Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 644

Chapter 644 The Ancient Ones

Chapter 644 The Ancient Ones

Lagis expression darkened, and an extremely bitter look could be seen on his face.

Han Xiao immediately knew that he had said something wrong and quickly replied, "Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Your name is pretty good."

"Very regretfully, my father seems to agree." Lagi let out a sigh.

Why is this fellow speaking so politely? Han Xiaos expression was painfully awkward.

No wonder this fellow is always so pessimistic. Whenever he introduces himself to others, he has to say, Im Lagi[1]. How can he still face the world with a smile? Its only natural for him to be depressed and unable to see the hope in the world!

"Its alright. Im used to it already." Lagi waved his hands to show that he did not mind. "In any case, we will all decompose into nothingness at the very end and not leave anything behind. I will disappear into the winding history with my name, and no one will remember me anymore."

Han Xiaos face was full of black lines.

This fellows negativity was truly overflowing!

Lagi was a Grade A Mage, and apart from researching magic, he did not have anything that he wanted to do. He was like a piece of ambitionless salted fish.

He had accepted Han Xiaos recruitment because, first, he owed Han Xiao a favor and had nowhere to go, and second, joining an organization meant that he would not have to worry about his research expenditure.

The Black Star Army finally had a new Grade A combatant. Despite Lagi being a rather eccentric character, Han Xiao was still pretty happy. Even though Han Xiao wanted to understand this new partner of his more, Lagi did not seem to like talking at all. Whenever he asked Lagi about his past, Lagi would always give him a perfunctory response, and even after a long conversation, Han Xiao was still completely clueless about Lagis past.

Han Xiao could not help but ask, "Do you have any friends or relatives?"

Lagi let out a depressed sigh and slowly said, "Just treat it as I dont have any."

Han Xiao rolled his eyes in response.

If he gave Lagi a cigarette and stubble grew all over his chin, the picture would be complete.

To think that such a depressed and lifeless individual was actually able to reach Grade A. Just what kind of tragic event happened in his life to transform him into such a depressed individual, or could it be that he had always been like that since young? If it was the latter, Han Xiao truly could not imagine what kind of a talent Lagi had.

Could it be that I picked up a protagonist level character? Han Xiao was extremely tempted to give Lagi a slap to see his attributes.

Right at this moment, all the organizations that were present had found their returning officers and were prepared to leave. Before they left, they all bade farewell to Han Xiao.

After fighting together this time, Han Xiao had built a good relationship with all these organizations, and his personal influence extended beyond the Colton Star Cluster.

Forming alliances and searching for allies was also an important aspect of developing his organization. Han Xiaos goal was to have friends all around the Star Field, and he had taken the first step in that direction.

The Star Beast Organization was extremely grateful to Han Xiao saving their leader, Gobili. They had never made any deals with outsiders but had expressed their willingness to enter a business partnership with the Black Star Army.

The Star Beast Organization only started to hire outsiders during Version 3.0, and players could complete faction missions to earn favorability points. Players could purchase rare Genetic Medicine and could even purchase pets and mounts. Since players already had spaceships, the purpose of a mount was only to increase their swag.

Han Xiao wanted to purchase a few rare galactic beast materials to upgrade his (Intermediate Strengthened Life) talent.

The last time, he had consumed the core of the Void Lord and confirmed this idea of his. Han Xiao needed rare materials that could fulfil this condition, and the Star Beast Organization was undoubtedly the experts in this field. They agreed without any hesitation and promised to complete the request.

There were a few lone wolves among those who were saved. Despite rejecting Han Xiaos recruitment, they left behind their contact numbers and promised to aid Black Star if he needed their help in the future.

Han Xiao treated this as a hidden trump card to be played in the future. The words of a Grade A Super could definitely be trusted.

Alberts gang of six became Han Xiaos captives, and after dismantling their headquarters, Han Xiao left together with Ames.

A few days later, the huge incident that Han Xiao had directed exploded in the Shattered Star Ring and caused another huge wave!

Including the seven Star Cluster level civilization, countless organizations in the Shattered Star Ring were shocked by the chaos that Han Xiao had created.

Numerous organizations from all directions had responded to Black Stars summons and formed a force that even Star Cluster level civilizations would not dare to underestimate. Since when did Black Star have such a huge influence?

Ames had also participated in the operation, which allowed many to draw their own conclusions.

All the while, the Dragon Emperor had appeared to be a weak, neutral party. While the appearance of the Black Star Army had gradually increased the prestige of Floating Dragon, it was not enough to change the impression that most people had of Floating Dragon.

But this time, many individuals had misunderstood Han Xiaos actions to be those of Floating Dragon. They all thought that Floating Dragon was trying to flex their might and could not help but be startled.

Floating Dragon had unknowingly formed such a large alliance, and the seven Star Cluster civilizations could not help but reevaluate Floating Dragons position.

As a beyond Grade A Super, Ames had always seemed disinterested in vying for power and influence. However, she seemed to have been getting more and more active since Black Star joined Floating Dragon. Black Star seemed to be the catalyst that allowed Floating Dragon to have a drastic transformation and rise rapidly.

After this incident, the strength that Floating Dragon had displayed planted some ideas in the minds of some private organizations.

With a beyond Grade A Super at the helm, as long as Floating Dragon wished, they would definitely be able to draw many to their side. If Han Xiao could draw more supporters for Floating Dragon, he would also receive benefits from it.

The other outcome of this operation was the truth that Albert had revealed. Klent ended up becoming the scapegoat and was criticized by every organization within the Shattered Star Ring.

In truth, many civilizations had performed such an act before and had a tacit understanding with each other. However, the moment such an act was exposed, they would undoubtedly become the target for all criticism.

The Klent Kingdom was truly miserable. They were shot even while lying down, with a calamity falling on their heads even though they did not do anything.

Klent naturally released an official statement to deny their involvement, but it was not of any use.

Many organizations began to become wary of Klent after this incident. While living in turbulent times, every organization had no choice but to be on high alert.

In truth, Albert did indeed work together with Klent. However, Klent did no more than provide them with intelligence. Albert and the others came from another Star Field, and Klent was not their true master. Klent had indeed decided to provide intelligence to this group of six with the intention to kill with a borrowed sword and muddy the waters within the Shattered Star Ring. Thus, Klent truly was not maligned at all.

For such an incident to explode when they were in conflict with Purple Crystal, this was akin to providing Purple Crystal with more allies without doing anything. The Klents truly suffered a loss and were extremely frustrated by the incident.

Black Stars actions had disrupted Klents original plans.

The Bloodshed Land had no choice but to adjust their plan and delay the time for war.

The Blacklight Stealth was currently on its way to the Garton Star System. In the spaceship, Han Xiao was currently extracting the Super-Genes of the six Supers. He had extracted a few dozen tubes of Super-Genes, and the six of them were extremely weak.

The (Prey] mission was not over yet, and the third phase had not been refreshed. The mastermind behind this incident would be his enemy for sure. In order to command six Grade A Supers who were all extremely close to having the strength of A+, the mastermind was definitely no simple character.

"I have said before. Klent is the one giving us orders," Albert said weakly.

Han Xiao shook his head and replied, "I didnt stop all of you from framing Klent because this is in line with my objectives. However, this doesnt mean that I truly believe you. I know that torture may not be useful to all of you. Thankfully, I brought a specialist for this."

Aesop then walked into the room. Aesop had also joined in the fun together with Ames and had always been on the spaceship. Aesops Esper ability was extremely suitable for finding clues, and it would not matter if Albert and the others did not want to speak. Aesop naturally did not mind doing Han Xiao a small favor.

"Old man, I shall hand them over to you." Han Xiao moved out of the way.

Aesop touched the six of them and shut his eyes to use his Esper ability. After a long while, he opened his eyes with a strange look on his face.

"Old man, any luck?"

"I cant believe that its them," Aesop muttered to himself with a grave voice. "Black Star, you have truly provoked some extraordinary characters."

Han Xiaos eyes narrowed, and he replied, "I didnt provoke them; they set their eyes on me."

"You are right. The winds howl around the highest peaks, and you can only blame yourself for being unlucky." Aesop sighed. "I thought that I would never have any more dealings with this group of individuals. Anything related to them will become extremely troublesome."

"Stop beating about the bush. Who exactly are they?"

"Have you heard of The Ancient Ones?"

Han Xiaos expression changed, and a solemn look could be seen on his face.

He naturally knew about this famous organization. Even in his previous life, The Ancient Ones was a famous organization among the players. Furthermore, Risda had also mentioned that Manison from the Mechanic Empire was also a member of The Ancient Ones.

This organization was extremely special. They did not have many members, and their members were in different Star Fields. They were all top figures in the galaxy and had lived for an extremely long time. The organization was one without much restriction, and it could be understood as a top social circle in the galaxy. Even the three great civilizations had to treat them with respect.

In the (Calamity of the Supers) storyline, many of The Ancient Ones beyond Grade A Supers formed their own faction, and Manison was one of them.

Aesop had once been a member but had withdrawn after that.

"You are saying that The Ancient Ones are the mastermind?"

The Ancient Ones was indeed an organization that he could not afford to provoke yet.

"Im not sure. I did not manage to see any details; I was only able to see that this matter is related to The Ancient Ones," Aesop explained.

Upon hearing that, Han Xiao looked at Albert. Albert had a tranquil expression on his face and did not show any change in expression as though it had nothing to do with them. Who knew if he was putting on an act?

After thinking for a while, Han Xiao bent down and looked at Albert in the eyes, "Are The Ancient Ones your true master?"

"No." Albert frowned. "Ive said more than once that its Klent. It is up to you if you want to believe me."

Han Xiao frowned and raised his brows. "If this matter isnt related to The Ancient Ones, you would have been extremely glad for me to provoke them."

Albert fell silent and no longer said a word.

Han Xiao could not be sure that The Ancient Ones were his final enemy. Furthermore, The Ancient Ones were a loose organization, and it could be the plan of just a single member.

What a coincidence. This is the second matter related to The Ancient Ones. First, it was Aroshia, and now them Han Xiao pondered to himself. It was truly too much of a coincidence.

Regardless of whether the mastermind is The Ancient Ones, I cant deal with them for now. Before reaching beyond Grade A, it will be difficult for me to even protect myself. Han Xiaos mood was heavy. The enemy had already set their eyes on him, and with Albert and the others caught, new enemies would definitely appear. However, he did not even know the identity of his enemy.

This threat made him feel an immense sense of pressure.

However, worrying would not be able to change anything. There was currently a problem before him. Just how should he deal with his six captives?

It would not be a good choice for him to lock them up and squeeze them like orange juice. They were not rookie galactic pirates, and if they managed to escape, Han Xiao would not be able to suppress them. Furthermore, Han Xiao probably would not be able to find out anything else from them, so keeping them would only be a risk.

Eliot could feel Han Xiaos killing intent, and his body shuddered.

[1] Lagi is pronounced the same as trash in Mandarin.

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