could be considered a main storyline. Because they all belonged to Black Stars faction, they saw it as their core. Everyone believed that the Black Star Army was the main point to start the next main storyline, and the current situation only confirmed their line of thought.

Because of the Black Star Army, the players could obtain the main storyline of Planet Sunil. This was the storyline brought by the faction. The players could clearly distinguish between their primary and secondary relationships, and they could see the potential of being in the Black Star Army.

This meant that they would be able to grow with the faction and trigger more main storylines due to the nature of their work. The future would be bright for them!

Recognizing this, the players got extremely excited. Just fantasizing about the future of their faction would result in their hearts feeling as though there was an itch to be scratched. Maybe, the true advantage of being born on Planet Aquamarine was being able to join the Black Star Faction.

Han Xiao had always paid attention to the players dynamics, and such collective activities helped to improve cohesion. Main Storyline missions like the Sunils would make the players feel more at home. In his memory, Han Xiao could remember many Grade A missions, and this was part of his plan. Using the Sunils main storyline as a gauge, he would occasionally release a main storyline mission to the players.

In the conference room, the officers gathered. This was the first time in many months that many of them had been present. All officers had been recruited to participate in this employment task. They had also brought out most of the armys spaceships as well as a large amount of supplies.

Han Xiao sat at the head, projecting the data on the table as he explained the situation.

"The Sunils have studied the physiological structure of the Subterranean Mutants and have produced results. The Subterranean Mutants have some level of wisdom, and the antennae on their heads are important organs for perceiving the outside world. They release weak signals to detect their surroundings, which will feedback to the brain. In other words, the antennae can be said to serve as their eyes"

Reynold nodded as he added, "It is a biological creature with awareness. This race has great potential."

Everyone glanced at him but said nothing.

Han Xiao then continued. "The Subterranean Mutants have two ways of communicating with each other. The first method is to have their antennae in contact, and they can communicate spiritually. The second involves being in contact with a certain amount of Prophecy Stones. They will then be able to perform wide-area spiritual connection and communicate with all in the range at the same time. The number of Prophecy Stones determines the range.

"Other than this, the Subterranean Mutants have a weakness. They seem to be afraid of ultraviolet rays. Research has shown that normal sunlight can give them burns. This is both good news and bad news, as it means that we are unable to lure them up to the surface.

"Thus, we currently have two countermeasures. The first is to send the mercenaries underground to fight, clearing the mutant species out step by step. The second is to attempt to create a large-scale biochemical weapon against the Subterranean Mutants. Emerald Grass, this mission will be left to you."

Han Xiao speedily explained the situation and began to assign tasks. Since he had a Pharmacist in his team, he could not be bothered to spend money on consulting various drug research facilities.

"Humph, only thinking of me when you have a problem and not looking for me when you are fine. Let me tell you, right now, I love to save people. As for researching whatever poison gas, dont look for me. I only want to be a good person."

Emerald Grass crossed her arms and turned her head sideways to express her dissatisfaction.

Han Xiao only shot a glance at her before saying, "The research funding that you applied for has been approved."

"Relax, Ill definitely research the poison out for you!" Emerald Grass immediately changed her tone without any shame.

Rolling his eyes, Han Xiao turned to look at Feidin, changing into a smile. "Feidin, I also need your help this time. I need you to help me detect the mental networks of the Subterranean Mutants and help us understand their communication status. Try and see if you can mislead them."

Because the Subterranean Mutants utilized mental communication, this was where a Psychic would come into play.

"Is that why you called me over?" Feidin had on a helpless look, shaking his head. "I refuse."

He was not a mercenary but a client. Thus, he did not wish to participate in the slaughter.

"Alright then" Han Xiao did not press the issue. After all, he still had the Volga brothers. As he was about to address them, he suddenly recalled something and asked, "Thats right, how are things going on between you and Chen Xing?"

He still remembered his personal mission with Feidin.

"Im chatting with her every day. Our relationship is still okay, I guess"

Feidin scratched his face, looking a little embarrassed.

Han Xiaos mouth contorted slightly.

What are you embarrassed about? Are you sure your relationship is only okay?

Han Xiao felt his scalp turning numb. He felt that the result that he had foreseen seemed to be coming into reality

This is too scary. Would I really see what soul partners look like in the flesh?

Coughing, Han Xiao knocked on the table, returning to the original topic.

"At the moment, we have only found seven nests, all of which are built near the Prophecy Stones underground. Reynold, capitalize on the high radiation nature of the Prophecy Stones and create an equipment that can detect the veins in a wide range. It would be best if it is detectable from the surface level. Configure it on a spaceship and have the spaceship search for the veins throughout the entire planet to find all their lairs."

Reynold was seated on the edge of his seat, and he calmly nodded. "It shall be done."

At this time, Herlous scratched his head before suddenly interrupting. "I have a question."

Han Xiao turned to look at him. "Whats wrong?"

"Actually, I wanted to ask this since just now" Herlous pointed at Reynold. "But who is he?"

Reynold had joined less than a month ago, and other than Sylvia and Aroshia who always stayed at Base No.1, the rest of the Officers present were not aware of him. However, they could feel the imposing aura released by Reynold, which was probably the strongest other than Black Star himself. Thus, Herlous asked the question that was in everyones hearts.

"My name is Reynold. Im a Mechanic. Because I admire His Excellency Black Stars style and grace, I specially came to join the Black Star Army and to learn from him. Black Star is now my teacher, and Sylvia my Senior Sister. Im currently handling the post of Logistics Manager in the Black Star Army and look forward to working with all of you."

Reynolds tone was solemn and serious.

"Senior Sister" Everyone present was shocked, staring at Sylvia with wide eyes. Every one of them had their suspicions carved directly on their faces.

Sylvia shivered in response, shrinking back as she exclaimed, "Ive said it hundreds of times already, dont dont call me that!"

With this episode, everyone now knew who Reynold was and accepted this new colleague.

After finishing this matter, Han Xiao stood up and simply said, "Get to work."

Two days passed.

The sun shone brightly overhead.

The players gathered at the military camp that was situated beside the burrow. There was also a fully armored squadron of Sunils, ready to set off.

It was the day on which they would act officially. Due to the fear of ultraviolet rays, the plan to lure the Subterranean Mutants out of their holes had been abandoned. It also took time for the development of poisons and the detection of more burrows, so all that could be done now was to forcefully attack.

Unlike the serious and silent atmosphere on the Sunil side, the players were excited and raring to go.

"With so many people moving, this will be a big scene!"

"Hehe, the more the merrier."

The Main Storyline mission officially started, and a large portion of players had arrived. The majority were basically battle hungry people. With this mission being a war between races, to participate personally in such a battlefront with over 100,000 people would rouse the blood in most people.

However, most of the players did not care about the ethnic status of the Subterranean Mutants. They only cared about the task requirements. He just had to tell them where to go, who to kill, and how much they would get in return.

Hundreds of thousands of players as well as the squad from Sunil faced the commander of this operation, Herlous. Behind him stood Sehrinde and a batch of Sunil warriors, and beside him was a portion of the Black Star Officers, mainly Aroshia, Ginette, Harmon, and the Volga brothers.

Han Xiao did not move out with them. He was busy supervising the progress of Base No. 3, preventing any deaths as well as preventing the engineers from cutting corners.

In order to allow the huge number of troops to enter the ground, the Sunils had widened the diameter of the caves entrance over the last few days. The yawning black hole of the caves mouth resembled the mouth of an abyss.

Herlous faced the crowd and started to speak. Using his Pugilist energy, his voice was amplified into surging waves, spreading to the whole army.

"Warriors of Sunil, our race has suffered too many hardships. The last enemy is now hidden underground. Only by getting rid of them can we end it all and lead Sunil to a brighter future. My comrades, let us battle!"

Every Sunil soldiers breathing turned heavy. Every person who was willing to become a soldier had long decided to sacrifice their life for their race. Now, there was hope. Everyone was full of zeal, and the Subterranean Mutants in the ground seemed to have suddenly become the enemies in their eyes.

"Lets go!"

Herlous led the charge into the cave, and the huge expeditionary force followed close behind him, entering the hole with a mighty roar.

The long, arduous march failed to obliterate the high morale of the Sunils, and many players were also affected by the atmosphere, feeling that they were saving Sunil and developing a sense of pride.

Finally, the vanguard reached the bottom and quickly took out various lighting equipment, brightening the dark underground world. Unexpectedly, the troops did not continue to move forward but rather stayed around the entrance to construct a camp.

Because the subterranean world was too large, there were several nests around them that would not be able to be eliminated overnight. Therefore, their tactic was to build a camp step by step in the subterranean world to serve as a bridgehead and supply point for both the soldiers and the mercenaries.

After arranging the teams, Herlous turned on the life detection radar. A glance at it gave him a huge surprise.

In the area of the first nest that they had explored prior, all life signals had already disappeared!

This time, their target was Nest No. 1, but their target had vanished.

Herlous surprise showed on his face, and he even wondered if the radar had malfunctioned.

Herlous started to become alert. Because they did not know much about the Subterranean Mutants, this lack of knowledge meant danger.

At this time, the rear troops entered one after another. Herlous quickly passed down the order to have the construction of the camp passed over to the main force before taking the vanguard to Nest No.1.

As they penetrated deeper underground, Herlous grew more vigilant, preparing to be attacked at any time. However, he went unimpeded all the way to the depths of the lair.

The Subterranean Mutants in Nest No. 1 seemed to have vanished into thin air.

"Where have they gone?"

Herlous could not wrap his head around it, and without being stopped, he quickly reached the location of the Prophecy Stone Mine.

Upon seeing the condition of the stones, everyone present was stunned.

The veins were all empty, and there were obvious traces of mining left by the Subterranean Mutants, as if they had dug out all the Prophecy Stones.

Herlous hurriedly asked the team to investigate the entire lair. Before long, he came to the conclusion that the Subterranean Mutant tribe had left the lair with the Prophecy Stones.

"Why would they do this? The other nests have obviously not changed, but the nest we last explored disappeared"

Herlous suddenly opened his eyes wide in realization. Could it be that their appearance had caused the Subterranean Mutants to relocate?

The level of wisdom displayed by them had gone beyond his imagination.

And there were tens of millions of such Subterranean Mutants! It had only taken them a few days to withdraw completelythis efficiency was too frightening!

"What do we do now?"

Everyone gazed at each other. They had come over with high morale, only to find out that the enemy had disappeared. It felt as though they had taken a full swing on a cotton bed. Their hearts were empty, full of disappointment.

Herlous hesitated a moment before replying, "Well set up camp first. The situation is now beyond our control. Ill first report back to the upper echelons."

"What, you said that the Subterranean Mutants are showing incredible wisdom"

The Sunil superior Otis sucked in a breath of cold air when he received the report.

The Prophecy Stones were something that the Sunils had to destroy. They had thought that the Subterranean Mutants were confined to the Prophecy Stone veins, but they did not expect that they would be able to actively dig out the stones and move around.

Even though the veins would go, the Prophecy Stones produced by the veins would still exist. To have the Prophecy Stones follow the Subterranean Mutants as they moved around would undoubtedly make it harder to destroy.

Furthermore, the potential shown by the Subterranean Mutants raised warning bells in Otis heart.

"With time, the Subterranean Mutants will surely grow into an intelligent race, and sooner or later, they will form a new civilization, competing with us for the resources of the planet. They must be smothered while theyre still in the cradle!" Otis clenched his fists tightly.

"Ah? They took the Prophecy Stones and ran? What nonsense is this?"

Han Xiao had also received the report, and his expression was thoughtful.

He suddenly thought of a bold idea.

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