Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 654

Chapter 654 The War Begins

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Chapter 654 The War Begins

The Seoul Star Cluster, which was controlled by Klent, was separated from the Colton Star Cluster by a barren cosmic belt. After the war between the Star Clusters broke out, the stargates to both Star Clusters were temporarily shut, and troops could only cross the border illegally through the barren cosmic belt.

A large fleet of troops passed through the barren cosmic belt and entered the borders of Colton, the West Wind Star System.

This was a vanguard force with the intention of probing the enemy. There were fifteen Expedition Level flagships, thousands of frigates and assault battleships, and a total of over ten thousand spaceships.

There were twenty-six Calamity Grade Supers, including Tyrants Eight Vanguard Official.

The commander of the expedition fleet was Jorde, the individual in charge of Bloodshed Lands Military Strategy Department. He was a Grade A Super and one of Tyrants old subordinates.

"According to the intelligence, Purple Crystal has mobilized their forces to intercept our vanguard forces. Your first mission is to occupy a planet without inhabitants and make use of the Crimson Dynastys Fortress Expansion Package to construct a base.

"This is a secret war that a civilization cannot openly participate in. The West Wind Star System Civilization will not dare stop you from constructing a base on a planet without inhabitants."

Right at this moment, the Military Strategy Department was holding a remote meeting, and the commanders of the various fleets, as well as seven Vanguard Officials, were listening to Jordes instructions.

Only the chief Vanguard Official was not present, but no one found it strange at all. With the Military Strategy Department taking up the role of command, the Vanguard Officials only needed to listen to orders and fight. The status of the chief Vanguard Official was special, and others revered his strength. Compared to being part of a meeting, he was more willing to spend his time in his cultivation chamber. He had the privilege to do so.

Jorde briefly went through the strategy before saying, "Not all the Star Systems within the Colton Star Cluster have submitted to the Purple Crystal Civilization. A portion of the Star Systems arent concerned about who rules over the Star Cluster and will choose to remain neutral. They will not obstruct us in anyway. Unless necessary, do not start a conflict with the local civilizations. Let them understand Klents intentions and try to befriend them"

With the restriction of the peace treaty, all the Star Cluster Civilizations had a protective talisman. Furthermore, Klents objective wasnt to destroy Purple Crystal. Klent only wanted to expand their territory and snatch a few Star Systems from the Colton Star Cluster. They wanted to make use of the Bloodshed Land as their proxy and contain the war between both parties at the level of a secret war.

As long as Bloodshed Land could gain a foothold in a few Star Systems, Klent would be able to spread their influence through Bloodshed Land and weaken Purple Crystals control over the region. They would then be able to completely block out Purple Crystals control over the region.

Their objective would not be in conflict with the various Star System Civilizations. Bloodshed Land would not take over the control of those Star Systems and would even build diplomatic ties with them. The only party suffering a loss would be Purple Crystal.

Using an analogy, it was like two gangs fighting over collecting protection fees.

Since they wanted to snatch territory, there would only be a future if they could protect it. Bloodshed Lands invasion was not the same as that of DarkStar, harassing different locations without claiming any territory. This also meant that the following war would be extremely intense and last for a long time.

The target of this vanguard force was to establish a bridgehead in the West Wind Star System and test the strength of the Purple Crystal Civilizations retaliation.

Everyone nodded in response. They had already been briefed thoroughly on the mission and were hearing it from Jorde again.

The second Vanguard Official, Hunting Blade, growled in a deep voice, "Section Zero has many members with at least a hundred Calamity Grade Supers. This time, our vanguard force has less than thirty Calamity Grade Supers. Even if the Vanguard Officials can fight three, I can fight five, and chief can fight ten, we will still be on the losing end. The main force had better catch up soon."

Jorde nodded in response. "Purple Crystal wont be able to mobilize such a large force within a short period of time. Furthermore, the first exchange is only a probing one, so the opponent wont send too many troops. The other vanguard forces invading the other Star Systems will help tie down Purple Crystals forces."

The West Wind Star System was only one of Bloodshed Lands targets. Bloodshed Land had the ability and resources to stretch out the battle lines.

As a condition for Bloodshed Land participating in the secret war, Klent had helped Bloodshed Land rope in almost half of the armed organizations within their Star Cluster. Bloodshed Land had already expanded to a whole new level, and they were definitely capable of taking out a hundred Calamity Grade Supers.

Right at that moment, a holographic projection suddenly entered the meeting.

Everyone looked over, and the seven Vanguard Officials bowed.

"Chief. 11

He had dark red skin with a square jaw and sharp gaze. His aura was extremely tyrannical with thin dragon scales around his eyes, lips, and temples. He looked like he had a mixed dragon bloodline, but the species of the dragon could not be seen from his appearance. He was wearing a set of heavy armor, but his burly figure could not be covered, and he was at least a head taller than Malekith.

Fosters-Slott was the chief Vanguard Official under the Tyrant and had the nicknames of War Dragon and the Tyrants Left-Hand Man. He was a capable assistant of the Tyrant.

"Do you have anything to add?" Jorde asked with doubt.

Fosters remained expressionless, and he replied with a baleful aura, "I dont care about the others, but Black Star must be mine."

His aura was tyrannical, and the shadow of Heber could be seen in him.

Bloodshed Land had long known that Han Xiao was in Purple Crystals camp. Black Star was an important officer of Floating Dragon, and both their factions were in conflict. There were many individuals in Bloodshed Land looking forward to fighting Black Star.

Among them, Fosters killing intent was the greatest.

During the Tyrants gathering, Han Xiao had trashed Carroll and caused the Tyrant to lose face. Heber would not bother about such a matter, but Fosters worshiped the Tyrant to the point he would never allow anyone to ruin his reputation.

Heber would not pursue the matter, but Fosters would not let the matter rest. Black Star had already entered his kill list, and this secret war would be the best chance.

Of course, the big picture was the most important, and Fosters would not defy orders just because of Black Star.

"As long as I meet Black Star, he will definitely die on the spot!" Fosters said with a resolute tone.

To dare fight in the main camp of Bloodshed Land and beat one of our officers, you are seeking death!

[Magus) Austin was floating within the palace of Hidden Red Robe Abbey and teaching a group of Forbidden Sorcerers theories of magic.

Despite the Star Field being thrown into chaos, his life was still extremely carefree. Since he chose to remain neutral, no one would come and bother him.

After lecturing for a while, Austin suddenly paused and felt his heart skip a beat. He then turned around and looked at the sky outside the palace as though his gaze could see through the boundless galaxy.

Right at that instant, Austin was distracted for a moment, and the image of the Colton Star Cluster and Black Star appeared in his mind.

For a Mage like him who had grasped a secret technique, premonitions would appear in his mind from time to time.

"Colton Hmm, Klent and Purple Crystal have begun to fight. However, since this matter has nothing to do with me, why would I receive a premonition?" Austin muttered under his breath.

He was uninterested in the secret war between the two Star Cluster Civilizations. The way he saw it, both parties were only trying to snatch territories and weaken the private armed organizations within their own territory. Even if both Klent and Purple Crystal were enemies, they should have a tacit understanding regarding this matter.

Thus, Austin was not willing to work with either of the Star Clusters.

"My premonition should have nothing to do with my war. If thats the case, the reason should be because of Black Star"

Austin chanted an incantation for a moment and unleashed his mysterious secret technique. After performing a short divination, Austin broke out with a smile of enlightenment.

"I see. It turns out he has my Forbidden Sorcerer under him"

After thinking for a while, Austin raised his finger and pointed at a few Forbidden Sorcerers present.

"You lot, bring him back. If Black Star stops you, say that it is my intention. He will show me some face."

The few Forbidden Sorcerers who were called upon nodded and walked out of the palace.

Han Xiao gathered all his forces and responded to Section Zeros emergency mobilization. He arrived at the West Wind Star System and met up with the main force of Section Zero.

He brought three hundred modified battleships, Lagi, Herlous, Aroshia, and over ten more Grade B officers. Reynold was in charge of guarding the base, and Sylvia, who was too weak, did not follow them.

He was only participating in the war to farm faction Contribution Points to accumulate his strength. He would not sell his life loyally and sacrifice all the forces that he had spent a great amount of effort to accumulate.

He would just do what he could.

The other members of Section Zero also thought the same. None of them would mobilize all their forces. All of them had their own selfish thoughts, and this was the biggest flaw of an allied organization.

On the contrary, Bloodshed Land did not face such a problem as Heber controlled all the troops.

"This is the benefit of having a beyond Grade A Super." Han Xiao sighed.

A large force was already gathered at the gathering point with almost ten thousand battleships. The Arc Light Organization sent out eight hundred battleships, the most among all the organizations present.

As the leader of the Black Star Army, Han Xiao was also invited to join the conference before the war.

The commander was a member of Purple Crystal. Purple Crystal also knew the cons of having such an allied force and thus sent out a member to command the forces.

In the meeting, Han Xiao understood the situation that they were facing.

Bloodshed Lands vanguard forces had established a bridgehead on an uninhabited planet and set up various defensive measures. The objective of their expedition was to launch a probing attack and attempt to destroy the base of the vanguard force.

Every organization had their own responsibility, and Han Xiao also received his own mission.

(Local Campaign: Pin Down the Enemy Wing]

Mission Introduction: This is the order given to you by your faction. Complete it.

Mission Requirements: Pin down or destroy the battleships of the enemys wing.

Note: After the battle is over, reward will be given based on the level of completion.

This is a small mission that was a part of the Grade S Main Storyline Mission. In the different battles of the secret war, an elementary objective would first be given such as pinning down the enemy wing in this current mission. During the battle, the mission objective would then change according to the situation on the battlefield, and a new mission would be given.

A war could not be fought by an individual, and the most basic requirement was for him to complete his own mission. As long as he stuck closely to the strategic objectives assigned, a high completion rate would be achieved even if the battle was lost. Farming for faction Contribution Points relied mainly on such tactical missions.

Completing such tactical missions would also increase the mission rating of the Grade S Main Storyline Mission (Secret War: Section Zero).

Han Xiao had only brought three hundred battleships and was not suitable to attack the enemy head on. Thus, he had been assigned to cover the wing. He was not the only party assigned to this mission, and there were a couple others who had the same mission.

After the meeting, Han Xiao walked out of the camp, and someone called out from behind.

The one who had called out for him was Sevitt, a Grade A officer of the Arc Light Organization, the commander of their expedition force.

Sevitt sped up his footsteps and said with a respectful tone, "Black Star, I have something to ask of you."

Han Xiao had the backing of Floating Dragon, and everyone was courteous to him. The majority of them were individuals who had been through many things and would not earn another enemy for themselves for no good reason.

"Go on." Han Xiao only nodded.

"I know that you are a powerful Virtual Mechanic. When you are pinning down the wing of the enemy, I hope that you can interfere to deal with the main force of Bloodshed Land using Virtual Intrusion to reduce our pressure," Sevitt said in an earnest tone.

The Arc Light Organization was in charge of the frontal assault. Sevitt had heard of Han Xiaos abilities and thus went over to request some help.

"This isnt a problem. I will help you if the pressure isnt too great on my side." Han Xiao patted Sevitt on the shoulder.

"Alright. Thanks." Sevitts eyes lit up.

After both of them parted, Han Xiao returned to his own base and gathered his men to give instructions.

A large-scale war like this was extremely dangerous, and no one would be able to ensure that they could survive. Thus, he got all his subordinates to pay attention to their own safety.

One day later, Section Zero set off for Bloodshed Lands vanguard force.



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